The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Spiritual Need to use Hebrew Words & Phrases לשון הקודש

We recognize that it is imperatively important for us to use the hebrew language for spiritual reasons

Even though so - there are readers who think they cannot understand the hebrew words used on this website

But your spiritual aura needs to see and is attracted to the words of the Holy "Hebrew" Language


"Even If You Can't See Something;Your Higher Self Can See It"

אף על פי שאיהו לא חזי מזלייהו חזי

Talmud Sanhedrin סנהדרין צד



Your Soul is Awakened and Stimulated by the Hebrew Words

By an act of "Destiny" - I've found myself writing these websites - almost everything I've done has been created through "intuitive creative ideas" - which in hindsight - I've then understood as being spiritual messages from Spirit world to you - the readers. Even the colours of Blue and Yellow - the moving candles and the hebrew writing - which I've felt are all part of the visual package that the DIVINE SPIRIT WORLD of Souls wants to convey to YOUR SOUL over the internet through this website.

The truth of seeing "Hebrew Words" - even though you cannot understand their meaning is that your SOUL is stimulated by them. It does SOMETHING for your soul - it FEEDS your soul with energy.

I always say to people - "better to OPEN a book - than - NOT OPENING the book at all" - that's because at least by opening the book you're giving yourself a CHANCE to be energized by the wisdom. Spiritually, it is VITAL to be OPEN to all good influences and good energies - that's why it's vitally important whatever you SEE in your life - and equally important to GO to places of good auric energies - as your SOUL will be energized by the energies.

It doesn't matter what you "THINK" you're reading or concentrating on or looking at - because your spiritual soul - through your 3rd eye - sees and absorbs EVERYTHING around you - both words, images and energies.

Whenever you need to concentrate on something - have you noticed that you need to have the TV on OR be listening to MUSIC in the background ? That's because of your spiritual soul and aura needs to be "stimulated", "occupied" and "open" to these "other" energies - whilst it allows another part of you to concentrate on what you want to do. [I explain this fully in "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" in the introduction of "DOING OPPOSITES"].

Hence on this website - whilst you're reading the english words - your soul is absorbing and being UNLOCKED to the spiritual energies - collectively created by the royal blue background with yellow writing and the candles moving - and together with the stimulating and energizing HEBREW WORDS.


The Spiritual Secrets Hidden in the Holy Hebrew Words


Spiritual Secret [1] Due to the karmic "confusion" of souls transcending in the "last generation" - the "Hebrew" creates spiritual clarity - especially as it acts to UNLOCK all and any past-life energies.

Spiritual Secret [2] The "Hebrew" is absorbed by your spiritual 3rd eye - and it energizes and feeds your soul.

Spiritual Secret [3] Your auric energy understands "Hebrew" - as the collective energies of spiritual souls in your aura needs the "Hebrew" energy to OPEN and UNLOCK your aura to pure spiritual energies of enlightenment.


Spiritual Secret [1]

Karmic "confusion" of souls transcending in the "last generation"

Many Reincarnated souls are inexplicably attracted to the Hebrew Language - "Those that Like Hebrew - Really Love it" and "Those that Dislike Hebrew - Really Hate it" - whatever the emotions - positive or negative - if there are INEXPLICABLE EMOTIONS towards the Hebrew language - then it means karmic - past-life energies.

In our "confused" last generation - I know for a fact that MANY JEWISH people can't even read hebrew - and don't want to read hebrew - they choose to be IGNORANT to the hebrew language - because as predicted in the Book of Daniel the last generation will contain total CONFUSION of SOULS. Jewish souls will actually reincarnate as non-jewish and non-jewish souls will reincarnate as Jewish people.

Hence the positive attraction to HEBREW means your soul has past-life Jewish origins - whereas Jewish people who are totally disrespectful and ignorant of Hebrew - don't have past-life Jewish origins.


I've no doubt that people who are positively attracted to the Hebrew language have past-life Jewish energies and in the same way that like-attracts like - they have decency and standards of morality carried from past-life experiences for it states in the Talmud Kidushin 79b that Jewish souls have refined standards - אין ישראל חושדין על עריות - Like Attracts Like.

Unfortunately, this "last generation" - Jewish people masquerading even as religious orthodox jews have been shown to be immorally disgraceful - as the prophets predcited this too as these people have bad souls even animal souls in them - and aren't authentically Jewish - indeed that's why we're seeing many allegedly "Jewish" people not behaving as traditional "Jewish" people should behave. The deep and profound spiritual reason for this is due to the reincarnation of Jewish souls AFTER THE HOLOCAUST.


Prophecy of Elijah: End of Time "Confusion" for All Jewish Souls יש שאינם יהודים וחושבים שהם יהודים


Spiritual Secret After the Holocaust - The Reincarnation of the next generation of Jewish Souls REFUSED to come down as Jews. The unheard of extermination of Jews in the Holocaust was UNHEARD of and NEVER experienced in the history of the Jewish people. That when it came to REINCARNATION of these souls - THEY REFUSED to come down again to Earth as Jewish people.

אליהו בא לטמא ולטהר לקרב ולרחק אלא לקרב את המרוחקין - hence in the post war years "Jewish Souls became Non-Jewish People & Non-Jewish Souls became Jewish People" and hence at the end of time the prophetic rearranging of "Elijah the Prophet" will reveal spiritual truths and surprise many people.


The proof of this is - The 1st Step of "Hitler & Nazis" Destroying Jews in Europe was they burnt and destroyed all the Jewish Books. Today - "Jews" are doing it themselves - throwing away Hebrew Books, getting "modern" trendy homes free of old Hebrew books. When a "modern" Jewish couple gets married or when boys celebrate manhood at their "bar-mitzvah" - they should be asking for presents of Jewish books instead they ask for materialistic presents and pursue a non-spiritual materialistic lifestyle - they are totally uninterested in reading Jewish Books - that's because their soul's not really a "spiritual" Jewish soul.

No surprises, therefore, that the only idealistic "spiritual jewish" people left in the world who respect Hebrew books are "non-Jews". This indeed is the fulfilling of the prophecy of Elijah and Daniel. Conversely, I'm seeing many non-jewish people who love the hebrew words and learning so much from genuine Jewish spirituality.


The Last Generation of People will also contain "Animal Souls"

Have Compassion as Stupid and Ignorant People are "Animal Souls"

This "last generation" will be polarizing itself into having the WISEST people and yet simultaneously the most STUPID people that ever lived on Earth. These "stupid" and "ignorant" people aren't really stupid nor ignorant - so have compassion on them - as the Book of Daniel explains that the "last generation" will create opportunities for all the souls in the world to live as HUMANS.

The spiritual truth is "stupid" people aren't really human souls - they are ANIMAL SOULS that have been elevated into human beings - but still think like ANIMALS. Words and intelligent thoughts aren't going to stimulate their intelligence. The live for visualiztion of pictures and doing "physical" things like "animals". Even so - they have been blessed with the gift of reincarnation as humans to attempt to elevate their soul.

Additionally, there's the OTHER group of human souls who have reincarnated - but contain FIXED and STUBBORN attitudes of mind - and hence for them "they" want to revert the world BACKWARDS to old concepts - those OLD STUBBORN SOULS have been given the gift of reincarnation in the "last generation" in order to give "them" a chance too - BUT their OLD soul will refuse spiritual enlightenment - until it's too late - this too is predicted in the Book of Daniel. The fact that you're OPEN and understanding spiritual enlightenment is a BIG blessing and a karmic blessing.


Spiritual Secret [2]

The Hebrew is absorbed by your spiritual 3rd eye

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם - "Your Eyes are Attracted to Whatever Your Soul Wants and Needs" and even if you don't understand Hebrew - your soul does. It's inexplicable and yet true - because spiritually - you're SOUL is attracted and energized by whatever it sees. The Hebrew words energizes and feeds your soul - as the formation of the letters UNLOCKS a transcending spiritual energy.

If you think of your morning cup-of-coffee - you just NEED it - likewise I've seen and experienced that the recipe for conveying spiritual wisdom over the internet needs yellow writing / navy blue background / and hebrew writing - using verses from the bible and prophets written over 2000 years ago - which your soul will relate to and connect with.



In the same way that listening to Hebrew prayer can OPEN your soul too - This Youtube clip is of

A 2000 year old Jewish prayer ANA beKOACH - means "Please GOD give us Spiritual STRENGTH"

It has the words transliterated - so you can sing along too ...... See if you SOUL OPENS to this Song.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם Unlocks Your Soul to Intuit Secrets

The connection that is formed as you connect with the original hebrew words - will then UNLOCK your spiritual mind to INTUIT for yourself - as the verse I use at the TOP and BOTTOM of every page is Psalms 25 verse 12 סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם meaning the secrets of DIVINE GOD and the spiritual covenant is revealed to the special ones who respect GOD.

When your aura sees these hebrew words - it knows you are tuning in, wanting to learn and seeking spiritual wisdom - therefore it UNLOCKS spiritual wisdom to transcend into your mind and soul.


בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן I want to give you the secrets and wisdom ...

From time to time I insert this hebrew phrase בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן - which means The secret which is known to all who GOD favours - whenever there are things I want to CONVEY to you WITHOUT writing the words down - I insert this phrase - and it lets your 3rd eye and your soul know that there's more wisdom to CONVEY. It sends your soul a message to THINK and INTUIT wisdom.

This phrase was used in all spiritual Jewish books as a way of guiding people to THINK spiritually and use their spiritual gifts of TUNING INTO a DIVINE world of spiritual souls.

In the same way that the following image of Hebrew writing conveys a spiritual energy opening your soul to wisdom and knowledge. The words inspire a prayer from Divine spiritual world of soul to your soul.

Spiritual Secret [3]

Your Auric Energies understands Hebrew

The collective energies of Spiritual souls in your Aura needs the "Hebrew" energy.


על פי שני עדים יקום דבר

"A person is one part of two"

Many people erroneously think they are ALONE - in fact we are all made up of halves - everyone living in this physical world has another half in existence in the spirit world. And even though you can't see or even sense the other half of your existence - you are just ONE HALF of a WHOLE - where the other HALF of you is in Spirit World.

I've seen many people refer to this as "your higher self" - that's the WRONG term - because you are EQUALS - as YOU ARE PART OF EACH OTHER - the other half is YOU - yourself - and not someone else - your progression forward in life is TOGETHER - as you elevate your spirituality together - as you change in this world so too your other half in spirit realms changes and elevates itself too.

However, there are times when you are DESTINED to be somewhere and doing something - but you have taken a different pathway - your soul is still trying to follow that original pathway and is more connected to that pathway than you are here - likewise you're more connected to the wrong earthly pathway than your other half is.

Even if you have gone along a different pathway you can still be brought back to the destined pathway at anytime - as BOTH halves of YOU - always resonate to all common energies - hence during a Meditation you can find yourself at peace with yourself.

This is the reference to the excerpt I choose from "Sefer Noam Elimelech" which explains that when the DIVINE GOD "spoke" and "called" to each of the prophets - the DIVINE called the name TWICE - referring to connecting with BOTH HALVES of the individual - the part of the person in this physical world AND the other half in spiritual world.


"Your Collective Aura"

As you grow and mature - you'll find yourself attracting auric energies - from spiritual souls that will be connected to your OTHER HALF in spirit world - and hence they too - will influence your spirituality in this world.

Spiritually enlightened souls grow because they are OPEN to attract all kinds of experiences from all kinds of different people - each of which will have their own spiritual part of them. And even if you're no longer connected with them - the experience of the connection will always remain with you and hence remain in your aura. This is known as your collective aura. Energies that are there - but not always triggered into action.

If you have a Jewish connection from this lifetime or past lifetime - then that auric energy will be triggered into action WHEN YOU SEE HEBREW writing - a part of your aura is stimulated into aliveness. This also happens when you see photos of places your aura will respond to and to people you inexplicably know from one lifetime or another.



"Earthbounds in Your Collective Aura Sees Everything too !"

The spiritual reason why you should leave books - OPEN - is as explained on - "ignorance and opening to wisdom"


The Hebrew book "Sefer Ta'amei MinHagim [page 95b]" states a superstitious declaration was made "DO NOT LEAVE HEBREW BOOKS OPEN as you will be forced to forget the knowledge that is contained in that open page by spirits of souls that are hanging around you".


This mysterious confusing declaration is explained in "The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות" as follows, as we are being taught a SPIRITUAL SECRET OF DOING OPPOSITES. We are being told that spiritual souls are around us WILL be able to read the spiritual knowledge in the books that we leave open. Instead of them interacting with us to cause us to forget the knowledge - which is NONSENSE - especially if you can't even read hebrew script or have never read the book; instead they WILL interact with the OPEN book and with you in a spiritual way. We are being told a spiritual secret.

Indeed around each and everyone of us we ALL have spiritual souls; many of us in our generation have souls of EARTHBOUND low souls both created by our bad karma or attracted into our aura because they have nowhere to go after they've died and haven't got enough good karma to elevate their spiritual souls beyond this physical world.

What happens is when these earthbound souls READ the spiritual knowledge in the books we leave OPEN for them to read; they actually THANK US for doing so; they do this by infusing our minds and souls with the mutual knowledge, energy and wisdom they have learnt from these OPEN books. Therefore when you LEAVE BOOKS OPEN - you are actually leaving them OPEN for earthbound souls to read who are part of your souls energy; and as they elevate their spirituality - so too - you will be elevated too.


I will explained this and many other spiritual secrets fully in "Summer 2016"

"The Book of the Secret's Secrets ספר סודי סודות"



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם