The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Book of Reincarnations - Sefer Gilgulim ספר גילגולים

written, intuited and explained by author of ספר סודי סודות

The Physical Place Which is Right for You

יניקה מלמעלה Where is Your Karmic Home?

The fundamental facet that needs defining is that for you to be completely in SYNC and wholesome - both your real Physical Place where you live at this moment in time AND your Karmic Home - should be the same place - because that place maximizes your potential - it is the place where your spiritual soul feels "at home" and where your soul is energized the most.

During this current inexplicable and sometimes confusing journey of life that you're on in this specific lifetime and due to the freedom of travel and movement unlike in any prior generation - you will have the ability to live in one place - whilst traveling to other places - some of which will be associated with your past-lives - and will be inexplicably karmic - you've lived there before - and these places can be energizing to you whilst equally they might be draining for you - depending on your past-life karma associated with that place.

It is not just related to the place - but the PEOPLE you are connected to in that place. Indeed, the place might be perfect for your soul - but the people are the problem and vice-versa - people will be good for you but physical place has lack of karmic energy that keeps you alive and sustains your soul.


Your soul is sustained by BOTH the people you have in your life AND the place where you're living. I define this by default - because if you didn't have the RIGHT people in your life AND you weren't living in the RIGHT place for you - you'd be DEAD. You'd have no energy to survive nor would you have the desire to want to live. Instinctively, you'd be in a state of unease and constantly want to move.

Probably, the mysterious karmic puzzle you have at the moment - is what if you feel half-dead - and just about alive - you know something BIG is MISSING in your life and you know something is WRONG because you don't feel "at home" - that inexplicable reality is karmic and defined by the fact that your soul is in one place whilst you are physically in another place!


Even if you have nothing to do with the vast majority of people you see each day or you hardly go outside to meet people where you live - their energy makes an impression on your soul - both positively and negatively - defined by the place / city / country you live in - which has either a positive or negative karmic energy for your soul - energizing or draining effect on you - if you ignore this truth - that you'll feel weaker and weaker until your soul forces you to move.


Inexplicably and instinctively, everyone has an inbuilt "survival" radar - you know if a place is SAFE for you or UNSAFE for you - good for you or bad for you - you know if you can see yourself living in a place OR if you can sense FEAR and NEGATIVITY that it is a BAD place. You know this yourself - and like many migrants fleeing poverty, famine and wars - you too are searching for the place that feels RIGHT for you.


On a spiritual karmic level - even if the place you're living in seems suitable for you - you might inexplicably get a BAD feeling - void and emptiness - feeling the NEED to leave - that is your soul talking to you - and informing you something is wrong. Conversely, you might have moved somewhere because logic told you to move there for "work" - but in reality - you feel such a big void - and "know" you're in the wrong place that you know you need to move back "home".

There's no such thing as accident nor coincidence - therefore if you get inexplicable feelings - more than likely it is your soul talking to you - it NEEDS you to have the RIGHT energy in the RIGHT place with the RIGHT people. It's awakening you to FIND your karmic home - the place that brings out the BEST in you. But before you pack your bags and move - let me explain the difference between - [1] the "continuity" of the journey of this current life - AND [2] the "karmic continuity" of your soul - the fact your soul has unfinished past-life karmic business in certain places.


Then, even if you're living in the right place - due to the inexplicable "tidying-up" of karma from all your past lives - since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - defines that you need to GO BACK to specific places of past-life karma - experience the past-life energies then heal the pieces of your soul that's been left-behind in those places - enabling you to then move-on with your life. You'll find once you've attained karmic wholesomeness - you'll come ALIVE - as your soul and your physical reality are at peace and in-sync. Indeed, I've known many people who actually magically get better and become physically healed after they've found the wholesomeness their souls needs.


Continuity of Life & Karmic Continuity

Karmic Connections & Disconnections

Firstly, understand and accept - that NOTHING happens by accident in your life - defines that the place you were born has given your physical body and spiritual soul - a destined synchronicity - and every place you've lived in - you've been attracted to - for the benefit of your soul's life experiences. Your birthplace can't be forgotten - it was the place you started your physical journey - the place where your soul met your physical body - although astrologically I'd also define the place you were conceived - as the place of initial importance to your physical journey on Earth. That's why instinctively when people are LOST - especially during Mid-Life crisis - it is human instinct to go-back to the source of both childhood and understanding your parents - and then see where "life" went wrong.


Then the next thing you should think about is - each and every stage in your journey of life - all the places that DID BIG things for you - the countries, the cities and the places you lived in - which defined specific destined events in your life - these too - can't be forgotten - they're all pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life.


The truth is your life is a continuous journey - each place either GAVE you energy or TOOK energy from you - the inexplicable giving and taking, energizing or draining was defined in accordance to both what destiny wanted for you and for what past-life karmic accountability has defined for you. Past-life karma isn't just people - it's about the places and energies during movement in past-life. Sailing in a ship or taking the train - has energy too. Traveling to a specific country of past-life consequence - even for a holiday - creates the opportunity to "heal" the past-life karma.


There are many people in this generation are reincarnated souls from the past 100 years - and during European Pogroms, WWI and WWII which displaced many people - places that took everything from everyone - places and events that created a FEAR of homelessness and FEAR of movement / travel - especially for many good Jewish souls who took the fated past-life train journey to Auschwitz. These FEARS are embedded on karmic souls. However, when you overcome the FEAR - and visit these places in the safety of "today" - it heals the past-life karma. As the negative energy of fear embedded within your soul is negated by your positive experience of today.


Similarly, if you've had trauma in your earlier years by people and places - then revisiting these places in safety of adulthood - has a great karmic therapeutic value. Even visiting the grave of relative or someone who was very evil and abusive to you has a way of making you feel good and heals karma - I've even seen someone "pee" on the grave too - although I don't suggest you do - but the thought of doing so - might put a smile on your face and heal the karmic pain of an evil person.


Past Life Karmic Memories Needs Healing

The reality of this life is the spiritual continuity of your soul in relation to all your past-lives - defines that all the places where you've lived in all your past-lives creates an inexplicable feeling towards these places - each of which needs healing. The reason you have feelings is that you have unfinished karmic business - each of the places will have an influence of "YOU" until you "do" the karmic healing. Some of these places you might FEAR and never want to return to - other places - will do "magic" for you - as they GIVE you a clear sign of where your soul wants you to be and where your soul needs you to be.


The current situation in Europe is that since 1990's - Poland is now part of EEC and safe to travel - means that 1000's of people from all over the world come to Poland. Many Jewish people are returning and visiting Poland - especially, each and every year in March - people come for the anniversary of famous spiritual Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk - this is the time people use the visit to Poland to go to Auschwitz, Krakow and other places of past-life interest - it is as if karmically - the spirit of "Rebbe Elimelech" is ensuring all past-life karma is healed and all the good Jewish souls are being healed by revisiting Poland.


There's no rhyme nor reason WHY people have a FEELING when they visit Auschwitz - for some it's a reminder of history - whilst for others it's deeply embedded on one's soul as a past-life "trauma" that needs healing - and just like some of the cities in Poland - Auschwitz is a place you feel you've been to or not in a past-life. And like everything karmic that's totally inexplicable - the best way to heal it - is to go and see in real-life for yourself - STOP fearing it - ACCEPT it - and then let-go of it forever. Once it's healed within your soul - it's done - and you'll find karmic wholesomeness with a complete karmic detachment.



Photo on right is Chassidic group of orthodox Jews walking infront of one of the Auschwitz Gas Chambers

And on left is the entrance to Cell-Block 11 - a place of brutal torture and the gates to the "firing-wall".


Visiting Auschwitz in 2008 redefined our lives - realizing there's truly nothing to fear in life except fear itself. As we walked through Auschwitz - collectively and individually - everyone experienced an inexplicable profound shift from within - but more than that was both a deep appreciation of the gift of "life" itself AND a karmic healing.

The experience created a determination and strength - from WITHIN - the experience was "talking" to our souls. Something that was LOST until then - was returned after being in Auschwitz. What "it" was - can only be described as part of our soul that had been lost. There's a reason why I've given this example - to prove to you too - something inexplicable and karmic for you to do - to find a part of your soul that's lost....


If you're living in one place - but your soul -

is somewhere else - then you'll feel LOST

It's a complicated karmic generation with everyone living complicated life - with so many facets of different past-life experiences coming back into your current life to enable you to HEAL the past-life karma within your soul. Indeed, this is the reason why there's so much happening in everyone's life - I'd say without any doubt - since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 - that EVERYONE has something inexplicable in their lives - and it's made you and is making you feel LOST and CONFUSED.

It's forcing you to search for answers to the past-life mystery of your life - and that's why you're reading this section of the website. Destiny has brought you here - thanks to the karmic gift of the internet. What "it" is that's puzzling you - can only be described as part of your soul that's lost - and hopefully you'll soon see how you can find yourself.


Why you feel the way you do is - your soul "talking" to you - and the reason is because you're physical reality and higher soul are disconnected - you're NOT in SYNC with where you should be - so it feels like part of "you" is where all the action, vibrancy and aliveness is and is somewhere else enjoying life - whilst you're stuck in stagnation, karmic negativity, empty of all vitality and totally lost.

What you want and what you're searching for is YOU - the REAL YOU - to make you become IN-SYNC with your destiny - a wholesomeness of both your physical reality with your higher soul - that has defined where you should be and what you should be doing.


Now THINK of Everywhere You've Lived

Define each place "Positive" or "Negative"...

You don't have to go traveling - it's an exercise which you can do - which you need to do - before you can move forward - and that's specific for your journey of life - EVERY place you've been to - EVERY place you've slept - define the place for what energy it's given you - positive or negative - and if it's been negative or problematic in your life - then you need to HEAL it. If it's been "positive" and helped to change your life for the better - then reabsorb the energies - they're inside you - in the memory of your soul.


All the positively good places you've lived in - define a SYNC between your higher spiritual soul and your physical reality - because these places created a vibrancy and aliveness within you. You didn't feel LOST at those moments of your life - did you ? So recapture the feeling - it's still WITHIN you - because everything you've experienced is intrinsically part of "you" - as you were destined to be where you were - use the memories to energize you in the present moment - to help you define where you've gone wrong and why you feel "lost". Then suddenly - you too will find a part of your soul that's been lost - and you too will come ALIVE.


The reason why so many people have blockages or difficulties is that they attempt to DELETE and BLOCK-OUT period of their lives - that existed but because they were painful - your mind has blocked them out. Your life is a continuous journey - so you're blocking-out or eliminating periods of time - you're actually disconnecting yourself from your own good luck.


The only way is to think-back and relive the events in your mind - and then heal your soul through letting-go and forgiveness. Find out what event - what year - what specific point BLOCKED the flow of your life energy - what specific events and places changed the course of your life - what facets of you got "lost" and what facets of you got "found" at certain times and places.

I've known many people who had abusive parents - whom after their evil father / mother dies magically they get "lucky" - as their soul becomes liberated from all the trauma and evil that parent created. You too - don't need to wait for them to drop-dead and die - you can THINK back and HEAL your soul.

Write a list of everywhere you've lived, from the day you were born and of each year of your life - think of what each place created in your life - what it did for your soul - good energy or bad energy - lucky or unlucky - positive or negative - AND most importantly for the karmic healing of your soul - with the gift of hindsight what would you do differently if you had a chance to relive the moment.


Your Life is a Continuous Karmic Journey

Your life is a continuous journey - even the bad bits - so when it goes wrong because you took a "wrong" turn - return and go-back to places you know that were right for you. Don't block anything out of your life - continuity of your soul defines - heal the event and let-it-go. Whether it be in this lifetime or in past lifetimes - when things go wrong - accept them and move-on. Creating negativity, anger and resentment is like creating a barrier/blockage to the flow of the river of your life.


Due to the complicated multi-faceted dimension of our modern-day lives - not everyone you know - knows everything about you - they "think" they do - but past relationships - past loves - joys and happiness, pain and anguish you've experienced aren't energies they sense - so your soul feels detached from them - because they haven't shared your experiences. They aren't part of the continuous journey of your soul - they're just a small part of it.


That too is OK - because segments of your life - are karmic and pertainable to facets of "your soul". However, the people who know the most about you - the people who've been present either through the vast majority of your life OR through the most important parts of your life OR understand you the best defined by past-life karmic events your souls both shared - are the ones who relate best to your soul. And in understanding the importance of the place where you live - it is your "home" that understands your life the best - your energies are impressed on the place where you live - and the place where you live either brings out the BEST and the WORST in you.


From my experience with many readers - I must say - that simply writing a list of everywhere you've lived and "thinking" back to lots of real events that define your life is all that you need to do - as you have probably forgotten about places in your life - and forgotten the positive energies the places created for you - which had infact been places and moments of great energy for your soul. Just be remembering them - will bring YOU back to "Life".

Astrologically, when you think of continuity of life - the constant journey we're on - each day and each year is important to everyone's vitality - for example - the fact that Pluto in Leo 1936 => 1958, Pluto in Virgo 1958 => 1972, Pluto in Libra 1972 => 1984, Pluto in Scorpio 1984 => 1995, Pluto in Sagittarius 1995 => 2008 and now Pluto in Capricorn 2008 => 2022 - each phase of the karmic journey of Pluto is important - and no detail to be left out. Life is a continuous journey of constantly transcending energies - if you've left energy in the past OR if you've discarded or blocked energy from the past - you're actually missing a part of you.


The Places that Bring out the Best in You

By now - after reading this page - you'll become energized - just the thought of some of the places you've forgotten about - their memories will make you come ALIVE. Indeed, if not for the different places and experiences your soul receives - you wouldn't be alive. In your "loving relationships" - each person you've loved has been important to you - and left you with an energy - either positive or negative - but even if it's been karmically negative - there's still a positive aspect of the relationship that you can salvage it's energy to make you feel alive.


Likewise in every place you've been to - there's an energy of the place that stimulates and positively energizes your soul when you first see and experience it - and thereafter "it" just becomes part of your aura. Some places you get used to quickly - some places you'll always want to avoid. But there are unique places at different moments of your life that bring out the best in you - because these places trigger energies from past-lives that opens your soul to depth of spirituality. The further back in time you go - the greater the depth. There will be places that do nothing for you and places that "talk" your soul. The karmic gift of the internet enables you to look at photos online - without even traveling there - sense what your soul needs to sense - become energized and then get-on with your life whilst having received an energy from what your eyes see.


River Salzach - Salzburg Austria .......................... River Danube - Budapest, Hungary

Walking by any river or along the seashore will remind you of your past-life karma


Visiting & Seeing Places of Past-life Consequence

Reconnects your soul to it's source


St Peters Square & Basilica, Rome ....................... The Spanish Steps Rome

Strong Karmic Reminders of Places where you might have been in a past-lives trigger depth from within you


St Peters Rome - in a city which is over 2000 years old - is an inexplicable experience - especially if you've been there in any of your past-lives - even if you have no unfinished karma in Rome - revisiting a city that your soul remembers will have a profound experience on you. The Eternal city is talking to your soul as you walk the streets of Rome. The same applies - for every place and every city you've lived in - as you walk the streets in real life - your feet become grounded to refill your present-day reality with your past-life karmic experiences.


When you're in-sync with your Higher Soul

You'll feel wholesome and energized

The karmic puzzle is solved and defined by when you're in the right place - and only you will feel it and know it.


It's quite a remarkable experience just writing a list of everywhere you've lived and "thinking" back to lots of real events that define your life is all that you need to do - as you have probably forgotten about places in your life - and forgotten the positive energies the places created for you - which had infact been places and moments of great energy for your soul. Just be remembering them - will bring YOU back to "Life".

That's when you'll realize that you ARE living the life you are destined to live - because you now feel alive - what you do and where you go now - is also defined by destiny and it will take you along a journey to accomplish what your soul is yearning to accomplish - and that's the pathway to enlightenment. But I must say that REAL life is a wonderful GIFT - each REAL experience of each REAL place in the world - has energy - life-giving energy - with the purpose of enlightening your soul and saving your soul.



Becoming Karmically Wholesome means being rescued from an "Earthbound" Status

The next facet of healing your soul is - to become rescued from an Earthbound status - to find the Spiritual "Light".


יניקה מלמעלה The Place is Talking to Your Soul

In conclusion, the physical place you find yourself living in - is the place your soul is relating to. Your soul is constantly absorbing the energies of your home , the place, the city and the country you're living in. The energies are talking to you - giving your life meaning and purpose.

This is one of the reasons why a person's space - where you go and what you do - defines "you" - does your soul SYNC in peace and harmony of where you go or does your soul feel unsettled and feel something's wrong. Did you forget a part of yourself somewhere? Are you searching for yourself? Or are you just needing to be awakened to the vast amount of energy available to you - exactly where you are right now.

Whatever your current status - when you become awakened to the reality of WHERE you are - that's when the place can talk to your soul - and that's when destiny can start rearranging your life by healing the karmic energies of your soul. If you're not supposed to be where you are - then the energies of the place will assist you to move.


Are you "LOST" and want to go "Home"?

Close your eyes and think of "home".

Many of you, prior to reading this page - will feel LOST - hopefully this page will help you realize "life is a journey" - but some of you will realize that you are LOST and the only way forward is to go back "HOME" - you'll get a feeling that you've LOST yourself along the current pathway you've chosen. Am I right?

That too is OK to feel LOST - because only when you feel LOST and accept that you've made a BIG mistake along your journey of life - can you then begin the journey back "home" to correct the mistakes. Thankfully, you are alive and have a mind - so close your eyes - and think of "home" - the place that gives you energy - when you tune in correctly to vision of back "home" - the thoughts and feelings in your head - will energize you - and you'll begin to feel much better. With the connections and energy to back "home" that's when you'll be able to move-out of your current dilemma to reconnect with your destined pathway.


Nothing happens by Accident nor Coincidence

As a footnote - with karmic thanks to the kindness of website readers and thanls to Rzeszow, Poland

I was "LOST" - and Destiny guided me in December 2012 to Poland - although I had visioned it from 2009 - it was a moment of unexpected surprise when "life" brought me back to Rzeszow, Poland and found an apartment to live in. I found myself at "home" and here I am writing online for you.

I must reveal that after living here for a few months I found-out historically the apartment was on the edge of the former Rzeszow Ghetto - a Ghetto that contained over 40,000 Jewish people from all the villages in this South-Eastern area of Poland - before being deported and murdered in Belzac concentration camp.

I knew and know there's strong karmic past-life significance to Rzeszow - destiny took me back to complete and to correct what needs to be corrected from past-life - except this time - I hope to get-it-right find the right answers, heal the past-life and only when I'm karmically complete - I will be ready to leave in September 2014.

Rzeszow talked to my soul - my soul listened and thankfully the corrected wisdom is now online - here on the internet - Spiritual Secrets website - defined by Books of Spiritual Secrets - ספר סודי סודות



In "2013 & 2014" lived at "Dekerta" to complete past-life karma of Spiritual Writings

Thank GOD that I was brought-back to continue what I should have completed in "past-life" in Rzeszow


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם