The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"The Book of Reincarnations"

Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

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Unlike the previous version of this website [written in 2006 based on the textbook Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations by Hayim Vital] - and unlike any of the printed books of yesteryear - this version has been "intuited" in Summer of 2013 - and uploaded to the internet between September 2013 = > September 2014.

I will admit that the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE I write - maybe wrong - but having checked and double checked - I believe it's best version for our generation - under the current inexplicable karmic circumstances - nonetheless if you don't "feel" it's right - then it's probably NOT right for you - but that doesn't negate the fact that it's valid for other people - who belong to a different SoulGroup to you.


The original book of Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations by Hayim Vital - constantly makes references to "GATES and KEYS" because unlocking the reason for your reincarnation and finding out the reason why you have BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA - is like unlocking a door with a key - it is ONE small piece of information that you need - which will OPEN the DOOR of your LIFE. Thereafter as you heal your spiritual soul - you will eliminate the BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA - and enable you to live an enlightened life with GOOD LUCK.

I hope that amongst the information and wisdom you read in this section - you find the KEYS to UNLOCKING that specific GATE - the reason you reincarnated and the reason for the blockage in your life - and FIND that specific karmic reason why you have BAD LUCK and BAD KARMA.


From September 2013 => September 2014 in an intense period of concentration whilst living in Rzeszow, Poland and thanks to the spirituality of this region of Galicia Poland - especially the numerous inspirational visits to the Tomb of Rebbe Elimelech Weissblum of Lezajsk - Lizhensk, Poland for 40 consecutive days in May/June 2013 - enabled personal karmic experiences to happen - which opened the gates of wisdom to understand REINCARNATION - the new spiritual version correct and applicable for our generation - 2013 => 2024.

For the karmic truth is currently, in our generation, there's a lot of "Confusion" of inexplicable events - which need spiritual "Clarity" to comprehend. Proven by personal and specific destined world karmic changes that have happened - I will show you how to arrive at spiritual "Clarity" in this new version of Book of Reincarnations which has been intuited after long periods of detaching from everyone and everything that created "Confusion".

This karmic work is complete - and now starts YOUR period of learning and fulfilling your karma. It might not be an easy journey to your karmic destined destination - but once you've found what you need to do - and done it - you will feel spiritually enlightened, wholesome and "know" you've found the karmic meaning of your life and found the TRUE DIVINE GOD.


The Cycle of Life - Death, Conception & Birth

Nothing ever DIES - and Nothing is Born - Time and Space - is a necessary illusion of Life for the purpose of Karma


Each and every day of our lives - each and every year of our lives is a continual cyclical process - the Universe is cyclical - Life is cyclical - Astrology by factual definition is cyclical - all the planets going around in cycles and circles - means that by definition - there is NO END. None of us spiritually enlightened people will ever comprehend - DEATH or BIRTH - in the sense that non-spiritual physical-only earthly people understand "life".

Because materialistic spiritually-ignorant people understand LIFE - as a ONE-WAY journey from BIRTH at the beginning to DEATH at the end. Spiritually aware people accept the fact that "life" is a continual everlasting cyclical journey - of life followed by death, rebirth, death and rebirth again and again. In our generation at this point in the history of mankind - "Nothing ever ENDS and Nothing ever BEGINS" - as collectively we're in the middle of an infinite multitude of karmic cycles.



"Defining the moment when you STOP believing and BEGIN to know"

"Beliefs create doubts - whereas knowledge creates clarity"


Explaining the spirituality of a person's soul, continuity of the existence after physical death and the fact-of-life of Reincarnation to people who choose to be ignorant and blocked from spiritual enlightenment - is like explaining to a blind man the beauty of blue skies, green trees and colors - unless you see and experience things for yourself - you are in "believing" mode - and not yet in "knowing" mode. I'm not writing for the "spiritually blind" - I'm writing for people who can "see" a little and want to see "more" completely clearly.


The factual reality is everything in life is a continuous cyclical journey - every END is a NEW beginning - every DEATH - defines a CONCEPTION and REBIRTH - at the END of every day is the beginning of a NEW day - at the end of every lunar month is a NEW Moon - and at the end of every Zodiac cycle in Pisces is a New cycle of Aries. This fact of life - means that there is always HOPE for a NEW tomorrow - nothing is ever DEAD - as I'll begin to explain ......


Introduction to Reincarnation

Astrologically, we're living in a unique period of spiritual enlightenment and transformation in the whole world - therefore the wisdom, experiences and understanding that we have today are unique BLESSINGS - for the sole purpose to completely heal ALL PAST LIFE Karma. Appreciating the gift of honest enlightened hindsight in 2013 - enables us to look back at all the past generations and see where they foolishly went wrong - and what we would have done had we lived then with the knowledge we have today. Would we have done things differently OR would we foolishly deceive ourselves to believe that NO-ONE made any mistakes in any of the past generations - and there's nothing to correct?


In this final stage of life-on-Earth from 2013 => 2070 AD - Divine Destiny has defined that ALL PAST LIFE KARMA must be healed and cleansed - in order to arrive at a collective state of spiritual perfection and wholesomeness in the WHOLE World. Hence, you too - might HATE the word Karma - you might dislike admitting past-life mistakes - but when you see everything that needs to happen - is happening in order to CLEANSE the past and COMPLETE the Karma of the World to make it wholesome - you'll enjoy the journey of admitting past-life mistakes - even accept the "pain" - as you know it's DESTINY doing what needs to be done to heal your aura and the collective aura of the whole world.


The strongest words you can use are "I'm sorry I was an ignorant idiot in my past lives and I've been an idiot in repeating karmic mistakes in this life too I'm sorry". Humble acceptance of karma and honest admission to our mistakes is ADORABLE to the DIVINE GOD. Refusal to accept karma and refusal to admit mistakes will trap your "ego" to keep one earthbound until the karmic cycle is broken.


I assure you that as you CONFESS - [even to yourself] - you'll feel the negativity being eliminated from your aura. Humble confession negates the karma that is fixed in your soul and in your aura - and continual negating of the karma through humility of past-life mistakes - eventually cleanses your aura and eliminates it forever.


Indeed it is a CONTINUAL process - because if past-life karma has been so strong that it has been carried over from one-lifetime-to-another-lifetime it means you need to constantly be aware pf it's energies and make certain they NEVER come back - and you NEVER repeat the cycle in this lifetime or any future lifetimes. The genuine liberated freedom your aura will FEEL when you've healed the karma will make you KNOW that you've finally cleansed your past-life karma - the moment when you KNOW it's gone forever - and you're completely detached from the negativity. If you feel any negativity, anger, jealousy, resentment or bitterness - then you should know it's because there are karmic energies still present in your aura which need to be cleansed and healed.


I used to HATE the words Karma & Reincarnation

Can you imagine that when you're in the middle of a thunderstorm, pouring down with rain and getting drenched - some know-it-all calls you up and tells you "it's raining" - you want to thump them for stating the obvious - but the real reason you get angry with someone like that is because they make a statement you know already as you're in pain and suffering - AND THEY DO NOTHING TO HELP YOU.


Many years ago on 10th August 1987 a tragic death happened in our family - and the spiritually minded Rabbi comforted us by saying it was "Destiny, fate and due to past-life reincarnation" - he said that in the tragic death - "karma" was now complete and healed. Immediately, I HATED him for saying that - I will be honest with you I REALLY HATED HIM and HATED the "excuse" he used blaming karma and past-life debts that needed to be cleansed through reincarnation - it was like the idiot calling to say it was raining without doing anything to help.

At that young age - I was just starting the karmic storm of my life - finally in 2012 - an enlightened version of me realized, in hindsight, the karmic TRUTH - and it's that spiritually enlightened TRUTH that's the basis of this new version of Book of Reincarnations.


In the Jewish religion , although there's many references to Reincarnation / GilGulim - there's only one book written by Hayim Vital [1543-1620] called Sha'ar GilGulm meaning the Gates of Reincarnation. Although my initial basis of understanding of Reincarnation is from this book - but now that we are living in a modern generation and it's the year 2013 - during a real-life transformative period of spiritual enlightenment in the whole world - there are things happening in all our lives that aren't explained in textbooks from yesteryear. It's time we get "spiritual" help to comprehend karma and get HELP to know how to heal the past-life karma.


Hence in this new version of the Book of Reincarnations - I want to tell you your inexplicable experiences are KARMIC and at the same time GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO HELP YOU heal, cleanse and deal with the reality of the PAIN you experience - and simultaneously show you how to break the karmic cycle of repeating it's cyclical energies.


If Divine GOD only Does Good Things

So why do we have PAIN ?

The truthful reality is that the DIVINE GOD only created GOODNESS in the world - anything BAD has been man-made - created by MAN through earthbound destructive energies. Any pain - anyone suffers is NOT created by GOD - it is created by MAN. Hence, the remedy is to REWIND the spiritual clock of your life and connect with the DIVINE GOD at the source of your spiritual soul - which might be through a long history of many past-lifetimes - and then eliminate everything negative and everything BAD that's been created by MAN that sits as negative energy in your aura.


That's "easier said than done" - but DESTINY is in the process of doing it for us in this last generation. Each of us are being made aware of this spiritual reality - and as you become aware of the KARMIC PAIN in your life - you're becoming aware of the SOURCE and REASON - and then given the solution to eliminate that MAN-MADE pain from your life and from your aura. Thinking BACK and turning BACK time is the solution to finding your wholesomeness.


Turning Back Karmic Time

This karmic necessity of "turning back time" to arrive back to your original state of perfection and oneness with the Divine GOD - will mean cleansing karma from EVERY SINGLE LIFETIME that you've ever lived. And will start when your soul is ready. For some people their karmic lives start the moment they're born - others have time to live - and then starts the fated karmic events. But the common factor is EVERYTHING that is INEXPLICABLE and seems to be UNFAIR - is defined as past-life KARMA.


The moment something that isn't RIGHT happens to you - the moment something inexplicable and painful happens in your life is an IMMEDIATE WAKE-UP call that past-life KARMA is "in play". You might look back, in hindsight, and think "oh shit - that happened 20 years ago - and my life's been one hell of a struggle ever since" - that's because your life has been trying to WAKE YOU UP to deal with the karma of your soul - and hence it throws more and more negative situations at you UNTIL you WAKE UP and recognize the past-life karma.

The crazier the situation, the more unfair it seems, the more inexplicable and the more painful it is - the BIGGER the emergency you have to heal the past-life karma that's in your aura, in your soul and will continue to manifest negative situations in your life UNTIL it's completely cleansed.


Let me explain "turning back time" - as spiritually - this is the only solution - if you imagine how you lived in this physical world 2000 years ago or even 300 years ago - you didn't have any cellphone, email, TV, negative "electronic/electrical" interference - you didn't even have a car - and you walked everywhere - talked to everyone you met in the street - and ate healthy. Hence, sitting in modern-day traffic jam - getting frustrated and stressed out by lack of signal for your cellphone - and not having internet access - are ALL MODERN DAY - MAN MADE problems that create STRESS in your aura.

Likewise, if you have problems with "people" in your life, if you become jealous or competitive or angry with them - then INSIDE you have a karmic problem - that creates STRESS in your aura - which in turn creates more negativity. That's MAN-MADE nonsense that is blocking your spiritual progress. Because "technically" you should be at peace with everything and everyone in your life - if you're not "at peace" - then there's something in your aura and in your life that's creating a disturbance in order for you to "deal" with the karmic problem.


All things that are EARTHBOUND material problems and have no consequential meaning to your spirituality of "life-after-death" - are WASTING your time and are not the essence of what your spiritual soul should be concerned about. Anything that has NO IMPORTANCE when you're DEAD shouldn't be upsetting or bothering or worrying you now - if you create negativity, worry and fear over something that is EARTHBOUND, MATERIAL and PHYSICAL then the man-made energies YOU create will become karmic in your aura and be carried forward to the NEXT lifetime reincarnation.


Think and imagine - how many lifetimes have you being worrying about "money" - no food to eat - no children - too many children - no lover - no sex - no wife - no husband - no home to live in - no money in your pocket etc.... what a WASTE of negative man-made created nonsense and negative energy that has been carried over by YOU from your past lifetimes to this lifetime - to make you WORRY for nothing. Liberate yourself from those past-life worries by STOP WORRYING and start trusting in DESTINY.


Ask yourself - what does the Divine GOD really want from your life ? Destiny wants you to be peaceful and loving, harmonious and happy with the gift of life - and wants your SOUL to be SPIRITUALLY ENLIGHTENED WHOLESOME and PURE. All the "other" earthly stuff - trust in DESTINY that everything you need you will be blessed with - and if you don't have something it means it's not your destiny to have it. That's karmic ACCEPTANCE - and one of the 3 keys to liberating your past-life karma.


When you become RELAXED and ACCEPTING that everything is destined and will happen or not happen - then you have no reason to create any form of man-made negativity in the aura of your soul - there's no need to FIGHT for survival or FIGHT for anything because your destiny will give you whatever you need. At that moment of SPIRITUAL ACCEPTANCE your AURA will be CLEANSED, PEACEFUL, SPIRITUAL and PURE - and it will remain so for Eternity - and for the next lifetime too.

Indeed, I know as humans in our younger spiritually immature phase of life - we all make the same silly mistakes - but there comes a destined time in everyone's life - when you LEARN to stop worrying about nonsense - that's when you receive the gift of SPIRITUAL ACCEPTANCE - and stop worrying - thereby you stop creating negativity in your aura - and start the process of cleansing all the "old" negativity from this life and past lives too.


Unusual, Strange, Illogical & Inexplicable

Karmic is everything unusual, strange, illogical and inexplicable - when something happens to you - however minute, small and insignificant - if it does NOT make sense - and isn't logical - then it's karmic.

This might make you think TOO MUCH - and become TOO CRAZY - don't let the thoughts overwhelm you - start with the BIG things in your life - are you puzzled why you have no partner - no lover - no friends - no children - no home - no job - no food to eat - feel like your life isn't "right" .... etc

Then ask yourself - WHEN did things GO WRONG ? When did something STRANGE and INEXPLICABLE happen in your life - that was immensely BAD LUCK and simply NOT FAIR - then it's a SIGN - that something karmic was triggered to happen by FATE and DESTINY.

Rewind time - and undo - what's been done - the result of what happened isn't the problem - the problem is DEEP inside your aura created in past-lifetimes that triggered it to happen. For example, my problems started when I inter-married with someone from the WRONG religion for my soul - my spiritual soul was not "at peace" in doing something WRONG - meant I needed to make the same karmic mistake as past-life - realize the mistake - and put a karmic END to the cycle of mistakes - and detach from the WRONG in order to UNDO the BAD luck.


The best way to HEAL the KARMA is ASSUME everything that goes wrong - is complete payback for past-life misatkes - and let it go - forgive all involved - and DETACH yourself from any emotions to anyone involved. Only when you feel NOTHING towards everyone - can you truly say - the karma is complete. Ideally, Karma is healed and complete when you feel towards everyone - the way you feel towards the DIVINE GOD - and that's with love, peace and acceptance.


Karmic Signs of the Inexplicable

Karmic signs - Do you feel you're missing something important in your life ? Is there an inexplicable emptiness inside ? Does something inexplicable worry you ?

I'm a strong believer that there's no such thing in life as "coincidence" - hence if you've been attracted to read this page - and this section of the website - it means that your soul is READY to listen - and complete the karmic work it needs to complete to make you wholesome.

In exactly the same way during August 2013 - I knew I needed to STOP doing everything else - and rewrite this online edition for our generation - as we're living in an intensely jam-packed karmic time - when lots of inexplicable accidents are happening - that is a SIGN the KARMA is being done in order to heal, cleanse and complete the karma of the WHOLE WORLD.


We're all being forced to deal with past-life karma - both individually and collectively - at the moment you truthfully realize this - you'll sense - with great humility - that we are "nothing" and the Divine is "everything". Anyone who's ever had a near-death experience or nearly had fatal accident but was saved - knows the feeling of humility and gratitude - that physical life is "nothing" and the spiritual Divine is "Everything".

Past-life Karma creates inexplicable feelings make you aware of something HUGE - something much BIGGER than yourself - thereby instead of complaining - you become humble and accepting - with sincere gratitude for being given the opportunity to correct the past-life mistakes - and get-it-right - to become a wholesome enlightened soul.


The Internet ..... A Karmic Tool

It is a fact-of-life that our generation has the internet - and I'd say since 2003 - each of us has found a karmic "life" on the internet and through the power of the internet. The internet DOES bring people from all of the world to be connected with each other.

Quite amazingly and inexplicably - relationships and connections are made to people who you'd never be able to connect to - without the internet - therefore the internet - without no doubt in my mind - is a karmic tool - it is enabling karma to be completed and healed.

It is enabling connections within SoulGroups to be made - and delightfully I can sense, know and see from many of the readers who kindly donated to have access to the locked areas of the websites - are part of our SoulGroup - as an inexplicable affinity connects like minds together - we're all thinking on the same wavelength.

I'd hazard a guess - and say - in my past lifetime I taught you something that was WRONG - and hence in this lifetime - I'm here to correct those past-life mistakes - and explain it correctly. And the power of the internet means - as soon as it's intuited to me - I'm able to upload it and make it available immediately. Which indicates to me that TIME IS RUNNING OUT for all the karma in the world to be completed and made wholesome.

Whatever it is your looking for - Search the Internet and You'll find the Answers - and I've no doubt you'll find it - even though we take the internet for granted and don't fully comprehend it's power - it is a strange unusual karmic tool - with so many inexplicable energies - that when you search / google something - you will "find" what your soul is looking for. Your karmic soul is driven towards something on the internet - and whatever it is - it's got a karmic lesson for your soul. Even those lost and dark souls who use the internet to satiate their evil desires - are being karmically drained and tested - to see that they overcome the challenge and purify their souls from the evil nonsense.


The Blessed Internet healed my Karma

Writing this website with inspired spiritual guidance and intuition during 2013 / 2014 - I know it will resonate with you - because it's working for me - especially that I came "back" to Rzeszow, Poland - a spiritual place of karmic affinity and meaning to get the "job" done. The blessed internet is enabling me to CORRECT PAST LIFE KARMA - and therefore I know it will work for you too .

This modern karmic tool is fulfilling my destiny and healing me - hence with all the modern-day features - like youtube video inserts - I will do my best to create this enlightening modern version of Book of Reincarnation and get-it-right this time.

Indeed, it is thanks to the internet - that I lived in Rzeszow Poland between January 2013 => September 2014 - as the karmic past-life significance brought me "back" here to rewrite this section to correct past-life mistakes - accept my apologies for getting it WRONG in prior lifetimes and with the blessing that you find wholesomeness - I hope you enjoy and learn.


Remembering Your Past Life

I'll tell you the TRUTH - that remembering your past-life is a GIFT. And DESTINY will give you the gift to reconnect with all your past-life karma WHEN the destined time in right for you. Although, I remember some of my Jewish past-life - it was in 2008 when I started to remember the Indian past-life. It happened by Remembering Music - drums, beats, hums and tunes from "Past" lives.

Inexplicable events - just happen - and inexplicable connections are made - then specific destined events - just happen - because it's DESTINY. You never ever have to FORCE karma to happen - it just happens. Triggered in your soul by energy that comes into your life.


Remembering Music from Past Lives

Remembering Music - drums, beats, hums and tunes from "Past" lives

From the exceptionally gifted "old" spiritual souls of Chinmaye & A R Rehman


When you remember the beats, tunes and melodies from "past" lives you know you've lived before

Especially 1:32 => 2:06 or 3:00 => 3.45 should remind you if had an Indian past-life - with the roll of dum-dare-dum

Destiny gives special gifts to spiritual souls of Chinmaye & A R Rehman to bring out the energy in the music

That has the power to touch everyone who has past-life connection to India in the whole world

I've chosen this song of all Indian songs - as it refers to the Moon, to Nature and to Love.


dum dara dum dara mast m ast dara dum dara dum dum oh hum dum bin tere kya jeena [oh lover what's life without you?]
tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyaan, oh sajna [without you the nights are colorless, flavorless]
rookhi re oh rookhi re, [and sickly, like a malady] kaatore kaate katena [try as i might, it won't pass]
na jaa chaakri ka mare na ja [don't go don't go for the sake of duty] souten pukaare [ your lover is calling out to you ]
saawan aayega toh poochega [when the rains come they'll ask where you are] na ja re [please don't go]
pheeki pheeki beswaadhi [colorless, flavorless] yeh ratiyaan [are these nights]

kaatore kate na kate na [and they won't pass quickly] ab tere bina sajna sajna [without you my lover]
kaate kate na katena katena tere bina tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyaan, oh sajna oh
tere bina chand ka sona khota re [without you the moonlight appears fake]
peeli peeli dhool udaawe jhoota re [everything is false, like dust in my eyes]
tere bina sona peetal [without you gold is just brass] tere sang keethar peepal [when you're there everything is wonderful]
aaja katena ratiyaan dum dara dum dara m ast m ast dara - dum dara dm dum oh hum dum bin tere kya jeena



Remembering Hebrew from Past Lives

The Hebrew language is embedded in Every Jewish Soul for the past 3500 years


Can you hear the Hebrew words speaking to your soul - the song sings praise to GOD for everything in life

"The GOD - Given Gift of Life"

The hebrew word for GOD - ELOHIM - should remind you - if you've had a Jewish past-life


[Hebrew words] Elohim natan lecha bematana , Davar gadol davar nifla , Elohim natan lecha bematana , Et hachayim al pney ha'adama Natan lecha et halayla ve'hayom , Ahava, tikva vechalom , Kayitz, choref, stav, aviv , Neshama tova lehabit saviv , Natan lecha sadot yerukim , Prachim ve'etzim melavlevim , Neharot, nechalim veyamim , Shamayim, yare'ach, kochavim
[Elohim natan....] Natan leach chagim veshabatot , Israel eretz ha'avot , Yadaim verosh lehagshim chalomot , Natan lecha et kol hanifla'ot Natan lecha dvarim kol kach tovim , Lehavi la'olam yeladim , Leha'azim leshirim, lir'ot tzva'im , Ho, ma rabu ma'asecha Elohim , Elohim ten li rak od matana , Matana ktana ach nifla'ah , Elohim ten li rak od matana , Et hashalom al pney ha'adama


[Translation] God gave you, as a present A huge, wonderful thing God gave you a present Living on this earth He gave you day and night Love, hope and a dream Summer, winter, autumn, spring And a good soul to look around He gave you green fields Flowers and blooming trees Rivers, brooks and seas Heaven, moon and stars

[God gave you a present ...] He gave you high holidays and the Sabbath He gave you Israel , our fathers' land Hands and a head to fulfil dreams He gave you all the wonders He gave you such beautiful things To bring kids to this world Listen to the songs, to see the colours Ho God, so many are your deeds God, give me only one more present A small but wonderful present God, give me only one more present Give peace upon the face of this earth


The Hebrew Prayer Sh'ma from Past Live


"Sh'ma Israel Adonai eloheinu adonai echad"

The Jewish tradition to say this verse twice a day for the past 3,500 years is embedded in every Jewish soul - especially said in times of trouble, stress and on everyone's death bed at the END of one's life. Calling on the names of GOD to affirm one's Eternal faith in GOD. Do you remember saying it ?


Getting the Karmic Job Done

I'll be honest it's a nuisance - becoming spiritually aware that the reason you've got problems in your life is because of past-life karma - will make you feel sick inside - and wish you never stumbled across the concept of "karma" and "reincarnation. Then even if you avoid the subject - and pretend karma is all nonsense - you'll still faced with the truthful Eternal Karmic reality that your life is screwed until you do the karmic work to cleanse and heal your aura.


Which means that you've NO CHOICE - even if don't want to become spiritually enlightened. So don't fear, don't waste another minute, nor hesitate nor deny nor doubt - EMBRACE the Karma and get the karmic job done. The quicker you start - the quicker it gets done - the quicker you can move on with "Life" - and I assure you you'll be a much happier person when it's done - than you are before you deal with "it".



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם