The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

Your Hands Communicate Your Soul's Thoughts

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is and how powerful Wisdom of Palmistry is ....

..... is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


Our hands are the most unappreciated facets of our lives - it's ridiculously crazy that in this internet generation - with all our handheld gadgets - that our HANDS are not only most useful parts of our body - but our fingers and fingertips are the most essential facets of our bodies - because without them - none of us would be able to communicate.

Emails, websites, computers and phones all need your hands and fingers to work them - the rest of your body could be aching and paining - but without your fingers and hands - you'd be almost alienated and useless at interacting with anyone in this modern internet generation!

However, it's not just in our internet generation that NEEDS and uses the power contained in the hands - but in every generation and at everytime of day and night - your hands have power and energy - because it is WITHIN your hands that you can sense and feel an ENERGY - a specific energy that defines your soul, your destiny, your inner emotions, your character and your ACCEPTANCE of life - at each and every moment.


Your Hands Define You

Sweaty hands that define a nervous, frightened, scared and fearful person - define that the person is NOT at peace - whereas warmth and calmness felt in your hands - defined you're at peace with yourself. As you feel the palms of your hands with your fingertips - you can sense the peaceful energy.

Do you feel a positive and calming energy within your hands - are you at "peace" with yourself - are you calm? If not - then read both "Holiness of Hands" and "Hand Exercises" - but initially and immediately I'd suggest that you - WASH YOUR HANDS - and feel the smoothness of your skin as you dry them.

In the same way that people neglect to pay attention to "Palmistry", they neglect to appreciate their hands and they neglect to take-care of looking after their hands - which includes properly and constantly "looking-after" them [nails, hairs and damaged skin too]. Yes - we all NEGLECT our hands - because if we truly realized what "Palmistry" is teaching - we'd all be "at peace" with life.

Whenever you meet new people - you always notice their hands - even if you're not looking at their hands - subconsciously - and especially if there's something WRONG with their hands - you'll notice their hands. Likewise, when you SHAKE hands, HOLD hands and touch anyone or anything with your hands - you will always be able to sense a transference of energy - good or bad - positive or negative - warm and loving or cold and hateful - and likewise people can sense that from you too. People who are reluctant to shake-hands with others - are always the types of people who have secrets they're trying to hide from others!


Hand Gestures ... Show Your Personality

When you can't speak and have to say something with your hands - can you express yourself ?

Telling someone "up-yours" is easy - but can you use your hands to convey more than an "up-yours" to someone?

It's fascinating to watch people speak - especially people who use their hands to express what they're saying.

There's a saying that "An Italian who can't use his hands - is handicapped!"



Funny YouTube Clip - showing you how Italian's express themselves with their hands


Can You Talk with Your Hands?

What can you say - "using" your hands ? Counting 1 => 10 is easy with your fingers, but what else can you say with your hands?

Try these few simple examples .... Can you "say" the following with your hands ....


[1] Go away

[2] Come here

[3] Come here "affectionately"

[4] Come here - I have a secret to tell you

[5] Stop

[6] Wait for 1 second

[7] I'm finished

[8] I've got some money for you

[9] I've got some food for you

[10] I think you're mad

[11] I think it's crazy

[12] I'm bored

[13] Well done - excellent job done

[14] Perfect

[15] Absolute garbage / rubbish

[16] Not good

[17] Make it Higher - Make it Lower - Move it to the Right - Move it to the Left

[18] I want to go for a walk

[19] Be Quiet - I'm thinking

[20] I'm waiting

[21] I'm excited

[22] I'm ready

[23] I'm praying

[24] I'm being naughty

[25] Forgive me

[26] .... etc .... think of a few examples yourself - how you use your hands / fingers to communicate


I'd guess that you use your Jupiter Finger more than you use any of the other fingers - especially when you want something for yourself [defined by Aries energy in Jupiter Finger]. Due to the fact that you use your THUMB in making many hand-gestures - this indicates that you're showing your personality as you talk.

Hopefully, from the above examples - you'll realize that you can and you do talk with your hands and you do it instinctively all the time - but there's something even more important that just conveying messages to other people - and that's the message your hands is conveying into the ether and into your own aura. That is - the more you use your hands to express yourself as you're talking - the more powerful your message is when you say it - as your whole body and soul is "saying" it too.

What you hold in your hands - and what you're touching as you speak - also enhances / detracts the energy in whatever you're saying - hence the tradition to hold-onto a bible when promising to tell the truth. Or not being distracted by anything as you're talking - defines your innate ability to say what your soul wants you to say.


Your Hands Define You and Your Aura

What can you sense from the following 3 images? When you clasp your hands together do you feel the energy?

Do you feel peaceful or do you feel uncomfortable ? Can you hold both your hands together "comfortably"?



The reason I defined this page as PRAYER - is because I wish to explain that Palmistry of your hands defines that you ACCEPT your destiny - and when you ACCEPT life - that's when you're at PEACE with yourself - living in SYNC with and in HARMONY with your destiny - and not wanting anything that's not yours to have.

You can see this in human behaviour - when you watch people - who are uneasy with themselves - scuttling around like lost souls in the daily meaningless rat-race - people who look busy - running to-and-fro but not actually going anywhere with their lives. [And yes - I lived in the meaningless rat-race too - until I became awakened!]

The aura of a person with good karma is defined by being "at peace" and "calm". You can see this in the way you walk, talk, communicate and the way your hands have "peace". Do you notice that sometimes you can type so fast and fluently - and other times your find your fingers jittery and nervy.


Hold your right hand and left hand together in "Prayer" position

The perfection of your soul and your aura is when you're at peace with yourself - and that is defined by you enjoying every moment of life - living in SYNC with your destiny - in an aura of calmness, peacefulness and with a trust in life - that you're on your destined pathway - when you clasp your right hand and left hand together - or when you hold your right hand and left hand together in "Prayer" position and you feel the peace, the strength and the positive energy - then you know - you have found your destined peace. Even if you're not at 100% peace with yourself - but holding your right hand and left hand together in "Prayer" position will help you attain the strength that is WITHIN your hands and WITHIN you.


The modern world teaches you can want things that aren't yours

Palmistry defines - stop wanting - accept and make sure you get what's yours

"Prayers" in most of the modern-day man-made religions - are defined by ASKING for and WANTING things - but in reality - all prayers should be moments of saying THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have - and ASKING FOR NOTHING. Have you ever truly wondered why prayers aren't answered ? As people are asking for "stupid" things - which are in conflict with their true destiny.


What everyone should be doing is looking at PALMISTRY - and realizing the truth - that you haven't even got what is YOURS to have - because if you had what is yours to have - what is truly destined for you to have - then you wouldn't be asking for anything else.


"Prayer and Meditation" does have a purpose - that is asking for GUIDANCE for YOUR own destiny - because whatever is bothering you defines you're missing something in your life - and you know what it is - as it's bothering you inside. So if you're lonely and looking for "love" - ask for GUIDANCE to find your right destined relationship - ask to understand your HEARTLINE - because the truth is you do want to LOVE and you want to be LOVED - it's defined by your HEARTLINE.


When you shift your focus away from wanting "everything" - and shift it towards specifically wanting what is your destiny - as written in the lines on the palms of your hands - that's when you'll begin to feel much happier. Many people feel - that "life" has got NO-ONE for them - that "life" is boring, empty, stagnant and unlucky - but the truth is "life" has got someone for everyone - "life" is exciting - life is an adventure - but if you're refusing to live the life your destined to live and want "another" life that's not yours to have - then you will feel life is empty. So shift you focus to your own PALMS - your own DESTINY - and very quickly you'll see how easy it is to get "it".


Palmistry means "Acceptance"

Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries we're in the middle of learning from "life" - that "Divine Intervention" is creating inexplicable events in all our lives to FORCE us to search for the answers - forcing each of us to STOP and THINK. It's the same Divine Intervention that has ensured you read this page online and the same Divine Intervention that has forced me to spend the time and write for you!

Thereafter once you truly realize this - in awe and humility - you will automatically begin to live in HARMONY with your destiny as you realize that the DIVINE has been creating events in your life UNTIL you ACCEPT everything that happens in your life is GOOD and has had a purposeful reason.

Astrologically Pluto in Capricorn from January 2008 => 2024 - defines that EVERYONE will get their destiny - all you need to do is realize that you have a DESTINY - and follow it - for anyone who goes-away from their destined pathway OR refuses to follow their destined pathway - Pluto in Capricorn will ensure their lives are blocked - Pluto in Capricorn will make sure - you get "it" and everyone else gets "it" too. Whilst Neptune in Pisces 2011 => 2025 - will ensure - you follow your sensitivity, your intuition, your ideas and listen to the brilliant thoughts so that you get "your destiny" and find your pathway.



Palmistry means it is all in your hands

Your Love-life, Your Health, Your Wealth and Your Destined Pathway is all in your hands

Look at the lines on your hands - they are TALKING to you ...

The lines on your hands are telling you your future - your own hands are saying to you ....


"Don't ever Worry nor Panic ...

You're going to Love & You're going to Live"

And as I explain fully - on Hand Exercises - all you need to do is rub your lifeline, headline and heartline with the tips of your fingers - especially your Jupiter Finger [Aries] and your Saturn Finger [Capricorn] and then rub both hands together. Energize your right hand from your left hand - and your left hand from your right hand - and find the answers of your own destiny from the power that is within your own hands.

The reason I love "Palmistry" is that it it confirms the truth to everyone - especially that so many people FEAR that life is coming to an "end" and they have nothing to "live" for - that's nonsense. The truth is people's negative thinking has trapped them to believe lies - that they have no "future" - that is a LIE - everyone has a "future" - and is not something you can buy or something you can read on the internet - it is the truth that's written in the palms of your own hands. So begin to use the power of your own hands - and see your own future - embrace your own destiny - and move-forward out of stagnation.


Your Power is in Your own Hands

Everyone has the "Power" - your hands are your hands - your destiny is your destiny - and your own power is in your own hands. What you do with your "power" is your freewill choice - many do nothing - many do everything - many intermittently do things and then go-back to sleep - but as you learn how powerful your hands are - you will learn that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving - constantly - each and every moment of everyday of your life.

Your life should NOT be stagnating - your life should NOT make you feel like it's a dead-end - and your life should NOT be without LOVE - defined the fact that everyone has a lifeline, headline and heartline.

In the following introductory pages - you'll learn about this "power" - and then you'll use the information to find your own unique way and ensure you find your own destiny - live your own life - and do what you're destined to do with your life - and when you do that's when you'll truly feel alive - and realize the brilliance of the Divine gift of Palmistry.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם