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Spiritual Gates & Portals שערי צדק

Powerful Places of Intensely Strong Spiritual Energies


Inside St Peters in Rome - one of the best and strongest Spiritual Gates & Portals in the whole world.


Spiritual Gates &Portals שערי צדק

Throughout the whole world and in all countries of the world, there are many places known as "Gates & Portals" to the Eternal Divine Spiritual world. These places are REAL and powerful earthly connections that bind the spiritual world with this real physical world though "נפש Nefesh" the "Earthly Soul". This is in contrast to - נשמה Neshoma - the soul's connecting spiritual energy that every person has to spirit world wherever they are; there is a difference in the energy and vibration of "נפש Nefesh" the "Earthly Soul" and נשמה Neshoma - which will be explained in ספר סודי סודות The Book of the Secret's Secrets, in the meantime to comprehend the concept of "Gates & Portals" we need you to understand an aspect from ספר גילגולים Sefer Gilgulim Book of Reincarnations that everyone has 3 levels of spiritual "soul" energy within one's soul:-

[1] נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul"; this is the REAL existence and earthly "feeling" element within everyone's existence; it makes us feel alive in order to live life; it is the energy that creates new life in a newborn baby and is the spiritual element that remains connected to the physical body even after death. THIS IS THE PART OF YOUR SOUL that feels the INTENSE energy from a physical GATE AND PORTAL.

[2] רוח Ruach is the "Spirit Soul" in breathing, in the power of speech and communication in humans. With a momentary "thought" you can be connected "spiritually" to the "spirit" world of souls - wherever you are in the world.

[3] נשמה Neshoma - the Eternal spiritual soul that is connected eternally to the Eternal Divine GOD for it is part of GOD. Only when one is spiritually enlightened with a purity - sensing the DIVINE energy from WITHIN - means your NESHOMA - SOUL - is connected with the DIVINE. Unfortunately many people - can't FEEL the DIVINE WITHIN - because of the "spiritual garbage" in their aura.


The REAL aspect of our REAL existence and everything that we do - in this REAL world - need to FEEL spiritually CONNECTED with the [1] נפש Nefesh - the "Earthly Soul". The essence of the powerful spiritual energy at "Gates & Portals" in this REAL physical world is the place where one can absorb, sense and feel connected to the spiritual נפש Nefesh energy.


The Spiritual Energy at Gates & Portals שערי צדק

The spiritual energy at these "Gates & Portals שערי צדק" is powerful - and it makes a person FEEL ALIVE - just by being there. As you AURA is completely enveloped with the Spiritual energy of these GATES & PORTALS. The overwhelming spiritual energy CLEANSES your AURA because it is SO MUCH STRONGER than your aura - however much "spiritual garbage" is in it.

Just by being in these REAL physical places in this real world - you FEEL ALIVE - that's how strong the energy of such places are. It is like your soul has found its way back "home" - a place where you truly and sincerely feel - "at peace and full of love". It is a source of the Eternal Divine Energy of GOD in this physical world.

I emphasize the word REAL because unless you have been to such REAL places and connected with these places in REAL LIFE then you can't really comprehend the real meaning of "spiritual" energy; part of your soul in missing a vital and important connection to the Eternal world of spirit souls where PEACE and LOVE are the ONLY energies that exist - so if indeed you wish to progress and move forward on your REAL spiritual journey in life then you need to go to a REAL "Gate & Portal שערי צדק" in real life - sitting online and looking at a photo - doesn't count !


Where are these Gates & Portals שערי צדק?

Throughout the whole world and in every country there are many places that are exceedingly large "Gate & Portals שערי צדק" and others that are relatively small. It depends on the history and energy of that specific place; for example, here are the places we know to be exceedingly large and powerful "Gates & Portals שערי צדק" of pure and good energy - and places we've been to - and have felt the energies. There's no doubt that St Peters in Rome is one of the strongest places in the whole of "spiritual energy" and anyone who has been to Rome - "knows" - exactly what I'm explaining - the pure AURA of just being there is amazing - you just "FEEL" the DIVINE energy.


פתחו לי שערי צדק אבוא בם אודה יה
זה השער לה' צדיקים יבואו בו

King David prayed and asked for guidance to find these spiritual gates, and when he did find the gate he recognized that it would be a magnet for good people to come too - "Open for me the gates of righteousness I will come to them and I will thank GOD there; This is the Gate to GOD all righteous people will come here" - Psalms Chapter 118 Verse 19-20.


Gates & Portals שערי צדק

Throughout the Holy Bible התורה הקדושה there are numerous stories told where, at a time of trouble, people have gone to pray at the graves and tombs of saintly souls to be put on the right pathway. Mankind throughout history needs it's connection to the DIVINE Spirit world for guidance and healing.

As we all continually make mistakes - the secret to a successful life is seeking Divine guidance and conceding the need to be put on the right pathway - to have our aura's cleansed. In going to "be" at these spiritual gates and portals - one is connecting one's soul with GOD in humility to recognize that one is really nothing without DIVINE spiritual energy and guidance.


One of the Most Powerful Spiritual Gates & Portals in the World



The Holy Tomb of St Peter in Vatican, Rome

St Peter's Basilica - Vatican City, Rome, Italy is one of the most powerful "Gates & Portals שערי צדק" in the whole world; and until you physically find yourself there and sense the overwhelming spiritual energy of the Holy soul of St Peter, together with the spiritual energy of over 100 Pope's buried in the crypt beneath the basilica - you will not have any idea of what I am trying to explain. Words cannot explain the depth of spirituality you will sense when you visit this most powerful "Gate & Portal שערי צדק" in the whole world; but everyone who has "sensed" the spiritual energy at these places "knows" exactly what I am explaining - "Go Seek and Ye Shall Find" - but if you don't go you will never find.


"Go Seek & You Shall Find the Lord"

When the verse in Isaiah proclaims "go, seek and you shall find the Lord" - this refers to GOING out into the real world and finding REAL places of REAL spiritual energy of the Lord - go and find these holy Gates & Portals שערי צדק. I sincerely pray that you should find these places nearby where you live and wherever you live in this world, and sense the powerful spiritual energy that will guide your soul to the pathway of Eternal spiritual enlightenment - a pathway of LOVE, PEACE and CALMNESS.



St Peter's Basilica - Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

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"Visiting Graves and Cemeteries"

Gates & Portals שערי צדק

American Military Cemetery at Omaha Beach Colleville-sur-mer Normandy France - A Spiritual Place of Intense Energy

"Visiting Graves and Cemeteries"

Graves & Tombs of Holy People קברי צדיקים

Most people say "Don't GO because you will be feel uncomfortable"

Wise people say "GO because you will have a real and intense spiritual experience"


Intense Spiritual Experiences

Most people avoid "cemeteries" because of "bad feelings" they get about them - indeed whereas most "materialistic" people go to shopping malls at least once-a-week - most "spiritual" people go to "cemeteries" at least once-a-week. That's because each person needs to be energized in their aura with spiritual energies they "need".

Shopping malls give your AURA an intense energy - full of neon lights, glitzy shop designs and stimulating new things - is something "materialistic" people need as they need STIMULATING by NEW things because they are discontent with "life" that they have.

Conversely, "spiritually" minded people need STIMULATING too - and this is created by SPIRITUAL experiences. Graves and cemeteries are places of varying energies - each graveyard and each cemetery STIMULATES and AWAKENS one's mind and aura with energy.

Visiting "Graves & Tombs of Holy People קברי צדיקים" - becomes an intense spiritual experience to be in the aura of a very holy places - even just being at the grave of someone FAMOUS - because their aura is as intense after death as it was when they were alive - you will be filled with "energy".


Your Aura will Change "forever" through Intense Spiritual Experiences

Just being in these places - even just ONCE in your life - will change your life - because the "spiritual energy" is Eternal - forever embedded on your soul. In the case of visiting a place that is 100% authenticated as being pure - then you'll sense - an energy - that will be profound and very intense. This energy is the Divine energy of TRUTH.

Because, when you've been touched by a pure spiritual place - you will comprehend that there's more to life that "making money" and pursuit of decadent materialism. In such places you'll know that there is a DIVINE GOD - that there is a SPRITIUAL world of souls - and that one day you'll be held accountable for your life. Once your AURA has SHIFTED from DECEIT & LIES to TRUTH and SPRITIUALITY - there's no going back.

That's why "people" keep away - that's why those "people" dissuade others from visiting graves of Holy people - that's why those "people" will create ANY excuse to STAY AWAY from "Cemeteries, Graves & Tombs of Holy People" - as the aura of their rotten soul WANTS to remain in a dead-end life of meaningless earthly nonsense and wants to bring you down to their low-life earthly level. Conversely, an enlightened spiritual person will encourage you to GO and experience the spiritual energy for yourself.



"The Spiritual Intensity Will Cleanse and Change your Aura"

Once you've been TOUCHED and CLEANSED spiritually - there is NO returning to a meaningless life. The spiritual intensity will cleanse your aura - just "being" there. This applies to EVERY grave and cemetery - where you FEEL something.

If you're asking me "WHERE TO GO" - I would suggest you go "ANYWHERE where you have NOT WANTED to GO". Is there a local cemetery that you KEEP AWAY from ? Then GO THERE. Your aura has kept you AWAY from these places - so SHIFT your aura GO. Once you sense the SPIRITUAL SHIFT in your aura - you will understand that your aura is being cleansed.


Visiting Graves - "The Physical Journey for Your Spiritual Soul"

These photos are my personal spiritual journey - however you too - can create your own journey - go and visit the local cemeteries and visit the graves of your own family. Everyone knows someone who has died. Time to reconnect - and OPEN your AURA to a truthful spiritual pathway.



Above is the underground Jewish cemetery of Bratislava - Pressbourg

It is sad that such HOLY places are EMPTY and hardly anyone goes to visit.


Hardly anyone goes to "Visit Graves and Cemeteries" of Spiritual Rabbis

And Why Do You Think "they" don't go ?

People instinctively know the TRUTH - that - it will "open" them up spiritually and they know it will change their lives.

Taking them "AWAY" from a meaningless selfish materialistic pathway to be SPIRITUALLY enlightened pathway.



Don't believe "others" ... Go and see for yourself ....

"Karmically" - amongst modern-day "Jewish" people many REFUSE to go to spiritually enlightened tombs, graves and cemeteries - it is unclear WHY they refuse and WHY so few people go to cemeteries - I assumed it was that "they" want to be CLOSED to "spiritual" energies - as they know that by visiting it will "awaken" them to the reality of their lives - this indeed is KARMIC.


Or - and I must concede to the truthful possibility and agree with orthodox jews - that all the modern-day "Jewish" people are 100% RIGHT - and one should KEEP AWAY from old Jewish cemeteries - because there are very bad energies there - why else - does NO-ONE visit Jewish cemeteries? Or - why don't YOU try it for yourself - GO and see for yourself - what YOU sense ?


עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם