The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

חלק לבנה Mound of Moon

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


The Left Hand יד שמאל
The Right Hand יד ימין

חלק לבנה Mound of Moon

The centre of energy on the palm of ones hands for the energy of חלק לבנה Mound of Moon is at the base of ones palm on the side of the little Mercury finger, this is probably the most sensitive of the areas on ones palm.

חלק לבנה Mound of Moon The Guardian Angel of Life

The Moon, its moods and sensitivity are an integral part of living life, they add to flavor life and help one through the cycle of energies and moods caused by the waxing and waning moons.

The Moon is a vital necessity to the existence of planet earth; the energy of the Moon with its monthly cycles of waxing and waning, and its daily cycle of rising and setting causing the tidal flows of water which create winds due to the Moon magnetic pull have an intrinsic value to our existence on Earth. The Moon is considered to be the Guardian Angel of Planet Earth.

Astrologically the Moon is associated with intuition, inner voice, sensitivity, emotions, moods and therefore the influence of the Moon is to interact with our senses to acts as intuitive guidance through life like a Guardian Angel, a guide and protector.

חלק לבנה Mound of Moon

The Source of all Our Moods, Intuition and Sensitivity is indicated on the Mound of the Moon

One should look carefully at all the different types of markings on the חלק לבנה Mound of Moon, from where any lines originate on this mound go to; and from where any lines that end on this mound have originated from.

The more lines and markings on the Mound of Moon the more sensitive the soul, and the more protected and guided a person is by spiritually Divine intuitive guidance.

קו גילגול נשמה Line of Fate and Destiny that

Starts on the Mound of the Moon

Indicates a very sensitive spiritual soul that has been blessed with the psychic abilities to sense and see the future; this may manifest itself in some people as being very intuitive, but as we explain on the page of "Sensitive souls" from Sefer GilGulim Book of Reincarnations that the gift of sensitivity is a gift that ones soul is blessed with in order to enable one to fulfill ones purpose and mission in life to the maximum potential.

If ones "fate and destiny" line starts on the Mound of Moon this indicates one is extremely sensitive and gifted spiritually; and as a child one "just knew" things; children whom are very sensitive are usually like "old souls in new bodies" and living this life with a great sense of purpose and duty even from a young age.

חלק לבנה A Good Mound of Moon

The more lines that originate and connect the Mound of Moon the more sensitive a person will be. The images of the above hands reflect a unique and gifted individual, one whom has powerful spiritual guidance and extremely special psychic abilities as the Mound of Moon is full of positive energy lines as indicated by the red lines.

Not everyone will have any lines on the mound of moon, but everyone will have at least a small mark on the line indicative that everyone has the potential capability of spiritual intuition.

The lines on the Mound of Moon reflecting sensitivity come with the gift of sensitivity as explained in "Sensitive souls" but such a person needs to learn the lesson of controlling the gift of sensitivity and ones "moods".

People whom are too sensitive have moods which they cannot control, making them moody and changeable. This can be seen in the hands below, the person is sensitive but is affected by changing moods, however the strong horizontal lines on the "mound of moon" actually joins and flows into the line life in the middle of the palm, indicating the person uses their psychic spiritual abilities as an integral part of living life.

Healing the חלק לבנה Mound of Moon

Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad" Jewish Spiritual Palmistry explains that when a person recognizes that one specific area on ones hand is the key to unlocking a specific part of ones soul this makes life so simple; whenever one feels the door is closed - all a person needs to do is unlock this element of ones soul and ones life by healing this segment and mound of ones hand.

Healing the area is simple; give it your focus and attention; we all know that children can create problems and be demanding this is simply there way of seeking our love and attention; likewise when one area of our life is giving us problems this area is asking us to give it some care, attention focus and healing.

Simply stare and look at each line on the "Mound of Moon" and follow each line; then rub this mound with ones thumbs and fingers from the other hand. Also to rub the "Mound of Moon" with the thumb of that hand and with as many fingers that stretch over , probably all the fingers except the index Jupiter finger ( and possibly the middle Saturn finger) of the same hand.

If ones hands feel sticky and unable to do this smoothly then wash ones hands, and everytime ones hands feel sticky or unsmooth then wash ones hands. As explained on the page of "Spiritual Laws" the negative energy enters through the fingers, so when one is cleansing and healing ones hand it's best to wash and cleanse ones hands first.

Then in prayer ask GOD for spiritual guidance and answers one needs to unlock and heal this segment of ones life. For each person the answers are different, however, the answers are usually in the problems and questions one has.

For example, someone who has a any lines especially grilled box # "Mound of Moon are going to be susceptible to being "moody" and easily affected by even the slightest of energy changes. Such a person needs to learn to be controlled and closed to such impressionable energies.

Remember try the "hand exercises" regularly and heal the Mound of Moon by giving it your love, attention and focus to heal that part of ones soul.

Whenever one is suffering from bad moods, hypersensitivity and inner unsettled feelings focus on being closed, the easiest was is to clench ones fist closed , and thereby refusing to allow any energy affect the Mound of Moon; as one clenches ones fist closed, the fingertips of Mercury and the Sun finger will be protecting ones Mound of Moon, and prevent any external energies influencing ones mind and soul.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם