The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

Sensitive, Reincarnated "Old" Souls

The Gift of Sensitivity for Karmic Souls

Everyone in this generation is a reincarnated soul - there are no new souls in this "final" generation


Everyone has lived before - in fact - many of you have lived numerous lifetimes before this one. Each lifetime you've lived in and each lifetime you have unfinished karma to deal with in this lifetimes - is not only indicated by the more sensitive you are - but by the more karmic relationships you have, the more places you live in, and even the more languages you speak. You've been given the gifts you have in order to ensure you meet your destiny and attract yourself to the karmic situations your soul needs.


Have you ever wondered especially when you find yourself in STUCK and STAGNANT karmic difficult situations - how on earth did you get yourself into the mess you're in? The karmic truth is NO-ONE is to blame for anything in your life - it is LIFE - destiny has defined situations that you need to experience. It made you attract the inexplicable situations into your life - for you to become awakened - to solve the spiritual karmic mystery of your life.

The more spiritually awakened you are - the more inexplicable situations happen - because the more past-life karma is being cleared, healed and let-go of - and thence the more spiritually enlightened your soul is becoming. Many people ask WHEN will they be karmically "complete" - the truth is YOU know when you're "complete" - because you've found it - a feeling of enlightenment and inner happiness - so if you're still asking WHEN - it means there's still work to do!



PayCheck Trailer from YouTube - it's worth watching the whole film !


Brilliant film called "Paycheck" - Ben Affleck portrayed a man who had seen the "future" but had his memory wiped - then he had to remember the "future" which he had seen - in order to get himself out of the mess he was in - although he had some retention of memory - he gave himself small signs along the way he knew he would take - to make himself awakened to the fact that - he's seen the "future" already - and to make sure he succeeds along the right pathway to success.


"Senses" connect the Physical to Spiritual...

5 Physical Senses & Karmic Signs

Sight - Hearing - Taste - Smell - Touch

The 5 senses of - sight - hearing - taste - smell - touch - inform your soul of where you are and what you're doing. Everyone has things, nuances, desires and physical needs carried over from past lifetimes - "signs" that remind you of past-lives. From inexplicable hate of garlic and onions to sneezing everytime you smell spices - whatever your senses are telling you - has a specific message for you - for good and for bad - but the purpose of all your 5 senses is to AWAKEN you to be reminded of "past-life".


The hebrew word for הרגשה FEELINGS and SENSITIVITY is the same root word for a גשר BRIDGE - as it is your feelings that connect your physical body to your spiritual soul - and ensure you sense what your higher spiritual soul wants your physical body to sense. And when your physical body senses something - it conveys the message to your higher spiritual soul that you've found "it" and are experiencing "it" - that's when it LOCKS you into stagnation - for you to SEE it CLEARLY. Be reminded of it - everyday - until you recognize that "it" is a spiritual "sign" that your soul wants you to pay attention to.


Sight - photos and images on internet "might" remind you but it is ONLY REAL LIFE - everything you see with your own eyes in REAL life that has the greatest karmic energy. As it sends a message to your soul that you are in the "right" place and connecting with the "right" things your soul wants you to connect with.

When you look at a Full Moon, the Stars in the sky or 300 year-old buildings with your own eyes - has completely different energy to seeing photo online.

Use your EYES more - to look at the REAL world around you - and inform your soul of exactly WHERE you are. If your soul doesn't know where you are - then it can't make the changes it needs to make for you!


Hearing - the words, sounds and noises you hear - remind you of the energy your soul expects to hear - and from the people you expect to be connected with. Probably, why so many like to listen "love" songs - as your soul needs to hear the word "love" - and you don't hear it enough from the REAL people in your life - so music attempts to compensate.

When you hear "Christmas Music" - you immediately begin to think of Christmas - proving what you HEAR sends a message to your soul. If you STOPPED listening to TV, MUSIC and MOVIES for just 3 days - you'd feel EMPTY - and your soul would realize something BIG is missing in your life.

And I must add that in the same way - when you hear foreign languages being spoken - it alerts your soul that you're in a foreign country - likewise when you're not hearing what your soul expects you to hear you feel distant from where you are.


Taste - why you love some foods and dislike others is inexplicable - but everyone has "taste" - and that might be defined by your nationality and genetic chemistry of what you need - but allergies, likes and dislikes - remind you of something. When you eat FRUIT or natural products - the natural taste reminds your soul of something. Often it is the intense LOVE or HATE of onions, garlic, meat or some vegetables that will ALERT your soul the most.


Smell - every possible odor, scent and smell has a stimulating effect on your soul - the stronger the smell - the more you're awakened and reminded. Spices and natural herbs, flowers and blossom - always have the strongest karmic reminders to awaken your soul. Test and see for yourself - what stimulates you the most and what you hate the most.


Touch - one of the most important reason "Palmistry" is so important - as your hands and fingers hold the karmic secrets to receive energy from the outside world - to define what you're doing and where you are. This doesn't just apply to loving your partner, shaking hands or holding hands - but to touching everything REAL in your life - as your hands tells your soul of what is physically around you - touch different things and sense the change in energy and how you feel. If you close your eyes - and then feel what's around you - you'll have a stronger idea of the importance of Touch - TOUCH things with your eyes closed and let your hands convey message to your soul.


Whilst each of your 5 senses constantly works with you - in the present moment - each of these 5 senses also works to AWAKEN you to be reminded of "past-life" - and it is one of your 5 senses that ALERTS you that something is WRONG with your life - that you're missing something important or that something isn't RIGHT in your life.

This is one of the reasons that PRAYERS help - because you're telling yourself that something isn't RIGHT in your life and you want and need it to change. The "Prayers" themselves aren't as important as you yourself hearing the words you're saying to yourself - informing yourself that something is WRONG.


Sensitivity for Karmic "Old" Souls

It isn't BAD luck when things go wrong - have you ever noticed that after an accident or when something goes ridiculously wrong in your life - you BURST out laughing - some people call it a nervous giggle - but the reality is that when something so far-fetched and unusual happens to you - that STOPS you and AWAKENS you - that you laugh - as you sense destiny is focusing it's attention on YOU. Indeed, you're only awakened and pay attention - when something inexplicably strange and unusual attracts your attention - and the only way it does this is by blocking, disturbing and annoying you - even by creating a freak "accident".

Usually, it's something that makes you feel you're having so much inexplicable BAD LUCK - that you feel it's unbelievable - it makes you stop and question WHY is this happening to you. The truth is - it is a SIGN - showing you something. So accept the sign - stop - think - and ask yourself WHY it's happening to you.


When you see, hear, smell or sense anything that is NOT right - then you know - it is NOT right

Conversely - when you see and sense something that is right for you - you know - it IS right.


The more important the specific karmic facet - the more it will get your attention. Indeed, the more important it is to get you to fulfill your destiny and clear your past-life karma - the more inexplicable BAD LUCK you will seem to have. Remember - it is NOT to punish you - but it is to awaken you to past-life karma and to ensure to CHANGE the current course of your life.

Your sensitivity is the only way your soul can communicate to your physical body - through the 5 senses of - sight - hearing - taste - smell - touch - to inform bridge the connection between you and your soul - so use the senses to see the reality and use your senses to solve the problems too. Don't listen to others - because they're not sensing what you're sensing.

But it's not just about having "BAD LUCK" - but so often people in this modern materialistic world - no-one becomes awakened by GOOD LUCK - in fact when people have lots of good luck, success, prosperity and happiness they never go looking for "spiritual" answers. It is ONLY when people have BAD LUCK - that they go searching for answers. So use the small bit of BAD luck you have - to become spiritually awakened - before destiny has to send bigger "signs" to awaken you. The only purpose of BAD luck is to awaken you - so once you're spiritually awakened and listening to the truth within you - the BAD luck will stop. Now that you've been spiritually awakened, your sensitivity will ensure you search and find the answers you're looking for.


Karmic Signs are Reminders of Past Lifetimes

The 5 senses of - sight - hearing - taste - smell - touch - need be used to be awakened spiritually

The 5 senses you have - you've got them - they're yours - but are you USING them - are you opening your eyes to what you see - and realizing that you're seeing what you should be seeing OR is something NOT right. Your 5 senses will ensure you find the karmic reminders your soul is searching for - Past-life Karma defines your soul is searching for something you're looking for - and you're waiting for something to happen that you're expecting to happen - and until it does - you know something is not right - something needs to change.

BIG landmarks of specific places will always prompt your past-life memory - especially Cathedrals and outstanding places of natural beauty of hills, mountains, rivers and seas. Whatever and whoever it is - it is a karmic reminder that you will FEEL strongly.




Are you STUCK and STAGNANT in a difficult karmic situations ...

Are you Searching for Something you're Looking for because Something is not right ?


Karmic Laziness & Stagnation

Anything that Prevents You from being You

It's not just "transference" that blocks your soul from living the life you were destined to live - it is anyone or anything that prevents you from being the real full wholesome version of "you". Any distraction or blockage that prevents you using your 5 senses wisely - that includes drugs and alcohol, even TV, movies, pornography or even excessive indulgence in food - anything that DISTRACTS your soul from fulfilling it's purpose for what you were created. As your SIGHT and VISION wants to see the REAL life around you - so if your eyes are watching TV or movies - you're being distracted.

Anything that makes you become LAZY and STOPS you from concentrating on what you were born to concentrate on - so if you're sensitive and have inexplicable karmic blockages in your life - then you're going to have to change your lifestyle in order to have karmic success. Begin by living REAL life - and using your 5 senses of - sight - hearing - taste - smell - touch.


Flowing Rivers are reminders of Past Lifetimes

Water is the most karmic of all physical life on Earth - as the flow of Water is continually eternally cyclical

Therefore to become awakened spiritually - and get your life moving forward - go for a walk by a river or sit by the sea ....




Although many people think that spiritual practices like Yoga assist you to become in SYNC and wholesome in your life - using your own 5 senses to absorb and sense the reality of what you have around you in your real life is all your soul needs to absorb. Breathing the fresh air, walking outside in the street and looking at the sky and nature - around you is all your souls truly needs.

However, it is very clear that walking by a flowing river or walking by the seashore helps your soul to become awakened to the flow and karmic cycle of life's energy - similarly taking a shower - and allowing the flow of water energize you.


Recognizing People from Past Lifetimes

You can't define WHY you're attracted to someone and others you totally ignore - but that's the inexplicable karma of life

You can only truly recognize people - when you see them in real life - as their whole aura connects with you


Deception prevails until you see and Meet someone in Real Life

Especially significant regarding this internet generation - as seeing things on the internet is deceptive ...

I can't say this enough - but GET OFF the internet - go outside, see and meet people in real life - the more people you see each day - the better for your soul - as your physical body and spiritual soul can only "communicate" with yourself - to redefine your life - WHEN you are living real life - and sending the messages via your 5 senses to your soul.

That's when your Higher Spiritual Soul can readjust your real life to be in-sync with your destiny. But if your eyes don't connect with REAL life because you're so busy "online" - then you can't possibly expect to get your life sorted. So go out for a walk, sense and see real people - which might initially shock you - as you realize a karmic TRUTH - that you're living in the WRONG place with the WRONG type of life with the WRONG people - but finding that your life is WRONG is actually GOOD for you - as you can then begin the journey "home" to finding what's RIGHT. Ask yourself honestly - what do you sense - right now - that is WRONG with your life?


Each Day of the Month has it's own Karma

Understanding Daily Moon Astrology - helps you understand your karmic needs by your emotional feelings

Everyday your emotions change - according to who you're with, what you're doing and which star sign the Moon is in and it's lunar phase - New Moon's and Full Moon's are strongest karmic days - but everyday is a karmic day - defined by the fact that your feelings change - and feelings define what you do today.

Going to sleep at night & waking-up each morning - elevates your soul to spirit realms and brings down the new energy with it's sensitivity for each day. Indeed each and everyday of your life is like you've been born and died - as your soul elevates and transcends. The question you should ask yourself each day is what is your karmic mission of the day? What do you sense you need to do today? What you do you sense you is wrong with your life? Bad moods can be avoided - but sooner or later - it gets so strong that causes something to happen.


You "know" the Karmic Answers Yourself

"You will always meet your destiny on the pathway you chose to avoid it"

The truth is YOU know the answers yourself - because like most people on Earth - you know what's wrong with your life - you know what you want - and you know what you must do to FIX it - BUT - you're resisting and repelling what you know you need to do in your life - you're creating your own problems by avoiding and not doing what you know you need to do. You're avoiding your own destiny and constantly doing this whenever you have a BAD feeling - but the more you repress your true feelings - the more energy you're building-up inside you - until - you meet your destiny on the pathway you're choosing to avoid it.


Sadly a truthful fact of modern life - many lonely selfish people choose to live life alone and PWYS to relieve themselves - this urge and natural need has purpose - the purpose is to ensure people want to be in wholesome sexual loving relationship with another person - as explained in Love & Sex in Book of Love.


The build-up of sexual desires will sooner or later will ensure the need to ACCEPT the need to LOVE another person - fall-in-love and share love. You "know" the karmic answer is to LOVE - but if you're avoiding it - destiny will BLOCK other facets of your life until you see this truth.


Indeed "Three Keys of Reincarnation" defines the need to ACCEPT the truth - the REAL need to LOVE - for both men and for women - which then creates an acceptance of "karma" which will enable changes in one's life.


Another example is a favorite of mine - that's man-made religions - most of the anguish, pain and stress "religious" people have is created because someone else is telling them what they can and can't do - if they walk-away from the stress created by "religions" - then it will stop bothering them. If they don't walk-away - then the abuse gets worse - until they're forced to flee from that "religion" for their sanity and safety. That's when they find the enlightened truth of PEACE, COMPASSION and LOVE for all - instead of preaching hate, death and destruction. The worse man-made "religions" get - the more the good people of the world are kept away from "religions". A reason why so many good people have discarded "religions" is thanks to the dysfunctional and abusive Rabbis and Priests - had those leaders been genuinely good people - people would have stayed attached to that "religion"!

Another example is due to the free movement of travel in this modern world - where so many people travel for "money" and for a better financial life - but end-up living in places that aren't right for them and even end-up in relationships which aren't right for them - your soul can avoid the truth for a few weeks - but sooner or later - you'll wake-up and realize you're in the WRONG place with WRONG people - but only when you're honest with yourself - then you can start the journey "Home" to where you truly belong. Do you feel you're in the right place? Do you sense something is missing in your life?


Everyone in this Generation is being Pushed

To Find Your own "Karmic Truth"

In "This World Full of Opposites" - it's ironically funny that it is atheists who are actively promoting belief in GOD - because when someone says "There is NO GOD" - it encourages people to do the opposite and search to find GOD - atheists actively make you THINK about GOD. And conversely, it is the so called "religious" people who are causing many people to "run-away" from religion and from "God".

Indeed, one of the biggest karmic past-life issues of our generation is "religion" - because "religions" have been the source of biggest karmic debts in the world - indeed - those who say "there's no god" - have a better chance at finding the REAL GOD than people who are so arrogant and karmically stubborn in their man-made religious beliefs.

The proof is simple - if someone would write some parts of the "bible" today - it would be banned for inciting hatred - wouldn't it? Let's be honest and admit that - collectively humanity have got things wrong - and now is the karmic time to fix it and make it right - isn't it?

Each and everyone constantly has something that YOU are thinking about - something that doesn't feel right in your life - that's what destiny wants you to think about - to solve the karmic puzzle of your life - to let-go of past-life BAD karma. It might be something so small - and yet like a KEY in a door - it's the karmic KEY that has the power to open a huge door to an enlightened future without the past-life karma.


Does Something Feel Wrong With Your Life?

Karmic Signs Reminders of Past Lifetimes

On 24th July 2014 it was confirmed that the Holy Tomb of Jonah was blown up - this has deep and profound karmic meaning - as the fundamental spiritual law of "40 days of Change" was confirmed by Jonah in the Bible. His prophetic vision to save the city of Nineveh was given a time limit of 40 days. By which time - people would either "change" or a specific BIG city would be "destroyed". We are living in extremely prophetic end-times - the awful destruction of his tomb - is sending each of us a KARMIC SIGN and a reminder of the karma created in the Bible.

This event was then followed by Massacre of Yazidis - who found the only place to run to and hide was the Mountain of Sinjar - the place where Noah's Ark laid to rest after the Biblical Flood. Indeed - there's something karmic being shown to all of humanity.

Currently, with lots of karmic signs referring to the Bible - such as the recreation of 3,000 year old karmic battles between the Israelites and Philistines - and references of the "Samson Option" - it seems that something BIG is in the process of happening for a reason of past-life karma. Indeed the past-life battle between Philistines and Israelites ended in the Samson option - same again this time?

We all see the karmic signs - we all see the inexplicable biblical reminders - and yet does anyone do anything - most of the "religious" websites are reporting on Summer camps and Summer holidays - and none have paid attention to these BIG karmic signs. It won't be the 1st time in history that BIG signs have been ignored - but they are signs and it's your job to learn from what you're hearing and seeing in your life. What do you feel is WRONG in your life? Use your sensitivity to work-out what's wrong and WHY? If you ask - you'll find the answers. Then you get LET-GO of the karmic lesson and find the karmic key to OPEN the DOOR to your enlightened future.


A Karmic Switch of Roles and Personality

Facets of "You" become "Me" & Facets of "Me" become "You"

During each facet of dealing with past-life karma - you will change your feelings - change you mind - to become someone you're not - in order to learn what it's like to be the other person - to see life from their perspective and then to have compassion and forgiveness.

The KARMIC SWITCH - whereby you become them and they become you - in order to learn the past-life karmic lesson - is only switched-back when the karma is complete. The SWITCH happens through past-life transference - and that's why FORGIVENESS is one of the 3 keys to unlock all facets of karmic reincarnation.


Inexplicable Hatred, Sensitivities and Allergies

"Karmic Wholesomeness" is achieving a state of peace, love and compassion within your soul with everyone and for everyone - it is an inner spiritual peace that exudes and defines itself in your aura of outer love, tranquility, happiness and calmness. Anything and anyone that disturbs you is a "sign" that your soul still has unfinished work to do.

If you compare attaining "Karmic Wholesomeness" to someone who has just DIED - they have no negativity towards anything physical anymore - because they're dead - feelings and negativity vanishes - and they become detached from all earthly worries and pain too - no more sensitivities, no allergies and no earthly worries anymore - and when you look at them prior to burial lying in their coffin - their physical body is finally "at peace".

Spiritually too - your karmic job is to attain PEACE - without being dead and it comes after years of experience - Everything that the intellect cannot accomplish .... then time will eventually succeed to accomplish. מַה שֶלא יַעַשֵה הַשֵכֶל .... יַעַשֶה הַזְמָן

This is the reason why a spiritually mature person looks so much calmer and peaceful that a nerdy materialistic focused adult - time has changed the person's perspective of "life" - and that's when you find real PEACE in life - accepting "life" for the karmic journey that it is.

When you realize that your physical body is just a transport system for your spiritual soul - then you'll become enlightened to realize that your soul is actually "talking" to you via your physical body and your senses.

Every uncomfortable feeling is telling you something is WRONG - do you realize what it is? Work backwards and eliminate everything from your life - do nothing - meditate - be peaceful - and then begin to think of things in your life - the moment you have a BAD feeling - is a sign that "thing" is wrong for you - as it triggers pain.

Same applies for all inexplicable and illogical hatred, allergies and phobias - if you have a distinct hatred for cigarrette smoke, beer, wine etc or even nausea for eating meat - the inexplicable phobia is SAVING you from unnecessary pain in your life. Listen to the signs and instead of fighting the issues - ACCEPT it is a sign. There is a reason for everything - and you don't have to know the reason right now - later in life you'll look-back in hindsight and realize the reasons. Same for all allergies and all BAD feelings - ACCEPT it is "a sign" that is saving your soul.

When you stop trying to force yourself to do something that your physical body and soul is rejecting - then you're physical body is living in SYNC with your spiritual soul - and you're finding Karmic Wholesomeness. Recognizing that your SENSITIVITY is connected to something deeper and more spiritual than "logic" - will define the moment that you're ready to accept the karmic need to become "healed".


Spiritual Panic Attacks & Migraine Attacks

You might believe that Panic Attacks and Auric Migraine attacks are nonsense - but if you've ever suffered an inexplicable shudder of a panic attack then you KNOW they are real - and not a single person can convince you otherwise - you KNOW it is SOMETHING - in fact it is something very spiritual. The reality is that it is an ATTACK that your soul senses and often is sensed via an attack on your 3rd Eye.



It is clear that extremely sensitive people, can see through their 3rd eye.

The 3rd eye is situated between one's "real" eyes, in the middle of ones forehead.

What your 3rd eye sees - it ensures you FEEL.


The worst attack on your soul is a defined by a PANIC attack - because it is totally invisible in it's essence and yet really painfully agonizing in reality. And yet - it is the most precious gift you can have - because it is 100% spiritual in it's essence - and ensures you AVOID trouble - AVOID and become CLOSED to all kinds of invisible spiritual "garbage".


צדיקים כשהם מתים נקראים חיים "Good souls when they die are in fact alive"

רשעים כשהם חיים נקראים מתים "Bad souls when they are alive are in fact dead"

Your 3rd Eye senses both BAD and GOOD souls - when you sense death, darkness and badness your soul panics


Let me explain - as written in the Talmud - everyone you see and every spirit soul that you don't see with your eyes but is around you - is defined by LIGHT energy or DARKNESS. An enlightened good spiritual soul - is easily sensed as you feel positively enchanted in their presence - and conversely when you're in the presence of BAD souls - you feel very disturbed. Let me redefine the word BAD souls - it is they are BAD for you - and your spiritual soul senses they are BAD for you - and wants you to KEEP AWAY from them.


This indeed is why people keep AWAY from some cemeteries and never even visit their own relatives in the cemetery as they get a BAD feeling - because they sense it's a BAD place or a BAD soul. In the same way - you would panic if you walked in a BAD neighborhood at night - at the risk of getting attacked - likewise - your soul senses places and people who are BAD for you - you souls senses their BAD energy will attack your spiritual soul. That's why it manifests in a PANIC attack - your sensitivity is WARNING you to KEEP AWAY from evil.


Whatever "it" is that makes you panic - makes you panic with a specific message for your soul. I'd have to say the truth, I used to panic when I entered a synagogue - whereas when I enter a Church I feel the blissful calmness and sense of belonging at "home" - indeed this was because I wasn't Jewish and my soul didn't belong there. Conversely, you might panic entering a Church but feel at "home" in a synagogue or a Jewish Cemetery - wherever your soul wants you to feel at "home" is where you will find peace. Wherever and whoever your soul wants you to KEEP AWAY from - it will send you into a panic attack.


A migraine is an attack is just an extension of sensitivity of "bad spirits" on a person's soul - at the sensitive spiritual entry point of ones 3rd eye - the headache often manifests in inexplicable colors - which not even Dr's can explain - and I define as being spiritual. Something is NOT right - and you're being informed - unfortunately - it doesn't always come with instructions of exactly what is wrong and what you need to do - but you should realize there's a karmic message - and it is ASKING you - TELLING you - GUIDING you to find the LIGHT. Your soul is being saved and rescued - and the way it does this - is by waking you up and alerting you through your senses - that something is NOT right with your life.


Your Sensitivity is Guiding you "Home"

Your soul is using your physical sensitivity to guide you - you could attempt to do what most people do and that's IGNORE your feelings - but sooner or later - especially at Karmic Full Moon's - you will realize that something isn't right and needs fixing.

The spiritual truth is that during this generation of enlightenment - your soul is being enlightened and destiny is guiding your physical reality to ensure you are exactly where destiny wants you to be and you find the LIGHT your soul is searching for. If you've experienced many "dark" past lifetimes - then you'll see this lifetime - you WILL find the LIGHT through using your gift of sensitivity.



Acceptance of the Sensitivity

As I explain on "Three Keys of Reincarnation" - the best way to deal with anything painful, inexplicable and karmic is to ACCEPT it - instead of fighting it - accepting it - ensures that your soul is in SYNC with what it wants you to feel.

Karmic situations have been recreated in your life for you to be put in similar circumstances - which will be defined by inexplicable stagnation - when you ACCEPT the situation instead of fighting it - it will send a message to your soul - that you ACCEPT the karma - and when you do - you're now able to work in SYNC with your destiny - that's when you'll have a breakthrough of positive changes. People who FIGHT destiny - remain stuck - because they're refusing to ACCEPT the karma.

Hence, whatever pain you're experiencing, whatever inexplicable negativity you're sensing, whatever is bothering or disturbing you - is sending you a message to ACCEPT the karmic situation - and when you do - you can then successfully move-forward. Do you remember the film GroundHog Day ? Bill Murray only moved forward when he ACCEPTED his situation - whilst he was fighting it - nothing good could happen.



Youtube clip of GroundHog Day with Bull Murray


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם