The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


The Left Hand יד שמאל
The Right Hand יד ימין


חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination

The centre of energy on the palm of ones hands for the energy of "Neptune" of חלק הדמיון Illusions and Imagination" is just beneath the "Heart Line" on the side of ones palm in the segment underneath ones little finger and the "Mound of Mercury".

חלק הדמיון Neptune - Helping One Through Life

The דמיון Illusions and Imaginative thoughts are an integral part of living life, they add to flavor life and help one through the difficult moments of life by being able to turn use ones mind to turn ones day-dreaming imagined thoughts into believing there is a better future somewhere else in the future.

If people only lived in the present circumstances with no thoughts of hope of a better future or dreams of how life could be then most people would give-up on life immediately; for most people there would be no point of living if there was no possibility for change and improvement. Therefore dreams, illusions and imagined thoughts are integrally important to living life.

Hence we spend several hours a day sleeping and having dreams; the only danger is when one lives in a airy-fairy dreamstate all the time, avoiding and never facing reality.

The region of the hand has been titled the חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination for 3000 years, the Planet of Neptune was only discovered in 1846, nonetheless the existence of 12 planets was written and known in Sefer Raziel since creation, we have called this mound by its original name and the name Neptune which is the new name for the "Planet of Illusion and Imagination".

חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination

The Source of all Our Imagined thoughts, Dreams, Illusions and Deceptions is indicated on this Mound

One should look carefully at all the different types of markings on the "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination"; from where any lines originate on this mound go to; and from where any lines that end on this mound have originated from.

The fact that the "Heart Line" bounds this "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination" and as we mentioned on the "Heartline" page - all the bad loving relationships of ones heart are indicated by lines going down from the Heart Line into the Mound of Neptune, חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination.

This is indicative that one has not seen the reality nor the truth about someone. One has been deceived, fooled and imagined that one was loved by someone when in fact they were deceptive in the pretend and act of love. The Lines in red are indicative of those bad deceitful relationships coming from ones heart line.

The other independent red lines on the mound of Neptune next to the side of the hand reflect a good ability for using the mind and using ones imagination.

A Good Mound of Illusions and Imagination

is an Empty Mound !

A good "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination", is one with the least number of lines as possible that link to anywhere in ones hand. Living in this real world one really needs to avoid day-dreaming and deception, especially in matters of the heart, its the worst and most painful experience to find out one has been fooled by "fake love".

Nonetheless some lines that are found on this mound are in fact a good sign, provided they are independent and not linked to any other lines, symbolizing that one has the gift of imagination but is able to departmentalize these imagined thoughts from reality; otherwise one will get unnecessarily distracted, dissillusioned and heart-broken in life being deceived too many times !

Healing the "Mound חלק הדמיון of Illusions and Imagination"

Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad" Jewish Spiritual Palmistry explains that when a person recognizes that one specific area on ones hand is the key to unlocking a specific part of ones soul this makes life so simple; whenever one feels the door is closed - all a person needs to do is unlock this element of ones soul and ones life by healing this segment and mound of ones hand.

Healing the area is simple; give it your focus and attention; we all know that children can create problems and be demanding this is simply there way of seeking our love and attention; likewise when one area of our life is giving us problems this area is asking us to give it some care, attention focus and healing.

Simply stare and look at each line on the "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination" and follow each line; then rub this mound with ones thumbs and fingers from the other hand. Also to rub the "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination" with the thumb of that hand and with as many fingers that stretch over , probably just the Sun finger and Mercury finger of the same hand.

If ones hands feel sticky and unable to do this smoothly then wash ones hands, and everytime ones hands feel sticky or unsmooth then wash ones hands. As explained on the page of "Spiritual Laws" the negative energy enters through the fingers, so when one is cleansing and healing ones hand it's best to wash and cleanse ones hands first.

Then in prayer ask GOD for spiriutal guidance and answers one needs to unlock and heal this segment of ones life. For each oerson the answers are different, however, the answers are usually in the problems and questions one has.

For example, someone who has a any lines especially grilled box # "Mound of חלק הדמיון Mound of Illusions and Imagination" should be extremely careful in not being fooled to live a life that is a complete lie.

Try and see reality, if one is living in hope that "Prince Charming" is going to ride on a white horse and marry you then WAKE UP - it happens in fairy tales and movies but doesn't happen in real life !

Remember try the "hand exercises" regularly and heal the Mound of Neptune by giving it your love, attention and focus to heal that part of ones soul.

Whenever one is suffering lack facing reality and is being fooled and deceived by others then focus on this region of ones hand, ask and pray to see reality.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם