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קו החיים The Life Line


קו החיים The Life Line

The Life Line runs in a curve, it starts just above the thumb, between the thumb and the first finger, it runs downwards towards the wrist. It indicates the exact course of, the pathway of and the strength of one's life.

The Right Hand & The Left Hand

Usually only 10% of peoples right and left hands lifelines will be exactly the same, most people have variances in the right and left hands. These small and very significant variations indicate exactly what changes one has made with ones life; as one has managed to override and change ones original destined pathway.

Small variations indicate that one has made decisions and altered the course of ones life slightly; Major variations in the lifelines of the left and right hands indicate major changes one has done with ones life over-and-above the life that was originally destined for ones soul.

The lifeline on ones left-hand defines the original destined pathway one's soul is designated to take for the course of ones life; the lifeline on the right-hand is the actual journey one is taking; if there are any differences between the left and right hands lifelines these are due to ones own freewill decision-making, very often variances are caused by external circumstances if one is too easily influenced by other peoples lives or situations.

Long & Short Life Lines

The reason why many people are fearful of studying palmistry is that they are afraid of knowing and seeing the future, especially if that future in "physical" terms means pain, suffering and even death.

A short lifeline means physical death at the exact age it corresponds to on the lifeline as indicated in the diagram above; A long lifeline means a long life.

The numbers 20, 30, 40, 50 etc., in the diagram refer to ones age in years.

Please Don't be Frightened of Learning the Truth

Most palmists are frightened of telling the truth, so they interpret "bad things" wrongly to avoid handling the truth, in fact most people are frightened of seeing the future in case they see something bad. That's human nature, but one thing is for certain is that we are all going to die one day, and that's something that all of us will have to come to terms with and accept as an inevitable truthful fact-of-life.

In this website we have decided to follow the ways of the Jewish Book of Palmistry Chochmas Yad, therefore we are telling the facts as they are. We know how difficult this maybe for some people to read, but it is far better that we write the truth than pretend untruths by deception.

If one has a short lifeline then it's apparent that one's soul knows this and searching for this knowledge in order to do something constructive about this and change ones seeming destined short life to live a long life.

We shall explain on the pages "seeing the future" and "healing hands" pages and from our vast experience that even if something is destined, one can actually change the destined future.

A Major Break in the Life line

A break in the lifeline means a period when one will either be ill or be lacking in life vitality energy, but in the same way the line continues and it is only a break, so too a person with a break / gap in the lifeline will continue to live.

A break in the lifeline means one is given "time-out" of life with a potential opportunity to start over life anew on a different course.

Large breaks and completely new lifelines mean that ones life will have a complete change; everything in ones life will change entirely; like being transplanted from one country to another, being born anew with a new purpose in life in a different country and in different circumstances.

Even such an event as a jackpot lottery win, large sums of inheritance money or life-changing marriage are indicated in lifelines that have large breaks with a completely new line in a new direction.

In our generation where many people are reincarnated souls, many of us have come to earth to relive several past-lives, all of which are contained in this one life; hence we find that our lives have sections of COMPLETELY new changes, ie change in marriages and lifestyles, even changes of where one lives, changes in profession and marriage too !

The colour image of the hand above is extremely interesting as the lifeline at the age of about 15 years old has a fork in it, which reflects a destined life-choice one way or the other; the fork nearest the thumb takes a strong continuous pathway to old age, whereas the lifeline that flows straight-on stops abruptly with a new lifeline that appears in a completely new direction, this occurs around the age of 30.

Then (if you can see on the image) there is a big island in the centre of the hand on that lifeline which indicates a major choice of 2 different destined pathways to get to the same destination at the age of 40-45. Definitely someone who is going to have to make good life-changing decisions and/or will actually have complete change of life direction given as a destined gift such as an inheritance or windfall of money.

Islands on the Life Line

From the images above (and is especially clear on the black-and-white print), one can see that islands on the Life lines are quite common; An island is simply an opportunity and choice in life to take two possible ways to the same end result.

During the transition whilst one is going through an "island" of time, it is like "life" has gone on hold, for the period of the island, a detour is being taken, one feels slightly weakened; however once the period of the island detour has been taken, coming back on track is like arriving back home along ones true destined pathway after a long journey.

Forks on Life Line

Usually from the ages of 45 there is a fork in the lifeline, this offers two different alternatives, most 40 year olds experience some type of mid-life-crisis when they have the potential to change and alter their lives permanently for the better.

Both these lifestyles are diverging from each other as implied by the diverging fork; they have a destination far away from each other, usually one pathway offers a longer, happier and healthier life whereas the other pathway is just a continued existence from before. Implying that the mid-life-crisis years are trying to encourage a person to change and live life fuller and happier.

The diverting and different pathway has an extended lifeline, much longer than the other continued lifeline . This is indeed a sign to represent that if the person changes their lifestyle, choosing to do live a life they really should be living if they change, then they will be blessed with a longer and healthier life .

A permanent FORK on any line offers a choice of life, which is irreversible once the decision is taken .

Inner Life lines

Inner lifelines, are usually faint lines, shorter in length than the life line, but follow the same pathway as the lifelines, located between the life line and the thumb, inside the lifeline area and are situated on the "Mound of Mars" on the right-hand and on the "Mound of Venus" on the left-hand.

Inner lifelines are an indication that a person is blessed with spiritual guides and angels that are accompanying a person in their life. Anyone who has inner lifelines usually have an inner confidence that they will always be alright; the inner peace of mind that everything in life is going to be alright.

The inner lifeline is an extra source of life vitality and life energy, on the right hand (Mound of Mars) they give the person inner strength of character; on the left hand (Mound of Venus) they give the person an extra-lucky streak and the inner ability to always be compassionate, loving and charming.

Inner lifelines give a person an extra added advantage by radiating extra life energy from within the persons making one stronger.

The Life Line Defines the Mound of Mars & Venus

On the right hand the Life line defines the border of the segment on the hand known as the "Mound of Mars"; on the left hand the Life line defines the border of the segment of the hand known as the "Mound of Venus".

This is important as, the right hand's Lifeline defines the course of ones life with respect to ones personal power and strength to live and ability to survive. A strong right-hand lifeline means that one will always be a survivor, no matter whatever situations occur in ones life one will survive and be strong.

The left hand's Lifeline defines ones strength of character so far as being compassionate and loving. The single most creative energy in this physical world is LOVE, the ability to love and to think loving and compassionate thoughts. People whom are always thinking loving thoughts are in fact creating life energy (conversely those who are thinking jealous and hateful thoughts are in fact destroying life energy).

This is the recipe for people who wish to live a long life - learn to love and be compassionate, never hold a single hateful or jealous thought. The desire to LOVE, LOVE LIFE and LOVE PEOPLE creates loving energy in this world which is true life-energy. May you find a true life of love and have a long healthy life.

Lines connecting the Life Line with Other Lines

Look at your lifeline carefully; you will see lines coming off the lifeline connecting to other lines on ones hand; Start at the beginning of your left hand life line and study where these connecting lines connect you lifeline with other lines and at what age.

Everyone has a line that connects ones Lifeline with ones headline; in fact there are many lines that do this at different ages; but there is ONE strong one at the beginning; usually at age of 15-20 years old; this is the 1st time one starts to think like a determined sensible mature adult.

Every major life-changing decision one makes in ones life has a small line that links ones life-line with ones head-line.

For a line to connect ones Lifeline to ones heartline one has to look very carefully; such a line is considered to be ones destined soulmate. As some people only meet their true soulmates during their mid-life years one will expect to see this line at ages 30-45.

More aspects regarding the lifeline explaining in readings סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם