The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Power of Healing is in Your Hands

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


It is a fact of life - that no-one realizes their true power - you don't even realize your own power until someone else sees it - and then comments on it. You can't even see yourself and you certainly can't sense the warmth you emit to the world. That's a fact of life - and yet the power you have is unique and strong - a power that you can only truly "know" through relationships with other people.

Indeed, you don't realize how beautiful or handsome you are - until you turn someone "on" - in a loving relationship your sensory touching of the physical body of another person, even shaking hands and hugging - energizes both of you with huge amount of energy - making you aware of that you "DO" something for someone else.

Likewise, in all facets of your life - you don't realize how strong your soul is - until you see the results of what you do - and even then - you don't get to feel or know the depth of your power - all your "know" is that you have a power. Whenever anyone touches you - they feel your real Power - whenever you shake hands with anyone - they sense and feel your identity - a feeling that you will never be able to experience yourself - that is a fact of life. The only sensible and logical conclusion to this fact of life - is that "destiny" wants you to be WITH OTHER PEOPLE - no-one is born to live-alone!


Wherever you've "pain" - you put Your Hands

Instinctively - whatever the "pain" and wherever you have a "pain" - you place your hands on that area


Whether you have a "headache" - a "stomach-ache" or just banged your bare-foot - you instinctively place of your hands on the painful area. The power in your hands has the energy to make that area "feel" better. Often you can't even feel what your hands are doing - but simply placing your hands on "painful" areas of your own body - is bringing that area healing energy.


The Coded Map of Healing Hands - as written in the original "Wisdom of Palmistry Sefer חכמת יד Chochmas Yad" explains that each line, area and segment of your hands - has unique energy to HEAL you. For example, when you're emotionally upset and crying - you RUB your eyes with the Mound of Moon segment of your palms [most children do this instinctively - although adults - when they grow-up forget some of their instincts!].

Hence, I suggest, you experiment with your hands and each of your fingers to realize the "Coded" map of your healing hands. See what fingers and which hands - as you place them on parts of your body - helps you feel stronger and healed. And as I'm a strong believer that you have your own destiny - in the same way you create your own problems - you have the same potential to heal yourself.


Your hands can heal your body and heal your headache - as we explained in "Spiritual Rescue Work" very often headaches are indicative signs that your 3rd eye is being attacked - the best way to protect one from being attacked in covering your 3rd eye with the palms of your hand. Instinctively, many people who have a headache always hold their head with their hands - but they shouldn't take their hands off - UNTIL they feel the healing coming through.

This is what everyone does instinctively and subconsciously, using ones hands and hence ones souls energy to bring healing and strength to ones head. Likewise for any hurt, ache or pain - even dizziness to your eyes - the instinctive reaction is to place your hand on that wounded or hurt part of your body.

Indeed, the power is within your hands to heal your body. Everyone's hands radiate a spiritual energy, some peoples energy will be greater than others, but everyone has the potential to radiate good spiritual energy from their hands. GOD created everyone's hands with the same spiritual potential gifts, provided one respects and nurtures these gifts contained in ones hands.


Protecting and Healing Your Own Aura



What do you instinctively do - when you've got a headache?


You cover your face with your hands - which brings you protection - your hands contains the "protective" energy and refuses to allow any negative energy into you. However, if you try using your hands to protect yourself by using the full strength and power in your palms facing outwards - then you'll feel a lot stronger and much better protected.


Space Clearing with Your Hands

The best way to clear spaces from negativity is with the power of your hands


All around "you" is energy - you can't even see what it is - but it's there - and you always feel it whenever you walk into a room - you just "know" there's a heaviness, negativity or a positive energy in the room - but after being in the room for an hour - your aura adjusts to the space around you - which could be good or bad.

If it's your work desk - a dedicated corner where you do all your concentrated hard-work - then you know - that SPACE is special - and you can't work anywhere else - because that SPACE has the right formula to ensure you work to your maximum potential.

Similarly, you might have SPACE defined by a sofa or armchair where you always sit in when your talking to your friends - and another SPACE where you relax infront of the TV - and another SPACE where you dedicate to study and another SPACE where you sleep. Each SPACE in your home works with your AURA - and makes you feel positively energized and "right" when you're in that SPACE.

If, however, something doesn't feel right - and your don't feel comfortable in the SPACE - means the SPACE needs cleansing. You need to impress your energy on the SPACE - energize it the way your aura will feel GOOD in that SPACE. When someone has sat in "your" chair or at "your" desk - OR - when someone has driven your car - you feel their energies - and when it disturbs you you need to refresh the SPACE with your energy - to make it feel the way your aura needs. This is called SPACE clearing - and is done with your hands.



Spread your hands outwards from your face - and sweep the "air" around you - around your aura

Sweep all the "air" in your home - "sweep" all the spaces and things you need clearing and energizing



Sweep the SPACE anytime - especially when you feel negative vibes - but try and Sweep your SPACE regularly

Sweep the SPACE - especially when you feel facets of your life are stagnant and you're having BAD LUCK

Even Sweep the Space above you - as you're lying in bed - about to get-up and begin a new day


"Your identity is Your Thumb"

The energies of you are in your 4 fingers / fingertips - When you use your thumb to touch - and connect you to the energies of the 4 fingertips - you'll receive energy. It is YOUR energy from WITHIN you - being unlocked and able to energize your own life.

This energy can then be used to energize everything and anything in your life - and in the same way - we all create our own problems - Palmistry explains that everyone has the power to create our own solutions.




"We all create our own problems"!

Palmistry teaches that everyone has the power to create our own solutions too!


Healing Yourself by Foot Massage

It works but I don't understand why - try it for yourself

Your feet have numerous lines - just like the palms of your hands


In the same way your hands have numerous lines - each of which defines energy - your feet has lines too - moreover than that - your feet continue energies that are fundamental to your existence. For it's a fact of life - if your feet pain you - then you can't walk forward with ease - so whether you think your life is perfect or whether you think your feet are unimportant - give yourself a foot massage - rub and massage your own feet - with your own hands - and notice that you will heal yourself.


I don't know why it works - but it does - try it for yourself. Especially if you have any facet of your life that isn't going smoothly or is blocked - then you'll probably find dead-skin or uneven skin on your feet - that indicates facets of your life needs healing. So HEAL your life - by HEALING your feet.



Your Power is in Your own Hands

Everyone has the "Power" - your hands are your hands - your destiny is your destiny - and your own power is in your own hands. What you do with your "power" is your freewill choice - many do nothing - many do everything - many intermittently do things and then go-back to sleep - but as you learn how powerful your hands are - you will learn that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving - constantly - each and every moment of everyday of your life.

Your life should NOT be stagnating - your life should NOT make you feel like it's a dead-end - and your life should NOT be without LOVE - defined the fact that everyone has a lifeline, headline and heartline.

In the following introductory pages - you'll learn about this "power" - and then you'll use the information to find your own unique way and ensure you find your own destiny - live your own life - and do what you're destined to do with your life - and when you do that's when you'll truly feel alive - and realize the brilliance of the Divine gift of Palmistry.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם