The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

The 5 Levels of Your Soul Within Your Soul

This is quite simple once you've understood it - but initially will seem to be complex because you need to understand each of the 5 levels of your spiritual soul - each level with it's intrinsic facets and all within your soul - but once you've understood it - and coordinated your mind and body to work in SYNC with "it" then it's just like learning to ride a bicycle.

First you see "others" and you see the stability it creates within "others" - and then you learn it yourself. But first your mind needs to be spiritually mature and ready and when it does - you'll not only understand that YOUR soul has depth - but depth that not even YOU knew you had. It will initially SURPRISE you and momentarily feel overwhelming and exciting - this burst of energy is your SOUL opening-up to new level of spiritual enlightenment.

If you compare the version of yourself today to what you were 20 years ago - well - can you compare - can you honestly see any similarity between the two versions of you - now and then? There's so much you've learnt about life - so much you've experienced - that the version of you 20 years ago you'll laugh at - as you were so naive and ignorant - in comparison with today's version of "YOU" - am I right? And yet - we've all come along this journey together - to become wise and enlightened - because destiny has defined that now is the time to make humanity wise. Indeed, if we're honest with ourselves - we can confess that we were all collectively ignorant 20 years ago - and yet the wisdom we've been inspired with is a karmic gift to humanity - because now is the time humanity needs it.


The Depth of Your Soul is the Collective

People who believe they know-it-all and believe they're perfect and wholesome - know nothing and are headed for a dead-end.

People who believe there's so much to learn and feel far away from being wholesome are - on the enlightened pathway.


The karmic reality of our blessed karmic internet generation is showing each of us with unusual clarity - that in truthful reality - we know nothing - and there's so much to comprehend and learn. Each of us can look-back to prior generations are realize how spiritually blind and ignorant humanity was. And immediately to their defense I must say that it wasn't their fault - Divine destiny - determined they were not given the karmic gifts to see the truth. They had lessons to learn - over many lifetimes - in order to be able to learn the karmic lessons today - in this generation.


When a baby is born - the baby needs to go through many transformation and numerous changes before it turns into an adult - who can then procreate to make a new baby for the next generation. Likewise, each generation over many generations have each undergone necessary transformation, karmic lessons and changes in order to create OUR karmic generation - we've arrived at our generation thanks to all the collective prior generations.

"Destiny" needed to make things happen over many generations which now that we've arrived at the karmic time for humanity and with the gift of hindsight, we're beginning to comprehend spiritual truths with enlightened wisdom - which thanks to a readiness to explore, listen and learn. We're fulfilling our collective destiny by healing the "past" and making our souls wholesome.

Karma is a COLLECTIVE energy - both on an individual level - based on all your past-lifetimes and collectively for humanity - based on all the historical events over many generations. Your individuality is defined by your collective karmic experiences, during this lifetime and over many lifetimes.

The word COLLECTIVE is the important facet - because whilst you have beliefs and knowledge that is defined by what you know TODAY - it is also defined by feelings, knowledge and thoughts that are deeply embedded in your soul - collected over many past lifetimes. Most of these thoughts you forget about most of the time - only occasionally you remember them - triggered by inexplicable moments of spiritual clarity. Your physical memory remembers your deep memory and then gives you inspired thoughts to think about. It's all part of "you" and yet it seems many times a "different" part of you. There's no logical reason WHY this happens - but it does. The question is "Why? What's going on in your soul?"


How many times have you seen teenagers who've passed all their exams with 1st class results and believe they know-it-all - "they" deceptively believe they're brilliant and wise - even more than their parents - that's because that phase of their life is complete and is 100% perfect.

As you master each physical phase of your life - you will feel accomplished because along with physical and material accomplishments comes a DECEPTION that you're a 1st class "genius" - as you "do" and will "feel" 100% wholesome. In reality, you're probably better defined as a 1st class "idiot" - because believing that you're wholesome and perfect "closes" your mind to the next level and prevents you from learning even more.

Life, wisdom and knowledge is infinite - just look on the internet the amount of brilliance, knowledge and wisdom online - and that's only a portion of the wisdom that's in the infinite spiritual "ether". The quicker you realize how little you know - the quicker you'll be willing to learn even more.

Believing that your spiritual soul has only one level - and one karmic level to accomplish - disconnects you and blocks you from the other 4 levels. Wanting to stay on the 1st spiritual level is no longer an option - as the destiny of this generation is to attain 100% karmic wholesomeness in each of the 5 levels of your soul's spirituality.


The 5 Levels of Your Soul Within Your Soul

Each of the 5 levels of your spiritual soul always and continually EXIST

But they don't always EXIST completely transcended into your physical existence.


To comprehend the 5 spiritual components of your soul - you need to understand that the whole version of your soul - does NOT enter your physical existence when you're conceived / born - in fact it can take 20-30 years - even 40 years - before you experience moments of your [4] חיה Chaya is Life-Soul - and can take 50-60 years before you experience moments of your [5] יחידה Yechida wholesome-spiritual-Oneness.

Each of the 5 levels of your spiritual soul always and continually EXISTS - but they don't always EXIST completely transcended into your physical existence. When you look at "vacant" and "empty" people - you notice they're missing something - in fact the truth is "they" aren't completely present - as facets of their soul haven't transcended down into their physical existence to manifest in a "sparkle" of real life. [I will explain this fully below - but first let me explain the 5 components of your soul - I'm keeping the original hebrew words as per the original textbook Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations by Hayim Vital].


The 5 Components of Your Soul are :-


[1] נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul" - the facet of your soul that ensures you're alive and stay alive - it is the coordination between your feelings and doing everything you do in real life.

[2] רוח Ruach is the "Soul of Speech" - the coordination between your speech, the words you speak and the power of communication in your life - to facilitate you get what you need and what you want in your life.

[3] נשמה Neshoma is your "Higher Soul" - the coordination and synchronization between your destined karmic pathway and your earthly reality.

[4] חיה Chaya is your Soul's Life-Creating energy - is the level of your soul that CREATES something from nothing - manifestation of "life".

[5] יחידה Yechida Oneness - the idealistic spiritual level of your soul which ensures your roots are firmly defined in spiritual world of soul.


1. נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul"

1. נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul" - the coordination between your feelings and doing things in real life. From the moment you are conceived your NEFESH part of your soul arrives. The נפש NEFESH part of your soul remains inside your physical body from the day you're conceived to the day you die.

The נפש Nefesh is the "Earthly Soul" every חי Living creature contains a soul. Every living creature - ANIMAL and HUMAN has a "Nefesh נפש Earthly Soul", this gives the physical body the natural instincts to eat sleep, move, eat, consume and the sexual desire to reproduce, the "Nefesh נפש Earthly Soul" is the key for survival and continuity of life.

A persons "Nefesh נפש Earthly Soul" arrives in this physical world with ones conception, and is the Earthly Soul that transcends down from spirit world through the fathers soul into the mothers body to create a NEW physical identity. In astrological terms that the astrological energy within ones "Nefesh נפש Earthly Soul" is defined by the time of conception and NOT the time of birth as non-spiritual astrologers believe - and is the beginning of your physical existence on Earth.

Due to the fact that the נפש Nefesh is within every living creature - this is the aspect of the soul that constantly reincarnates - hence the reason why humans can reincarnate into animals and vice-versa.


The level of coordination between your נפש Nefesh and your physical body is what ensures movement and activity in your life. Every physical action you make is a coordination between your soul and your body - some might call it coordination through your brain and nerves - but your abilities, limitations and definition of what you can do with your physical body is defined by your נפש Nefesh part of your soul. People who are blocked and limited to physical movements - are in fact have the blockage defined in the נפש Nefesh. Hence, healing to the Nefesh is what gets the body working again.

Exercising your physical body - that is actively moving every part of your body whilst being AWARE that it is a coordination between your mind, body and spiritual soul - is actually EXERCISE for your soul. Washing your physical body - and being aware that you're washing and cleansing your soul, eating and drinking is the physical absorbing of energy for your NEFESH soul is all part of the 1st level of your souls existence.

Without your נפש Nefesh Soul in your physical body you'd be dead - even when you're asleep - your Nefesh Soul is still present. Everything you do physically with your body is directly coordinated with the נפש Nefesh part of your soul - and every emotion created WITHIN you which creates a physical reaction and movement in your body is a direct coordination to and with your נפש Nefesh Soul.


Although, your נפש Nefesh Soul enters physical existence at your conception - it's strength and abilities grow as you grow - your soul learns to coordinate what it wants you to do - with your physical body - hence a baby begins to walk - when it's נפש Nefesh Soul coordinates the movement.

Likewise, when you feel the need to MOVE your physical body - because your נפש Nefesh Soul needs and wants you to do something - you MOVE. However, lazy people and depressed people - are blocking their own נפש Nefesh Soul from doing what is naturally normal for their soul to do. Because whilst the soul and mind wants to move and do something - the soul creates a blockage - that prevents doing what it needs to do. Laziness is a sickness of the soul - and is always the fundamental reason why stagnation happens. Hence, exercise and movement - waking up early and being continually busy throughout the day is actually healthy for one's soul. But the BEST cure for a sick soul is doing what comes naturally for every living creature.


2. רוח Ruach is the "Speech" of your Soul

2. רוח Ruach is the communicative aspect of your spiritual Soul - it is defined by the words that come out of your mouth - the coordination between your speech - the gift and power of communication defines your life. Speech communicates what your brain wants to say - and hence is the voice of your soul.

When you talk out aloud what you're thinking - you communicate with the world - what your soul is saying. Often, you find that by talking - you get clarity - because when you hear the words you're thinking - you realize whether it sounds right or not - you know if you're lying or telling the truth by the way you feel - after you say what you say.


The level of [2] רוח Ruach Soul - comes in stages - in younger years - your words aren't coherent nor in sync with what your soul really wants to say. When you're young - you might LIE more - which actually blocks and confuses the flow of energy from your higher soul to your physical life - because you're not saying what your soul wants you to say.

When the fullness of your ability of your [2] רוח Ruach Soul comes - you can communicate exactly what your soul is wanting you to say - and not just the needs, wants and thoughts of your [1] Nefesh soul - but you will be able to communicate exactly what your [3] Neshoma - Higher Soul wants to say - that's when you can transcend brilliant ideas and thoughts - make decisions that you know your soul wants you to make - in order for you to live in SYNC with your destiny.


The [2] רוח Ruach Speech needs to be used - in order to be a functioning human - because if you didn't speak you'd be defined as an "animal". Unfortunately, in our complicated generation of lonely people who live alone and hardly speak to anyone - they're dysfunctionally wasting the gift of their [2] רוח Ruach Soul. Likewise, people who live-a-lie and repeat the lie over and over again - especially a lie that defines their lives - are disconnecting the reality of their own life with the truthful destined version of their own soul.

The [2] רוח Ruach Speech needs to be used - honestly and coherently - this is one of the reasons for prayer - not that you can tell GOD what you want - but so that you can hear the words from your own mouth - and then feel it's energy - if it's right or wrong for you. Likewise the power of confession of your sins to a priest is powerful - because it tells the TRUTHFUL version of you - and hence your the [2] רוח Ruach Speech facet of your soul is working correctly and in SYNC with your physical existence. In fact the more you speak - the more you will realize what's wrong with your life - conversely, the more you speak - the more you'll realize the good facets of your life.


People who LIE - are using the facet of their soul - to block their own success. Indeed, I've always said even if you LIE to everyone - but tell yourself the TRUTH - then at least you're able to correct your own soul and define your own life. People who never perfect the power of speech to tell the truth will always have problems.


As introduced on "Prayer & Divine Intervention" - spiritual energies are TWO-WAY - indeed, the power of communication is a TWO-WAY energy as you speak and listen - you emit energy and you receive energy - which can come from your lower soul [1] נפש Nefesh "Earthly Soul" - which includes your mind and thoughts being used to ask for things you need for your survival OR it can come from your higher soul - [3] נשמה Neshoma - The Higher Soul which is asking for things that you need to fulfill your destined life pathway.


The power of communication, words, speech - connects the [1] and [3] parts of your soul - and when you're completely wholesome and in SYNC with your destiny - living the life you're destined to live and doing what you're destined to do - all 3 aspects are "at peace", "in harmony" and "wholesome" - as the collective energies are in perfect harmony.

But if any aspect of your life is NOT right - and NOT in sync with your destiny - that you're going to feel the instability from WITHIN - because these 3 facets of your soul [1], [2] & [3] aren't coherently connected. This always happens when people drink alcohol or use drugs - as these products BLOCK the coherent flow of energy. Conversely, during meditation when you're "listening" to your higher soul - you're able to enable the flow of spiritual wisdom to guide the reality of your life - to do what is right for you.


Reading spiritual books too - has the purpose to enable the flow of energy from your higher soul - [3] נשמה Neshoma - because your physical reality is connecting with words that your soul remembers from "past" life - and hence triggers openings of transcending energy from your higher soul - all of which creates stability in your life. [Which I explain in depth on "Sensitive Old Souls"]


The level and ability of communication with which you're blessed with in this lifetime is related to the need for "speech" and your past-life karmic level - and it is for this reason that people who abused the power of speech in one lifetime - can and do reincarnate as animals in the next lifetime. [Which I explain on "The cycle of birth and death"]. This facet of the reincarnated soul in [2] רוח Ruach Soul Speech defines the ability to speak different languages and the necessity to pray in your natural soul language.


The [2] רוח Ruach Soul is referred to a BREATH of life - hence even if you're not talking or communicating - but just breathing in and out - this too - invigorates and stimulates your [2] רוח Ruach Soul - and whilst you're ASLEEP - it is your Ruach Soul and Neshoma that can leave your physical body - and hence in the morning until your [2] רוח Ruach Speech Soul and [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul - are restored into "you" - you're not 100% wholesome. [This I explain on "Transference & Wholesome Soul"].


3. נשמה Neshoma is the Higher Soul

[3] נשמה Neshoma is your Higher Soul - the coordination and the synchronization between your destined pathway and your physical existence and real-life reality. Your [3] נשמה Neshoma is the Higher Soul is in the inspirational and energizing breathe of life for humans - when this aspect of the soul is fully awakened spiritually - you become aware of all the profound consequences of ones actions, words and thoughts. It is through your [3] נשמה Neshoma is the Higher Soul that you make all the wise destined decisions of your life.


One who thinks with ones "נשמה Neshoma Soul" is living life with a destined purpose, goal, ambition and has an inner driving motivation of yearning for something special. Instead of living like an "animal" concerned with survival - the [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul creates the transcending energy to create an inner yearning for a stronger and closer connection with something bigger, greater and deeper than the reality you see - it is the yearning for the Divine GOD - as the Neshoma is your spark of godliness that sustains your existence. It ensures your desire for spiritual enlightenment.


Whilst your [1] נפש Nefesh "Earthly Soul" - remains in your physical body - every minute of your life - your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul - remains in the spiritual world - every minute of your life - and YOU - through your [2] רוח Ruach Speech Breathe of life - ensure the connection is always possible to be made so that you can live in spiritual wholesomeness of your soul.


Your Karmic Life begins when 3 facets of your soul are Awakened

The 1st Day you make a Karmic Decision that is in sync with your destiny.

The spiritually wholesome version of you - that defines the beginning of your karmic life is - when you're fully awakened. You might be alive when you're a baby that can't talk or walk OR you might well be enjoying life as a teenager or young adult - but until the DAY you make your 1st decision that will be SYNC with and define YOUR specific destiny and NOT your parents is the DAY you become an independent Awakened Karmic Soul - and will have all these 3 facets of "you" working in sync.


[1] נפש Nefesh "Earthly Soul"

[2] רוח Ruach Speech Breathe of life

[3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul


It's an important fact and will need you to think back when was the 1st Day you make a Karmic Decision that is in sync with your destiny and not a decision your parents made or a decision that was forced on you - but a MAJOR karmic decision that YOU made - because that was the 1st day your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul was talking to you when it pushed you, encouraged you, enticed you, forced you to make. That day for all intents and purpose is the 1st day of your life - and each day you LISTEN to your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul is a day when you're living life - all the other days when you're NOT listening to your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul - you're just like an animal with the power of speech!


In fact ALL the MAJOR decisions you make that define your destiny - your life - are IN SYNC with what your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul wants for you. Even the mistakes - you're destined to make - have been made by your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul to teach you karmic lessons.

Without your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul guiding you - and being ENABLED into ACTION - your life will seem like it's DEAD and STAGNATED - this too is a karmic message from your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul and defined by "The Three Keys of Reincarnation". As I explain in "Astrology" - that inexplicably your emotions are constantly guiding you to make decisions and do things - that you wouldn't logically do - because karmically your [3] נשמה Neshoma Higher Soul is in SYNC with and listening to the karmic messages - especially at each New Moon and Full Moon are ensuring you do what your destiny needs you to.


4. חיה Chaya is the Soul's Life-Giving energy

4. חיה Chaya is the Souls Life-Creating energy - is the level of your soul that CREATES something from nothing - it is the manifestation of "life". [4] חיה Chaya is the Souls Life-Giving energy, the spiritual quality of the 4th Level of ones Soul "חיה Chaya" is where one acts as a channel to bring down spiritual "Life-Giving" energy from the realms of the spirit world to his physical world, this level is called "חיה Chaya" which means "Creating Life", as without this flow of spiritual energy there would be no life on earth.

[4] חיה Chaya "Life" is your soul's ability to become energized and to creates something from nothing. All creativity is linked to the energy from your HIGHER SOUL from [4] חיה Chaya "Life".

The act of making love - sex between a man and a woman loving each other - creates an abundance of [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy - even if a child isn't conceived - the act of making love - somehow creates an abundance of energy. "Love" is [4] חיה Chaya Life energy energy that takes a person's spiritual soul to a HIGHER more VIBRANT level. This automatically enables and unlocks all karmic blockages - because your soul is OPENED.


The 1st day of your life when you are energized by [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy - is the day you experience SEX with another person [yes that excludes all the people who self-abusively "play" with themselves]. If you avoid SEX with another person - then you're missing an important facet of your soul - this facet of [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy - enables you to do things on a HIGHER LEVEL - more than the mundane logical and earthly.

Karmically, the LOVE created between MAN and WOMAN during SEX enables ACCESS to a spiritual energy that can SOLVE all mundane problems - it can even UNLOCK karmic doors. And it's not just during "SEX" - but when you're in a wholesome loving relationship - you're loving togetherness - "LOVE" has the strength to create something from nothing - that is your ability to access your HIGHER SOUL [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy , create things and make things happen.

Many people can't always be at such a HEIGHTENED state of excitement - and that's why [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy isn't always present. But just like LOVE - once experienced - it's results are always with you in your aura.

However, all spiritually enlightened souls are working on having a constant status of [4] חיה Chaya "Life" because it means that you're constantly in love with every facet of life and everyone in your life - love all people with loving compassion - and due to your constant love for Divine GOD for the gift of life - it is the LOVE that gives "life" to your existence.


Karmically - [4] חיה Chaya "Life" energy is the source and reason - you can CHANGE every karmic situation - through LOVE - especially TRUE LOVE - during sexual union of man and woman - can dissolve all blockages - as it facilitates a transcendence of life giving energy - as explained on "The Three Keys of Reincarnation" - that the main karmic blockage in almost everyone's life is hatred and negativity - the lack of love where there should be love.


5. יחידה Yechida Oneness

[5] יחידה Yechida Oneness - is the idealistic spiritual level of your soul which is constantly with it's roots in spiritual world of souls - in fact the only way for you to connect with your HIGHEST level of your soul is by detaching yourself from this physical world. The spiritual state of [5] יחידה Yechida Oneness is always attained whilst you're ASLEEP and during a genuine "Meditation".

Instinctively, this is the fundamental reason why you need to SLEEP - as your physical reality is often confused and diametrically opposed to your spiritual soul - that to gain wholesomeness - you need a good night's SLEEP - so that you can gain "ONENESS".


[5] יחידה Yechida Oneness - is your Soul's desire to be at ONE with GOD, this is instinctive for everyone - and is your soul's idealistic yearning for the spiritual existence of Oneness and wholesomeness with the Eternal Divine Universal GOD. Unfortunately in this "modern" generation many think you need to get drunk or "high" on drugs to be a "ONE" - but that's NONSENSE - that's deception - but the "high" they refer to - is the "high" of being at ONE with DIVINE GOD - except that the TRUE [5] יחידה Yechida Oneness - is when you are NOT influenced by anything earthly - and is often found when you "fast" and detach from earthly worries.


All spiritual books explain that EVERYONE has the potential to rise to spiritual greatness - because EVERYONE has a soul that consists of 5 levels - the highest of which is [5] יחידה Yechida Oneness. Indeed, this is the karmic reality of life - that we're all the same - even if people look different - intrinsically - we're all fundamentally the same. Indeed it is through Meditation and your [5] יחידה Yechida Oneness that you comprehend the paradox of Physical life and the Spiritual - for Nothing is Everything & Everything is Nothing.


The Awakened Soul is when the Karma Begins


For Karmic Destiny to Begin to be Fulfilled - [1] & [2] & [3] Levels Needs to be Synchronized

For Karmic changes to happen - to be solved - to be healed - you need [4] Life of Love


Whenever you lie using [2] speech it blocks the flow of energy from your [3] Higher Soul to your [1] Lower Soul

A lie creates a Blockage in your own soul because a lies is out-of-sync with the spiritual "you"


When you're not in the right place with right people at right time - it disconnects [1] Lower Soul from your [3] Higher Soul

Doing Anything Contrary to your Karmic Destiny is out-of-sync with your Higher and Lower Souls


Going to Sleep at Night & Waking-Up Each Morning - Elevates your soul to Spirit realms and Brings Down the New Energy

Indeed each and everyday of your life is like you've been born and died - as your soul elevates and transcends



The Sefer "Noam Elimelech" ספר נועם אלימלך

by the Rebbe Elimelech Weissblum of Lezajsk - Lizhensk, Poland 1717-1787

This brilliant explanation of the "soul" is best read in the original hebrew text. I've posted this hebrew text - because sadly lots of Jewish people don't believe in reincarnation - and yet the greatest Jewish Rabbis such as Rabbi Chaim Vital and Rebbe Elimelech - believed in and knew of reincarnation.

That too is clear to understand WHY people's souls are BLOCKED from accepting the TRUTH of reincarnation as there is a facet of their soul that is karmically BLOCKED - this is always so with OLD sensitive souls - who have to learn and overcome all of their past-life karmic issues and beliefs.


To translate this hebrew text......

[1] The Divine GOD has created our physical body and inserted 3 facets of a spiritual soul - [1] NEFESH [2] RUACH & [3] NESHOMA - each of these are represented by 3 spiritual worlds - the world of angels - the world of cycles of reincarnation - and the lower physical world. The [3] Neshoma Soul is connected with a STRONG BOND with each, every and all the spiritual souls in the whole world that ever existed and exist. Each Neshoma soul has only ONE desire and that's to be constanly connected with the DIVINE GOD and doing what it's destined to do - without any distraction for anything it shouldn't be doing.

[2] the Ruach Soul is representing the world of reincarnated souls - which constantly brings life to everything in this physical world - such as rocks, trees, living animals and people - through the breathe of life - the Ruach "spirit" Soul - like wind blowing - can transmute and flow from one identity into another.

The Nefesh Soul is the lowest level which creates energy needs and wants in animals and people that makes them desire things in this physical world.

[3] The Neshoma and the Ruach parts of your soul - both work together to protect the real essence of "you" and constantly seeks to drive you to holiness and spirituality.


Explanations - The fact that your Neshoma soul is ALWAYS connected in the spiritual realms with all the other spiritual souls - defines that you're constantly connected on an "internet" in the higher spiritual world - and connected with everyone in your Soulgroup. There is never a reason to feel lonely. Inexplicably - you will always find the right people to be connected to in your life - as your Soul will always guide you to be connected.

It is only your stubborness and LIES that DISCONNECTS your soul from the right people - but even if you are technically disconnected - spiritually you are never disconnected from all the right people.


It is therefore clear - that if your Neshoma - Higher Soul always stays the same for Eternity - then it is only the [2] Ruach Soul - that transmutes into the [1] Nefesh Soul - to define your Physical Reality that defines your "reincarnated life" - the question of why you reincarnated is in order to restore these two facets of your soul to be IN SYNC with your Neshoma - Higher soul - and hence this defines what is your karmic mission of this lifetime - in fact your karmic mission for each and everyday too.



I would suggest all Jewish readers - to read and learn this exceptionally brilliant spiritual book

"Noam Elimelech" ספר נועם אלימלך

by the Rebbe Elimelech Weissblum of Lezajsk - Lizhensk, Poland 1717-1787

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם