The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Acquiring Your Own Destiny ....

The destiny that's in the Palms of Your Hands

You have everything you need in the Palms of your Hands - you just don't know you have "it" all !


What everyone should be doing is looking at Palmistry - and realizing the truth - that one line on the palm of your hand is more complicated to create than a diamond - as a diamond is fixed energy - whereas each line on your hand has been carved into the palms of your hands - with destined precision - in sync with your destiny.

And what';s most amazing by so many people is that you haven't even got what is YOURS to have - because if you had what is yours to have - if you had what is truly destined for you to have as written in the lines on your hand - then you wouldn't be asking for anything else. You'd have the peace and wholesomeness as defined in your own hands - because having your own destiny is all you need.


Many times, I "test" myself whenever I'm doubting something I'm about to write and what I'm about to do and that's I put both my hands together - when I feel the peace I know it's right and in sync with what I should be doing.

Try holding your hands together so that your lifeline on your righthand is exactly opposite the lifeline on your lefthand - do you feel calming energy, wholesome and peaceful as you do that? Or do you feel something isn't right? Something feels uncomfortably disturbing? Or do you truly feel the peaceful energy that's generated within you as you do it.


Forget trying to Change Your Destiny

Concentrate on getting your exact Destiny

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands"


I know it's an easy mistake - and we all make it all the time - especially when we don't utilize to the maximum - all the potential energies that are available to us. On Moon Astrology I always explain that there's potential in every moment of every day - and yet many people fail to see the daily opportunities we're being given by the transcending astrological energies - until - it's given to you - right in front of your eyes with such an obvious force - that you can't avoid "it". Such moments are karmic gifts - when you have the "gift" from destiny.

However, in Palmistry - "life" teaches that you need to do something positive - to create your own changes - like cutting away your dead fingernails - sometimes "karma" wants you to see the errors and mistakes you've made - and then correct them. It not only makes you feel a lot better about yourself - but teaches you something deeper, more meaningful and spiritual about "life".

I explained on Power of Prayer - that it's NONSENSE to pray for anything - because that is attempting to force your will on the Divine destined will and pathway for your soul - prayers should be words of THANKS for being in SYNC with your exact destiny - and ask to continue to be led on the right pathway.

It is futile to pray for "love" - when it's clearly written in the palms of your hands - that you will have "love", be loved and become more loving - the problem people have is faith in "life" - when they can't see their future in front of their own eyes today. The ironically funny thing is you can see your future - today - right in front of your own eyes - in the palms of your hands.


Connecting Your Reality to Your exact Destiny

"Your Left Hand Defines the Destined Plan of Your Life - Your Right Hand Defines your Reality"


Place your hands together - start with fingertips touching - and then completely together - and then press them very hard together

Do you feel the shift and change in energies ? Whenever you need to know and feel your destiny - put your hands together.


Technically, putting your two hands together - you should feel 100% peaceful energy - you should feel energized as your righthand connects to your lefthand - like a circuit of electricity that's completed and enabling lots of positive energy to flow smoothly. However, if you're doing something you shouldn't be doing - even thinking something you shouldn't be thinking - or if something "major" is wrong with your life - then it will feel uncomfortable - as your right hand defining the the reality of your life at this moment - is NOT where it should be - defined by your left hand which is the destiny fixed for your life's journey.

When your two hands are together - both hands are communicating the differences with each other - your mind and senses tells you something isn't right - as it identifies the differences - and informs you that things need changing to put you back "on course" of where you should be and what you should be doing - in SYNC with and in accordance to your higher destiny. [I explain this more on "hand exercises"]


Is Your Right Hand the Same as Your Left Hand?

"You should technically have exactly the same lines on your right hand as your left hand"

But vast majority of people have many small differences and a few people have some BIG differences


It's a fact of life - that we all have lots of influences and distractions that take us away from our true lifeplan. That's life. When you choose to watch TV or a movie - that isn't meaningful and a total waste of time - that's a definition of being distracted from your lifeplan - but it won't stop you from relaxing every evening infront of TV - that's life.

Likewise - there are things we all do - which are totally meaningless in accordance with our destiny - the danger of diversion from lifeplan - is when we're so influenced by these meaningless things - that they then become more important than destiny itself. That's when you go ofcourse - you might sense it - but still refuse to go back on-course - until - it becomes so clear that it's off-course that you know - you must make a MAJOR shift to get back on-course.

For the vast majority of people - the RIGHT hand will be exact image of the LEFT hand - with a few exceptions. The biggest of which will be in the Mound of Mars on your RIGHT hand - which should be a direct reflection of your Mound of Venus on your LEFT hand. That's because whilst Mound of Venus has defined your prosperity and financial success - your EGO, stubbornness and especially your laziness defined by Mound of Mars has not allowed the complete destiny of success to come into your life. The easiest way to transform this is STOP BEING LAZY - [and do the hand exercises for prosperity - that is press the mound of Mars to the Mound of Venus - and awaken them by rubbing the mounds together].


Your Exact Destiny is written on your Left Hand

Your Real-Life Reality is on your Right Hand



The identity of RIGHT and LEFT hands are very similar - but there are a few distinct differences

The destination is always the same - proving that - everyone always meets their destiny even on a pathway they chose to avoid it.


The most fascinating thing about palmistry is just looking at the lines on your hand - especially when you have moments of fear, lack of confidence or simply moments when you need reassuring - and that's because when you look at the lines on your hand - you "know" - you're going to be alright - you're going to live, you're going to have money and work to live from, you've got purpose with your life - and you've got lots of "love" and "loving relationships" in your life to come.

It's so ironically funny to see that people in their 20's and 30's who feel they've lost the chance for a love-life and have no more possibilities - they are the ones that should be the most excited - as they still have the numerous loving relationships to come in their 40's and 50's - it's all written in your Heartline - Heartline's don't fade and end - they just get stronger and stronger.

Sp - just because you've had your 1st divorce or been dumped by your 1st love at the age of 25 - doesn't mean it's the "end" of your love-life - it's just the beginning as your Heartline will define - as most people only truly begin to fall-in-love and begin to live a strong passionate love-life after their astrological "Saturn return" when they're 28/29. Do you remember how you loved much MORE when you were 30 than when your were 25 - that's because you needed to learn about "love" and understand "love" before you could really "love".


The reason for this easy to explain example - is to show you that failures in life - destined mistakes - are all part of the journey of life - and so if your LEFT hand is different from your RIGHT hand - you always have the potential and power to get your own destiny that's written in your hands - the GOOD destiny that's been carved into your LEFT hand - it's YOURS and will always be YOURS - you can never loose your own destiny!

So whenever you get worried or depressed - that you have "nothing" - take a look at your left hand - and look at each line on the palms of your hands - realize the truth that each line defines YOUR DESTINY - YOURS to have and will always be YOURS to have - all your need to do is get "it".


Getting Your Own Destiny - It's Yours

Your life is Your Life - Your Destiny is Your Destiny - and it's always Yours to have whenever you want it !

All your have to do is stop wanting things that aren't yours to have - and focus on your destiny.


How to get it .... is by seeing "it"

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands"

Indeed, you might say - this is nonsense - but when you try it - and see that it works - then you'll realize - you never needed anyone to HELP you - you never needed any good luck charms or magical blessings from some hocus-pocus sheister magician - because you have "it" - written in the palms of your hands - it's yours - all you need to do is get "it" - and the way you get "it" is by seeing "it".

When you go shopping for something - you know more or less that you're looking for something - but you don't know exactly what it will look like until you see it. Likewise, Palmistry will show you that you're going to get "it" - because it's clearly defined in your destiny - then all your need to do is be ready to receive "it" when it comes.

Indeed, it's the truth - that many people in their 30's and 40's - "die" inside prematurely - because they feel nothing good will ever come into their lives - and yet that's "garbage" - each and everyone believes in tomorrow - you know the sun is going to shine tomorrow - and you will learn from Palmistry that your life has a future - otherwise you wouldn't be alive to continue to the destined journey of your life - so stop the "give-up" approach to life - and begin to have faith in the TRUTH - which is carved and written in the palms of your hands.

A spiritual Rabbi from Jerusalem [who actually reads palms] once explained to me - the reason why many ultra-orthodox rabbis ban the study of Palmistry - is that they want to take-away the power from the individual and want to control people's lives - by forcing them to believe in man-made cults and leaders. But the truth is every individual has the power within them - YOU have the power yourself - you have your own destiny - in the palms of your hands - all you need to do is get "it" - and the 1st stage is to see "it"....


Stare at Each Line on Your Hand

Each Line is Talking to You

As you take a few minutes - and look at the lines on the palms of your hands - the lines talk to you - even if you can't understand what's being said - each line has been carved into your palms to give you the answers and guidance you need to know. In Astrology - the daily astrological energies are constantly talking to you - especially the Moon - as it tells you how to feel and how not to feel - how it guides your life. You don't see the words the transcending Full Moon energies communicate to you - but you know the Full Moon is telling you something - likewise in Palmistry - the lines are talking to you - telling you - your own future - and the lines on your hand are telling you that it's going to be alright.


One of the biggest mistakes humans make is that when something goes wrong in life - instead of keep-moving forward - "they" stop and stagnate - wallowing in the negativity of a problem instead of moving past the problem. But as you will learn from Palmistry - that's the worst thing you can do - as life is a continuous journey - so keep-on-moving - that's exactly what the lines telling you - so keep-on moving.


It's simple - STARE at each of the lines on your hand - start with the BIG lines - your lifeline, headline and heartline - and as you do - look at the continuous journey that the lines define - look at the beginning of the lines and follow it to the end of the line. And as you do - realize that you have many years to do many more things with your life.


The most inexplicable remarkable aspect you will realize as you STARE at each of the lines on your hand - you will realize what a BRILLIANT DIVINE PLAN - that the lines on your hand tell you your own future - it's your own life map given to you and carved into the palms so that you'll never loose it - and no-one can steal it from you - always available for you to "read" anytime of day or night - Palmistry is a DIVINE miracle - each line is a miracle!


Your Whole Life is a Continuous Journey of

Everything and Everyone - "all" in your Hands

The Lines of your Hand define that your whole life is a continuous destined journey

If you HATE any facet of your life - If you have unresolved bad karma

or if you deny facets of yourself - then you will have blockages that prevent the continuity of your life


Time is moving forward - but are you moving forward? You "know" the honest answer to that question - don't you? Thankfully through the karmic gift of the internet - you've found this website and reading this truthful message. Destiny defined by Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces - means everyone is truly ready to move forward - because you will realize the karmic TRUTH that you are the one who has stagnated and stopped your own destined journey.

Now it is time to get yourself moving again. The "Hand Exercises" will help you awaken yourself - whilst your mind thinks of the following important facts of your life - that your life is one continuous journey - full of energy - and full of positive energizing events - which are all part of your soul - if you "cut-off", ignore, detach or forget something that is so important in your destiny - then you will find yourself without any energy to proceed. It's like attempting to drive your automobile / car after you've thrown out the battery - you might be able to roll down-hill - but that's as far as you'll get!


Forgive Everyone - they're all Karmic Blessings

Spiritual Palmistry defines a need to accept every facet of your life and forgive everyone in your life

Continuity of Your Life Means All Inclusive - nothing is forgotten - nothing can be forgotten - all is part of "you"

The best version of you is when you forgive all the negative facets of your life - and realize they were all karmic blessings


Indeed, that's why I've written this section in SYNC with Karmic Reincarnation [see "Three Keys" and "Good Luck & Good Karma" pages] - as you will realize that your destined journey is a collective experience for your soul - and all facets of you - need to be healed - made wholesome - in order for you to continue the journey - no-one should be stagnating - no-one should be stuck - the ONLY reason for stagnation is in order to face the karmic truth - complete the karma - and do what you need to do - to heal your soul.


The Method to Acquiring Your Own Destiny

"You have Everything you need in the Palms of your Hands"


When you realize that you have "it" all in your hands - then it's clear - you technically don't need to do anything - except OPEN YOUR EYES - to realize you have "it". This is in your mind - because you've spent months and years - blocking some things out of your life - that now you need to work on embracing each facet and realizing it's all part of your destined energies that define a wholesome version of "you".


[1] You need to realize that "Life" is a continuous journey - all the pieces of your "past" are all written in your hand - when you have unresolved issues with people from the "past" - their energies will block the journey of your future - and prevent you from having your destiny.

Each of them - especially the BIG mistakes you made - were karmic mistakes - and you must FORGIVE yourself and FORGIVE them - in order to heal their energies defined in your hand. You see - someone you once loved is always defined in your heartline of your hand - so even though the relationship has ended - it is still in your aura, in your soul, in your hands - because you DID love them - as you were destined to love them - so you can't forget that - and if you had children with them - then they are very important - therefore FORGIVE them - otherwise it will keep your trapped in the "past".


[2] Meditate and think of all the years of your life - from the day you were conceived to becoming a newborn baby - childhood and each year of adulthood - you have survived - all the coughs and cold - illnesses etc - all the ups and downs - you will reflect back and see your life is a MIRACLE.

When you realize that your LIFELINE has ensured you stayed ALIVE - in order to experience the journey of life - and your LIFELINE will continue to ensure you stay ALIVE for the next phase of your life - defines you must never give-up hope on "Life". Giving-up is an excuse for laziness and doing nothing - giving-up is negativity that blocks your own potential to live the life you're destined to live. Looking at your LIFELINE - will make you realize that the power of LIFE is defined by your own destiny.


[3] Each and every memory you have - is an energy in Your hand - all the daily nonsense and garbage you easily forget - but the BIG stuff you always remember - because the BIG stuff is carved into the palms of your hands - each real-life events has given you energy.

As you think back to the events - just the memories alone - will infuse you with lots of energy - because in truth - events in your life are energies in your soul and all part of you - how can you forget a part of you?

Do the exercise - look at the lines on the palms of your hands - and pick up all the pieces from your "past" - all the pieces that have given you energy - to be the person you are today. This is why the - "turning back" of time exercise from Book of Secrets works so well - as it reminds you of each and every year of your life - and reminds you that your whole life is one continues journey.


Even though getting facets of your life moving is defined by each of your lines - it is a collective journey - so as you heal your HeartLine - you'll actually see your Wealth becoming unblocked ; and as you understand your Headline - you'll see your vitality of life increasing ; and as you accept all facets of your Life - you'll see your love-life opening up.

The ironically funny thing that you will experience is when you heal all the destined facets of your life - and when you restore the wholesome energies defined in the palms of your hands - you'll actually forget all the negativity and find that you DO love all people who've ever been in your life - even the rotten ones - for each of them have "helped" you to become the best version of yourself - [even if they didn't intend to make you good - on a spiritual level they have helped you].



Life, Money & Love are always in Your Life

Your Lifeline, Headline, Fateline, and Heartline define that even when you think you have "no" life, "no" job and "no" love

You ALWAYS have the immediate potential to have a life, a job that earns you money and loving relationship to love


When you feel you have NOTHING - in fact especially when you feel you have NOTHING - is when you should look at the palms of your hands - and realize how much you do have. It might appear to you - that you have NOTHING - but your destiny - your aura - your life is defined by EVERYTHING you have done and EVERYTHING you're destined to do.


The only way to remove stagnation and negativity from your life is by reconnecting with everything you've done in your life - and if there's anything painful and negative - that the "past" has blocked - then it's time to remove the blockage - "By Forgiving & Loving".


STARE at each of your lines follow the journey from beginning to the end of each of the lines - lifeline, headline and heartline - and realize you life is a continuous journey - all the pieces you've acquired along the journey - are all defined in your aura.


Your HeartLine is defined by everyone you've loved

Your heartline is a continuous journey - and therefore your love-life is a continuous journey


When you compare the aura of a nerdy teenager and a confident adult - the difference might be "age" - but the real difference is defined by a person's aura - defined by all the relationships you've had in your life - the more sincere, the more loving and then more energizing they have been - the stronger the energy they define in your aura. It might have been short-lived and intense - but that energy is positively good and is defined in your aura.

As I explain on "Healing Hands" it is not what YOU feel or what YOU think that defines your aura - because your aura is only seen by other people - and what is sensed by others is what defines your reality. So if you've got lots of relationships in your aura - but you hate them, forgotten about them or have unresolved relationship issues - then other people will sense that from your aura - sensing and seeing you as "troubled" and "negative" - whereas when you resolve all your relationships issues - you will exude LOVE to the world - and when you LOVE all - the world senses this and will respond with LOVE.


Everyone has a HEARTLINE - everyone has the constant ability to LOVE - the moment you can't love is the moment you're dead - even if you don't feel loving at this moment - you still have the potential at any moment to LOVE. When you THINK back to everyone you have LOVED - then you will become loving. Remarkably, when you remember the GOOD moments of your "past" loving relationships - is when you become positively energized. The HUGE SURGE of POSITIVE energy you receive when you focus on the GOOD moments - is what your HEARTLINE - is unlocking for your HEART to feel ALIVE. And this is the secret to your future success is to feel alive.


And if you can't forgive any from your "past" - that's your karmic problem which will continue to create inexplicable blockages - until you concede the karmic need heal that relationship - because the truth is a "hate" energy is just another form of "love" - it is a strong emotional energy that lives within a person's soul - you only "hate" people that you should "love" - because if you had no karma with them - then you'd feel nothing - no emotions at all - the fact you have feelings means you need to heal the relationship.


Your LifeLine is defined by everything you've done

Your lifeline is a continuous journey - and therefore your life is defined by everything you've done in your whole life


Whenever, people worry about aches, pains and illnesses - even worry about "life" with nonsensical fears - when you look of your lifeline - from beginning to end - you'll see that your life has destined journey - with many years to come - and so - there's no need to worry.

The most important facet of your life - is to know that every EVENT of your life - has given your soul energy - it is a mark and line on the palm of your hand - which means it has ENERGY - when you think of each of the BIG EVENTS of your life - they will give you ENERGY. The reconnection and memory of the best moments of your life - will then reconnect you with your "lifeline" journey. Think back to the last BIG moment of your life that energizes you - that's probably where you need to go back to - to reconnect with your lifeline's journey.


Your Destined Accomplishments

& Your FateLine includes everything You've done

Your headline and your fateline - define a continuous journey

Your life is defined by everything destiny has done specifically for you during your whole life


Everyone has had moments of destiny - coincidences and events - that are unique to you - things that happen which you can't explain by logic - because they just happened. How many memories can you think of and say "Wow - I was Lucky" - if you can't honestly say ""Wow - I was Lucky" - then look at the news - and see the ill-fate of so many tragic events that are happening in the world - and then think - that could have been YOU - and because you are living were you're living - you were saved.

But FateLine is much more important than thinking "Wow - I was Lucky" - as your FateLine - defines you're living where you're living - and doing what you're doing - all the BIG things in life - that so easily someone else could have taken from you - but they didn't - things people might be jealous that you have and they don't have because - your FateLine has defined YOUR DESTINY - not anyone else's and not anything anyone can take from you.

Look at the beginning and end of your fateline - and however faint it might be at times in your life - and however complicated it's journey to your Saturn finger might look - your fateline has a specific destiny for you - each and everyone of you.




Does something HURT or DISTURB you?

When you look at your hands - does something HURT or DISTURB you ?

Something you don't like sensing what you're seeing ?


In the same way that the "turning back" of time exercise from Book of Secrets works to identify which years where your "problem" years - likewise - when you stare at lines on your hands - and feel inexplicable "hurt" or feel something disturbing - that's OK - and just like a Doctor's diagnosis - when you realize there's "hurt" - then you know - facets, periods and things of your life - needs healing and fixing.


Ironically, seeing the end of your lifeline which defines that one day - your earthly "life" will eventually come to end [as mine does too!]- doesn't create fear or any negativity - because life is the same for everyone - everyone is born and everyone dies. The truth never hurts or disturbs anyone - but the negativity, bad karma and unresolved blockages are what hurts, distrubs and creates pain. Therefore if anything in your own hands disturbs you - it means you need to HEAL those facets your life - then you'll feel the healing, the warmth, the strength and the wholesomeness in your own hands.


Sending Energy from Your Destiny to Your Reality

"Hand Exercises" will show you that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving each and every moment of everyday of your life. The energy is constantly available to you - because it's yours - in the power of your own hands - all you have to do is activate it. Besides the above exercises of holding your hands together - I have found the following works to activate the transference of power of energy from your "Destiny" [LeftHand] into your "Reality" [RightHand].

Indeed, there's a BIG difference between having your left hand ontop of your right hand than having your right hand ontop of your left hand. Try it for yourself - and feel - the difference. Do you feel the energy as you do it? You don't even have to say anything - just by putting your hands together - does something positive - and will energize your real-life. [Explained fully on "Hand Exercises" and "Healing Hands"].



Start with a distance between your hands and then move the palms of your hands together

Until your hands are close together - then press them together firmly closed

that's when you will sense the powerful energy transferring between them.


Your Power is in Your own Hands

The moment of brilliant enlightenment will come to you - when you realize that YOU have the power in your own hands. Indeed, everyone has the "Power" - your hands are your hands - your destiny is your destiny - and your own power is in your own hands. What you do with your "power" is your freewill choice - many do nothing - many do everything - many intermittently do things and then go-back to sleep - but as you learn how powerful your hands are - you will learn that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving - constantly - each and every moment of everyday of your life.

Your life should NOT be stagnating - your life should NOT make you feel like it's a dead-end - and your life should NOT be without LOVE - defined the fact that everyone has a lifeline, headline and heartline.

In the following introductory pages - you'll learn about this "power" - and then you'll use the information to find your own unique way and ensure you find your own destiny - live your own life - and do what you're destined to do with your life - and when you do that's when you'll truly feel alive - and realize the brilliance of the Divine gift of Palmistry.



סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם