The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Ability to Unblock Your Destiny

By Hand Exercises

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


Why the following exercises work - and why you will feel an energy in "you" - as you move your hands - is inexplicable and truly a spiritual secret - but as you will see and as you find your own "hand-exercises" that work for you - you will soon realize that your hands and your hand movements have a HUGE power and ability to help you energize your own life.

When any tells you - you should exercise more to be healthy - I say you should exercise your hands more - and the more your hands move - the more vitality the rest of "you" and your life will receive. When you realize that by shaking and using your pinky - Mercury finger more - it will make you lucky and open to lucky friendships - you will indeed be surprised how much power you have to change your own life.


"Your Destiny is Your Destiny"

All you need to do is wake-up and get "it"!

As explained "Palmistry defines that Your Destiny is Your Destiny" - which means no-one else can take it - it is your freewill choice to be lazy and do nothing OR wake-up and do something. When you decide to wake-up then it's your destiny to receive "it".

Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn defines that EVERYONE has a destiny - EVERYONE has a karmic purpose - EVERYONE has relationships - EVERYONE has numerous reasons why you're alive - and when you do what you're supposed to be doing - when you heal, change and fulfill your karma - then "life" will work for you - and you'll move forward with plenty of vitality.

BUT if you're not doing what you know you should be doing - and you're holding onto karmic negativities and creating your own stagnation and blockages - then you need HELP to unblock your own blockages.

Believe it or not - Palmistry and these Hand exercises - will help you unlock your own karma - and unblock your own blockages. All you need to do is MOVE YOUR HANDS - WAKE-UP YOUR HANDS - then the rest of your body will wake-up too. The only reason you have no success is laziness - because you're not doing what you should be doing - and therefore by moving your hands - you'll begin to see success happen for you - and stagnation will be a word for the "past".


Hand exercises for prosperity and success ...

"Shake your hands" - like you shake an umbrella!

Your RIGHT hand is defined by Mound of Mars - which gives you vitality, strength and power ; whils your LEFT hand is defined by Mound of Venus which gives you wealth, success, prosperity and happiness. So to get what you want - SHAKE YOUR HANDS - shake your hands in the air around you - anyway you feel - the best way is shaking them like you shake an umbrella - flicking your fingers with your thumbs - stretching your hands out wide and then rub your hands together - opening and closing your fingers - do this for a few minutes - and you'll feel something shift - although if you do it for just 10 seconds - you will feel a considerable change too.

Open Yourself Up to ALL opportunities - anytime of the day - by moving and gesturing your hands and pointing with your fingers - especially spreading your hands out-wide and try each of these .....


- shake your hands

- flicking your fingers-outwards with your thumbs

- stretching your hands out wide

- rub your hands together

- open and close your hands

- clapping your hands

- twiddling your Thumbs

- tap your fingertips on different surfaces

- press each of your Fingertips together with your Thumb


Hold your fingers back by your thumb - then flick your fingers away from your thumb - What do you feel ?

Stretch each hand out wide - each hand seperately - then BOTH Hands - What do you feel ?


Tap all your fingers on something solid

Like playing a piano on your desk - creates an energy - do you feel it ?


Stability and Peaceful Position

"Your Left Hand Defines the Destined Plan of Your Life - Your Right Hand Defines your Reality"

When you put both hands together - and feel the strength and peace - defines you're at "peace" with the world


Place your hands together - start with fingertips touching - and then completely together - and then press them very hard together

Do you feel the shift and change in energies ? Whenever you need to know and feel your destiny - put your hands together

Whenever you want to attain PEACE and HARMONY - put your hands together.


Sending Energy from Your Destiny to Your Reality

I have found the following works to activate the transference of power of energy from your "Destiny" [LeftHand] into your "Reality" [RightHand]. Indeed, there's a BIG difference between having your left hand ontop of your right hand than having your right hand ontop of your left hand. Try it for yourself - and feel - the difference. Do you feel the energy as you do it? You don't even have to say anything - just by putting your hands together - does something positive - as it energizes your real-life.



Start with a distance between your hands and then move the palms of your hands together

Until your hands are close together - then press them together firmly closed

that's when you will sense the powerful energy transferring between them.


"Your identity is your thumb

The energies you need are in your 4 fingertips"

When you use your thumb to touch - and connect you to the energies of the 4 fingertips - you'll receive energy

It is YOUR energy from WITHIN you - being unlocked and able to energize your own life.


As your thumb touches the ends of each of your fingers - you should feel the same energy

However, if you feel nothing or if it feels weak - that facet / area of your life is weakened

Therefore - hold and "charge" that finger with energy from within yourself.


All your Fingers have energy ....

Pointing and Tapping Each of Your Fingers ...

Your Jupiter Finger & Your Saturn Finger are always easiest to point and to tap with

But what about using your Sun and Mercury fingers more often - the power your need is locked in the other finger.



Wearing the "right" rings on the correct fingers

There's no exact answer - everyone is different - so go into a store and "try" on different rings on different fingers

The 3 fingers that need rings are - Mercury Finger - Saturn Finger - Jupiter Finger


Wearing Rings to Absorb Negativity & Enhance Qualities

One of the most traditional and best ways to absorb negativity is by wearing "rings" - equally wearing the right stone on the right finger can enhance the positive qualities of the finger or detract from it. For example, Black Onyx rings for Men on the Sagittarius segment of the communicative Mercury finger - ensures that Men - focus on their exact destiny - instead of being distracted by women - for Men are easily distracted by beautiful women - who use Sagittarian energies to take men's energy.


Hence Black Onyx ensures you only have eyes for your destiny - the "right" one for you - and are kept focused on your "destiny". Likewise for women whom attract unwanted jealous energies of desire - wearing RED CORAL rings ensure all the unwanted energies get absorbed and have no power.

There's no exact answer - everyone is different - so go into a store and "try" on different rings on different fingers - work out which ring works on which finger for you - but let me say that the fingers that need rings are Mercury Finger - Saturn Finger - Jupiter Finger. FYI - the Sun finger is a dangerous finger for rings - because Sun Finger defined by segment of Virgo is selfish and materialistic - it doesn't work with energies - it wants to be "alone" - I guess that's why wedding rings are a burden as they force people to be "alone" - and no more "fun"!


When you realize that "rings" have a power to protect and enhance your life - you will realize that you should ONLY WEAR specific rings when you need the power they create - so if you're working hard - then wear the "right" ring to keep you focused on work - then take it off when you've finished. Think of wearing rings - like putting your shoes-on or wearing a coat when you go-outside - you wouldn't wear them all the time. For example, I only normally wear the Black Onyx ring - when I'm writing the websites - otherwise - I never wear it.


Your Hands constantly Heal and energize You

Finding Yourself - From Within - Switch-off to the Outside World

Therapeutic to cover your face with your hands - it's the way you wash your face to feel refreshed

When you need to be refreshed - from the bombardment of external world - refresh yourself by covering your face



The outside world sees a different version of you than you see with your own eyes

When you switch-off to the outside world - what do you sense?


What do you instinctively do - when you've got a headache? You cover your face with your hands - which brings you protection - your hands contains the "protective" energy and refuses to allow any negative energy into you. However, if you try using your hands to protect yourself by using the full strength and power in your palms facing outwards - then you'll feel a lot stronger and much better protected.


What do you instinctively do - when you're sitting at your computer desk and want to wake-up to become alert? You instinctively STRETCH - using both your arms and hands - to STRETCH out wide - and then you feel refreshed. Do you realize how many other instinctive actions you do with your own hands to heal and energize yourself ? You'll be surprised - think and watch what you do by instinct - and then you'll realize many more secrets of Palmistry.


Are you Feeling Depressed and Tired ? Use both your hands and rub them together, slide your whole left hand (fingers and thumbs) over your whole right hand - this will energize your soul instantaneously. You have probably instinctively done this in the cold winter whenever you hands have been extremely cold - you rub them together to make them "feel alive". Wiggle all your fingers and feel a freshness being instilled in them. When you realize that you can create change in your life because you've become aware of the real power that your hands can generate - you will spend more than 5 mins doing "Hand Exercises"!


Now that you've read of few ideas that work - try different things that work for you - and soon you'll see facets of your life that were dormant coming alive - that's because the energy of your destiny - the energy of your soul is within your hands - when your hands are ALIVE - then your life will become ALIVE too. Wake-up your hands with hand-exercises - and you'll wake up your destiny.




Your Power is in Your own Hands

Everyone has the "Power" - your hands are your hands - your destiny is your destiny - and your own power is in your own hands. What you do with your "power" is your freewill choice - many do nothing - many do everything - many intermittently do things and then go-back to sleep - but as you learn how powerful your hands are - you will learn that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving - constantly - each and every moment of everyday of your life.

Your life should NOT be stagnating - your life should NOT make you feel like it's a dead-end - and your life should NOT be without LOVE - defined the fact that everyone has a lifeline, headline and heartline.

In the following introductory pages - you'll learn about this "power" - and then you'll use the information to find your own unique way and ensure you find your own destiny - live your own life - and do what you're destined to do with your life - and when you do that's when you'll truly feel alive - and realize the brilliance of the Divine gift of Palmistry.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם