The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Leo - 22nd July => 23rd August 2018

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2018

Sun in Leo - 5th Star Sign of Zodiac

Powerful Changes - Love - Warmth - Magnetism

The Word is honest true love - magnetism that makes you feel attracted to the truth ...


Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] Full Moon in Aquarius [Air Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


22nd/23rd July: Sun enters Leo

24th July: Venus 16° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces

25th July: Sun 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus

26th July: Mercury goes retrograde at 23° Leo

27th July: Full Moon 4° Aquarius - Full Moon conjunct Mars [retrograde]

Prior to Full Moon 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus - BIG unexpected surprises

27th July: Sun 4° Leo opposes Mars [retrograde] 4° Aquarius

28th July: Venus 19° Virgo trines Pluto [retrograde] 19° Capricorn


2nd August: Mars [retrograde] 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus

6th August: Venus enters Libra

7th August: Sun 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio

8th August: Uranus goes retrograde 2° Taurus

8th August: Venus 1° Libra trines Mars [retrograde] 1° Aquarius

9th August: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Leo conjunct Sun 16° Leo

10th August: Venus 3° Libra squares Saturn [retrograde] 3° Capricorn

11th August: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio


11th August: New Moon 18° Leo

13th August: Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn

19th August: Jupiter 15° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces

19th August: Mercury direct 11° Leo

19th August: Mercury 11° Leo sextiles Venus 11° Libra


August: Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn

26th August: Full Moon in 3° Pisces

28th August: Mars goes direct 28° Capricorn

6th September: Saturn goes direct 2° Capricorn


It's always a Good Sign - you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change

because deep-down you want a change now - now more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it



Sun in Leo - 5th Star Sign of Zodiac

Powerful Changes - Love - Vibrant Happiness

The Configuration of Planets that will be defining Sun in Leo - July - August 2018

Complete shift of emphasis from what it has been in the past 3 - 12 years - and - in 3 aspects for the past 14-28 Years



Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign]

Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde]in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



Introducing Sun in Leo

Magnetism - Honesty - Love


Astrologically - life is all about OPPOSITES and OPPOSITIONS - without direct energies of OPPOSITES - there would be no energy in the world to do anything or want to do anything. OPPOSITES attract - all flow of electricity and batteries are defined by "+" and "-" , all the best and most powerful relationships are defined by magnetism of energies.


Full Moon's prove that fact - Full Moon's always unlock maximum energies - and - during Summer of 2018 - due to the 3 visible outer planets of Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Mars in Aquarius - all on the "nighttime" side of Earth - OPPOSING - the 3 inner planets of - Sun in Leo - Mercury in Leo - Venus in Virgo all in the "daytime" side of Earth - means that MAJOR changes will be happening for everyone of every StarSign - as Earth comes directly inbetween all the OPPOSING planets.


Whether you like it or not - whether it makes you feel uncomfortable or not - whether it annoys you or not - EVERYONE has OPPOSING forces that energize you - and - EVERYONE NEEDS OPPOSING forces in your life - "some" of those OPPOSING forces are very good for you - and - "some" of those OPPOSING forces are very bad for you.


When you can see clearly WHAT and WHO is the OPPOSING energy in your life - then you can decide to make it a part of your life - or - work with it to energize your life - or discard it and eliminate it from your life.


It is remarkable that the SAME OPPOSING energies that often bring-people together - are - always the SAME OPPOSING forces that work to end relationships - because the OPPOSING forces decides when to be connected and when to disconnect.


You can never truly choose WHO you are attracted to - WHO you love or WHO you hate. It's truly intrinsically part of your destined destiny. However, there are specific astrological times in all our lives when destiny creates the BONDS of ATTRACTION - and - when destiny DISCONNECTS the bonds.



Sun in Leo Seeing Life from Positive perspective

Everyone on Earth is Experiencing Major Changes


Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


As explained on Last Months Astrology - Sun in Cancer - Summer of 2018 - June - July - August - this is the destined time - a STRONG - once in a lifetime change is happening for everyone on Earth. It's a major change that Saturn is doing to ensure we let-go of things that are wrong for the future - and - we become attached to things that will be right for the future.


For "some" people - this means - letting go of things you've become connected to which are bad for you - and - having a "SYSTEM RESTORE" - or - "SYSTEM UPGRADE" - the key is that you will be healed and ready to move-onto your next phase after the Full Moon.


You could say that any STAGNATION you're having at the moment is like going through a CAR-WASH - you're moving but you can't see out of the windows - and - you've got to take-it-slowly - UNTIL the CAR-WASH has ended. Then you'll be like "NEW" - fresh - clear-thinking - clean - and - detached from all the negativity, dirt and filth.


As soon as you're ready - then - SOMETHING will happen. I predicted that "something" will happen during Sun in Cancer - and "something" did happen for everyone - hopefully it made you awakened and aware that something was WRONG with your life - and - that "something" needed changing and eliminating from your life.


Now you're ready - now you're strengthened - now you're healed - now you're being "you" - the Sun in Leo is about REVEALING to the World who you are and what changes you've made with your life. Even if you don't announce it on the internet - the Sun in Leo will ensure - the people you need to be connected to - the TRUE "you" will be emitting your energy and your personality - which - will be magnetic for others to be attracted to you.


Summer 2018 - is - MAGNETIC COHESION - feeling connected to whoever and whatever Saturn wants you to be connected to. The painful facets of Saturn are merely SIGNS that you must disconnect from "the Source" of your pain - if something is hurting you - it is indicative that something needs changing in your life.


The problem for many people is INGRATITUDE for gift of life - "people" focus on moaning and complaining - more than - focus on living and loving life. Sun in Leo will ensure - people are forced to FOCUS ON POSITIVE facets of life - and - divorce from negative.


During the past month of Sun in Cancer - you might have done something about "it" - or - might have endured the pain without being able to do anything about "it". During Sun in Leo - with the fullness and energy of Mars in Aquarius - life will give you HELP to do something about "it" - and - life will actually FORCE positive changes to happen - in sync with whatever is truly good for you.


You see - Sun in Leo is a positive StarSign - Mars in Aquarius is in positive StarSign - and - both together will work in harmony to ensure - you get a positive result. During the past 30 days - you've seen and experienced "darkness" - Sun in Leo is pure 100% light - which eliminates all darkness.


In the same way Sun in Cancer showed you intense moments of karmic problems which needed solving - Sun in Leo will provide you with answers and the power to do something about it immediately.


The truth is that Sun in Cancer which unlocked - Saturn in Capricorn - was ensuring you're only connected to the people who are truly RIGHT FOR YOU - but you needed to see and learn from BOTH types of people - good people and bad people - in order to ensure you're only connected to GOOD people in your life from now onwards.


All the "mistakes" you'll make in your life are defined by "other" people. All the good luck you'll have in your life is defined by "Other" people. Sun in Leo will ensure - you see it all clearly and get connected to the "other" people who will make you LUCKY.



When You've got "Mars" - You've got Life-Energy


Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


The BIG difference between Sun in Leo and Sun in Cancer - even though all the outer planets are in the same StarSigns - will be because - as Sun is in Leo - which means - Earth - is in Aquarius as viewed from the Sun - as it is Earth that orbits the Sun.


Sun in Leo means - we all get to experience the same planets but from a POSITIVE perspective - instead of a NEGATIVE perspective. Sun in Leo activates 100% fullness of Mars in Aquarius - and - life with MARS in it - makes life worth living for !


Whenever you go through DEPRESSION - astrologically - it is defined by lack of Mars in your life. Mars gives you LIFE-energy - and - when you've got LIFE you're never depressed. The truth is - you've got it within you - "it" just needs to be unlocked - and - Sun in Leo will unlock "it". Hence, by the Full Moon of 27th July 2018 - you will be experiencing the difference of being fully ALIVE - thanks to Mars.


At the beginning of the Zodiac Year - I created the Dr-Heal-Me Astrology section - because - I could see - what the 3 months of Sun in Cancer - Sun in Leo and Sun in Virgo - would be doing - it would be awakening all areas of your life - Healing your Mars - Healing Your Jupiter - Healing your Saturn would all be activated - and - most specifically - wherever there's been something out-of-balance in your life - any emptiness in Mars - Jupiter - Saturn - then that area will get awakened - so that you want to do something about "it".


Some of you have already done things about certain areas of your life - Sun in Leo - will ensure you do something about something VERY IMPORTANT to your vitality - something you need in your life - something "Mars" in your life that will make the difference between feeling ALIVE and feeling DEAD.


Mars creates meaning and creates purpose in life. Ironically Mars is NOT selfish - Mars is co-creative purpose to be in sync with other people in your life. If, however, "they" are the right people in your life - "they" will clash with the meaning of your life - and - Mars will force them out of your life.


Mars ensures VITALITY - which means - if something doesn't give you VITALITY - because "it" gives you nothing or drains you - then it is bad for your existence - and - needs to be eliminated. Mars will ensure GOOD HEALTH - as - it will show you clearly - what foods to eat - to be healthy.




Sun in Leo - Happiness & Jealousy


Sun in Leo energies define living your life with happiness - OR - watching others and getting jealous of "them"

Life wants everyone to live their own life - Life doesn't want you to do nothing with your life

The purpose of Jealousy is to motivate you - to do something with your life - and - to believe you can do it



Two types of people - those who do and those who watch others do

Those who do something constructive - and - those who destructively criticize others for doing something

Happiness is only defined when you are doing something constructive and good with YOUR life ...



The purpose of observing "other" people is in order to learn from them. When you see someone doing something admirable it entices you to want to become like them. When a baby crawling on it's knees - sees adults walking on their feet - the instinctive nature is to want to be like others. And through effort and energy - the baby succeeds to walk.


The same with all phases of life - with all aspects of your life - you SEE - you OBSERVE - you DESIRE to want to be like whatever you see - - and - then you do something - the key word for motivation is - DESIRE - you need to want to do "it".


Sun in Leo is a month of doing - whether you do something because you are an initiator or whether you do something because you've seen others and want whatever they want - either way - the end result is CHANGE.


All I have to say is - BE-AWARE that there will be lots of people - especially LAZY people getting jealous of you. Don't get hurt by their jealousy - it is who "they" are - instead look at "them" with sympathy - that "they" want to be "you" - "they" are like a baby-crawling on it's hands and feet - wanting to copy and become like you.


Even so - I should say - BE CAREFUL of "others" during Sun in Leo - if you sense bad people being very jealous of you - then disconnect from them. Sun in Leo will reveal the truth about "some" people - and - that truth won't be nice to see - because you'll realize "they" aren't on your side.


How many of your "ex's" - do you still feel their negativity, jealousy and hatred towards you? The truth is if someone hates you now - the truth is - they probably deep-down always hated you - they never truly loved you - they were just connected to you - in order to get something from you - Sun in Leo wants you to feel their negativity and disconnect yourself from their energies.


Let me give you example of dealing with JEALOUS energies - when you feel someone's jealousy - it is an invisible negativity - all you need to emit to them - is - "if you were nice to me - if you'd been good to me - then - you'd still be in my life" .....


The truth is people who are JEALOUS of you who hurt you the most with their negativity are all people you've known in the past and the truth is - you can say in the ether and in your thoughts - about those bad people is that - "you created the problem by being horrible to me - so the jealousy inside you hurting you is your bad karma - it's not my karma".


Try it - try emitting the truthful thought-energy from your mind - to cancel-out the negativity you sense - and - you'll see - it works - because the truth is it's all about healing yourself - healing your aura - by giving-back negative energies that aren't yours to the people who those negative energies belong to.




Sun in Leo - Two Types of People

Scarcity Belief - Unlimited Belief

Immature humans believe there's not enough - so they must "take" from others

Wise and Enlightened Humans believe in an unlimited flow of good energy


The Sun - the centre of our Solar System - the ruler of the StarSign of Leo - has unlimited and infinite energy. No-one in the World knows where the Sun gets it's constant energy from - and - yet - it's there - everyday of your life.


It's the same with all life-energy - it's unlimited. But - some "immature and stupid" humans - especially the version called "greedy-selfish-pigs" believe that they must take as much as they can get from anyone they can - and - hence everything they do - everyone they connect with is always defined by "what" they can get from the person - "what" they can get out of life for themselves - and - if they feel they can get more from someone else - there's no loyalty - they will move-on for their own personal gain.


Big multi-national corporations making vast sums of money - continually - shed the workforce to make their companies more profitable - have forgotten the fact of life - that wherever there are humans - there's a flow of life-energy - because in EVERY HUMAN BEING there is a soul of a person who is connected to the infinite Source of infinite energy.


When you FEEL CONNECTED to the infinite Source of energy - then you feel connected to all good human-being - then you feel ALIVE from within yourself. Sun in Leo has the purpose to make you FEEL CONNECTED to infinite energy. When you do - then you'll THINK BIG.


People who "think small" will always be small-minded people. People who "think infinity" - are - living in sync with the true meaning of life. People who believe in astrology - because your mind is awakened to the vastness of our Solar System and to the StarSigns trillions of millions of miles away - your mind is THINKING BIG.


Having a BIG THINKING MIND is essential to living a meaningful life - means - you can believe in dreams coming true - you can believe in your future - you can believe that things can change. When you THINK BIG - your mind expands. When you THINK of and LOVE lots of people - it doesn't use up your energy - to the contrary - it unlocks and gives you MORE energy.


People who "think small" - end-up small - people who "think small" - refuse to love other people - refuse to think about other people - and - end of feeling they've got no energy. Their mind lives trapped in the limited belief that nothing will ever change for them. If they'd take a moment to think of the Sun emitting it's constant power - then they'd begin to believe that anything is possible - infinite energy is the essence of the age of enlightenment.



When you connect to Happiness

your whole aura becomes Happy

But when you connect to sadness - negativity - jealousy - your aura is "attacked" - and - you become blocked

Heal your aura - by constantly being "happy" | Ensure your constant flow of good luck by being connected to "happy"



Sun in Leo - Happiness is a Truth that's within you - you can't fake it - inside you - you're either happy or sad - when you connect to someone that makes you feel sad - you become sad. When you connect to someone that makes you feel happy - you become happy.


Whilst you can fake your external appearance - but you can't fake your internal happiness or sadness. Sun in Leo - has ONE major purpose and that's to ensure you're connected to your Source of vitality - and - the proof of being connected is that you're filled full of happiness.


Whatever "it" is - and - whoever "it" is - that - Sun in Leo will connect you to - will be very important for now and for at least the next 3-7 years of your life - so be OPEN - be AWARE of how powerful Sun in Leo will be.



Leo unlocks Passion and Warmth

Sun in Leo - unlocks the fullness of desires - passion - warmth towards everyone and everything you love


The truth is everyone in the world knows how to love - the natural human instinct is to LOVE - but - "some" people's passion and love is blocked and corrupted that all "they" know is how to hate. Idiots who refuse to love another - who can't be bothered sharing their inner warmth with another human-being - will have major problems - during Sun in Leo.


Sun in Leo will force everyone to share with others - that's the essence of "warmth" - an energy that is for SHARING with others. And anyone who refuses to SHARE their warmth with anyone - will find themselves angry and frustrated - until - they too realize they need "other" people in their lives.


Hatred - is a bad karma - and - certain countries in the world - created past-life bad karma - being a source of hatred in the world - will find MAJOR internal conflict erupting in those countries. Whilst LOVE is a good karma - and - certain countries with past-life good karma - being a source of love and compassion in the world - will find them being rewarded with GOOD LUCK and SUCCESS.



Sun in Leo - The Source of Happiness

What makes you happy - what makes you lucky - what makes you bright - what makes you loving - what makes you alive


Let me explain - commuting into work - by Subway - Metro - UberBahn - Underground - there's NO view to the outside world - all you see is darkness in the tunnels - and - unfriendly faces on the train - BUT - you have you iPod - iPhone - and you can listen to your favorite music - you can close your eyes to the world around you - and feel HAPPY because you're listening to music.


That's what Sun in Leo & Mars in Aquarius will do for you - and - that's what the next 3 months until November 2018 with Mars in Aquarius are all about - being DETACHED from negativity - because you've found what makes you HAPPY.


When you've found the source of HAPPINESS - then you will become really happy and even more happier than you can imagine - and - the happier you become - the more you will attract even happier situations.


Happiness is a truthful energy that LIBERATES and positively energizes your aura - Happiness is the reason you attract good people into your life - because - HAPPINESS is magnetic to lucky things happening to you. Happiness will fill your mind so that you ignore negativity and don't get distracted by negative people.



The Uranus effect is to Liberate

3 Squares will force Positive Changes

Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus | Sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio

Mars [retrograde] 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus


All the "mistakes" you'll make in your life are defined by "other" people. All the good luck you'll have in your life is defined by "Other" people. Sun in Leo will ensure - you see it all clearly and get connected to the "other" people who will make you LUCKY.


These powerful squares - whilst exact on - Wednesday 25th July: Sun 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus - and - Thursday 2nd August: Mars [retrograde] 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus - and - Tuesday 7th August: Sun 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio - will be felt the the squares will be experienced the strongest at the Full Moon on 27th July 2018. The Full Moon will ensure whatever destiny needs to happen - will happen - however unlikely you think it might be - "It" is going to happen.


The essence of Uranus is to rearrange things in sync with TRUTH. Uranus liberates from lies and deceit. Uranus sets-free people from situations and from people who are supposed to be connected. Hence the Uranus square's will be doing something for many people - especially people who lie and ensuring you're set-free from being connected to anyone or anything that's bad for you.



Throughout August and September 2018 : Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

Stability from 25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn



Uranus in Taurus sees the TRUTH that there are things in the World and in people's lives that are WRONG - and - those things need a MAJOR correction. Uranus makes the corrections by destroying the liars and the lies. And whilst the Uranus squares will create MAJOR changes and upheaval for "some" people - you should know that everything that Uranus does will be in sync with - in harmony with - with a trine of long-term destined stability to Saturn in Capricorn.


The good news is that everything that needs to change - that desperately needs to change - that should have changed - will be changing by 25th August 2018 - and - therefore - when you hear and see things happening - you'll smile and know - it is the magic of Uranus.


Uranus in Taurus will especially touch everyone who has been blocked by other people creating blockages in your life and any facet of your life which has been stagnant and dead for the past 7 years. The shock and surprise will be realizing what "it" is that's been blocking you - and - what you need in your life to keep your life going forwards.


Uranus will get everyone moving - especially if you haven't been living life the way you should be living life - with vitality - with meaning - with love - with the right relationships - Uranus will be activating your life - and - with Sun in Leo - it's going to happen quickly and suddenly.



Uranus in Taurus defines the 100% Honest Truth

Uranus in Taurus - since 15th May 2018 - has been ensuring a new era and new phase of life began


There's only ONE rule for Uranus in Taurus and that's TRUTH. Let me explain - when a man or woman is looking for relationship - are "they" looking for someone to take advantage of - or - are "they" looking for genuine love ? If someone says they're looking for "love" but they're really looking to use someone - then - Uranus in Taurus will block them.


The same applies to all facets of life - that's why "lies" on fake-news channels have destroyed the news media - no-one is interested in being associated with "lies or liars" anymore - there's been so much deceit that no-one wants deceit anymore.


The next era of 7 years of Uranus in Taurus is defined by TRUTH. When you arrive at maturity - you relax more about life - because - when you RELAX - your aura is being at peace with yourself - when you RELAX you're being HONEST with yourself - when you RELAX you're accepting that life is in sync with whatever is truly good for you.


Unfortunately in a "fake" world or deceit - and - with immature people - they always LIE in the short-term in an attempt to steal something that's not theirs - then - the TRUTH is revealed and RESET is made. Being yourself - being HONEST with yourself is extremely liberating - and - it creates a CALM aura.


When I look at auditions on TV - I always think - what would the audition for the purity of Uranus in Taurus - it would be - whatever makes you feel maximum PEACE - CALMNESS - TRUTH - GENUINE INNER HAPPINESS - because - it's the INNER energy that is the most TRUTHFUL.



Sun in Leo - Opposing - Mars in Aquarius

22nd July => 22nd August 2018 - Sun in Leo - opposes - Mars in Aquarius

23rd August => 22nd September 2018 - Sun in Virgo - opposes - Neptune in Pisces


In brief let me explain the difference between astrological "oppositions and squares" - especially - between INNER planets and OUTER planets. Simplified a Square - means - that what you want on the inside - you can't have on the outside. If you want a loving relationship - a "square" will make it difficult and challenging. If you want to do something - a "square" will make it seem impossible.


Whereas an Opposition - means - what you want on the inside - you can achieve on the outside, if you want to "love" someone - then life will ensure you find someone to love - if you want to do something - an opposition will make it achievable. BUT - and - this is my point - you have to be honest from within you - about - what "it" is that you want.


I explained on Month's and Year's Astrology part II for all 12 StarSigns - that - this Summer is about MAGNETISM - attraction of destiny - magnetism means you have to WANT "it" - really WANT "it" from within you - and - then you'll achieve it.


Sun in Leo - means you'll feel your heart wanting "it" - with desire and passion - being "turned-on" with positive energy to wanting to achieve "it" - and - the more passion you feel from within you - the more likely you should know that you're going to achieve "it".


I should add that you won't be the ONLY person in the world wanting to achieve something that is turning you "on" - the truth is everyone in the world will be wanting something - because everyone in the world has a heart and will be getting excited by someone and something.


COHESION and MAGNETISM are the words to define "it" - everyone who is destined to be together will be together - and - working together - energizing each other together - and hence - unexpected things will be happening for everyone - the BIG surprises will come when other people actually do something - want something - and - want to be connected to you - because the "oppositions" of attraction will be making it happen.



Enlightenment means it's dark - and then you find the LIGHT

Enlightenment means you've a problem - and then you find the SOLUTION

Enlightenment means you're depressed - and then you find HAPPINESS


Are you Living in the "past" - or - Are you Living for a better "future" ?

Are you living where you were "born" - or - have you moved many times ?


Believing in a better future - means - believing you can make a change because you've made many changes before ...

Everyone's made changes in life - everyone should believe that changes are possible - believing is the 1st step forwards....



Summer of Magnetism - means - you are wherever your thoughts are. Your aura is defined by what you're thinking about. If you're in the best place in the world - but your thoughts are thinking sad thoughts - then you're "sad". If you're in the worst place in the world - but your thoughts are thinking happiness - then you're "happy".


One question I always ask readers who are "depressed" - is - are you living in the same place you were born - or - have you moved-away. If you've moved-away - it means - you believe in CHANGE - because you've actually made changes in your life - and - the truth is changes are constantly being made for you by destined events - it's just sometimes seem - that nothing has ever changed in your life - but it has.


In this "karmic" generation - especially - with Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces & Pluto in Capricorn - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - but - you must BELIEVE in your dreams that "it" is possible. When something you wanted doesn't happen - it means - move-on to the next possibility.


100 years ago - if their local grocery store had no food - then there was no food. Today - if you're local grocery store has closed-down - you know that there is another grocery store somewhere not so far-away which is OPEN and has plenty of FOOD. If you can't find something in your local library - or - local stores - you KNOW that you will find it "online" - in fact many of you - might begin with searching "online" - and - not even waste your time trying a local-store or local library.


When you read stories on the "Internet" - how many people have changed their lives from poverty to success - by opening an online store or selling some "junk" on eBay - or by finding information you need for the healing you're searching for.


When you BELIEVE - then - things can happen. When you BELIEVE - thanks to the internet - and - thanks to the karma of finding answers of enlightenment in our generation - then - things will happen. ENLIGHTENMENT - means - it is DARK - and - then you find the LIGHT.


If - and - this is my point - if you don't believe - and - if you choose to do nothing - then - astrology can't help you. Jupiter in Scorpio - defines POSITIVE CHANGES FOR EVERYONE - but - you must believe you can do it from within yourself - then - you will do it.


Jupiter in Scorpio - means - you should be feeling an URGENT need for a change because you can't take the feeling of being-stuck anymore - "Healing-Your-Jupiter" - says - you've got to BELIEVE things can happen - then - things will happen.


If you don't BELIEVE that anything will ever change in your life - then - that's your Saturn talking to you - Saturn is creating BLOCKAGES for you - Saturn in Capricorn is creating challenges for you - Saturn telling you to overcome your fears - to overcome your negativity - to believe in your destiny - and - then ACTIVATE yourself to do something about CHANGING yourself. The BIGGEST change you can make is BELIEVING you can do it - BELIEVING you will do it. BELIEVING in the age of ENLIGHTENMENT.


If you honestly can't change - and - if you honestly believe that NOTHING good will ever come into your life - then that's OK - that's who you are. But just because you don't believe in a better future - don't emit negativity, jealousy and grumpiness to the rest of the world - telling everyone else than NOTHING good will ever happen to them because you don't believe in the future.


During Sun in Leo there's going to be a lot of people having lots of good changes - and - there's going to be a lot of people getting JEALOUS of others. That's because "jealous" people are darkness - "they" sense your LIGHT and want what you've got - but no-one can get the LIGHT unless they become ENLIGHTENED from WITHIN.


The LIGHT is a gift from WITHIN "you". The LIGHT is magnetism. The LIGHT is happiness from WITHIN "you" - because the LIGHT is your soul making your physical reality become connected to the SOURCE of all LIGHT.




This Months Astrological Events Explained

Sun in Leo - 22nd July => 23rd August 2018

Sunday 22nd July 2018 - Sun enters Leo - 10pm UK - 11pm Europe - 5pm USA EST

[Monday 23rd July 2018 - 2:30am India - 7am Sydney-Australia]


22nd/23rd July: Sun enters Leo - during last Month of Sun in Cancer you're life was concentrated on Saturn in Capricorn - now that completely changes from the moment Sun enters Leo - life is going to be concentrating on Healing Your Sun & Healing Your Mars - means - life is going to make you activated - awakened - busy.


Sun in Leo & Mars in Aquarius means physically moving your body - and - constantly busy - moving - talking - doing whatever it is that life will make you do to get you life moving-forwards.


You see - when NOTHING is happening in your life - you're technically "DEAD". During the past few months you've been awakened - and - during Sun in Leo - you're going to be coming ALIVE - even more ALIVE than you've been.



Stagnation is definition of indecision because of doubts and uncertainty

Movement and Growth is the result of decisions of truth defined by clarity


Venus in Virgo [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune [retrograde] in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto [retrograde] in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


All these 6 planets are favoring facets of your life that's been "Dead" for the past 3 => 7 years

All these 6 planets are favoring the TRUTH - the purpose to get-your-life moving.

All these 6 planets are favoring SunSign Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer

& anyone with planets in these StarSigns are now being activated and will continue to be activated until you're fully alive



Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign]

Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign] Full Moon in Aquarius [Air Sign]

The Sun, Mercury, Mars and the Full Moon will be energizing everyone - all StarSign's

and bringing much needed energy to SunSign Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries & Gemini



The Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] and Mars in Aquarius [Air Sign] will create the power to get your life moving. Sun in Leo creates physical vibrancy - Mars in Aquarius creates determination because you believe you can do it - and then you push things to happen via power of communication. Sun in Leo will be illuminating it's light and power on all the above planets - there will be destined powerful changes happening - in sync with - whatever is 100% right for you.


The Full Moon and Mars in Aquarius will ensure you eliminate everyone and everything that's wrong for you. Sun in Leo is 100% LOVE and COHESION - so if - someone doesn't love you - if they don't express their love and reveal their warmth towards you - then - that's not your destiny.


The sharpness of power between Sun in Leo from 22nd/23rd July => and the => Full Moon on 27th July 2018 - will ensure - you feel the power of COHESION - the power of LOVE - the power of feeling ALIVE because of your connections.


Once you've got the MAGIC of LOVE - even if you haven't found all the pieces of the puzzle - the remained of Sun in Leo - will ensure you're magnetized to desire - to want - to be lucky to find all the pieces of your life - that define - COHESION, WARMTH and LOVE for YOU - all you have to do is to WANT and to DESIRE to LOVE other people.


I should add - that - from the moment Sun enters Leo - if you've neglected telling anyone you love them - then before you loose them - make sure - you SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE to them - with love, with warmth, with passion - let them feel how much you love them - before they leave you forever !




24th July: Venus 16° Virgo opposes Neptune [retrograde] 16° Pisces - defines truthful clarity.


All the planets are favoring everyone who has had it "BAD" or "STAGNANT" in the past 3 - 7 years. And even though Sun in Leo will be bringing out the BEST and WORST in many people - this year's Sun in Leo will bring out the TRUTH.


That's because Venus in Virgo ahead of the Sun in Leo - will be defining truthful clarity - which as it makes the OPPOSITION to Neptune in Pisces - anything you need to know in order to make WISE decisions for your future - will be revealed to you.


Anything you've been worried about - anything you're undecided about - will be cleared-up and you'll be shown the TRUTH. For "some" people it will be refreshingly liberating - as the TRUTH will set-you-free - whilst - for "others" - it will SHOCK and SURPRISE - especially when some people believed things would stay-the-same forever.


The inevitability that "THINGS MUST CHANGE" is part of life. Lucky for you - you know to be prepared as you're reading this page about "Sun in Leo" - so you know - it's going to create lots of unexpected shocks and surprises - lots of positive changes - that will set you free - and - get your life moving forwards.




25th July: Sun 2° Leo squares Uranus 2° Taurus - this defines the unexpected shock and surprise - as a MAJOR correction that needs to happen in the world - because - something that is WRONG needs to be correct. Sun square Uranus will create an irreversible and yet essential change.


"Other" astrologers might attempt to predict a MAJOR war between opposing forces - or - collapse of governments which can't work in harmony - or - ecological Earthquakes, Global warming or Polar melting as Mother Earth will be warning us to correct our bad-abusive behavior towards Earth - I won't ever predict things like that.


Sun square Uranus - which - will be felt VERY STRONG at the Full Moon - as the Full Moon squares Uranus in Taurus - this does mean - to prepare for the unexpected - the purpose to ensure you CHANGE to live in sync with what life wants you to be living.


Let us all be honest - when you see what you see in the world - there's something WRONG - isn't there ? Something isn't right ? Have the people in the world gone mad ? When there's climate change happening and "they" say there's no climate change - and - continue to behave badly towards the planet Earth? When politicians and governments who are using public funds to purchase armaments - whilst - homeless people are starving on the streets - isn't right is it ?


Uranus in Earth Starsigns creates a reality-check - when Uranus was in Capricorn - it was phase of nuclear disarmament between East and West in 1990's - when Uranus was in Virgo in 1960's - began the CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - because - Uranus in Earth StarSign - says - tune-in and take-care of Mother-Earth - take-care of life on Earth - cherish human-life on Earth.


On youtube I found this clip - "PUT GOD FIRST" - Denzel Washington Inspirational - and it's true that so very often in life - we always define our lives by what we want - life should be defined by "WHAT DOES LIFE WANT YOU TO DO?".


Uranus in Taurus has been creating a MAJOR change since 15th May 2018 - however - "some" people haven't yet got the message - haven't yet received a change - haven't yet seen the definition of Uranus in Taurus.


Between 22nd July => 28th July 2018 - everyone will get the message of what Uranus in Taurus is defining. For those of you who've had positive changes since May 2018 - then - Sun square Uranus - will define the changes will now a permanent feature of your life. Sun square Uranus - defines - IRREVERSIBLE changes.




26th July: Mercury goes retrograde at 23° Leo - Mercury in Leo means vibrancy of communication - Mercury retrograde in Leo from 26th July => 19th August 2018 - means - communication with positive vibes to ensure you become RESET to be yourself - life will ensure that things are solve and sorted-out via POSITIVE CONNECTIONS to - and - POSITIVE RECONNECTIONS to - all the right people you're destined to be connected to.


One of the problems many people have when they're depressed or blocked is they can't communicate with others. People become introvert when they're depressed. Whereas when they're happy - they become OPEN and COMMUNICATIVE.


Sun in Leo will be unlocking lots of positive energies to ensure - everyone finds their source of HAPPINESS - and - in so doing - become happy and communicative. Chatty friendliness is a natural state for every normal human-being. Whenever you don't hear from someone - it normally defines there's something WRONG with them.


Mercury retrograde in Leo - with - Sun in Leo - will ensure you become RESET to be yourself - to be chatty - friendly - communicative and a happy version of yourself - because something POSITIVE will happen to put you in a good mood.




Astrological Chart - Magnetism of Oppositions

Summer of Magnetism & Breakthrough's


Astrological Chart of 27th July 2018

The 3 Purple-Lines define positive oppositions of magnetism

[1] Jupiter in Scorpio - Uranus in Taurus

[2] Sun in Leo - Full Moon & Mars in Aquarius

[3] Neptune in Pisces - Venus in Virgo


The Blue-Lines define trines of good luck - creating long-term stability

Jupiter-Neptune trine | Saturn-Uranus trine | Pluto-Venus trines


The Red-Lines of Squares will force changes to happen because changes need to happen

Sun square Uranus | Sun square Jupiter | Full Moon square Uranus | Full Moon square Jupiter | Mars square Uranus



The Aquarian Full Moon 27th July 2018

Summer of Magnetism - Something will happen

Liberating the world from negativity - Creates something positive and unexpected

The Aquarian Full Moon destroy something bad - and - create something good

The Aquarian Full Moon will destroy "laziness" - and - unlock activity and vibrancy


Special Audio for Friday 27th / Saturday 28th July 2018

Full Moon in Aquarius & Sun in Leo - [VERY LONG 15 mins audio]



The 2nd out of 3 Strong Full Moon's

The truth is every Full Moon is strong date-with-destiny - but - Summer 2018 is defined by 3 Full Moon's


The 1st was the FullMoon in Capricorn on 28th June 2018

This is the 2nd - Full Moon in Aquarius on 27th July 2018

The 3rd will be Full Moon in Pisces on 26th August 2018



27th July: Full Moon 4° Aquarius - Full Moon conjunct Mars [retrograde]

Just prior to Full Moon 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus - BIG unexpected surprises

27th July: Sun 4° Leo opposes Mars [retrograde] 4° Aquarius


Full Moon in Aquarius - 9:30pm UK - 10:30pm Europe - 4:30pm USA EST

[Saturday - 2am India - 6:30am Sydney-Australia]


28th July: Just after the Full Moon 13° Aquarius squares Jupiter 13° Scorpio - BIG unexpected surprises



Each of the 3 Full Moon's has a definitive purpose - and - once you get the message - then you'll find yourself being "reset". "restored", "self-healed" - and - "self-helped" - you see - astrology defines that sooner or later things change for everyone.


Knowing the timetable and the astrological configuration of planets - merely - tells you what stage of change you're going through - and - when to expect the next set of changes.


During last month's Sun in Cancer - due to - opposition to Saturn in Capricorn - and - the FullMoon in Capricorn on 28th June 2018 - you've been shown the blockage and problems you've got - you've been given the determination to want to fix "it" - because - "it" was in front of your face and on your mind most of the time.


"It" became the focus of your life. And now the 2nd - Full Moon in Aquarius on 27th July 2018 - will UNLOCK all the answers you need to solve that problem - you'll be so ready and so wanting "it" - because for the past 30 days - it has really annoyed you.


The Full Moon last month's energies showed you what was BLOCKED and what you can't do - this Full Moon will show you how to UNBLOCK it and what you can do. All you have to say to yourself is "YOU CAN DO IT" - believe in yourself - believe in life - Aquarian Full Moon says "BELIEVE" !


Aquarian energies don't conform to "rules" - Aquarian energies are shocking and surprising - because - all Aquarius knows is that SOMETHING NEGATIVE has to be eliminated - SOMETHING BAD has to change - SOMETHING has got to get done.


The only downside of the Aquarian Full Moon is "immature" destructiveness - you see - when BAD people do BAD things - they "blow-themselves-up" instead of "making-the-peace" - that applies to all "destructiveness".


When sensible and wise people something is WRONG - they walk-away or negotiate a change - and - hopefully that's what the Aquarian Full Moon will do. But I can see from the astrological charts - due to conjunction to Mars in retrograde that - the "old" karmic conflicts between "some" people will emerge and repeat again - and - then they'll do what they always do - create "destruction".


The Full Moon will define the categories of people in your life - GOOD people full of love and compassion will be revealed - and - BAD people full of hate and destruction will be revealed too. All you have to do is ignore the idiots and focus on the GOOD and the BEST people in your life.


The fact that on Saturday 28th July: Just after the Full Moon 13° Aquarius squares Jupiter 13° Scorpio - Jupiter the biggest planet in our Solar System that creates GOODNESS and GOOD LUCK - Jupiter in Scorpio defines a BIG ending to something that's BAD for you - and - whilst Scorpio defines DEATH - it also defines - REBIRTH - hence - in ENDING something BAD - it will be combined by beginning something GOOD.



Full Moon of Cohesion to Positive Energies

The Aquarian Full Moon of the Internet - Internet communication is ruled by Aquarius

When you believe you can do it - you will do it. Irrespective of your astrological chart - Full Moon says break-free !


The "winners" are defined by the GOOD POSITIVE energies. Positive is defined by COHESION defined by LOVE and PEACE. And the "losers" are defined by bad negative energies of destruction. All you have to be is a "winner"!


Just one last word as Aquarian energies define the internet - when you see a YouTube clip or read a website that's full of positive energy - it makes you realize the GOODNESS of and the BLESSING of the internet - that wherever you are in the world - you can tune-into GOOD people and GOOD energies.


When you see, read and become inspired by what you see on the "internet" - it encourages you to become a better person too. For example - the Motivational YouTube clips like Bob Proctor - which is a perfect example of the power of internet to bring you belief in yourself !


Many of you who've got an "internet-business" - should realize that - you're living with a constant miracle - being able to work the way you do - and - being lucky to connect with lots of people throughout the whole world.


Anyone who tells you and encourages you to BELIEVE in your future and to BELIEVE in yourself - is a good teacher - and - that's the power of the internet - and - I'm telling you too - YOU CAN DO IT - and - YOU WILL DO IT !


One of the reasons I believe negative people who repetitively criticize others "they can't do it" is because - all negative-minded people are FAILURES - and - they want everyone else to become a FAILURE.


They're jealous of others - so - they attack others. They're jealous - because - they sense you'll become a SUCCESS - so they want you to become a FAILURE. The Full Moon says - CHANGE become a POSITIVE-THINKING person and IGNORE negative-thinking people.


I tell you the truth that traditional astrologers have FAILED - because - "they" fix people into categories of what you born like 30-40-50 years ago. But - due to the karma of our generation - and - the unlocking of "miracle" energies of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto - if you BELIEVE you can do it - then you can override your fixed energies.


Let me give you example - "internet" and "emails" - 75% of people in their astrological charts - should not have "internet communication" - and yet - everyone has it - because the world's energies have been given it. Whilst "some" people don't use it wisely - they still have it.


People who don't buy anything on the internet - and - don't use the internet - are living their "fixed" astrological chart. But EVERYONE who uses the internet - EVERYONE who sends and receives an email - EVERYONE who earns a living from the internet - are living with the "miracle" energies of Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.



The Results and Effects of the Full Moon

The result and effects of the Full Moon will continue throughout August - and - will ensure you arrive at your destination


The main reason you study astrology is to know when things will be changing, to know why certain things are changing - and - to know when you'll get to the destined destination. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability - thanks to the power of and energy of - Sun in Leo - and - the Full Moon - this is it - this the time "it" will be happening.


All the changes will be POSITIVE and TRUTHFUL to you. Whatever is applicable to you - will be happening for you. Whatever is not relevant to your future - whatever is not healthy for your long-term stability - and - whatever is useless and meaningless to your "ENERGY" system - will be discarded.


You see - your whole identity is defined by an ENERGY-SYSTEM, things that drain you, things that energize you. When you're out of sync - when you're unhealthy - when you're being drained more than you're being filled with energy - then something needs to change.


Sun in Leo - with - Mars & Full Moon in Aquarius is all about your ENERGY-SYSTEM - to ensure - you're flowing with energy. That means anything that's draining you - has to be changed, fixed or eliminated.



2nd August: Mars [retrograde] 2° Aquarius squares Uranus 2° Taurus

7th August: Sun 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio



The Full Moon and both these squares - means by 7th/8th August 2018 - you'll STOP leaking energy - and - feel very STRONG from within you. Thereafter and throughout - Sun in Leo - everyday will do it for you - to make you STRONGER and STRONGER.


The TRUTH which Sun in Leo will reveal to you - is that when you do something you love to do - even if it's hard-work - it actually energizes you - but when you do something you hate to do - even if it's being lazy and watching TV - it actually drains you and makes you depressed.


Sun in Leo will ensure you recognize the - TRUTH about the ENERGY-SYSTEM of all your activities - and - do whatever it is that gives you energy - and - eliminate anything that drains you.


Let me give you example - say - you're dead-bored with your life - so you sit at home in the evenings and watch TV. Imagine that you've become excited with life - then you'll stop watching TV - because you'll be busy. So why not - STOP watching for a few days - and - then see what comes into your life. When you change a facet that is definition of your "dead-boring" life - it will change other things to happen for you.




6th August: Venus enters Libra - Venus in 3rd House to Sun in 1st House - "Magic"


Venus in Libra from 6th August => 9th September 2018

and due to retrograde

Venus in Libra from 1st November => 2nd December 2018


I've explained on "Healing Your Venus" that for Venus to be 2 StarSigns ahead of the Sun is complicated, rare and unusual - because 3rd House Venus enables everyone to do things differently, breaking-free of stagnation and become someone "special".


3rd House Venus will SHOCK and SURPRISE - as you won't understand how and why you will be able to do whatever you do - but in spite of "logic" - Venus 2 StarSigns ahead of the Sun means you'll do it - you'll be gifted and blessed to do things differently.


In fact 3rd House Venus is ensuring YOU WILL WANT TO BE DIFFERENT to what you've done in the past - and - YOU WILL BE DIFFERENT. In fact - whenever you do things the same - you become UNLUCKY - and - you will hate yourself and get frustrated.


Sun in Leo with Venus in Libra means - it's 3rd House Venus - which will ensure between 6th August and 23rd August 2018 - something to define being "different" - and - MAJOR unexpected GOOD change will happen.





8th August: Uranus goes retrograde 2°34' Taurus

Uranus retrograde in Taurus until 7th November 2018 - then ....

Uranus retrogrades back into Aries from 7th November 2018 until 6th March 2019

Uranus re-enters Taurus on 6th March 2019


Uranus retrograde will affect everyone differently - but - until 7th November 2018 - Uranus in Taurus forming a trine to Saturn in Capricorn - means - by coincidences - by unexpected moments, shocks and surprises - things that need to happen in alignment with whatever it truly RIGHT for your long-term stability - will be happening.


Throughout August: Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

And leading to

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn


Uranus retrograde - especially between now and Mid-September 2018 - due to the above aspects - means - "it" will be happening. Uranus creates sudden surprises and unexpected coincidences - to get you to your destined destination and connected to whoever life wants you to be connected to - for your long-term stability.




Inner planets creating all the positive energy from within you

Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]

Creating changes in sync with your real life - defined by - Outer planet of Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign]



8th August: Venus 1° Libra trines Mars [retrograde] 1° Aquarius

9th August: Mercury [retrograde] 16° Leo conjunct Sun 16° Leo


3 Inner planets - Sun - Mercury - Venus - and - the 1st outer planet of Mars - all working together with positive energies to fix and repair your life. Anything that's been wrong - anything that's been negative - anything that's been a problem - gets - turned-around and sorted out.


Many times - I've heard from readers - saying - "NOTHING is CHANGING in their lives" - and - sometimes that's because they ain't doing anything to change anything. I say that - "Laziness for them is OK" - because - that's how they feel - they can't be bothered to do anything - and - they're too lazy to want to do anything - because more than likely if they did something - then NOTHING would change.


However, by 8th August 2018 - even the laziest person in the world - even the biggest complainer - will have been FORCED to change something - and - the remarkable thing is when you've done whatever life has wanted you to do - you'll probably realize - you should have done it sooner !


Some people don't realize the principle fact of life that the "MORE YOU DO in LIFE - the MORE YOU WANT TO DO". Activity is the most instinctive natural facet of life - all children - all young adults - all normal people - instinctively want to do something with life.


No-one "normal" wants to do "nothing" with the gift of life. No "normal" person likes being "lazy" - the purpose you're alive is to live your destined destiny and that means DOING SOMETHING meaningful. Sun in Leo will ensure you see it and experience it - and - love doing whatever "it" is that you will love doing !




10th August: Venus 3° Libra squares Saturn [retrograde] 3° Capricorn

11th August: Mercury [retrograde] 14° Leo squares Jupiter 14° Scorpio


Squared energies will ensure - you get the right direction by changing your mind - by seeing something that's wrong and putting it right. Sun in Leo illuminating it's energies on all the planets in the Solar System - means - even though the squares would normally mean stress and problems - during Sun in Leo it does NOT mean problems - it means - seeing the blockages and either overcoming them or recognizing it is a "SIGN" that it's not right for you.


Very often - when lovers and partners have conflict - moan and complain about each other - they've got TWO choices - to END the relationship - or - to be HONEST as to why they've got conflict.


If there's incompatibility issues - then - obviously they're not right for each other - and - should be honest with each other. If it's just nonsense they're fighting about - then - they should kiss-and-love each other.


Life is too short to fuss-about - to argue - to fight - to moan - to complain - about things that are wrong. If it's source of negativity - then it's up to you to do something about "it". In the HOT Summer's weather - and - same applies to FREEZING winters weather - there's no point to complain about the weather. Work-with the circumstances and don't go outside looking for trouble.




Saturday 11th August 2018 - New Moon in Leo

The Leo New Moon will reveal the Source of Your Positive Energy

All the positive energies that define "you" - past - present - future

Sun in Leo [Fire Sign] New Moon in Leo [Fire Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]

Mars [retrograde] in Aquarius [Air Sign]


The reason why I do what I do is because I love doing it and because I like sharing what I know with nice people like you !

The reasons why you do whatever you do - is because you love doing it - and - you love doing it for the people in your life too



11th August: New Moon 18° Leo

[ to be fully explained on Moon astrology prior to New Moon ]


Leo is not a logical StarSign - and indeed many people falsely believe - especially SunSign "Leo's" - that they're sensible. They ain't. That's a compliment - because - that means - Sun in Leo - New Moon in Leo - Mercury in Leo - defines - that everyone will be adaptable - flexible and illogical - but - everyone will get attached to everyone and everything your heart - LOVES and DESIRES.


You see - Leo [Fire Sign] - defines what and who "turns" you on. What you LOVE and what you HATE is illogical - and - yet all the BEST decisions of your life are defined by what you LOVE and what you HATE. LOVE and HATE are honest energies - they ain't logical.


The irony is - irrespective of whatever logic defines - the more you LOVE whatever and whoever it is that you LOVE, attracted to and positively energized by - the more ALIVE it makes you feel - the LUCKIER it makes you become - the brighter your life is - and - the happier you are.


Happiness is the illogical internal energy that speaks TRUTH to you. Happiness is what makes you do whatever you do. Happiness is what the Leo New Moon will be defining for everyone. And when you're in HAPPY mode - all the problems you've got vanish - all the problems you've had get solved - all the problems somehow or another - stop being problems.


Positive energy is the essential ingredient to do anything GOOD in the world. Even writing on the internet - even sending an email - even creating a blog on the internet - even starting a new online business - everything GOOD needs the ingredient of POSITIVE energy.


Sun in Leo - will ensure - everyone will get the POSITIVE energy to do something GOOD with it. There's only one astrological month of Sun in Leo - so make sure - you use everyday wisely - maximize your potential. Start something NEW at the New Moon and you'll see it grow quickly over the next 6 months.


Whilst plants, trees, fruit and vegetables need WATER to grow - your life only needs POSITIVE energy - Love is the maximum POSITIVE energy you can have - Love of life - Love of people in your life - Love for whatever you love doing with your life - Love of everything and everyone in your life - LOVE is all you need - then you'll see GROWTH and SUCCESS.




13th August: Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn

19th August: Jupiter 15° Scorpio trines Neptune [retrograde] 15° Pisces




19th August: Mercury direct 11° Leo

19th August: Mercury 11° Leo sextiles Venus 11° Libra




The Sky At Night in June - July - August 2018

Summer of Magnetism - Night Time - Day Time

The sky at night - 3 Outer Planets - Mars in Aquarius - Saturn in Capricorn - Jupiter in Scorpio

During the Daytime - Uranus in Taurus - Sun in Leo - Mercury in Leo - Venus in Virgo




Sun in Virgo - 6th Star Sign of Zodiac

The Truth - Loyalty - Honesty - Stability


Sun in Virgo [Earth Sign] Full Moon in Pisces [Water Sign] Mercury in Leo [Fire Sign] Venus in Libra [Air Sign]

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]



August: Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus


23rd August: Sun enters Virgo

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Uranus [retrograde] 2° Taurus

25th August: Sun 2° Virgo trines Saturn [retrograde] 2° Capricorn



26th August: Full Moon in 3° Pisces





28th August: Mars goes direct 28° Capricorn

6th September: Saturn goes direct 2° Capricorn





3rd Phase of 2018 begins in August

[1] 1st January => 21st March 2018 [2] 21st March => 21st August 2018 [3] 22nd August 2018 => 31st December 2018


All the preparations will have been made - so that you can begin the important Journey of your life from 22nd August 2018

A journey of getting to a destined destination by Christmas 2018 - a specific Journey of long-term stability for your future




Predictions for Zodiac Year 2018 - Part II - April => August 2018

Predictions for the Year 2018 - Part II - 31st March => 31st August 2018 - for all 12 star signs - with audio


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