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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Scorpio 22nd October => 22nd November 2019

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2019


Sun in Scorpio - 8th Star Sign of Zodiac

The Mysterious StarSign of Destiny

StarSign of Birth and Death

Every phase of life is defined by feeling "alive" and feeling "dead"

You come to an END when you know it's DEAD

You feel the New Beginning has begun because you feel ALIVE


Sun in Libra will be creating New Beginnings

Sun in Scorpio will ensure you finally discard the "old"


Sun in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mercury in Scorpio [Water Sign] Venus in Scorpio [Water Sign]

Mars in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Major Once-in-a-Lifetime Changes Coming

Truth will redefine you life - and - "it" will be once-in-a-lifetime - which will be "healing" you

Depending on how much deception and instability is in your life - defines how big the changes will be

Depending on how much you need correcting to be put back on-course will define the changes


23rd October: Sun enters Scorpio

25th October: Venus 20° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 20° Capricorn

28th October: New Moon 4° Scorpio

28th October: Sun 4° Scorpio opposes Uranus [retrograde] 4° Taurus

28th October: Mars 15° Libra squares Saturn 15° Capricorn

31st October: Mercury 27° Scorpio conjunct Venus 27° Scorpio


1st November: Mercury goes retrograde at 27° Scorpio

1st November: Venus enters Sagittarius

5th November: Mars 20° Libra squares Pluto 20° Capricorn

8th November: Sun 16° Scorpio sextiles Saturn 16° Capricorn

9th November: Sun 16° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

9th November: Saturn 16° Capricorn sextiles Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

10th November: Mercury [retrograde] 21° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 21° Capricorn

11th November: Mars 25° Libra sextiles Jupiter 25° Sagittarius


12th November: Full Moon in Taurus

13th November: Sun 21° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 21° Capricorn

13th November: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Scorpio sextiles Saturn 16° Capricorn

13th November: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

19th November: Mars enters Scorpio

21st November: Mercury goes direct at 11° Scorpio


22nd November: Sun enters Sagittarius

24th November: Mars 3° Scorpio opposes Uranus [retrograde] 3° Taurus

24th November: Venus 28° Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius

26th November: New Moon in Sagittarius

27th November: Venus enters Capricorn

28th November: Venus 3° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 3° Taurus

28th November: Neptune goes direct at 15°56' Pisces

28th November: Mercury 16° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

30th November: Mercury 17° Scorpio sextiles Saturn 17° Capricorn


24th-26th November: Venus 28°/29° Sagittarius crosses over Galactic Center

24th-30th November: Jupiter 28°/29° Sagittarius crosses over Galactic Center


2nd December: Jupiter enters Capricorn

3rd December: Mercury 21° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 21° Capricorn


9th December: Mercury enters Sagittarius

12th December: Full Moon in Gemini

14th December: Mars 16° Scorpio trines Neptune 16° Pisces

15th December: Jupiter 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

18th December: Mars 19° Scorpio sextiles Saturn 19° Capricorn

18th December: Mars 22° Scorpio sextiles Pluto 22° Capricorn

20th December: Venus enters Aquarius


Introducing Sun in Scorpio

Inexplicable things will be happening - to ensure - everything that must happen will be happening

Sun in Scorpio will be creating the most unexpected surprises of the year because of Uranus in Taurus


Unlike any other Zodiac Year of the past 30 years - the Zodiac Year 2019/2020 - is a once-in-a-lifetime STRONG year. When things that would normally be impossible to happen - will be happening; when people who normally have "nothing" happening to them - are and will be having destined things happening to them.


The reason why "you" are "you" is because "YOU HAVE A DESTINED DESTINY". Sometimes - especially during long-boring periods and phases of your life - in what we call - "DEAD-ZONE" - you're not even feeling excited to be alive - let-alone have anything exciting happen to you, because of you and for you.


It is ironic that during Sun in Scorpio - the 8th StarSign of the Zodiac - sometimes referred to as the StarSign of "death" - as the weather becomes colder - the leaves fall from the trees - and - getting ready to "hibernate" for winter in the Northern Hemisphere - Scorpio - is - the astrological month of the year that defines "REBIRTH & SEX".


When your relationship is in "DEAD-ZONE" - the one thing that brings your relationship back-to-life is "SEX". When your life is in "DEAD-ZONE" - the one thing that brings your life back-to-life is "SEX". It's not just "SEX" - the truth is "SEXUAL" desire is an energy of ATTRACTION.


Being desired - being wanted - being needed - being made to feel "special" - being looked at - being noticed - by other people is all included for Sun in Scorpio - and - the energy of ATTRACTION is an instinctive earthly energy.


Even if you're normally unable to see who is ATTRACTED to you - Sun in Scorpio - due to the fact that - Sun in Scorpio will be unlocking the opposition of attraction defined by Uranus in Taurus - means - that - you'll feel and see the ATTRACTION.


More than likely - it's already defined by people you've seen or people who've seen you - but - now the Sun-Uranus opposition - especially unexpected destined events and coincidences of ATTRACTION leading to the Taurus Full Moon on 12th November 2019 - life will ensure - you come-out of "DEAD-ZONE" because life will make you feel the vibrant "BUZZ" to be ALIVE - with excitement and happiness.



How "Dead" have you been ?

How "Alive" are you feeling now?

You'll know the difference when you feel "ALIVE" ?

By 12th November 2019 - you'll be back-on-track !


The Astrological Zodiac Year - defines that each astrological month a different sector of your life is activated. Technically, each astrological month should do something NEW and DIFFERENT from the previous month.


Unfortunately, "some" people live in "DEAD-ZONE" - attached to of "DEAD-relationships" and the same-old DEAD energies. Hence, when "they" get awakened - it seems like "EVERYTHING HAPPENS" - everything - all - at the same time.


For people in "DEAD-ZONE" - it's like going-away or leaving your phone at "home" - when you come-back "home" - you see all the missed calls and missed messages - all of a sudden you see who wants you and who needs you.


During the past few months - many of you have already experienced changes - but - for everyone - there's been something important MISSING from your life - and - during - Sun in Scorpio - that "something" will be COMING BACK TO LIFE - "it" will be awakened within you - and - then you're going to be feeling really "ALIVE" !


The destined events and coincidences - will ensure - that everyone who's been in "DEAD-ZONE" in any facet of your life - either because you've had BAD luck in the past - or - lacked motivation - or - lacked the energy of ATTRACTION - you'll become awakened to get "it".


"COMING BACK TO LIFE" - will - bring you GOOD LUCK - the magnetism of destiny and of your life is all about ATTRACTION - but you can only attract good luck when you're feeling ALIVE - that's the purpose of Sun in Scorpio.


When you look at someone and they IGNORE you - you feel like you're in "DEAD-ZONE" - but - when you look at someone and they look back at you with a smile - with love - with warmth - with aliveness - then you feel ALIVE - and when they DESIRE you - you feel your truly ALIVE - that's the purpose of Sun in Scorpio - to be ALIVE - because you're needed, wanted, desired and loved by others !


Indeed, the reason why many people are online with photos on FB or websites, the reason why you check your emails and look-forward to receiving phonecalls - is - to ATTRACT people into your life - to attract people on-your-wavelength - who want you - who want whatever you want - ATTRACTION and BEING DESIRED by other people - that's why the internet makes you feel ALIVE.



Planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus

Autumn ["Fall"] of Magnetism and Excitement !


Rarely is Scorpio defined as "exciting" - but the 4 planets in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus - means that everyone on Earth will be energized by the planet of unexpected shocks and surprises to ensure - that everyone finally has the life-changing change - which will create long-term stability for the next 7 years - defined by - Uranus in Taurus.


Mercury in Scorpio - 3rd October => 9th December 2019

Venus in Scorpio - 8th October => 1st November 2019

Sun in Scorpio - 22nd October => 22nd November 2019

Mars in Scorpio - 19th November 2019 => 3rd January 2020


Sun in Scorpio - will be unusually excitable - defined by - Mercury in Scorpio - Venus in Scorpio - and the exact - Sun in Scorpio - opposing - Uranus in Taurus - exact on New Moon of 28th October 2019 - means - UNEXPECTED SHOCKS and SURPRISES.


Life will awaken you - and - make you feel EXCITED by communication and connections to people you know - and - being introduced to NEW people - who are going to be important to your future - honest and trustworthy people - to get your life moving forwards into a better and happier future.


Sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus - creates INSTINCTIVE and NATURAL MAGNETISM - your deep inner thoughts will ensure your true identity is felt by everyone on your wavelength - and - they'll be magnetically attracted into your life - as - you'll be attracted into their lives.


MAGNETISM defines REPULSION too - you'll find yourself feeling disgust, repulsion and disdain - even - anger and hatred towards anyone who has been BAD for you - and - anything which is BAD to you. Repulsion is necessary in order to guide you away from bad situations and guide you towards GOOD people and GOOD places.



No Planets in - Aquarius - Aries - Gemini - Leo

No Planets in StarSigns that create confusion or doubts !

Who you trust - is a definition of - your personality and your life


Rarely is Scorpio defined as "exciting" - and - the real reason is that there's no planets in StarSigns that either create CONFUSION or DOUBTS - which means Sun in Scorpio will create a truthful clarity of what's really 100% right for you.


You see - traditionally - StarSigns of - Aquarius - Aries - Gemini - Leo - create possibilities - but really STICK with their choices. There's always an inbuilt tendency to say "YES" and then change their minds.


The astrology of this Zodiac year is ensuring - you find the "YES" - for your long-term stability. Which means - eliminating all doubts - discarding anything that's wrong for you - and - learning to say "NO" to anyone or anything that's not truly right for you.


In case - you're not able to know the difference between what's right for you and what's wrong for you - Sun in Scorpio will be showing it to you clearly and truthfully. Sun in Scorpio will reveal the TRUTH about the people in your life - and - will ensure you become STRONGLY attracted to good people - and - STRONGLY divorced from bad people.


You see - the foundation of long-term stability is defined by HONESTY - something or someone who is 100% right for you - you know "it" is right - because - "it" really makes you feel you're on solid-ground with solid-foundations.


I should add that ANYONE of you - whose lives might fall-apart by the truthful revelations during Sun in Scorpio - it's a GOOD SIGN that something BAD is falling-apart - you're being SET-FREE from a lie and a liar - because - Sun in Scorpio will be clearing the "garbage" out of your life - to make room for GOODNESS to come into your lives.


When you might hear of unfaithful partner - it's your instinctive feelings to DIVORCE them - or - to FORGIVE them. When someones has cheated and swindled you in business or finances - then - they have to pay you back - or - you'll never do business with them again. All of life's transactions - all of your good luck - all of your best relationships are defined by TRUTH and TRUST. Who you trust is a definition of your life.


The "Liberating" - Sun-Uranus Opposition

We're all just "puppets-on-a-string" - accept it's "life"

The Scorpio - Uranus in Taurus oppositions are there to set-you-free and not to hurt you

When strong destined events happen - it's the karmic cycle of life - moving everyone forwards


If you've ever been caught in a torrential downpour - at the beginning you try to keep dry and fight getting wet - by using an umbrella - but there comes a point - if you've been caught in heavy rain - that you just GIVE UP and stop fighting the futile attempt to keep dry. At that moment when you GIVE UP - usually you just BURST OUT LAUGHING with "ACCEPTANCE".


The reason for LAUGHTER at quite intense stressful moments of life - is you're "GIVING UP" on the PAST - and you're "GIVING UP"on holding onto energies that define your EGO - you're "GIVING UP" the BATTLE - you're "GIVING UP" FIGHTING.


At the moment you GIVE-UP is when you're actually liberating yourself from negativity, from worries and from fears that belong in the PAST - and therefore releasing the PAST - "GIVING UP" means you're no longer participating in any battle - and "GIVING UP" = "LETTING-GO" = "LIBERATING" yourself from holding onto any negativity that belongs to the PAST - which means you're cleansed and FREE to live in the FUTURE.


Ironic isn't it - whilst you try to fight the elements - you're stressed and intense - and when you "give-up" - "accept" - "AGREE" - you might GET SOAKED, DRENCHED and WET down-to-the-bone - but you feel cleansed - as you burst out giggling and laughing when you arrived "home" indoors and out of the rain.


The acceptance and give-up moment is the "turning point" and is exactly what's happening and will happen in October-November 2019 - anytime from 23rd October 2019 and by the Full Moon of 12th November 2019. Everyone will have a "Turning point" - "breaking-point" - exhilarating and "liberating" moment - and that will come when - you ACCEPT LIFE and GIVE UP holding onto something that's actually bad for you.



Whatever you believe in - will be proven to you

Life-Changing - as - Mysterious things happening

Scorpio is the StarSign of the "mysterious" - defined by whatever you believe in


Everyone in the world BELIEVES in something - whatever you believe in - is - what life makes you believe in. Sometimes you'll change your mind - sometimes life will help you change your mind - but - WITHOUT BELIEVING in anything - you're "DEAD".


BELIEVING in the future - BELIEVING in life - BELIEVING in love - BELIEVING in money - BELIEVING in your career and business - BELIEVING in your children - BELIEVING in whatever you believe in - is - what sustains your life.


The journey of life as a human-being is ensuring that - EVERYONE must have a BELIEF system. Unfortunately, after a bad relationship or a failed career - or - a failed business - you can get DAMAGED and stop believing in life - but - sooner or later - you're back-on-track as a human being and you begin BELIEVING in LIFE once again and BELIEVING in Love once again - suddenly - from 23rd October 2019 and by the Full Moon of 12th November 2019 - everyone will be BELIEVING in the FUTURE again.


That's because - whilst the powerful StarSign of Scorpio defines ENDINGS - Scorpio defines REBIRTH - being REBORN into a NEW phase of life. Hence, by mysterious coincidences - you'll see something happening to ensure you begin to BELIEVE in your future - defined by both - "LOVE & MONEY" - and - "SOMETHING NEW" you've not ever thought about believing-in - will ensure you BELIEVE in something good your future !


A Huge Amount of Astrological Energy

Sudden unexpected surprises and changes

Jupiter moves from 21° => 29° Sagittarius - Jupiter crosses over the Galactic Center

All the Outer Planets will be working together to get all facets of your life on-the-move

Mars in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]

Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


I should add that during Sun in Scorpio - Jupiter the BIGGEST planet in our Solar System will be moving Jupiter 21° => 29° Sagittarius - that's more Jupiter movement that any month of the year - and - hence - you're going to see BIG things changing quickly - to ensure - that you arrive at a NEW place in your life - a NEW place of long-term stability which officially begins on 3rd December 2019 - when - Jupiter enters Capricorn.


Jupiter moving forwards 21° => 29° Sagittarius - between now and 3rd December 2019 - means "that" specific something BIG will be changing in your life will be Jupiter making it happen - and - "it" will be creating a HUGE amount of ENERGY - exciting - restless - and - energizing.


It's a headline - there's a HUGE AMOUNT of astrological energies - and - by HUGE - I mean a LOT OF ENERGY - which sooner or later - everyone and that means EVERYONE will be affected by the incoming intense astrological energies.


The source of all the POSITIVE energy will concentrate a bright light of stability on all the goodness in your life - so that you eliminate anything or anyone that creates instability in your life.


EVERYDAY especially when the Moon is in Libra - Sagittarius - Aquarius - Aries - Gemini - Leo - defined by the Moon's power to unlock the power of Mars in Libra [Air Sign] Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] - will be making you feel EXCITED about "something".


In fact all the way from now and - UNTIL 12th DECEMBER 2019 - will be creating shocking, unpredictable inexplicable karmic destined events, with strange coincidences ensuring you experience the strongest unbreakable bonds to the most important people in your life.


All you need to know is that - everything that is - SUDDEN, SHOCKING and INEXPLICABLE is karmic - "destiny" is "in control" of humanity. Astrologically all the planets are collectively creating an intensity for all on Earth - that all I can say is "you'll see your life will be changing" - and now is the destined time for change.


The RED WARNING is to tell you to expect the FULL POWER of what's coming - all you have to do is be ready and try to keep CALM - trust in life that everything will be alright - trust that as you're awakened - everyone else is awakened too - and - that's why everyone will be motivated to do something.


The FULL POWER of 3 outer planets - Mars in Libra - Jupiter in Sagittarius - Saturn in Capricorn - each has the purpose to get you to a DESTINED DESTINATION - which means - life-is-on-the-move for you - for me - and - for everyone!


The word DESTINATION comes from DESTINY - the natural growth - means that life should never be stagnant - during each new phase of life - certain things needs to change - either being "RESET" to be the person you're destined to be - in sync with your destiny - OR - being "moved forwards" into the next phase of your life.


For everyone of you that have had facets of your life in "DEAD-ZONE" - then - you need awakening and healed - life will help you let-go of the source of the blockage - and - if you can't do it yourself - then OTHER PEOPLE WILL BE BROUGHT INTO YOUR LIFE - to help you move-out of "DEAD-ZONE".


The magnetism and attraction of the RIGHT DESTINED people into your life - is - DESTINY ensuring that your life is HEALED and WHOLESOME - with - all areas of your life ACTIVATED.


I should add - "some" people have a false belief that there's only "ONE" person in your life that defines "SATURN" or "JUPITER" - whilst - that's true for each segment of your life - and - for each phase of your life - if you need a destined "LOVE" - then - Saturn will provide a replacement and upgrade in sync with the relationship - that destiny defines you need.


That's why I've said - it's all about - SOMEONE - NEW - NEW - NEW - coming into your life - and - the mysterious coincidences will ensure - you attract him/her into your life - because - somehow or another - you will.


The energy of ATTRACTION - will be defined by Mercury & Venus & Sun in Scorpio - and - Mars in Scorpio from 19th November - forming - an opposition to Uranus in Taurus - VERY POWERFUL ATTRACTION & MAGNETISM - DEFINES - REPULSION TOO - sudden changes will happen to end "relationships" - in order to be set-free from anything negative - and - anyone who is bad for you.




This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Scorpio 23rd Oct => 22nd Nov '19




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