The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

"Complicated" Soulmates עזר וכנגדו

It's taken a lot of life-experiences and intuitive brilliance to comprehend what's going on in our complicated karmic generation. Because unlike prior generations when one-man for one-woman relationships were the norm which automatically produced children - things have become inexplicably complicated, abnormal and unusual. When in this one lifetime - depending on all your unfinished past-life karmic problems - you might have numerous karmic soulmate relationships - some will even overlap with each other - all with the karmic purpose to HEAL your soul and make you karmically wholesome.

This doesn't mean that traditional "soulmates" of one-man-one-woman relationships that last forever no longer exist in the world - to the contrary - the power of the internet is ensuring that it becomes easier to connect with people from your soulgroups and with all your soulmates wherever they are in the world - from all your past-lives - deal with EACH of them separately - not get confused by each of the energies in all your relationships - and make "your" soul karmically wholesome. Leading you to the stable one-man-one-woman soulmate relationship you're searching for.


If you think-back to the generations prior to telephones - people had conversations with people they met in real life - now - we can have numerous conversations with people all over the world - via phone and email - none of which detract from the each other - and all of which can easily happen simultaneously. It's not a contradiction to type an email whilst talking on the phone. Multi-tasking is the norm. Likewise in your loving relationships - you can love many - whilst keeping each karmically departmentalized. Even so - you must still heal every facet of your karmic loving soulmates before you can become spiritually wholesome.


The current karmic energies are defined by Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 => 2024 and are transforming the whole world to become wholesome - this means it's vitally necessary you reconnect with and deal with all your past-life karma with EVERY SOULMATE from EVERY LIFETIME which needs to be healed - in order for you to become wholesome.

Therefore - don't expect any characteristic "norm" from karmic relationships to end in happy-ever-after stories - quite the contrary - as past-life karmic situations will need to be recreated in this lifetime for you to HEAL the karma - this means you will reconnect with past-life soulmates - be challenged by the bad karma embedded in your souls - with a need to heal the bad karma and make it good - then forgive, let go and move-on with next karmic phase that your soul needs healing.

Therefore, even though you think you've reconnected with all the RIGHT karmic people in your life - and even though you think you've found your true loving soulmate and want it to last forever - but due to the fact that the karmic soulmate reunion has only been recreated for you to HEAL the past-life karma - once you've done "it" - then it's done and time to move-on to the next karmic phase of your life - so don't expect any "norm".

I've given this long introduction about "complicated soulmates" to ensure - you don't falsely believe that this explanation will magically bring you a happy-ever-after soulmate into your life - the purpose of this page is to ensure you comprehend the meaning of all your KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS - accept and welcome all your SOULMATES into your life - heal them and even heal the relationships that have already ended in divorce many years ago - as "they" are and "their" energies still exist in your soul - which will create karmic blockages in your life today - it is YOUR KARMIC duty to understand the meaning of ALL your loving relationships - understand WHY they ended and to HEAL the bad karma that needs healing.


You Can't Move-on until You've got Love Sorted

It's a fact of life that no-one can move-on with their lives until you've got your love-life sorted. You might think life is moving - but without your soulmate and without LOVE in your life - it's not really moving forward.

There's only one purpose to life at this moment in time - and that is to heal all the karmic relationships in your life - to make yourself karmically wholesome - there's nothing else - there's no other reason WHY you've reincarnated other than to FIX, MEND and HEAL your aura - defined by all your karmic relationships - especially your soulmates.

Pluto in Capricorn from 2008 => 2024 will ensure you're forced to meet and reconnect with all your karmic situations - but will also FORCE you to deal with them - and until you do so - you won't be able to move-on with your life - and what's most painful of the karma is that you won't find the real "love" you're searching for - and you know exists - until you deal with all the past-life karma - and that includes any bad karma created in this lifetime too.

Whether it be inexplicable LOVE for someone or inexplicable HATE - in fact ANY type of emotional energies you have towards someone you've loved - especially someone you've had CHILDREN with - will keep you attached to them UNTIL you forgive them, heal the karmic bond and let them go.

Anyone whom you've had intense emotional LOVING moments with - especially sexual intimacy and especially if you've created CHILDREN together are profound karmic relationships. The truthful reality is you can't sleep with "anyone" and you certainly can't have "children" with "anyone" - hence the bonds of ALL your LOVING relationships and the reasons for each of your relationships are inexplicably karmic. EACH of these bonds will keep you LOCKED into the karma - and keep your life BLOCKED until you "deal" with the karma.


The karmic reality of this last generation is people move-on to the next relationship without dealing with the bad karma created in prior relationships - that's OK and is a karmic fact of overlapping karmic situations - because all the past-lifetimes need to be sorted - so it seems "they" all come into one's life in order to be sorted and healed - but the intrinsic reason is because your SOUL probably made the same mistakes in all your past lifetimes - so all the relationships come together in order for you to see the SAME root problem and then "deal" with them karmically all together. Once you HEAL that facet that's repeated itself - you can move-on with your destiny.


Indeed, now more than ever - numerous and overlapping relationships are acceptable but that doesn't mean the karma has gone-away - it still needs to be sorted - because in the same way in PRIOR lifetimes you did NOT deal with the bad karma - that's why you're reliving it again now - you've been reborn to relive and deal with it - and lucky for all of us that we can "do" them all in one lifetime.

Therefore, if you find yourself inexplicably STUCK and not able to move-on with your life - you can be certain Pluto in Capricorn will keep you STUCK until 2024 - until you deal with all the karma from all your relationships.


Anyone [and anything] that creates INEXPLICABLE STRONG emotions of HATE or LOVE - is someone you have karma with - and the only way to "eliminate" the negativity is to deal with the karmic connection through forgiveness and LOVE. Similarly, if you feel inexplicable attraction to where you're living or where you want to live - the past-life karma are the reasons you feel the way you feel - and only when you heal the bad karma the bad feelings and the karmic experiences go away.

The moment you FEEL NOTHING - is the moment all the karma is healed and is the moment your life can move-forward. BAD feelings especially of HATE and JEALOUSY are energies that keep people attached, stagnant and stuck. Your feelings can't lie to you - they're invisible energies that constantly sit in your aura to ensure you deal with the past-life karma. So if you have any BAD feelings towards anything or anyone then "deal" with them.

Full Moon's always brings out the maximum emotions when you'll feel the karmic problems more than at other times - but don't think that your life is an unsolvable problem - because every inexplicable karmic problem has a solution - and your specific karmic solution is WITHIN you and you'll need to be HONEST with yourself to ACCEPT the karmic truth - but sooner or later you'll see there's no other way forward - that the only way to heal the BAD karma - is to LOVE and to FORGIVE.


I've needed to introduce this - in this chapter on SOULMATES - as at this precise moment of your life - you're in the middle of the karmic story of your life - you've had love-affairs - you're searching for love - you've found love - you're trying to deal with inexplicable karmic situations especially created by difficult and challenging SOULMATES - you've got feelings - good and bad - and you're trying to understand "everything" - it might be your stagnation is nothing to do with SOULMATES - but the karmic answer to your life is LOVE - to FIND LOVE and to FIND your living loving soulmate - so before I come back to explain "everything" - let me explain the fundamentals about "LOVING SOULMATES".


Loving Soulmates עזר וכנגדו

There's only one point to living life and that is to LOVE. All karmic situations in life are about one thing - that is LOVE and HATE. If you're under any other illusion that life is defined by anything other than LOVE - then the wires in your head are messed up. For the only karmic purpose of your life is to LOVE. People who choose to hate or choose to avoid "relationships" by leading selfish lonely lives - are actually destroying their own existence and missing the point of life.

For all life is dependant on LOVE and LOVING relationships. Each individual is only as strong as the partnership and relationship they're in - where the success is defined by the amount of TWO-WAY LOVE in the relationship.

Love is an inexplicable invisible emotion - and none of us knows why we instinctively LOVE some people and don't LOVE others. The level of LOVE we have for each and everyone in your life varies according to the specific destined need to have a karmic relationship with them.

Now that doesn't mean we should hate others because there's no bond of LOVE but the inexplicable magnetic attraction of LOVE is the emotional energy that makes positive things happen in everyone's life. Without LOVE no-one would do anything and without LOVE nothing would happen in your life. The moment your whole body begins to wake-up and resonate is when you're in love and found love - is when you will begin to feel alive. That's when LIFE happens for you. When you switch-off to "love" - you're switching off to "life" - when you switch-on to "love" - you're switching on to "life".


Awakening Love - Awakening your Spirit

I doubt anyone reading this page has never ever loved someone - but in case there are people who have never loved - then it's time to FACE a KARMIC truth - and begin to learn the importance of LOVE. For life is love.

Your current status - single - married - in love or not in love - isn't as important as the fact of life - that - if you're ALIVE - then you should be LOVING life and LOVING someone. If you want a better quality of life with meaning and if you want GOOD things to happen in your life - then it's time to begin loving everyone you see in your life - with a genuine LOVE energy. Everyone has a good quality - find the goodness in them and love them. Defining everyone and everything in your life by the amount of LOVE [or hate] you feel for them.

A single lonely grumpy old man or a miserable hateful woman complaining, angry and frustrated about the "past" and about "life" - isn't going to attract anything GOOD into their lives - because bad attitude fills one's aura creating BAD KARMA which BLOCKS anything good from happening.

Conversely someone who constantly fills their aura with LOVE and GRATITUDE will sense an inexplicable invisible energy enabling a flow of positive and vibrant energy into one's life. That invisible energy is the positive karmic energy which will create the flow of destined events in one's life - create bonds and connections - putting you in the place you need to be with the right people you need to be with - for ONE purpose - and that's to love.

If you're thinking more negative, more grumpy and more hateful thoughts than happy, loving and compassionate thoughts - then NOW is the time to change your thoughts - stop thinking negative - think love. Because it is your THOUGHTS that define your aura. Surely, there's someone you love? so think how lucky you are to have loved [even if it ended badly - doesn't matter - you have known love] - and the loving thought will immediately change your life - because your loving thoughts are energies that are ALIVE and define your karma today - change your karma by changing your thoughts.


Paradox of Opposites - Loneliness & Love

It's a fact of life - that "OPPOSITES" work - people are DO something about "life" when problems happen - rarely do people do any "spiritual" work on themselves when things are going smoothly. Hence Pluto in Capricorn will continue to create inexplicable situations to WAKE people up to question life - and to SEARCH for spiritual answers.

Hence when you're lonely - and after a bad break-up of relationship - that's when you do the most thinking and make the biggest transformation with your life - it is when you're ALONE you can solve the mystery to why you're ALONE and then find the karmic answers to your life - and when you're ALONE you can find your true loving soulmate.

That's why you're probably reading this page - because you're searching for the answers to be BIGGEST karmic problem of your life - and that's being ALONE and UNLOVED. But as you will see and experience - that finding LOVE - especially dealing with your SOULMATES opens you to an important phase of life - dealing with karmic relationships and learning to LOVE.

It's always easy to LOVE someone NEW - but it's never easy to LOVE someone that you HATE- but karma defines you need to LOVE someone you HATE in order to heal the karma. Initially the inexplicable karma of reincarnation attracts you with a magnetism of LOVE to each other - then it forces you to overcome the karmic challenges by recreating the karmic events that then force you to learn to LOVE instead of living in the past-life HATE.

Whilst, you might think it's better - not to even begin to love - the inexplicable karmic stagnation in a person's life is forcing and will continue to force everyone to LOVE - as the spiritually enlightened karmic pathway begins when you LOVE someone. Prior to loving someone [or hating someone] - life is series of meaningless events - Life begins when you begin to LOVE someone - because loving someone opens you to all kinds of natural energies that you need as a normal human being.

Now this is important fact of life - that Life begins when you begin to LOVE someone - which means when you STOP loving someone or END a loving relationship - or when you're not loving anyone or if you're inbetween relationships - then you're not truly ALIVE.


Good Karma is Love - Bad Karma is Hate

You can't lie to yourself - "life" gives you the feelings that it gives you - positive and negative feelings - of LOVE and of HATE - and "life" has given you all the relationships it has given you. All the reason with all the inexplicable invisible emotional energies are karmic - there's no logical reason why you LOVE or why you HATE - but you do - the intrinsic why you WANT someone and why don't want someone - are the TRUE emotions and desires given to your soul for your karmic experiences. If you never had any feelings - you wouldn't want to do anything - so you're given FEELINGS of both LOVE and HATE - in order to guide your life forward.

As humans , we all constantly oscillate - between good and bad moods - that's due to Moon Astrology and to be expected - but when healing the karma of your soul - it's vitally important that you THINK GOOD THOUGHTS - THINK LOVING THOUGHTS - LOVE everyone - even "arseholes" who've been really bad and wicked to you - you have to find a way to LIKE them. Holding-onto any negativity means you're still connected to karmically them. So forgive them - love them - and it will negate their energies in your aura.


Soulmates are Two Halves of One Whole

In the same way you have TWO hands - a RIGHT hand - and - a LEFT hand - both vitally important - and yet both different - likewise - Everyone is just a half of another - different to one another and yet important to each other. Each half of a "soulmate" is actually the other half of a person. With one's soulmate one is wholesome, without it one is missing something, feels a void and inexplicable emptiness. With one's "soulmate" comes a "package" of everything that gives your relationship it's karmic identity. If you think you're "perfect" being alone - you're deceiving yourself - because without the eternal soulmate love in your aura that constantly makes you feel loved and wholesome - you're missing something important in your life - and will never have karmic success.

Everything spiritual and physical on this planet Earth resonates to the number TWO, everything on our planet comes in pairs. The Earth itself is paired with the Moon, the identity of the Earth needs the Moon to co-exist, in the renewal of monthly cycles and daily tidal flows, as the magnetic pull of the Moons energy causes high and low tides - the Earth needs the Moon to exist.

The emphasis and importance of finding one's true soulmate is the key to success in life. Without a loving partner, one's life will be frustrating and unlucky - like stuck in a locked room full of closed doors. It maybe nice few hours, but is frustratingly painful to remain there for the rest of ones life!

The purpose of life of earth - is to live in PAIRS with your "soulmate" - making you feel wholesome with a LOVING energy which enables you to accomplish your mission and purpose of life. Everything good in this life is only created through LOVE between TWO individuals - that's a fact of life of nature. It's impossible to do anything purposeful or karmically meaningful alone. Only through the co-creative loving energy created together with one's soulmate creates the perfect energy to live and to bring meaning to everything in one's life.


Everyone has 2 Types of Soulmates, עזר כנגדו

One type is a Truly Loving Help עזר

The other type is a Challenging Opposition כנגדו

Everyone has freewill choice in life, even when we think we are making a choice, it is either categorized into a good decision or a bad decision. Both decisions are choices that are potentially destined for our soul, the bad decisions we make will challenge us and make life difficult for us in order to guide us to change, making the corrective decision and finding the correct good pathway, our soul instinctively only finds "inner peace of mind", when we are on the correct pathway.

Most people only learn from bad and challenging relationships. Such connections will have a similar instantaneous magnetic attraction as good relationships, as they too, are destined in order to teach a person important lessons, but they will continue to repeat past patterns if bad relationships as there is a lesson a person needs to learn, and until one learns the lesson one will keep on being magnetic to the bad and "challenging" type of relationships.


Creating something from nothing working together with someone you love - is the definition of a loving soulmate; accomplishing nothing or having something you've created together destroyed by someone you loved is the definition of a challenging soulmate. Either way - it is your soulmate that contains the karmic answers to your life.

It's a fact of life that the people closest to you - are the one's you work together with to CREATE things - and conversely it's the people who are closest to you - are the one's who have the potential to DESTROY. Depending on your karmic phase and the relationships you attract in your life will define whether your soulmate will CO-CREATE with you or DESTROY you.

If they "destroy" you - you must ACCEPT the karma - heal, love, forgive and let them go - otherwise you'll stay trapped in the karmic damage. The karmic energy has defined for them to DESTROY you - probably to re-address past-life karma. So ACCEPT - and let go.


עזר - The Helpful Soulmates are always 100% on your side with continual support, help, love, passion and an eternal unconditional LOVE, and whom would NEVER EVER hurt you. Whatever you do together is co-creating energy - making something from nothing.

Whenever one plans, talks and thinks ideas with ones true helpful soulmate, they constructively help to energize one's life with positive loving energy, enabling one to overcome any negativity, moving all obstacles and finding the correct pathway to success. As one's true helpful soulmate always knows that they are one's "Other Half", when something good happens to the other half of them, they too benefit from this good energy.


כנגדו - The Opposition and Challenging Soulmates constantly challenge, through emotionally bitter lessons with pain and difficulties. The "opposition" soulmate relationships always cause a sensible person to "go closed" on themselves emotionally in order to protect their soul.

Preferring to live alone in one's mind and thoughts than communicate with such a destructive person in a dysfunctional relationship. A feeling of "living with the enemy" ensues, and everything one plans or tells such a person gets blocked and thwarted by their destructive and negative thought energies, critical words and horrible actions.

Until it comes a point in ones life, where one says "ENOUGH" - at such a "breaking point" a person may loose faith in love, loose faith in relationships, loose faith life and worst of all - loose faith in GOD. But it is karmic and has karmic purpose. The purpose of the challenging soulmate is to give your soul unique experiences that no-one else could do - in order for you to change direction in your life - and for you to HEAL the past-life karma.

When a person realizes that such a relationship is a dysfunctional "כנגדו - Opposition" soulmate, then this makes a person find an inner strength, admitting to oneself the truth of the bad relationship and then accepting the need to end the cycle of bad karma. You will keep on attracting all the challenging soulmates until you've found karmic wholesomeness, love and forgiveness to all you know and all you've ever known. Karmic wholesomeness means loving and forgiving everyone.


"עזר - The Help" can sometimes be a "כנגדו - The Opposition"

It's inexplicable fact of life in our karmic generation that after months or years of truly loving relationship - the soulmate can TURN and CHANGE and do something very bad - in order to repay past-life karma or to teach you something important.

There are times that we all make mistakes in our lives, and even though we are living with and we think we've found our 100% loving soulmate, he/she may challenge us and be absolutely right to challenge with the strength of "opposition".

They act in this way of challenging "opposition" as they are wishing to defend their own soul, through love of their "Other Half" of their soul, they are trying to protect the relationship from any destructive external opposing energies and any negative influence or bad decision the other person has made. They are "challenging and opposing" out of a deep sincere love, in order to protect the wholesomeness of their perfect soulmate union. But it can also be they "challenge" in order to assist you to MOVE-ON to someone else - whom you have past-life karma to deal with.


"כנגדו - The Opposition" can sometimes turn into "עזר - The Help"

"כנגדו - The Opposition" soulmates always have the potential to become perfectly 100% loving soulmates, with no more need for bitter experiences, pain or difficulties ONLY when they have have refined and elevated their soul after learning the necessary lessons their souls need to learn.

Soulmates may choose to start their relationship through a "challenging" and opposing energy, however, by working together and challenging each others individualism they are able to transform themselves into a single UNITED soulmate, through negating any opposing energies that exist by learning to completely love each other, and thereby transform their relationship into a 100% loving helpful soulmate union.



Quoted from Sefer Shaar Gilgulim Hakdoma 26 שער גלגולים הקדמה כו

Rabbi Chaim Vital explains that EVERYONE ALWAYS has a SOULMATE in their life

If you've not got someone to love and who loves you - is a karmic sign you're not living life properly


Everyone always has Someone

Wherever you are, whatever phase of life you're up to - and whatever time of day or month it is - everyone can find love anywhere anytime - that's because it is up to YOU. When you put loving thoughts in your mind and aura - it opens your soul to it's inherent need to find karmic relationships. The karmic truth of Soulmates is the EVERYONE ALWAYS HAS SOMEONE - no-one is the world is alone - because everyone is a HALF of a WHOLE.

One of the biggest Karmic challenges of this generation is SELFISHNESS - people want to live alone - be alone and love no-one. Selfish people who choose to be grumpy and refuse to want a loving relationship are closing their own aura and creating their own bad karma that blocks their own happiness - they're refusing to live life with the purpose they were given the gift of life. So inexplicably BAD situations happen to BLOCK progress with their lives - UNTIL they awaken and realize that without love - they've nothing worth living for.


I've quoted Rabbi Chaim Vital above - because it is TRUE - but in our modern generation people have forgotten the reason for life - many believe that "life" is about money, acquiring wealth or other nonsense - people have forgotten that the ONLY purpose for life is RELATIONSHIPS with other people. In this modern internet generation it's so easy to keep-in-touch with other people via email for free - and yet people still block themselves from connecting with other people - especially people they have unfinished karmic business. The karmic blockages are self-inflicted.

Likewise, in one's love-life - if you want to LOVE - LOVE is available - no-one needs to be alone - no-one should be alone and the truth is NO-ONE is ever alone. If you're "alone" because of the break-up of your last relationship - then the truth is you're still technically together until you heal the karmic situation and move-on.

And if you're "alone" because officially you've had your divorce - it means nothing - because karmically you're still connected - that's why it hurts - especially if there's more bad karma created in this lifetime of hatred, anger and jealousy - these bad karmic energies will keep you attached UNTIL you convert your negative feelings into positive feelings of LOVE and FORGIVENESS.


What's more important - people or money ?

Good karma defines people are more important than money

Bad karma defines money is more important than people

The karmic wake-up call will make you question many aspects of your "life" - as you're going to realize that all the arguments - all the negativity and all the instability is created by the love of "money" - conversely all the positive energy and all the stability in the world is created by the love of "people".

This applies to everything you do - every moment of your life - even shopping in a supermarket - walking in the street - what are you "thinking" about - PEOPLE or MONEY? Are you thinking of how to be nice to as many people as possible - to meet, smile and be kind to other people - OR are you thinking "money".

Your THOUGHTS create your karmic energies in your AURA - so if you creating thoughts of love and compassion for other people you see - then you're creating GOOD karma. But if you're thinking selfishly, greed and wanting things just for yourself - without giving anything to anyone - then you're creating BAD karma - and BAD karma amidst the astrological squares and oppositions will create SELF-DESTRUCTION - indeed it's a karmic self-destructiveness.

To find your loving Soulmate - you will need to accept and learn the important Karmic lesson that people are more important than money. Ask anyone who is about to die - what is the most important thing in "life" - each will tell you it is good relationships with OTHER PEOPLE - all the loving and friendly relationships with OTHER PEOPLE is what defines a person's LIFE - all the other stuff is meaningless nonsense.

The ironically funny thing is that I know there are people reading this - that are still 100% convinced that MONEY is more important than PEOPLE - but when they experience the upheaval of self-inflicted mayhem defined by their own opinions, thoughts and bad karma - they'll realize the source of all pain in their lives is self-inflicted - created by their bad karmic belief system that their MONEY is more important than people.


All Your Soulmates from All your Past-lives

Loving "them" heals "your" Soul

As explained above in the introduction - we are living in unique times in the history of the world - and at this karmic time and due to Pluto in Capricorn moving towards it's date with destiny of karmic wholesomeness in "2020" - all your past-life relationships that you have unfinished karma with - will be revealing themselves - although many of you would already have had the experiences of karmic relationships since 1970's - but NOW is the time when you HEAL and make all the "past" relationships wholesome. A relationship never starts by HATING someone - but all karmic relationships END by definitions of hatred.

The karmic secret to healing the relationship is to LOVE the person in the same way you loved them at the beginning, to thank them for coming back into your life and to let them go and move-on to better relationship for them. All this you don't need the person to be "in your life" - because karmic energies AFFECT your soul and your aura. When you LOVE the other person instead of hating them - you're actually healing yourself.

At this point I want to explain about the importance of all your past loving relationships - especially those you've had "sex" and been intimately loving with - and especially those you've had children with. Even though the relationship has ended - you still remain connected. It is your job to LOVE and FORGIVE them. However, painful the relationship was when it ended - it was destined to end - and now is the destined time to HEAL the karma.

Your "life" is made up of the loving relationships in your life - and if you hadn't loved them and hadn't been loved by them - then your life would have been EMPTY. Be honest - when you were with them - during the GOOD moments of intimacy - it was very nice and very loving - so instead of being bitter, negative or resentful about the end of the relationship - count your blessings that you've had a loving relationship - at least you've had the experience of LOVE. Tap-into that loving energy - especially the sexual intimacy - that proves you were loved - and you'll see it will become a catalyst to open your heart and soul to NEW loving relationships.


How to Find your Soulmate .... Love Everyone

I hear you asking - "How do I find my soulmate?" - the truth is when you open yourself to LIFE and LOVE - your soulmate will find you as coincidences will bring you together. The 1st step is to LOVE all people - LOVE EVERYONE ... all people whoever they are and whereever they are.

Indeed, if you find yourself inexplicably HATING someone for no reason - they've you've unfinished karma with them - the only way you can end the karmic cycle is by FORGIVING and LOVING them. So 1st step is to LOVE ALL - [not in a sexual way] - loving all as a collective humanity - that everyone is human who should never be hated - for we're all "God's children".


In the ספר האהבה - Sefer Ahava - The Book of Love [which is being prepared in Summer 2014 and online from September 2014] I will explain that LOVE is the only energy that connects everyone to each other. Conversely HATRED seperates, divides, blocks and destroys relationships and breaks connections between one another. Hence to FIND LOVE - means you need to be OPEN to LOVE - OPEN to want to be connected with other people - and feel LOVE for others. It is the most natural and normal thing in the world - for men to love women and for women to love men. And yet the karma of our generation is challenging people to the basic human instinct.


People who use excuses that they can't find love because they haven't got money or status - aren't honest with themselves - because if you feel you NEED money to find LOVE - it means that you're attempting to "buy" love - in which case - the person isn't falling in love with you - they're falling in love with your money and what you give them.

You don't need money to "love" or to "fall in love". When you think of babies been conceived and born - you don't need to go and BUY-A-BABY do you - the act of LOVE between man and women - creates the baby from nothing. Likewise TRUE LOVE isn't something you buy and sell. If your relationships have been based on "money" - then they've been experiences but have nothing to do with TRUE LOVE - they're as meaningless as an idiot going to a prostitute looking for love.


Men who LIE and say they don't love women - and women who LIE and say they don't love men - are using their karmic lies to shield themselves from getting involved in loving relationships - are avoiding LIFE and avoiding the karmic reasons for living life. That's easily proven that they're lying when they masturbate to themselves - instead of making-sexual-love in a meaningful loving relationship. People who masturbate are wasting the gift of life and the potential gift of love.


The Aura of Love Creates Life

Love is Life - Hate is Death

When you love other people it fills your aura with positive energy of good karma

When you hate others it fills your aura with negative energy of bad karma


"Growing up" - Means Wanting to Love Another person

The basic transition of childhood to adulthood, means that one has matured to become a kind generous GIVER, instead of being a TAKER. The instinctive nature of a child is to TAKE from others - wanting attention and wanting to be loved - but forgets the need to reciprocate and to LOVE. As an adult one must transform to stop taking and begin to GIVE. To stop expecting love and to start giving love.

In a good society brought up by loving parents, everyone learns the lessons of giving and creating out of love, out of admiration, thanks, kindness and appreciation. These are the signs of true maturity and adulthood. In our generation, the karmic aspect is challenging some people to prevent them growing-up, hence even at the age of 30 - 40 they still expect to take from others, wanting what they want and refusing to SHARE or GIVE to others.

"Growing up" means to learn that, by being loving, one has learnt that there is no shortage in life's energy, that there is no need to take or steal energy from others, as the act of true love and kindness actually creates energy. Love creates something from nothing. Within the reality of loving - when you're in love and loving someone - you generate life energy, enabling and making you want to continue loving.

If you're in a karmic position of "not" loving - that means you need to look back at all your relationships - and identify where it was when you stopped living a loving life. Then HEAL that specific moment of that relationship. A karmic sign you've healed your soul is when you LOVE everyone and LOVE life.


One-Way or Two-Way Relationships

Learning about yourself, your life and your karmic relationships

Love them all and Thank them all for being "challenging"


In the karma of this generation - especially the karmic test of ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY relationships - many people have had dysfunctional relationships - with the purpose to teach you the difference.

I define astrology of one's aura - and that's to say - everyone has an aura that's defined by the people they have in their lives and the energy that's generated through those people. For example, couples in loving relationships - you can see on their faces - the glow of radiant love; couples in stable relationships - you can sense a stability of calmness surrounding them; but people who aren't getting "any" and people in "bad" relationships - you can see on their faces the stress and frustration. That's because their AURA is not "at peace" - in-sync with or in harmony with their destiny.

Additionally, astrolgically, I explain that everyone has "7 Planetary Relationships" that energizes our lives - which means just because you make money in your work-relationship or you communicate well with someone or you get a BIG boost of energy from them - doesn't necessary mean it's TWO-WAY soulmate loving relationship - astrologically "they" might have been brought into your life because you need their energy in your life or they need your energy.

The karmic fact is that when your relationship is a TWO-WAY relationship - you co-create together - making something from nothing - then you've found soulmate LOVE. Now your karmic job is NOT to destroy it. Past-life karma - means that karmic debts need to be settled and paid - therefore inevitably ONE side will attempt to destroy the relationship. When that happens - you've no choice but to ACCEPT the past-life karma - and instead of hating them - which is what their soul wants you to do - your karmic duty is to forgive and love them.


In reality, in the midst of painful relationship - this is difficult - but when you have the gift of hindsight and want to move-on with your life - then FORGIVE them. It's the only way you're going to release yourself from the bad karmic connection with them.

Indeed, it was thanks to a few religious fanatics who created a lot of challenges in my life - that pushed me completely away from the Jewish religion to find Jesus Christ and Christianity that I am deeply karmically indebted to. They helped save me by being an argumentative destructive challenge to me.

Had they been nice to me - I'd still be living a "jewish" life - which was karmically very wrong for me. At the time it was painful - but in hindsight the BIGGEST BLESSING of my life. Collectively, difficult people worked to SAVE my soul from the wrong pathway - and now in hindsight - I'm sincerely grateful to them.


The reason I mention this is - in this karmic generation everyone has inexplicable and painful karmic relationships that you need to HEAL - and the only way to move-on with your life - is to LOVE them and THANK them for being so challenging. Once you do this - you'll feel the INNER peace in your aura - which is actually a true "YOU" being returned to yourself - with peace and wholesomeness that you've done what karma wants you to do. Now you're ready to move-on with your life and the inexplicable BAD situations will vanish - now you're on the road to find the TRUE LOVING SOULMATE who will always be good to you.


Everyone Has Many Destined Soulmates

This is an important fact - as one needs to know that every person has a loving soulmate - everyone is a HALF of a WHOLE. Whilst you'll find lots of challenging soulmates - once you've done the "Karma" - then your destiny will ensure you meet the true loving soulmate. There is no need to steal someone else's. You'll get yours - but first you need to heal your karma in your soul - and it all starts with RELATIONSHIPS.

People who avoid relationships and avoid "love" haven't even begun the karmic journey. Astrologically, with Pluto in Karmic Capricorn until 2024 - the pain of stagnation will sooner or later make them realize that NOW is karmic time for LOVING relationships.


Instantaneous Magnetic Attraction is Energy of one's "Guardian Angels"

Soulmates have an instantaneous magnetic attraction to each other, as their relationship is "destined" and important for their lives on earth. Even people who try and fight this magnetic love desire for each other, will find their efforts to block futile and eventually be together. As "soulmates" will never find true purposeful fulfillment of their souls until they are together, that means together.

The reason for this inexplicable magnetic attraction between 2 individual people their Guardian Angels are guiding them and bringing energy to both people in order to "force" them to be together. Ofcourse one's freewill choice could block this, but eventually "soulmates" always come together. Each persons Guardian Angels will ensure this happens, however illogical - and this applies to ALL karmic relationships - especially relationships that have past-life unfinished business - need to be brought together in order to end and heal the bad karma.


Relationships Always "End" when Karmically it is the time to "End"

Similarly the reason why "wrong" relationships, lovers and marriages fail is that each of the individuals Guardian Angels are conflicting with the other persons Guardian Angels, both individuals are incompatible on a spiritual level and hence eventually they end up conflicting on a physical level.

A "sign" for this is that there are conflicts, disharmony and imbalances in the relationship and very often a person enjoys having "SPACE" away from the other, and in the "space" a person feels enlivened and happy for this freedom ! True soulmates always need and enjoy being together all the time. Once the wrong person is out of ones life, some good fortune always happens in a persons life, as a spiritual sign that one is now on the correct pathway and free from that "negative" person.

Due to the karmic times we're living in - depending on past-life relationships - everyone has karma to get through, to work-on and to heal - therefore - you might find yourself experiencing a lot of short-lived relationships - in order to get through the past-life karma.


Saturn in Scorpio & Saturn in Sagittarius from Dec' 2014 => 2017

Astrologically, Saturn in Scorpio since October 2012 and until December 2014 has been preparing the karmic foundations for many people to become karmically "right" - some have done it quicker than others - but the essence of Saturn in Scorpio is a defined inner karmic peace has been found.

Depending on "you" - you might meet your soulmate during Saturn in Scorpio - but if you don't then during Saturn in Sagittarius - YOU WILL meet your loving soulmate. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be focused on all destined loving relationships - therefore during Saturn in Sagittarius between December 2014 and December 2017 - this page will become very important to many people on the internet!



All you need is love by the Beatles

All you Need to do is Love

All you need to do is LOVE - it's really quite simple and yet in this karmic generation - people find it difficult to love others.

If you find yourself stuck, stagnant or fearful of life - then turn your attention to LOVE - LOVE all the people in your life.


TWO-WAY loving relationships - define True Loving Soulmates

ONE-WAY loving relationships - define past-life karma that needs healing



Your Soul Needs to be ready for your Soulmate

Timing is everything - and your soul needs to be ready for love. Some people's karma means they'll fall in love, marry and have children when they're 20, others wait until they're 30, others 40 and some wait to start life when they're 50. It depends of how many past-lives karmic relationships you need to HEAL, to FORGIVE and to LOVE - before you're ready to be with your loving soulmate.


Your life will only start when all the karmic facets of your soul have transcended into your physical body. In the same way you mature in your teenage years - your spiritual soul needs to wait for specific stages - before it is OPENED to search for LOVE - which I explain on five levels of "the soul".



Two Soulmates זווג עליון זווג תחתון

Soulmate in Heaven & Soulmate on Earth

Reb Chaim Vital explains that many spiritually enlightened souls have 2 soulmates; known as זווג עליון זווג תחתון ZIVUG ELYON and ZIVUG TACHTON; A Soulmate in Heaven and a Soulmate on Earth.

The Soulmate on earth is the same as everyone else's Soulmate on earth; however the purpose of a Soulmate in Heaven זווג עליון, is to work together spiritually for a higher purpose that is simply not possible with a physical soulmate.

A זווג עליון Heavenly Soulmate can be a soul of either a man or a woman; the purpose is to bring guidance, strength, spiritual knowledge, spiritual intuition with a specific spiritual purpose for the benefit of others in the Selfless Service of GOD.


This is explained fully in Sefer Gilgulim by Reb Chaim Vital, I've added this important facet on this page to explain that for people whose Soulmate has passed over to Heavenly Spiritual realms; the Soulmate connection continues and they become "heavenly soulmates" זווג עליון .

The זווג עליון Heavenly Soulmate relationship continues to help and work together with your soul from the spirit world. Hence one attains a higher spiritual goal and purpose together, unattainable if your lived together in this physical world.


Your 5 Best Karmic Friends

Every Karmic Situation and Karmic Emotion has a Spiritual Karmic Solution


Whatever the inexplicable karmic situation you are in - with all the emotions it's creating in your mind and aura - is a destined karmic problem - and therefore "normal" solutions won't work - it is in need of a spiritual karmic solution.

Therefore you'll need the help of your karmic friends - the "Moon", the guarantee "Destiny" made to you before you were born, your "Guardian Angels", all people from your "Soulgroup" and all your "Soulmates".

You might "think" you are ALONE and have NO-ONE to help you - but that's not true - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE - as you have 4 karmic facets which means - you have SUPPORT - you have HELP - you have STRENGTH - and you will have the ability to solve your karmic problem - all you need to do is SEARCH and ASK the Universe FOR HELP - and it will be given.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם