The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

קו הלב The Heart Line



קו הלב The Heart Line

The Heart line is immediately below the base of the 4 fingers; it starts at the side of the hand beneath the little finger, known as the "pinky" or "mercury finger", and moves across the hand towards the thumb, either finishing beneath the middle, first finger or between the 1st and middle fingers. This line describes the emotions of love from ones heart and details ones "love life".

Lines going UP from the Heart Line - True Love

The lines going up from the heart line are the good true and passionately loving relationships your heart is blessed to meet in life. These are lines of true love.

Lines going UP from the Heart line at the very beginning of the heart line are going straight into to the "mound of mercury"; this segment is the segment of the hand that energizes and indicates ones ability to communicate. Lines going UP from the Heart line at any other point on ones heart line follow a pathway towards the "mound of mercury".

All truly loving relationships are based on the ability to communicate; without the power of good communication there cannot be sincere love; the main catalyst for deep and lasting love within ones soul is the strength of communication between two people. When one is in a truly strong loving relationship one can even communicate with each other with the power of thoughts.

All good relationships are indicated in the small lines going UP from ones heart line into the "mound of mercury"; these small lines are usually ones marriage lines and children lines as one communicates best with ones husband/wife and children.

Lines going DOWN from the Heart Line - Hate

The lines going down from the heart line reflect the bad and hateful relationships, these people that are indicated on ones heart lines by lines going DOWN are there to deceive and ruin ones life; they are bad people who are destined to be brought into ones life to test one; they try and destroy the loving emotions of ones heart through deceit and lies.

Hate is not just a matter of a lack of love; Hate is deadly and destructive energy, whereas love is a life-giving constructive energy, wherever there is LOVE there is life, happiness and good fortune, wherever there is hate there is death, sadness and bad luck.

The lines going down from ones heart (as in the image below) are finishing in the "Mound of Neptune" this is known as the חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination; this area in ones hand indicates how easily gullible and deceived a person can be. All bad relationships have their source in this mound of illusion, imagination and deception.

When someone deceitful will lie and say they "love you" they are trying to deceive you for the sake of trying to get something from you; all bad people are materialistic, greedy and selfish; they use their personality to deceive people in order to steal from them.

People whom have had bad relationships with selfish people have all been deceived, this is the ONLY thing they have done wrong, they have been "open" to be attacked and hurt by a liar.

This trauma of bad and unloving deceitful relationships is indicated by lines going DOWN from ones heart line. In the example below there are 4 very strong bad relationships lines going down from the hand; all of which occur from the early ages of 10 until 35, and have made a very deep emotional impression on the persons heart and life.


A Strong Heart Line indicates a very loving, "alive", passionate and compassionate person.

A Weak Heart line indicates an unemotional person, someone who doesn't get bothered by their emotions.

A Straight "Cold" Heart Line

or a Warm-Hearted Curved Wavy Heart Line

A straight heart line if often associated with a person who is emotionally closed, unemotional, dull and boring this is especially true if the head line is more clearly defined than the heart line.

The more curved the heart line, the more emotional and sensual the subject. People with curved lines are not afraid to demonstrate their emotions and have an intrinsically very loving and compassionate nature.

A powerful heart line is always associated with a lively and creative person. Whether they are an artist, builder, architect, gardener, writer, designer, fashion model, singer, songwriter, musician, inventor or just someone who loves listening to music, walking in gardens, or art museums etc.,

The person with a curved heart line is always a loving, compassionate and creative, such a person is always content and happy with life; "When a person has love a person has everything" applies to everyone with a warm-hearted and curved heartline; whereas people with straight Heart lines are never happy and content with love; they want more in life than "love" and haven't recognized that with "love" is the key to success in life.

A Plain & Short Heartline

A plain heart line reflects a plain and usually a cold-hearted unemotional person, who chooses to close the emotions of their heart and would not to be loved nor love; usually plain heartlines are short lines as such people stop loving at a young age and never really find "love" as long as they live; nonetheless a straight and long heart line means that one has loving emotions but is "closed" and doesn't let anyone know of ones true emotions.

A Lively Heartline with Many Intersecting Lines

The more lines that intersect the heart line the more people a person loves and meets in life that have a deep and profound affect on ones heart and emotions. A person whom has a intersecting lines on ones heart line means that one is "OPEN" to love and "OPEN" to be loved.

Every line that crosses over ones heart line indicates a truly LOVING relationship in ones life; some of these small lines that join ones heart line to ones head line can indicate that one loves the job one does.

Lines that go upwards from the heart line to the "mound of sun" and to the "sunfinger" indicate enjoyment, inner and outer happiness with the success of ones life.

Lines that extend from the heart line to the "mound of Jupiter" indicate that one will always know how to love and that one has the inner feeling that so long as one knows who to love then everything in life will be fine.

The Point where the קו הלב The Heart Line

Meets קו גילגול נשמה Lines of Fate and Destiny

According to Jewish Spiritual Teachings all generations are a continuity of life as one generation leaves another generation comes דור הלך ודור בא, there is an overlap in generations, and this is usually from grandparents generation to grandchildren's generation.

The spiritual bond that is made between one generation to the next is made from sincere LOVE; each person when they die leaves someone special that they love behind on earth; such a strong connection and bond of love between the two souls that the soul of the grandparent or person that passes to Spirit world chooses to come close to and help the loved one as much as they can, guiding there lives like "Guardian Angels".

The specific timing in ones life when one meets and decides whom one loves so much, with such a desire to come back after one dies from this world is indicated at the point where the "heart line" meets the "fate and destiny" line.

This is usually at the ages of between 50 and 80 years old; in the example above it is at the age of 55 marked with a red circle O .

This specific and destined time in ones life when the קו הלב The Heart Line meets קו גילגול נשמה Lines of Fate and Destiny is an extremely important spiritual meeting with "destiny"; one is choosing to prepare for the eternal Divine spiritual afterlife with a sincere love of GOD, love of life, and love for whomever one loves so much that one wishes to go to Spirit world to come back and help.

Usually at this age of 50-80 people become either disillusioned and depressed about life as they start to think about "mortality" of life OR conversely people become spiritually enlightened as wise people use their mind, thoughts and soul to recognize that there is a bigger picture of life, recognizing that this physical journey we call life is part of bigger spiritual existence for our soul. This then instills in our souls a real love of GOD and a love of life with gratitude to GOD for the gift of love and the gift of life.

More aspects regarding the heartline explaining in readings סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם