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קו הנישואין Marriage and Commitment Lines


קו הנישואין Marriage and Commitment Lines

Lines going UP from the Heart Line - True Love

The lines going up from the heart line are the good true and passionately loving relationships your heart is blessed to meet in life. These are lines of true love.

Lines going UP from the Heart line and going straight into to the "mound of mercury" are lines of true love; this segment "mound of mercury" is the segment of the hand that energizes and indicates ones ability to communicate. The reason that "marriage lines" are situated in this area is that true love is based an a perfect ability to communicate with each other.

Marriage Lines

On everyone's hand, there are lines going upwards from the heart line, these are all good loving relationships, the stronger the and deeper the line the more love.

If the line is completed all the way from the heart line to the side of the hand then this is a successful marriage, if the line is broken this is a broken marriage; although the energy of "love" is still there and exists, it is nonetheless seen as a broken marriage.

In everyone's hand there will always be at least two chances for true LOVE during life; on the image of the hand below one can see 3 very strong marriage lines indicated by string horizontal lines on the side of the hand; the first 2 have broken lines going to the heart line; whereas the 3rd marriage line flows across the palm of the hand which means that there is approximately 15 years from the 2nd marriage to the 3rd marriage. Nonetheless as marked in Red lines there are at least 6 strong good loving relationships in this persons life.

Marriage Lines also known as "commitment lines"

The lines going up from the heart line are traditionally known as strong loving "marriage" lines. However the truth is that for some people, a love of work or commitment to a project, life ambition, aims and goals or most importantly an idealistic service of GOD, as with dedicated monks, nuns, priests and spiritual leaders can also be reflected in the "marriage lines".

In our materialistic world it is very common that people are "married to their careers and jobs"; and hence this love of work and love of career can be reflected so strongly as a "marriage line". But more often the only true arousal for love is seen in people who are devoted to spiritual service of GOD.

Religious leaders and spiritually committed people do have a "marriage - commitment" line. This strong idealistic commitment is actually seen in palmistry as a marriage line. "Married" in spiritual service to GOD. Ofcourse they maybe tested like everyone else to prove their commitment in their devout relationship. As every "commitment" simply means the constant testing and reaffirming of ones commitment to that "one love" of ones life.

Breaks in Marriage Lines

In a divorce or break up of a marriage/love relationship there will be a break in the marriage line. This too is written in ones destiny. The lines on the hand never lie, and what is reassuring is that even the bad relationships, divorces and break-ups are destined.

Lessons in love needed to be learnt by ones soul, and possibly Karmic (reincarnation) clearance of the past-life was needed. Learning to release that "type" of person from ones life and learning to change ones character are necessary "heart-breaking" lessons for ones soul, and is always written in the lines on ones hands.

One can always be reassure that whenever there is a break in a marriage line, there will always be another marriage line afterwards, in Palmistry this is important to see in the lines as this gives a person reassurance that the break-up was necessary and that a more suitable destined relationship is awaiting in the future.

In the image of the hand below one can see 3 strong marriage lines; the reassurance is to always learn to love, even if marriages or relationships don't work out never give-up hope and never stop loving.

One moment of life of GOOD KARMA of TRUE LOVE is worth more than years of hate; the lesson in life is to always LOVE no matter how one is treated by others, radiating love and compassion will always make one feel alive and in love with the gift of life itself !

Unformed Small Marriage Lines

If has unformed and very small incomplete Marriage lines, especially on ones right hand; this is a sign that one has a "destined marriage" but one has not met him/her yet.

As on gets closer to meeting ones marriage partner and in some case ONLY when one has met ones marriage partner and started to communicate with him/her (as we explained marriage is bonded by communication - since marriage lines are on the "mound of mercury" which represents communication); then one will notice once marriage lines getting longer and joining the heart line.

Marriage lines are potential marriage lines, but if one is too shy, or doesn't make the effort to understand the meaning of a "life of love" , or is too lazy and one doesn't take the effort to go out and meet anyone then this is a missed opportunity.

Remember the key to starting a relationship is good communication; just be certain one has learnt the right impressionable and loving words to say to the right person when the time comes !

More aspects regarding the Marriage Lines explained in readings סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם