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קו השכל The Head Line



קו השכל The Head Line

The head line runs across the palm horizontally with s light curve downwards; starting from the area between the thumb and the forefinger, in between the heart and life lines and usually finishes half way across the hand for most people, however for extremely intelligent people or people who are always "thinking" the head line can extend to the side of ones hand.

It represents the ability to think, reason and focus ones mind and thoughts. The head line reflects the strength of ones mind's ability to focus and concentrate.

When this line is well developed, long, and straight it indicates a practical mind and success in whatever one focus' on, as ones head is "switched on" and one is always thinking.

A Deep and Strong or a Weak and Faint Head Line ?

If the head line is strong and clear with no breaks or waves in the line this means one has the ability to focus ones mind and thoughts with a clarity of mind.

Strong Head Line - A good worker

A strong headline is a sign of a hard-working, level-minded person. A short but well defined line denotes the power of concentration and determined ambition.

Weak Head Line - Easily Distracted

A faint, weak and fragile looking line, whether it be short or long, tends to be associated with a mind that easily is distracted and bores with long periods of study and has an inability to focus ones thoughts on a particular subject.

The reason why most peoples headlines are short, ending at the ages of 40-45 is a reflection that at that age they are no longer able to think as clearly as they used to.

A Flat Horizontal Headline

A flat headline, that is the line moves across ones hand completely horizontally and doesn't curve downwards is the head line of an intelligent person, but not a person with any creative intelligence.

There is a difference as we all know people who are extremely clever but have little common-sense or any ability to think of creative ideas or solutions to real problems in life.

People with flat horizontal headlines usually have much shorter lines that people with curved headlines. The photo image above has a relatively flat headline in comparison with the black-and-white image where the headline is deep and slopes down the hand.

A Curved Headline

Curved headlines reflects a highly imaginative, creative and intelligent minds. The Curved headline moves across the palm of the hand and finishes in the "Mound of Creativity" for most people; reflecting the minds intelligent ability to think carefully, create ideas in ones mind and make them happen in reality, in the real physical world.

however if the curved headline finishes in the "Mound of Neptune" this reflects a person who has deep fantasies, lives in a dream-world and is probably always thinking of writing a "fiction-book"; such a deep-thinking intelligent person uses their minds to live in a fantasy world, and may have trouble in making the good thoughts become a reality in life.

A Plain Headline

Plain headlines reflect a person with a plain character; such people maybe intelligent but they can be totally boring to have a conversation with, as they simply talk like the books they read.

A Lively Headline with Interactions

The more lines that connect the headline with other lines on the hand the more interaction ones mind has with other facets of ones life; every line that crosses the headline reflects ones intelligence and mind being used to do something important in ones life.

The headline at young ages between 5-20 years old usually have lots of interactions as all children as they develop have to learn to use their minds in order to mature into adults.

The Point where the קו השכל The Head Line

Meets קו גילגול נשמה Lines of Fate and Destiny

At the age of between 28 and 45 everyone has the "fate and destiny line" crossing over the head line; as during those years something exceedingly "destined" happens in ones life that is actually the reason ones soul was born to live in this world.

Everyone has such a "destined" meeting in life; On the hands above the meeting with "destiny" is circled in red - this actually occurs on the head line at age of 38-40.

To calculate the age of your most important destined meeting in your life find the point where the fate line meets the headline and crosses over.

As an indication to calculate the age of the point; where the headline is directly under the middle finger (known as the Saturn finger) equals the age of 28-29 (known as the 1st Saturn return; Saturn returns to the exact point astrologically in the same star sign that Saturn was situated at the time of ones birth). Use that as a mark to see the exact age of the "meeting with destiny" in ones life.

This may vary on the right and left hands as circumstances in ones life may have created 2 important dates with destiny at different ages.

A Sloping, Long & Forked Head Line

A sloping headline that extends to and finishes at the "Mound of Creativity" reflects a highly imaginative, creative and intelligent mind.

When the headline forks at the end of the head line indicates an exceedingly creative nature, normally associated with spiritual teachers, mediums, psychics and spiritual healers, writers and musicians and in fact anyone who are works intuitively.

People whom use their mind intuitively are in fact "tuned in" with the Spiritual world, and the intuitive thoughts are messages ones mind, thoughts and soul is receiving from ones "Guardian Angels".

People with headlines that end or with forks from the headline that end on the "Mound of the Moon" are extremely sensitive, intuitive and are always in tune with Spiritual World. Such people make excellent psychics, healers, counselors and advisors.

קו השכל The Head Line Aims for Mound of Moon

The headline always aims to end on the "Mound of the Moon" and that is because your destiny is only complete and wholesome when you're living in SYNC with your karmic and destined emotions. Usually after Mid-Life is when you're at PEACE with yourself - because karmically you're in SYNC - between your reality, with your innerself and with your higherself.

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סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם