The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Gemini 21st May => 21st June 2019

Written by author of ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or - Book of Stars of Light - Spiritual Astrology

to be read in conjunction with Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology, "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2019


Sun in Gemini - Magnetism & Attraction

Major Once-in-a-Lifetime Changes Coming

Truth will redefine you life - and - "it" will be once-in-a-lifetime - which will be "healing" you

Depending on how much deception and instability is in your life - defines how big the changes will be

Depending on how much you need correcting to be put back on-course will define the changes


21st May: Sun enters Gemini

21st May: Mercury enters Gemini

22nd May: Mars 4° Cancer sextiles Uranus 4° Taurus

30th May: Mercury 18° Gemini squares Neptune 18° Pisces

30th May: Venus 18° Taurus sextiles Neptune 18° Pisces

31st May: Venus 19° Taurus trines Saturn [retrograde] 19° Capricorn

31st May: Mercury 20° Gemini opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 20° Sagittarius


3rd June: Venus 22° Taurus trines Pluto [retrograde] 22° Capricorn

3rd June: New Moon 12° Gemini

4th June: Mercury enters Cancer

9th June: Sun 18° Gemini squares Neptune 18° Pisces

9th June: Venus enters Gemini

10th June: Sun 19° Gemini opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 19° Sagittarius

14th June: Mars 18° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 18° Capricorn

14th June: Mars 18° Cancer trines Neptune 18° Pisces

15th June: Jupiter [retrograde] 18° Sagittarius squares Neptune 18° Pisces

16th June: Mercury 18° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 18° Capricorn

16th June: Mercury 18° Cancer trines Neptune 18° Pisces

17th June: Full Moon 26° Sagittarius

18th June: Mercury 20° Cancer conjunct Mars 20° Cancer

18th June: Saturn [retrograde] 18° Capricorn sextiles Neptune 18° Pisces

19th June: Mercury 22° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 22° Capricorn

20th June: Mars 22° Cancer opposes Pluto [retrograde] 22° Capricorn

21st June: Sun enters Cancer


It's always a Good Sign if you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change because deep-down

Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - means you'll desire change more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it


Introducing Sun in Gemini


Sun in Gemini - 3rd StarSign of the Zodiac

All you have to do is be "Yourself"

Being yourself is all you have to do - be honest with yourself ....


The Zodiac Year has a logical method of stages - Aries 1st Stage Awakening - Taurus 2nd Stage Truth - Gemini 3rd Stage exploring possibilities - after you've realized the truth. After you see clearly what you need in your life - what you don't need in your life - what you want in your life - what you don't want in your life - and - then BEING HONEST with yourself.


HONEST - by this - I don't mean HONEST in the eyes of other people and NOT HONESTY you can post on the internet - but HONEST to yourself. Because - everything and everyone who is attracted into your life - has been attracted in by you.


How many times have you heard and how many times have you said - "I need space to think for myself" - "SPACE" is a Gemini quality - because everyone is influenced by others - sometimes we all need "SPACE" to think for ourselves.


If, however, "you need SPACE" - because you want to END a relationship - as the other person is interfering with your life - the Sun in Gemini unlocking Jupiter in Sagittarius - will set you FREE from bad relationships. In business, in relationships, in anything that's bothering you too much - Sun in Gemini says - "YOU NEED YOUR OWN SPACE" - to think for yourself.


When you take control over your own mind and thoughts - you can be amongst a large crowd of people - and - because your mind is connected to whatever is right for you - you're not distracted by anyone. You're at peace with happiness from within yourself - because you are living in YOUR OWN SPACE - even if everyone around you has gone crazy.


Let me give you an example - listening to music on your iPhone - with earphones . Your mind is blocking-out the noise around you - as your mind is at peace and enjoying the music. Have you ever tried traveling / driving/ commuting into work without music - it's terrible isn't it?


But the truth is even the music is a distraction - because - if you had complete control over your mind - you wouldn't hear the noises of others - you'd listen to your own thoughts. Unfortunately, we're not that strong to block it out - so we need music in our ears !


Now - here is my point - lots of things we do - are merely trying to block out negative things - we do to compensate the negative energies. But if you didn't have the negativity around you - you wouldn't need to listen to the music.


If you were doing whatever you want to do - you wouldn't need to be distracted. The question Sun in Gemini will be asking you - what is it that you're doing to compensate for and to negate negative situations - and - what are you doing that is honestly what you want to do - because - YOU WANT TO DO IT. Worse still - is what are you doing just to please other people - but given the choice - YOU DON'T WANT TO DO IT.



No Mistakes as No Planets in

Aries - Leo - Libra - Scorpio - Aquarius

Truth resonates - clarity without confusion - magnetism defined by honesty

Everyone will feel life being restored to the way you should be living your life


Let me be honest - and - I'm sure - every SunSign Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio & Aquarius will agree with me - the worst things in life is MAKING MISTAKES - because you've been tempted to listen to other people - or - because your inquisitive nature decided to try another alternative.


The good news is that NO planets in Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio & Aquarius - especially the fact NO planets in Aries & Libra means - there's no oscillations - no changing your mind. Life will show you clearly what's good for you - and - you'll get on and do it.


There's only ONE major problem and that's if your nature has been empty of committment - empty of stability - empty of truth - then - it's going to hit you. Because the compelling astrological energies are saying - you can only have your destiny - you can't cheat and you can't steal nor interfere with someone else's destiny.


The good news is that EVERYONE who has been blocked in the past 7 years you will get your destiny back - you will see MAGICAL things happening to you to bring back into your life your destined destiny.


You see there are TWO types of astrological energies - MASCULINE [Fire Signs & Air Signs] and FEMININE [Water Signs & Earth Signs]. The male energies search for and uncertain of what works for them will try everything and anything until it finds what it is looking for. Whereas the female energies knows what it wants - and - waits until it comes to them.



Planets in Feminine StarSigns of Receiving


Venus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Mars in Cancer [Water Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus in Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Planets in Masculine StarSigns of Searching and Finding


Sun in Gemini [Air Sign] Mercury in Gemini [Air Sign]

Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] Full Moon on 16th/17th June in Sagittarius [Fire Sign]


The power of all these planets in mixture of both masculine and feminine StarSigns - means - there's something for everyone - most importantly is that your DESTINY will come to you - because - you are being you - you're emitting to the world who you are and the world will respond.


The power of Sun in Gemini [Air Sign] & Jupiter in Sagittarius [Fire Sign] will be powerful - as Sun in Gemini is an OPEN StarSign - definining that ANYTHING is posssible - and - it will be - because this Zodiac year has the destined purpose to create MAJOR changes in everyone's lives.


The cyclical facet of Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn - means - that many of you - are finding yourself reconnected to being the person you were in 2007 - 1995 - 1983 - [Jupiter Cycle] - and/or to being reconnected to 1989/1990 [Saturn cycle]. The cycle also means that BAD and NEGATIVE facets that defined your life since 2007 - 1995 - 1990 - have come to an end - or - will be coming to an END by September 2019.



Breakthrough - It's going to be Alright

Everyone who has had instability in the past 7 years - things are changing


The main reason why most people find the "answers" in astrology is that "astrology" helps you understand why the most unexpected, inexplicable and often "unfair" things seem to happen.


Afflictions in Jupiter means nothing good ever seems to happen for you - afflictions in Saturn means that you're blocked from living the life you want to live by "other" people preventing you from being "set-free" from their influence.


Astrology says - sooner or later things change. Life is full of cycles. When you lived at "home" with your parents - you were restricted from doing what you wanted to do - eventually you left home. You might have got trapped into a "bad" relationship - but sooner or later - that changes too.


The "birth" and "death" stages of life create new phases for everyone. Sometimes you only get to be "reborn" - to be yourself - as you get liberated - after a "death" of a specific phase of your life. ENDINGS are as important as BEGINNINGS.


So whatever is unfolding in your life - whatever it is - there's no coincidence - everything is unfolding in order to get you to live the life you're destined to live. Anything that falls-apart and any relationships that end are merely defining a truth. Conversely, everything you find yourself inexplicably attracted to - is - your destiny calling you.



Sun in Gemini - Relationships & "Rebounds"

Depending on how much deception and instability is in your life - defines how big the changes will be

Depending on how much you need correcting to be put back on-course will define the changes


To introduce you for what's going to be happening during Sun in Gemini - due to the strong astrological events that you've experienced during Sun in Taurus. 1st thing is to accept that the ENDINGS that needed to END - were meant to be - because - bad situations can't and couldn't continue anymore.


Those of you who quit your job because you found a new job - have found happiness. Those of you who haven't been working but now you've found work - have found happiness. Those of you who ended a bad relationship have found good friends who've supported you - after you had your heart broken. And those of you - who finally found love - have found happiness because it is true to you.



Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius from 31st March => 16th May 2019

Sun in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius from 21st May => 20th June 2019


Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn from 16th May => 2nd July 2019

Sun in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn from 20th June => 20th July 2019



There's something for everyone - there's something STRONG - more than normal going on in the world - and that's because of the astrological oppositions - means - everyone on Earth - comes directly in between the two giant outer planets of Jupiter & Saturn.


The OPPOSITIONS are creating a MAJOR polarization, magnetism, attraction and repulsion - ensuring - everyone is feeling the energies of honesty - attracting you to wherever and whoever is right for you - and - detaching you from whoever and wherever is wrong for you.


The planets of Jupiter & Saturn in their natural home StarSigns - means - it will be 100% clear - 100% life-changing for many people - and - it will be making many people restless - UNTIL - they do what they should be doing and connected to whoever they should be connected to.


For those of you - who are new to astrology - because - your life has just recently fallen-apart - then - I say - don't worry - you've not gone crazy - it's predictable that the "end" of the past 7 years has ended.


The good news is that Sun in Gemini - says - there's never any such thing as a DEAD-END - there's always possibilities - there's always a choice - there's always an alternative - there's always someone who wants you - especially when you've been hurt.


Ironically, at the most painful moments of life - is always the most truthful. You see - who is there for you - and - sadly you see - who is not there for you. They never really cared-less about you. They only wanted you - because - it suited them.


You should be happy that "they" are out of your life - because - how could you trust someone who is a parasite and leech? Now - you're free to find true-love. I know the emotions hurt - but - the hurt opened your eyes to a truth - that you want a relationship - you just don't want a liar or parasite in your life.


At this point I should say that "astrologer" doesn't believe in soulmates or twin-flames - "astrology" - says - if you need a relationship and the someone you thought was your destiny has messed up then Saturn sends in an alternative - someone with a configuration to make you feel wholesome, loved and protected.



"It's all about who you know & what you say"

During the Sun in Gemini - it's once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have success and happiness

The open communicative energies will ensure you will have SUCCESS and HAPPINESS

All you have to do is TALK to everyone you know - and - TALK to everyone who gives you energy




Communication is a Sign of Life

Sun in Gemini - says - if you're not talking then you're dead

If people are communicating with you - then they're dead



This Months Astrological Events

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