The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


The Left Hand יד שמאל
The Right Hand יד ימין


חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity

The centre of energy on the palm of ones hands for the energy of חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity And of Visionary Insights & Ideas is in the segment of the hand between the Mound of Moon and Mound of Illusion and Imagination .

חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity

And of Visionary Insights & Ideas

This Mound is not necessarily an important part in everyone's life; hence of all the segments and mounds of the hand this is the area which most people have no energy nor lines on.

The Source of all Creativity, developed thoughts, Visionary Insights and Intuitive Ideas

is indicated on this Mound of the חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity And of Visionary Insights & Ideas

One should look carefully at all the different types of markings on this Mound, from where any lines originate on this mound go to; and from where any lines that end on this mound have originated from.

The more lines and markings on this mound the more creativity one has within ones mind, thoughts and soul, and therefore the more visionary the person can be in being a formidable inventor, creator of everything new and writer as very often writers have markings on this mound, they are always writing something new.

חלק ראיונות A Good Mound of Creativity

The more lines that originate and connect this mound the more creative the person will be. Not everyone will have any lines on this mound, but everyone will have at least a small mark on the line indicative that everyone has the potential capability of creative ideas - if they wish to nurture the gift of creativity.

Everyone who has a creative ability has an extended "Head Line" that extends into the Mound of Creativity, which also reflects the concept that creative people actually mature and improve with age, the "Head Line" when it enters this Mound of Creativity reflects the ages from 40 years onwards.

Nurturing חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity

Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad" Jewish Spiritual Palmistry explains that when a person recognizes that one specific area on ones hand is the key to unlocking a specific part of ones soul this makes life so simple; whenever one feels the door is closed - all a person needs to do is unlock this element of ones soul and ones life by healing this segment and mound of ones hand.

Healing the area is simple; give it your focus and attention; we all know that children can create problems and be demanding this is simply there way of seeking our love and attention; likewise when one area of our life is giving us problems this area is asking us to give it some care, attention focus and healing.

If one is looking for inspiration and good intuitive ideas

Simply STARE at your own palms !

Simply stare and look at each line on the "חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity" and follow each line; then rub this mound with ones thumbs and fingers from the other hand. Also to rub the "חלק ראיונות Mound of Creativity" for good intuitive ideas;

with the thumb of that hand and with as many fingers that stretch over, especially with ones Mercury finger and Sun finger of the same hand.

If ones hands feel sticky and unable to do this smoothly then wash ones hands, and everytime ones hands feel sticky or unsmooth then wash ones hands. As explained on the page of "Spiritual Laws" the negative energy enters through the fingers, so when one is cleansing and healing ones hand it's best to wash and cleanse ones hands first.

Then in prayer ask GOD for spiritual guidance and answers one needs to unlock and heal this segment of ones life. For each person the answers are different, however, the answers are usually in the problems and questions one has.

Remember try the "hand exercises" regularly and energize the Mound of Creativity especially by CLAPPING and by giving it your love, attention and focus to heal that part of ones soul.

Whenever one is suffering from bad ideas and disturbing thoughts clench ones fist closed over this area, as it means that the specific area of ones soul is too sensitive and allowing in bad energies; such a sensitive area of ones hand and soul needs special protection to be able to keep closed.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם