The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Divine Intervention סייעתא דשמיא

Audio file is - "Understanding the urgent need for Divine Intervention defines you're searching for something MORE"


Prior to Pluto entering Capricorn in 2008, prior to Neptune entering Pisces in 2011 and prior to Uranus entering Aries in 2011 - I would have defined this page as "The Power of Your Prayers". However, all that has changed since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 - you no longer have the right to DEMAND from GOD anything - no longer is it your individuality - nor your "EGO" energy that can change anything in your life or in the world - and as you read this page - you'll comprehend WHY things have changed - and how "Divine Intervention" is actually happening at the moment and what "Divine Intervention" is really doing to everyone's lives.

"The power of Prayer" has been taken away from "humanity" - because people are asking selfishly for things they want - and not asking for anything good for the betterment of humanity - therefore "Divine Intervention" is now giving us everything we karmically deserve - and it is our duty to ACCEPT everything.


Out-of-time - we're all living on "borrowed time"

There's a fundamental spiritual law that as it is in the physical world - so it is a reflection of the spiritual world. All the governments and many huge corporations are living with massive "debts" - "they" are using borrowed money - that they can never repay - to live from. The only way these problems will be solved is when all go bankrupt - wipe their slate clean and start-over again.

Likewise "spiritually" - humanity has never been blessed with so much goodness - planet Earth is feeding and looking after 7 billion people - each and everyday - the words of "thanks" to mother Earth and to Divine GOD - for these daily miracles should be unbelievably loud - and yet many of us - sound grumpy, miserable and unappreciative. Yes - WE ARE IDIOTS. We are blind to see that we are being blessed - living on "borrowed" time - and living through miracles - each and every second of everyday.

"Technically" - NONE of us - should be alive - and yet we are - it's a miracle - and what's more of a miracle is that through the astrological energies of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries we're having our lives "sorted out" - without even knowing it or truly appreciating it.


Since Pluto entered karmic Capricorn in 2008 - a definitive karmic destiny has been implemented in the World. It overrides everything else - overrides individual astrological charts and it ensures that we all do what we're destined to do. It is the fact of life - that DIVINE KARMIC DESTINY has taken-over our lives - to drive us, to motivate and to ensure that we all do what we're supposed to be doing.

The truth is we've messed up so much - we've made so many mistakes - we're screwed-up so much that each and everyone of us - is living on "borrowed time" - as we've all collectively failed to do what we're supposed to be doing with this wonderful gift of life - that "destiny" has taken-over control to ensure the "karmic job" gets done, is wholesomely completed and everyone will be doing what they're truly destined to be doing with the gift of life - enabling everyone to enter the karmic phase of World-Peace.

The first step in ensuring World-Peace is to ensure that each person and every individual is enlightened with wisdom and finds INNER peace - because when individuals have inner peace - that's when collectively the whole World will become peaceful. Hence "Divine Intervention" is being implemented right now - we are all individually and collectively living with "Divine Intervention" in our lives and even though we have the illusion of doing what we want to do - we're not really in "control".


Have you not YET noticed that NOTHING happens when you want it to happen? Especially if you're trying to do and trying to force something that you're not supposed to do - all it creates is stress, frustration and back-fires on you. Even if momentarily, there's success in doing what you want to do - within a short-time it collapses and fails - that's because Pluto in karmic Capricorn since 2008 - is ensuring you keep to the karmic script of your life.

Conversely, have you noticed that the best things that have happened in your life since 2008 - just suddenly unexpectedly and "magically" happen? Pluto in Capricorn defines that destiny pushes, drives and ensures these karmic destined events just happen - like magic. Inexplicable in their nature - unpredictable in their reality - and karmically perfect in making your life wholesome.


We're "experts" at making karmic mistakes

The fact of life is - we're human and we're experts at making mistakes

"Divine Intervention" in the form of Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries

will be inspiring, guiding and forcing each of us to correct our karmic mistake and get-it-right


Pluto in Capricorn wants us to acknowledge our karmic ERRORS and MISTAKES - whilst Uranus in Aries wants each of us to begin a "fresh" new beginning - a time when we get-it-right without making all the past-life mistakes. Pluto-square-Uranus defines the need to stop looking back at the "past", stop holding onto the "past", heal and let go of the "past", adapt, change and "accept" life for whatever life is giving you. Most importantly - do what you instinctively and intuitively know you should be doing - instead of fooling yourself to do what you want to do.


6000 years of telling GOD what we want ...

Now GOD is telling us what GOD wants

The karmic wheel of life is going through full cycle and after the past 6000 years of humanity praying, asking, demanding, moaning and complaining to "GOD" - now this karmic phase - it's the DIVINE karmic time for ACCEPTANCE. The problem our generation has is a belief that if you annoy, complain, shout and scream enough - "someone" will listen to you - and answer your prayers to "shut" you up - but that's not so. This is the "karmic" time to "accept" whatever is given to us - and appreciate EVERYTHING we have with sincere gratitude - and continual non-stop thanks to GOD - for every moment of everyday of life - for we're all living on borrowed time.


Purpose of "Prayer" is to ask for Guidance

Have you ever truly wondered why prayers aren't answered? Besides the obvious reason that people are asking for "stupid" things - which are in conflict with their true destiny - the real reason is because whilst the mouth is talking - there's NO interaction to any SPIRITUAL THOUGHT energies - and therefore the transcendence and connectivity to the spiritual realms is NOT happening.

Praying without thinking spiritually - is like typing on your computer - when the computer is switched off - so whatever you type on the keyboard - NOTHING happens. People who "pray" - even religious people who "pray" - nothing happens - because not only are they not thinking - but their emotional energies are NOT even connected - so it's no surprise - NOTHING happens - as NOTHING is transmitted into the ether - hence NOTHING is received back.

In this Karmic phase of Humanity - people who REFUSE to use their minds to think - have lives that are going-nowhere - now that DESTINY has determined that they need to begin to THINK - now things are beginning to happen - but not because you pray and ask - but because it is karmic blessing and gift for things to happen.

Prayer and Meditation has a purpose - but it should be asking for GUIDANCE - for whatever is bothering you. So if you're lonely and looking for relationships - ask for GUIDANCE to find your right destined relationships - don't ask GOD for a relationship with Brad Pitt or Courteney Cox - because they're not yours!

The main reason for "Prayer and Meditation" is actually MEDITATIVE TIME to AGREE with everything GOD is giving you - AGREE with everything that is happening in your life - AGREE with GOD that you don't have some things because you ACCEPT that you don't need them in your life - and AGREE that you ACCEPT everything that will happen in your life - ACCEPTANCE is your way of saying your AGREE with your DESTINY.


"I Have Everything I Need and therefore ...

If I Do Not Have it - It Means My Soul Does NOT Need It"

The ספר זרע קודש "Zera Kodesh" of Reb Naftoli Horowitz [1760-1827 - a famous spiritual Polish Rabbi of Ropshitz buried in Lancut] - explains that anyone who desires something materialistically that they don't have or/and are dissatisfied with whatever they do have - are not spiritually minded souls. And they need to change their attitude to "life".

For it is impossible for a true spiritual soul to ever desire anything that they don't have - and if one doesn't have something it means that GOD has DIVINELY decreed that you do not need it. Believing in GOD - means and trusting that EVERYONE has everything one needs for the lessons one's soul needs to learn in earth-school - if you don't have something it means you DO NOT need it.


Searching for "spiritual" answers because you want a better life?

It's a "Neptune" illusion - but the only way that Divine GOD entices people to search for "spiritual" answers - is through the illusion of wanting a better life - more money - more prosperity - more "everything" - but that's a 100% "Neptune" illusion - even so it's a Divinely brilliant illusion - as it drives people to search for something they believe they're looking for.

It's like men and women - who are inexplicable made to fall in love with each other - to have a child - then inexplicably they realize they don't love each other anymore - the karmic illusion of "love" was in order to have the child - hence they were fooled into "love".

And in the biblical sense it's like the Garden of Eden - having a signpost saying - all who enter will become RICH - so everyone runs in - but in reality - the RICHNESS that is being offered is eternal wealth of wisdom and spirituality - which has nothing to do with "money" and worldly "riches in this physical world.

The illusion of "using" spirituality to attain a better life - captivates your mind - and then - once you've attained a healthy spiritual state of mind - you'll realize the truth that you were drawn-in in order to learn that wisdom of "spirituality" that you have been blessed with EVERYTHING YOU NEED. It's WITHIN you - and there's no need to LOOK for anything - because "it" is WITHIN YOU !


"Divine Intervention" reveals the Truth ...

Life, Love & Spiritual Light is within YOU

The true spirituality of life will make you aware that the miracle of life itself is WITHIN YOU. Suddenly, due to Neptune in Pisces - will ensure you stop looking for "external" lucky-charms - and wake-up to the truthful reality that the secret of life is WITHIN YOU.

No-one questions the most important "fact of life" - that babies are conceived and born - from an invisible power of creation within every adult - from nothing comes something amazing - that's the fact of life. Neptune in Pisces is teaching humanity that from WITHIN you - from absolutely NOTHING you can find EVERYTHING you're looking for. The secret of which will be to OPEN your mind to THINK.


As adults, we're convinced to think restrictively "WITHIN THE BOX" - but as many of you know - the greatness of creative imagination comes when you think expansively "OUTSIDE OF THE BOX". Logic might tell you that the "internet" is an impossible invention - but fact of life - the "internet" exists and works - it's brilliant - and the more websites you read and become inspired by the more you realize the karmic blessing of the internet. Have you ever tried to explain the "internet" to an old grandparent? Unfortunately many of them and their restricted confined and imprisoned minds cannot comprehend the "internet". It's too much for them to understand.

However, accepting and enlightened souls as YOU are - you can understand from examples of technology - that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE - that you can create SOMETHING from NOTHING - YES YOU - YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING FROM NOTHING - through the power of your own THOUGHTS - through the intuitive power of your imagination - through your connection to an Eternal Spiritual power that is the power of the essence of LIFE itself - your SOUL that is DEEP WITHIN YOU.


Hence when I introduce the page as "Divine Intervention" you have now realized that the "Divine Intervention" is the "waking up" process to realize the truth that LIGHT, LOVE and WISDOM of the DIVINE is WITHIN YOU - all you need to do is LISTEN and ACCEPT.

When you think of the fact that a baby is conceived from nothing - except the positive energy from WITHIN you - then you can understand that you can CREATE and MANIFEST anything in your life - well "almost" anything. Neptune in Pisces is always associated with spiritual activity, the paranormal and most importantly associated with HEALING, karmic healing and spiritual wholesomeness.

Pisces has the power to envelope, protect and heal - for in the same way a FISH is immersed in WATER to keep it alive - Neptune in Pisces immerses people in the energy of their own spiritual aura - which brings HEALING from WITHIN. Neptune in Pisces will enable you to find the answers from WITHIN - in the same way - a baby is conceived from WITHIN - the life-energy you need - the healing you need - the positive energy you need - to make yourself wholesome is WITHIN YOU - and now is the time you'll FIND it.

Many people need to sit-in-the-sun to feel the healing of the Sun - Neptune in Pisces since April 2011 - has defined you will sense a strong healing energy transcending through the Neptune in Pisces - sense it - absorb it - and let yourself grow spiritually - as your inner soul feels it's connection to the Divine.


עולים ויורדים הסולם

Going Up and Coming Down the "Ladder"

The סולם Sulam is the Spiritual Ladder - which explains the method of acquiring Spiritual Wisdom

How to understand prayers and spiritual requests - and then being given spiritual knowledge and answers


The visionary Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag a Polish-born kabbalist who lived 1886 - 1954 - believed and saw a vision of the future - he saw that "communism" in it's idealistic form - had a place in the world - and that was to show ALL HUMANS as equals - and ALL HUMANS when their EGO is eliminated are the same - and have the same ability to attain great spirituality.

He understood that the "communist" doctrine / belief - has a place in the world - in that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD - could and would become spiritually enlightened - everyone has the same potential when individuality and the selfish EGO is eliminated. He explained the סולם Sulam - the Spiritual Ladder - to be the method to acquiring spiritual knowledge - for EVERYONE - and not just the "few".


The סולם Sulam is the Spiritual Ladder - explains - that during a person's life - comes two phases - the 1st stage is when you TELL the world what you want - when you DEMAND from the world things you want - and when you believe that through asking, begging and pleading even through abusively shouting, screaming and demanding things to happen - you get what you want. You've been instinctively trained to know this - from the moment you instinctively cry as a baby - when you get attention from "others" - that's when you get what you want.


The 2nd stage of life is when you STOP asking for anything - when you mature to accept everything that happens in your life. Most people only achieve this stage with the maturity of mid-life - although I've seen many younger people with "old" souls inside them - have a refined dignity of "acceptance" in their aura much more that "selfish" older people who still demand things from life like screaming babies.

In this world - we all see people who DEMAND and ANNOY others - are the types that are never happy with whatever they get - sooner or later - their inherent impetulantly childish nature - continues to DEMAND and WANT MORE - it's a nonstop journey of being ungrateful. Whereas wise spiritually minded people - reache a specific point in life when we STOP asking for anything - instead we LISTEN and ACCEPT what "destiny" is telling us. That's the moment we live in harmony with "life".


These 2 stages are vitally necessary components of both your physical and spiritual life - each and every day - each and every phase of every day - and a fact that סולם the Sulam - the Spiritual Ladder - explains - that you can't ASK and RECEIVE at the same time. 1st stage is you need climb up the spiritual ladder - to ask and pray - and then you need to say NOTHING - and be in receptive acceptance mode to RECEIVE - and then the intuitive wisdom comes down to you into your thoughts.


Spiritual Traffic is ONE-WAY-at-a-Time

You cannot go-up - if you're coming down | You cannot come down - if you're going up

.You cannot hear if you're speaking | You cannot receive - if you're asking

...........You cannot ask - whilst your receiving | You cannot talk - whilst you're being spoken to


So keep shtum, listen, receive and accept ....


"Method of Going-Up the Spiritual Ladder"

First you must "Go-up" before you can "come-down" with spiritual wisdom :-


1. To begin the journey of "going-up" the spiritual ladder - you have to detach from earthly existence and earthly worries - and the best way is to SAY THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU GOD - for everything you have in your life. This ensures that your aura is AT PEACE with your life at this very moment - for it is ONLY when you are AT PEACE - when you can meditate and pray properly.


2. Then either write a list of all the questions you have - OR ask in prayer - everything you want to know - pray for Peace in the world - pray for everyone to accept everything that they have in their lives - pray that you too should be able to live in ACCEPTANCE.

"Living in acceptance" is not a contradiction to asking and wanting something. In fact it is in harmony - because when you understand true acceptance - you are agreeing and accepting your destiny - and you are also living in the search of answers to progress your life forward.


3. Never expect to get the answers immediately - in fact according to the Sulam - the Spiritual Ladders - any answers you intuitively get "immediately" are always WRONG. In the same way you see me "building" the website - first I have "headings" as questions I need answering and want to explain to you - and then I usually need to wait until the following day or even a few days - before I receive the intuition to know what to explain. So make a list of questions - put your thoughts out to the spiritual ether - then let go and wait.

The "sign" to know that your prayers are accepted is you suddenly STOP asking - you want NOTHING - and even the questions you have - you STOP asking for answers - and that's when you feel calm and peaceful WITHIN.


4. Then ..... in the silence - in the peace and quiet - either when you wake-up the following morning or a few days later - ideas and thoughts "come" into your mind - or real-life experiences present themselves as answers to your prayers.


But there is an IMPORTANT POINT and a twist in "spiritual pisces" and that's - you can never ASK for anything for yourself - as the spirituality of life is that Spiritual Pisces is always in service of others - and always wants to find answers to help others.

So if you've got relationship problems with someone - don't ask for yourself - ask what's going to happen to them instead - and then you'll see if you're involved or not - as you sense the answer of someone else's future. If you've got financial problems - then don't ask for yourself - ask for Divine help for your husband/wife/children / boyfriend/girlfriend - and then you'll see you will be included. If you're not health or well - then instead of asking for yourself to get better - ask and pray for all people to get well - and by default - you too will be included. If you're lonely and have no-one to love - then pray for other lonely people to find love.


When you pray for World peace, success and happiness for "others" - you will find that your aura becomes peaceful, successful and happy - as Spiritual Pisces sees you as a person to transcend down the spiritual energy of peace, love, success, happiness and compassion to the world - through your aura it exudes to the world - and therefore your aura becomes peaceful, loving and happy.


"How to Turn-on your own Spiritual Energy" - is a silly question - because the truth is you're always TURNED ON spiritually - wherever you are anytime of the day or night - the only problem is spiritual realms are trying to GIVE you wisdom and intuitive wisdom - meanwhile you're still telling the spiritual realms what you want. Now that you realize that spiritual traffic is ONE-WAY - you realize that you need to grow-up - stop being a "child" and become a wise adult.

When you realize this fact is when you learn the spiritual method of PRAYING for others - DOING NOTHING - and then ACCEPTING - is when you've transformed from being an annoying demanding impetulant "child" into becoming a spiritually mature adult who accepts and receives - and through you - the energy flows to give to others.


"Divine Intervention" means "Acceptance"

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries we're in the middle of learning from "life" - that "Divine Intervention" is creating inexplicable events in all our lives to FORCE us to search for the answers - forcing each of us to STOP and THINK. It's the same Divine Intervention that has ensured you read this page online and the same Divine Intervention that has forced me to spend the time and write for you!

Thereafter once you truly realize this - in awe and humility - you will automatically begin to live in HARMONY with your destiny as you realize that the DIVINE has been creating events in your life UNTIL you ACCEPT everything that happens in your life is GOOD and has had a purposeful reason.


Divine Intervention סייעתא דשמיא

דרכי האמת לאור הגנוז The Book of Daniel explains that the karma of "the last generation" is to apologize on behalf of all of humanity that we've all collectively made mistakes and sinned. Book of Daniel Chapter 9 - explains the karmic need for "The Confession of Sins" - "We all make mistakes and we are all sinners". [Suggested Online reading of English Translation of Book of Daniel]. The Spiritual Prayer of Confession of Sins begins with Chapter 9, Verse 4 => Verse 19 - start the journey to Spiritual Enlightenment by a REAL CONFESSION and FEEL your aura changing.

In so doing - you're reconnecting your soul to the DIVINE source - whilst bypassing all the "garbage" created by prior past-generations and past-lives. "DIVINE INTERVENTION" is when all the "spiritual garbage" is removed from your aura, when you are cleansed - and able to sense and feel the power of the אור הגנוז "The Hidden Spiritual Light" all by YOURSELF and WITHIN YOURSELF.


Emergency Divine Intervention סייעתא דשמיא

is Finding the DIVINE LIGHT that's WITHIN YOU.

You might travel the world in search of answers - you might visit holy tombs and pray at ancient sites of spiritual importance - all of which CAN and DO change your aura. Because your physical aura is INFLUENCED by your PHYSICAL surroundings, the place you live and the energies of the city and country you live in - but the truth is the ANSWER is WITHIN YOU - it is the DIVINE LIGHT that's WITHIN YOU.

The moment you can sense and feel it "just a little bit" - is the start and beginning to a new way of thinking and a new life. As you will realize that your life has MEANING and has a DESTINED pathway - and ALL THE GARBAGE in your life - is NOT PART of that TRUE destiny.

The "garbage" of pain, anguish, frustration and "bad karma and bad luck" was and is only put in your aura in order to make you AWAKEN. Problem is many people tolerate a lot pain - more than they truly need to - UNTIL they realize it's an EMERGENCY. At that point the human mind is then capable of SEARCHING and FINDING all the answers it needs - especially in the age of the "internet" full of wisdom and inspirational ideas enabling you to find what you're looking for - at the TURNING POINT - you will have PEACE when you've found the right answer. That ANSWER is WITHIN YOU - it is finding the DIVINE LIGHT that's WITHIN YOU.

It's going to take a few days and then the next stage a few weeks - but once you SENSE the truthful reality of the DIVINE and that the DIVINE LIGHT is WITHIN YOU. You will realize the secret is to GLOW from WITHIN - and as you do - it will obliterate all darkness and all fears from your life.


The DIVINE LIGHT will obliterate all Darkness that's WITHIN YOU.

Think of it as battle between the nightime darkness and sunlight at SUNRISE - the moment SUNRISE comes - darkness vanishes

It's impossible to think of darkness in the daytime - as it has no power - likewise you won't be able to think "dark" in the "light".



Can Darkness survive in the Daytime ? Impossible !!!

When you have found the DIVINE light WITHIN you - then it's impossible for ANY darkness to survive in your aura.


I've studied a lot of astrological charts of many people and every time I see the ONLY reason for blockages and bad luck is that people have emotionally become DRAINED by being attached to a "darkness" that is NOT even there's to begin with. They have been emotionally influenced by OTHER PEOPLE and become DARK. Hence, when you have found the light and realize that all the darkness, fears and negativity in your aura is NOT YOURS - you can obliterate and eliminate it.

You don't need to argue nor fight with the "darkness" - because when you have found the DIVINE LIGHT WITHIN YOU - it will obliterate and make the "darkness" vanish. And if you still feel you need to argue with and get involved with "darkness" - that means you have NOT TRUTHFULLY FOUND THE DIVINE LIGHT.

Many people in the world - don't believe in Jesus Christ - and "they" influence others not to believe - that is a DARKNESS blocking out a LIGHT. These same people "influence" others to desire and want a materialistic life - that's darkness and will keep you in the dark too - if you continue to think like they do.

So STOP - Think for yourself - and allow the DIVINE LIGHT from WITHIN you to eliminate all the darkness, all the garbage and all the impressionable thoughts from "dark" souls. I always find that wearing a cross of Jesus Christ helps - not just as an act of faith - but it KEEPS AWAY many people. The "darkness" keeps away from and doesn't want a connection with the TRUE LIGHT. Because "darkness" knows it won't survive in the presence of LIGHT,


Even When you have Earthbound dead-spirit souls in Your Aura

Your DIVINE LIGHT can eliminate the "earthbound" souls

Even the most difficult of negative spiritual garbage such as Earthbound spiritual souls can be eliminated by the LIGHT too. For they failed their life's purpose both in this life and past lives too - they remain attached to this physical world - because that's all they believe in. They never wanted to believe in the LIGHT and discarded all thoughts of the infinite DIVINE creator of the Universe - and now they are dead - they attach themselves to anyone they can find and create BAD LUCK - for they interfere with other people's energies by their darkness that they are - wanting others to become materialistically earthbound dark souls too.

So when you realize this and now that you've become ENLIGHTENED with a DIVINE LIGHT within you - even they will VANISH from your aura. As explained on "Rescue work" for earthbound spirit souls - the DIVINE LIGHT and infinite energy of LOVE eliminates Earthbound souls - as if they never existed - so even if you've got inexplicable fears and negativity - that seems impossible to BREAK - Think of the LIGHT eliminating DARKNESS - and you'll see how easy it is to BREAK - the darkness simply vanishes.


Divine Intervention סייעתא דשמיא

is when you concentrate on the DIVINE LIGHT

When you Meditate on understanding the mystery of GOD - all your need to do is THINK OF the DIVINE LIGHT and all the darkness, all your fears, all your anger, all your greedy thoughts and all your hatred will vanish - to be replaced by constant thoughts of LOVE, COMPASSION and KINDNESS.

For when you have found the DIVINE LIGHT that is WITHIN YOU - you will realize that this is the same DIVINE LIGHT that fills the whole world and is WITHIN everyone and everything - everywhere - for GOD is everything and everything is GOD.

Greedy, selfish and arrogant "individuals" - think of themselves as being DETACHED from everyone else - and indeed "they" are DETACHED from the DIVINE GOD too - but loving, kind and compassionate souls always think of themselves as NOTHING - and always see themselves as being ATTACHED to everyone else. When you realize this - you too - will have crossed over from being an individual being influences by "darkness" to becoming an enlightened LIGHT soul.


The Spiritual Secret of 40 days of "DIVINE LIGHT"

The spiritual secret of change in this physical world - means transcendence of time from spiritual energies to physical reality takes TIME. I should add there are many things that happen immediately - but for the explanations here - the element of TIME is important.

From the 1st day when you begin to Meditate and from the 1st day you have truthfully found the DIVINE LIGHT - it then take 40 days for things to materialize in REAL life.

During this 40 day period - you might waiver in your belief - you will have STRONGER moments of connection to the DIVINE than others and you will even find yourself sometimes FORGETTING you have found the DIVINE. But as the "40 days" completes - you will find yourself WHOLESOME in your DIVINE LIGHT - and even though darkness will attempt to come into your life - it will be obliterated on the 40th day - when NO darkness can come in anymore and NO darkness will even attempt to come near you anymore - as it senses it will be obliterated by your INTENSE LIGHT.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם