The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם


The "Book of Secrets" ספר סודי סודות

The Audio file is - "Introduction to Book of Secrets Secrets - Finding yourself from within yourself" will be put online during Summer 2019



Revealing Spiritual Secrets on the "open" internet!

The Age of Spiritual Enlightenment - "Neptune in Pisces"

After many years of "confusion" whilst searching for truth; delightfully and THANK GOD I have been blessed to find all the answers during the past 5 years whilst visiting the tomb of the Holy spiritual soul Noam Elimelech in Lizhensk. I am withholding spiritual secrets until i feel it's the right time to reveal them on the OPEN internet; this new section is being prepared now that NEPTUNE is in PISCES , but only when the time is right will they be OPEN to the public; as the World commences it's most spiritually enlightening period in the history of mankind.

All the important "Spiritual Secrets" will be highlighted; so that eager and impatient readers can quickly scan the page to find the secrets being revealed; the 1st page in the new style revealing 3 spiritual secrets is now online. Once all the main pages in the website have been corrected then the "Spiritual Secrets" will be fully revealed; thereafter I will start of uploading this section "Book of Secrets' Secrets" on this website to explain the spiritual secrets in depth.



Spiritual Secrets to Unlock Wisdom

Before "opening" yourself up to and allowing these "Spiritual Secrets" to work for you - acknowledge, concede and say to yourself "I've been a silly and ignorant idiot, please help me change, I'm giving this a try to see if it really works; I'm not sure it will but I'm giving it a try anyway" :-

Spiritual Secrets [1] Becoming attached to wisdom; you need to "get connected". First step SLEEP with the book under your pillow; it can be any book; but the more profound spiritual wisdom in that book the better and from any religion; the "Holy Bible" is always a good book to start with. Whilst you sleep, the energy of the contents and wisdom within that book will become infused into your head; and you'll wake up feeling a connection [or not] to that book. This applies to everything you want to be connected with - sleep with it under your pillow.

Spiritual Secrets [2] Allowing your soul to connect to the wisdom of the book through your 3rd eye seeing the words. Always have a book OPEN on your table, desk, wherever you are; it can be open on any page, upside-down, doesn't matter as long as it is OPEN. Start by glancing at the words, turn the pages until you find a page you like looking at the words; then when and if you feel you want to read then read, can be a whisper to yourself or aloud. When you do read, doesn't matter whether you understand the words you are saying, the fact is when you read a book - the "spirit" world of souls listens; especially if you read a book by a writer who has died, you might sense their energy around you as you read the book aloud. Even when you are not reading the book, the fact the book is open in front of you enables your spiritual 3rd eye to see and read the words, thereby enabling your soul to connect to wisdom.

Spiritual Secrets [3] Allowing your soul to open-up to the Eternal Divine Source of Spiritual Wisdom; as the source of all the religions and all spirituality is the Eternal Divine GOD. Find a book, that you do NOT understand the language it is written in - open it and stare at the words. This is extremely spiritually powerful if you choose a sacred spiritual book of ANY religion, whether it is the Koran in original Arabic, the Holy Bible in original Hebrew, the Talmud in original Hebrew or the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit; the reason you must choose a book you can't read nor understand the language is that to open your soul up to new spiritual energy - you cannot allow the interference of your own mind and thoughts. Your spiritual 3rd eye will see the words in the book and understand them spiritually.

Personally I recommend looking at the original hebrew text of ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech . Stare at the words in hebrew and the * in the book see original texts ספר נועם אלימלך Sefer Noam Elimelech and Sefer Likutei Shoshana by Noam Elimelech . I will be explaining all the above secrets fully in the "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות". Meanwhile TRY & SEE for yourself how these 3 secrets change your life; notice how you start to become wise to intuit spiritual wisdom.

המשכילים יזהירו כזוהר הרקיע ומצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד

"The wise people shall shine as the brightness of the sky; and they shall turn the multitudes of many people to righteousness,

and everyone will shine like each star in the sky shines for ever and ever"

דניאל פרק יב פסוק ג Book of Daniel 12 verse 3 - The Pathway to Spiritual Enlightenment


Book of Secrets - "Spiritual Secrets" - When the Timing is Right

We're waiting until we feel the timing is right; in the meantime we're preparing the Book of Secrets' Secrets

To give you a "taste" of some of the spiritual secrets here are a few :-


[1] Spiritual Secret - A Spiritual Present from Me to You

The profound spiritual energy that has been transcending since Neptune entered Pisces on 4th February 2012 is quite thrilling and truly amazing. I'm humbled, as it's making me realize how little I know and how so much more there is to learn, explain and write about.

Even though, I'm a very pragmatic person, and prefer to test everything first to see if it works; I was truly amazed at the spiritual secret revealed last week; and because it has had such a positive affect on me - I can't contain myself any longer and wish to share it with you today. The spiritual secret is of "wearing a watch" OR rather I should say "NOT WEARING A WATCH". You probably have no idea what the vibration of a wristwatch is doing to your soul - but it IS affecting your soul; try for 3 days not wearing a watch; then if you can try 7 days and then try a period of 30 days of not wearing a watch and SENSE how you feel. I did - and it's quite refreshing to live without wearing a watch !

It's quite remarkable what a difference it will make to your aura; I'll be explaining it more in "Book of Secrets' Secrets" but give it a try and see for yourself what happends. Suddenly, you'll feel something strange and then magically you will find yourself living in accordance with destiny, relaxing more about life, and not getting so eager or pushed to accomplish things quickly. In fact, you'll start to feel you're living in a different time zone - yes - your own time zone !

As a wristwatch is FORCING your soul and body to tune in to the specific time which is acting to TRAP you in the present moment; whereas living without a wristwatch - you'll feel FREEDOM - and will enable your mind to live FREELY. Try it and see what happens; and then after 7 days - start wearing your watch again and see how you feel !



[2] A BIG Spiritual Secret and "Unbelievable Magic" of

How to Turn the Karmic Clock Back to Reconnect with Your "Destiny"

Tried - tested - and proven - and if you don't believe me then TRY it yourself !

After doing this exercise - don't be surprised - when your TRUE destiny unfolds for you for you will get

what is TRUTHFULLY destined for you - but beware you won't necessarily get what you "think" is destined for you !


The reason why so many people are STUCK is that their AURA is full of depression and negativity, what's more bothersome in a person's aura is the DECEIT and LIES that creates total blockages and confusion in one's aura. It is so serious a problem that when GOODNESS and DESTINY are trying to penetrate - they CANNOT get through.

Each and everyday the Moon and Sun are bringing good luck into our lives but if you're not feeling a NEW energy in your life each and everyday - then your aura is STUCK and BLOCKED.

To TEST your aura - stand up now - turn around 3 times and sit down again - how do you feel ? slightly refreshed ? That's because the STAGNANT aura has been slightly dislodged and confused. If you do feel slightly refreshed - then use the spiritual secret of TURNING AROUND 7 Times - OR as many times as it takes to OPEN your blocked aura.

The other reason why you might have stagnation and a BLOCKED AURA is that you have LOST EARTH-BOUND spirit souls in your aura - creating "trouble" for you.

However, on the 3 days prior to a NEW MOON - known as 12th House Karmic days - one has the chance to CLEAR the spiritual garbage and allow DESTINY to penetrate. But it needs you to be honest with yourself. To TEST your aura - stand up now - turn around 3 times and sit down again - how do you feel ? slightly refreshed ? That's because the STAGNANT aura has been slightly dislodged and confused. If you do feel slightly refreshed - then the following spiritual secret WILL work for you. It is taken from the Jewish book SdeiTapuchim for which I have copied two pages on the page "Book of Corrections" . It does work - because I've done it and so have many people I know - with surprisingly good consequences.


Version 1 - How to Turn Back Time - to Reconnect with Your "Destiny"

1. Light a candle for yourself - for your own soul - then blow it out - then relight it again.

2. Hold the candle in both your hands and then turn anti-clockwise 7 times , whilst you turn around - focus on the candle [and you'll see everything will be a dizzy blur around you]. Then stop and sit down - meditate on the candle for a few mins.

3. Then with the candle in either hand - you can change hands - stand up and turn anti-clockwise - one turn for every year back to the year you were born - and say the year each time you turn anticlockwise ... 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 ... etc to your birth year - do it slowly - so you don't get too dizzy and if you do then stop and pause - because there will some "years" especially "years" when things went wrong that will make you feel unusually dizzy whereas other years will go very quickly as you spin around easily. Then sit down for a few mins.

4. Then with the candle in either hand - stand up and turn clockwise - one turn for every year - starting with year you were born to present day ... 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 ... and like before say the year - each time you turn clockwise. Now sit down for a few mins until you stop feeling dizzy and feel a calmness - then when you are 100% calm - blow the candle out. [Clockwise always goes smoothly and quicker than anticlockwise].


Version 2 - How to Turn Back Time - to Reconnect with Your "Destiny"

As above EXCEPT - instead of turning time back to year your were born - turn it back to year when you FEEL things went WRONG for you. And based on currently astrological energies of Pluto in Capricorn - I would suggest TURNING TIME back 4 years to 2008. [For skeptical readers - do Version 2 first and if it works - then do the longer Version 1].

The result will be that within 24 hours someone from the PAST and someone DESTINED to be in your life - will contact you !

The connection will feel DESTINED and you will be together as soon you want to be together - for once the contact is made NOTHING will be able to stop either of you for it is DESTINY !

Some readers might think this is nonsense hocus-pocus - even so - why not try it - see if it does work you - you will be very surprised when someone from the past contacts you OR maybe you're scared of seeing the destined TRUTH and what destiny has really wanted for you - instead of the deceitful life you've made for yourself ?!

Don't be surprised that after doing it - you don't feel like doing certain things as "those" things represent things that you should never have done IF you have been on the right destined pathway.


Why "Turning Back Time" Works ...

Actions Speak Louder than Words - Especially for Liars !

I've had time to "think" overnight and having received a few emails - I wish to explain WHY the above works - it is based on the fact that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. You see, in reality in our generation many people have their aura filled full of confusion, nonsense, lies, illusions and stagnation that NOTHING TRUTHFUL can get in or out of their aura - except for more "lies" and "confusion" based on like-attracts-like. In many people's head they are filled full of TV shows and Movies - instead of TRUTHFUL REALITY.

Many times when people "pray" - their words are actually meaningless - because their aura is full of lies - so the "prayer" becomes another muddle of lies and "confusion". So the ONLY way is to CREATE a REAL ACTION - is to CLEAR one's AURA of all the garbage.

"Turning around" and making yourself dizzy actually DOES this - and in the same way that you feel CLEAN after a shower, you will feel refreshed after "turning" around - especially if you do it with a candle - for a candle represents energy of physical and spiritual. It doesn't make you "Turn back time" but it does CLEANSE your aura to allow in everything that is destined to come in - to actually come into your life - that's why I know people from the "past" who are trying to get through to you will manage to. Even so, when you STOP and THINK by doing this spiritual exercise you actually DO THINK truthfully about the PAST and EACH YEAR of your life - which does make your subconscious remind you of important destined moments of the PAST - for good and for bad.



[3] Reconnecting with your Past-Life with your Karmic Friend

"Spiritual Secret about the Moon סוד הלבנה"

Whenever you find yourself being subjected to inexplicable and painful situations which "pushed you to a limit" - then try this following Moon meditation and "everything" will become CLEAR.


The fundamental basis of human life on Earth is that life is cyclical - birth - death - followed by a rebirth - sometimes we reincarnate into animals - sometimes we take a rest from Earth for few 100 years - sometimes we reincarnate immediately. But we have ALL been on Earth before this current lifetime in one form or another and probably will be here again in the future.

As well as living the current life we are living - we have a duality of cleaning up our soul's outstanding debts from any prior lifetimes. If you ever feel that something UNFAIR and INEXPLICABLE has happened to you - then you MUST assume it is KARMIC from a prior lifetime.

The problem we all have - is there is NO-ONE on Earth that can tell you WHAT it is and WHY it has happened - the ONLY friend you have is the MOON - yes that's right - THE MOON - and i'll repeat it again - THE MOON !!!

The Moon is your wise karmic friend - which existed in prior lifetimes and will always exist to be the karmic protector of Earth and everyone on Earth. Don't make the mistake - the Moon is NOT GOD - but the Moon it is a loyal servant of the Divine Creator of the Universe. "The Moon" or rather the Divine "Moon's energy" remembers YOU from prior lifetimes and will always remember you.

Therefore, whenever you are confronted with inexplicable, confusing and unfair circumstances LOOK AT THE MOON , STOP and STARE, MEDITATE whilst looking at the Moon - and ASK all the questions you have about "life" - especially prior life to the MOON.

The Moon remembers you - just like YOUR SOUL remembers staring at the Moon in prior lifetimes. In fact the Moon is the only CONSTANT entity that has ALWAYS existed in exactly the same way since the DIVINE creation of the Universe. The Moon is there to HELP, HEAL and COMFORT you - bringing you all the answers and healing you need.

Currently the Moon is bright and strong - tonight Moon in Aries will offer a lot of powerful healing energy to all who want it and even those who don't want it - will receive it's blessed karmic energies. Go out tonight and have a look - communicate with your past life and you'll sense the healing with the answers you need from your karmic best friend - The Moon.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם