The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

חלק שמש Mound of Sun

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


The Left Hand יד שמאל
The Right Hand יד ימין

חלק שמש Mound of Sun

The centre of energy on the palm of ones hands for the energy of "Sun" is below the 4th finger known as the "ring" or "Magical" Sun finger, and is the mound where the "Heart Line" transits between the ages of 20 and 44, in the prime of everyone's adult life.

This finger is known as the "Medical finger" or the "Magical Healing finger" and which some cultures named it after its supposed magic power, especially the healing power. For other culture it became known as the "ring finger because the vein in the left ring finger, referred to as the "Vena Amoris" was believed to be directly connected to the heart, a symbol of love.

In the Jewish wedding ceremony, the groom places the ring on the bride's index finger - the Jupiter finger - the finger with its energy of optimism and beginnings, and not ring finger; however in western "modern" jewish communities the ring is usually moved to the ring finger after the ceremony.

שמש The Sun The Eternal Magical Healer

שמש The Sun is the source of all energy in this physical world; GOD רבונו של עולם the Eternal Divine Creator of our Universe created the Sun to sustain and provide energy to planet earth, the Sun being the centre of the our solar system indicative of its importance.

The "Sun Finger" is indeed the least used physically in our hands, and according to spiritual and physical balancing laws, wherever something is less physical it is more spiritual. Hence the "Sun Finger" contains the most spiritual energy of all the fingers; hence its name as the "Magical Healing Finger".

The "Mound of the Sun" is the essence and the strength of abundant energy; hence such a storehouse of energy is kept from doing any physical work in ones hands, much like a bank full money, banks don't create money they store money for dispersal and for using, similarly the "Mound of Sun" and the "Sun Finger" is the storage facility of abundant energy for use by us whenever we need it.

The "Mound of the Sun" is therefore described as being creative, inventive, full of abundant energy with many good ideas, all for the purpose of giving the person the ability of individuality, self-expression, status, and self confidence.

חלק שמש Mound of Sun

The Source of all Our Individuality, Strength and Self-Expression is Indicated on the Mound of Sun

One should look carefully at all the different types of markings on the "Mound of Sun"; from where any lines originate on the "Mound of Sun" go to; and from where any lines that end on the "Mound of Sun" have originated from.

The fact that the "Heart Line" transits the "Mound of the Sun" between the ages of 20 and 44, in the prime of everyone's adult life is indicative that the most important time in everyone's life for individuality and personal identity is during the years from 20-44, and most importantly ones individuality and personality is identified by the way one LOVES.

Love is the creative energy of the whole world, everything that is created and born in this physical world is done so through the power and energy of LOVE.

Hence the reason why the Sun Finger is called the Magical finger, as the power of LOVE can create a whole new life, LOVE has the ability to change everything and anything - almost magically !

Without the ability, driving force, motivation and the need for individual self expression of LOVE a person is unable to feel like an individual with personality, it is therefore imperative to define ones character in the way one loves and the reason why one LOVES.

The "Mound of Sun" on the palms of ones hands identifies ones individual ability and strength to LOVE, hence it reflects the inner power for self-expression, creativity and ones status in life.

חלק שמש A Good Mound of Sun

A good "Mound of Sun" and a strong 4th finger known as the "ring" or "Magical" Sun finger will be indicative of a person whom has a individuality and uniqueness; the images above show the good vertical lines on the "Mound of Sun" indicating good flow of energy, joining the heart line with the Sun Finger.

However there are 2 lines that cross over these lines, forming multiple crosses, which indicate distraction and partial blockage to the flow of individuality, self expression and energy flow; one line actually creates a square grill # and is indicative that this marriage/love would stop and block the creative individuality of this person completely.

Very often in marriages, one side loses their individuality and personal identity more than the other; sometimes that's good but sometimes it's bad; in the above case this persons marriage definitely has an affect on their individuality and personal energy; which actually starts on the "Mound of Saturn" meaning that it's destined to happen to challenge and teach the person a life lesson to focus on retaining ones personality and flow of creative energy by handling the distracting energies. Nonetheless there are considerable number of vertical lines indicating a good energy flow and reflecting a good mound of Sun.

Healing the חלק שמש Mound of Sun

Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad" Jewish Spiritual Palmistry explains that when a person recognizes that one specific area on ones hand is the key to unlocking a specific part of ones soul this makes life so simple; whenever one feels the door is closed - all a person needs to do is unlock this element of ones soul and ones life by healing this segment and mound of ones hand.

Healing the area is simple; give it your focus and attention; we all know that children can create problems and be demanding this is simply there way of seeking our love and attention; likewise when one area of our life is giving us problems this area is asking us to give it some care, attention focus and healing.

Simply stare and look at each line on the "Mound of Sun" and follow each line; then rub the "Mound of Sun" with ones thumbs and fingers from the other hand. Also to rub the "Mound of Sun" with the thumb of that hand and with the Sun finger of the same hand.

If ones hands feel sticky and unable to do this smoothly then wash ones hands, and everytime ones hands feel sticky or unsmooth then wash ones hands. As explained on the page of "Spiritual Laws" the negative energy enters through the fingers, so when one is cleansing and healing ones hand it's best to wash and cleanse ones hands first.

Then in prayer ask GOD and ask ones Guardian Angels for spiritual guidance and answers one needs to unlock and heal this segment of ones life. For each person the answers are different, however, the answers are usually in the problems and questions one has.

For example, someone who has a grilled box # "Mound of Sun" with lines going horizontally, would probably say that nothing ever goes right in life when one is distracted by other people, especially love relationships. The challenge for that person is to balance career, creativity with taking care to love and nurture loving relationships whilst taking care of business and career; such a challenge is to learn to departmentalize ones life and find the balance not to be allow one to be so influenced by others that could impede and block ones creative life flow of energy.

Remember try the "hand exercises" regularly and heal the Mound of Sun by giving it your love, attention and focus to heal that part of ones soul.

Whenever one is suffering lack of self-esteem, confidence, individuality and unable to find ones unique individuality. It is ironic that the wedding ring is worn on the "sun finger"; as those people whose heart and love life which block their energy flow, will always find freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of individuality after they take the wedding ring off !

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם