The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Preciousness of Your Own Hands

When You Realize that Your Hands Are More Precious than Diamonds is When You will Respect Palmistry

You have diamonds in the palms of your hands - and you don't even realize it !



The Importance of Your Own Hands

Protect Your Hands More than Diamonds !

If you knew how powerful your hands are - you'd respect your own hands much more than you do !


To introduce you to comprehending the importance of Palmistry and to the respect you should give your own hands - start by thinking about these following aspects and you will see it will open-up your soul to a newfound spiritually enlightened wisdom and knowledge about yourself that you never realized you had.

It will even give you the power and enable you to be in tune with something BIGGER than yourself - and thereby enlighten you to realize that WITHIN your own hands - you have had and have the power to bring healing, create happiness, make success and define the meaning of your life with the inherent peace of mind that you will know - everything is going to be alright.


The biggest problem of our generation is that "everyone" wants something else - something external and something that's not even one's destiny. Palmistry explains that when you look at your own destiny - from WITHIN - that's when you get your destiny. But before you "believe" me - you need to understand that Palmistry truly confirms and defines your destiny - so go to a Palmist or a Gipsy - and they'll give you proof and tell you your future too - because a Palmist can see your destiny - written clearly in the lines on your palm.

In fact you too - can see your own destiny - look at your heartline - can you see the lines that emerge from it - those going up to form "marriage" lines - and other lines going down that define destined bad relationships that need healing.


The remarkable thing about "Palmistry" is that NO-ONE can create nor change a single line on the palms of your hands - each of the lines are remarkable imprinted on your hands - with accuracy and clarity - and yet "almost" everyone ignores these lines. And yet each and every line on the palms of your hands contain all the secrets, power and energy you need.

Each line on your own hand is more precious that a diamond - and yet you're attracted to the sparking twinkle of a diamond more than you're attracted to the brilliance of a line on your own hand - aren't you? And I'd guess you care more about a diamond than you care about your own hands ?!

Each line on your hand has been written by destiny and carved into the palms of your hands - isn't that a miracle!?! Therefore, I suggest you spend just a few minutes [even just a few seconds!] looking at the lines on the palms of your hand - and - THINK with clarity and wisdom - wonder to yourself - how did each of those lines get there - who made them - who "printed" them on the palms of your hands - and then you'll realize that your life has defined meaning and purpose with a specific destined pathway. But even more importantly, you'll realize that your own hands - hold the secrets of your own life and your future. You have diamonds in the palms of your hands - and you don't even realize it !


Spiritual Laws of Palmistry חכמת יד

אוֹרך ימים בימינה עוֹשר וכבוד בשמאלה

Book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 16 - "Long Life is in the Right hand, Wealth and Honor in the Left hand".


I know many of you have wondered why Jewish people are successful and have a unique character - because the literature and spiritual teachings - especially those of King David and King Solomon - have ensured that spiritual secrets have been proven, work and apply to everyone.

Jewish Spiritual Palmistry has many aspects, spiritual laws and techniques that are tried-and-tested throughout the generations have proven to work 100% - [As explained fully in The Book of Palmistry in Hebrew from] - however for the sake of the internet and to explain the most important points applicable to EVERYONE - irrespective of "religion" - I summarize the most important here:-


Respecting Your Hands

1. Wash your hands regularly [even if they aren't dirty] to take away the negativity and evil spirits רוח רע in order to keep your soul clean and pure. The more you realize how precious your own hands are - the more you'll take care of them, protect them and constantly keep them clean. Whenever you feel dizzy, lazy or unclear - then WASH your hands.

2. Keep a watchful eye on where you put your hands, how you motion and move your hands and fingers, and then understand that according to your hand gestures you have the potential power to change your life.

3. Cut your fingernails regularly to cut away the negative "dead energy" from your body קליפות. Observe how you use each of your fingers - which ones you use to email, type and use your phone with - which ones you use the most.

4. Look at and hold your hands with respect, humility and understanding that the Eternal Divine GOD has imprinted and carved your destined path on them in all the fine detail - the coded destined map of your life.

5. Constantly cleanse your hands with water and with fresh air - dry your hands on clean towels. Energize yourself and your soul by clapping - using "hand exercises" to feel and change the stagnant energy in your aura to become cleansed and positively energized.

6. Pray with your hands like Christians, spiritual sensitive people, Indians Hindus & Buddhists. Clasp your hands together when you need inspiration.

7. Use your hands to CALM yourself, to HEAL yourself - find PEACE as you study palmistry and ACCEPT your destiny.

8. When you understand the all the segments of your fingers - 12 segments that represent the 12 star signs - you will realize the important inter connectivity to "Astrology" - and hence the wearing of appropriate "rings" on your fingers.

Not just a "wedding ring" on your Sun finger - but rings with specific gemstones on more important fingers than your ring [Sun] finger - especially birthstones and other stones like Red-Coral for protection and success on the Jupiter Finger and Black-Onyx for destiny on Saturn and/or Mercury fingers.

Every ring you wear can either detract or enhance your good astrological qualities, protect you from negativity and rebalance any deficiencies you might have. Indeed when you understand the power of your own hands - you'll realize that you have all the answers you need in the palms of your hands. All you need to do is solve the mystery of palmistry!



Wearing Rings to Absorb Negativity & Enhance Qualities

One of the most traditional and best ways to absorb negativity is by wearing "rings" - equally wearing the right stone on the right ringer can enhance the positive qualities of the finger. For example, Black Onyx rings for Men on the Sagittarius segment of the communicative Mercury finger - ensures that Men - focus on their exact destiny - instead of being distracted by women - for Men are easily distracted by beautiful women - who use Sagittarian energies to take men's energy.

Hence Black Onyx ensures you only have eyes for the "right" one for you - and are kept focused on your "destiny". Likewise for women whom attract unwanted men's energies - wearing RED CORAL rings ensure all the unwanted energies get absorbed and have no power.


The Right Hand & The Left Hand

אוֹרך ימים בימינה עוֹשר וכבוד בשמאלה

Book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 16 - "Long Life is in the Right hand, Wealth and Honor in the Left hand".


One of the biggest differences between Jewish Palmistry and other teachings on Palmistry - is the respect given to both hands - and defining the RIGHT hand as the Mars hand of Life - and the LEFT hand as the Venus hand of wealth and happiness.


This was defined by the brilliance of Book of Proverbs written by King Solomon 2900 years ago teaches that the strength of the RIGHT hand contains the strength and determination to live a long life; this specific area is known as the "Mound of Mars" which only exists on the RIGHT hand according to Jewish Palmistry.

"Wealth and Honor" is the strength of the left hand and is contained within the "Mound of Venus", as we know Venus brings good fortune, honor and respect through the power of the single most creative energy of this world which is LOVE. People whom know how to love are always successful and prosperous. We explain in the pages of "Mound of Venus" and "Mound of Mars" how to energize ones life by these parts of ones hand.

The right hand that defines LIFE energy of Mars and the left hand that defines wealth and happiness of Venus - is the reason why many Jewish people wear their watch on their right hands - and keep their wallets and money in their left hand pockets - and only handle money with their left hands.

If you have your watch on the left hand - try switching it to the right hand [or not wearing it at all] - as it might be your watch that is blocking the flow of energy of prosperity into your life. And likewise, if you always handle cash/money with your right hand - switch to using your left hand for cash/money - try it and see for yourself. [So far as the differences in the lines on your RIGHT hand and LEFT hand - that I explain on "Changing Destiny"]


Respect and Care of Your Hands

What you do with each of your hands - is very important - because it creates a defined REAL action that communicates a MESSAGE to your inner soul. Even the way you use your RIGHT hand will always differ from the way you use your LEFT hand.

But when you become aware that your RIGHT hand and LEFT hand have specific powers - then you'll STOP wasting your life energy in what you do with your hands - that specifically applies to "single" men and women who "touch" themselves - the problem is not the sexual urge one gets - the problem is using your hands to "relieve" yourself - it's like using diamonds to clean a toilet - the toilet needs cleaning - but you don't use your diamonds to clean it with!


Wash your hands regularly [even if they aren't dirty] and as I learnt from a spiritual Gipsy from Tom's River, New Jersey, USA - that you should be equally careful to dry your hands on clean towels. Whenever you feel any uncomfortable energies in your hands - then wash your hands. You will know yourself when - and you'll sense the energy within your hands when they're really clean - like when you've washed them in warm water and feel the softness and purity in your skin afterwards - then you know they're clean.


Being "Closed" to external influences

Your hands control the incoming and the outgoing energies of "you"



The spiritual reason and need to wash your hands is that evil spirits can only enter your body through the energy in your hands, if you keep your hands washed and clean then it is impossible to be taken-over or influenced by any negativity or evil spirits. Even if you hear and see BAD things - provided your hands are clean and cleansed - then no external influences can affect you. However, you can protect yourself even more - by gripping your fist tightly closed.


Try gripping your fist tightly closed with as many fingers as possible over the mound of mars on your right hand and over the mound of venus on your left hand; you will see the tips of your fingers go RED as you squeeze your fist tightly closed for a few minutes, feel the difference.



Now try talking to someone whilst you have your fist tightly closed; you will find that you are able to be a lot stronger especially when you do this with your right hand. Do you remember of the times you have seen your parents or teachers, public speakers, politicians or even pictures of world leaders and dictators who speak with their fists tightly closed, the "tight and clenched fist" movement is a strength that they are trying to communicate their opinions very strongly, refusing to listen to anyone else or allow anyone else's energy influence them.

"Focused and Closed" - work out for yourself what works best for you right hand or left hand or both - but know that - "Closure" of ones hand shows a refusal to allow any energy to be wasted or stolen from ones soul and is simply done by keeping a firmly closed clenched fist. For those people who suffer from panic attacks, nervousness in large public places then the best way to walk and have a strength in these places is to keep ones hands tightly closed. Or if you're in public places - then put your hands in your pockets and keep them there to avoid picking up any negativity.

The best way to convey that one is CLOSED is to talk with a CLENCHED CLOSED FIST. The best way to convey that one is OPEN is to talk with an OPEN hand , SHOWING THE PALMS of ones hand. Meanwhile try coordinating your thoughts and speech with your hand gestures and hand movements; all the greatest souls "speak with their hands" - so why don't you try it too !


Cutting Ones Fingernails קליפות

It is a spiritual mystery - but it is true - that your fingernail absorb negativity

When there's a lot of negativity - the "dead" energy in the fingernails needs cutting away


The fingernails cover and protect the 5 main segments of the fingers; the segment of Aries, the segment of Capricorn, the segment of Cancer, the segment of Libra and most importantly the segment of ones personal identity and strength of ones soul in the Thumb. Each of these segments are profoundly important to you and need protection - they are constantly absorbing negativity and renewing their energies, hence defined by the quick growth of ones fingernails.

Once the fingernails energy has served its purpose it is then seen as a white and dead-energy in the fingernail which needs cutting. The spiritual reason this happens is in order for us to actively cut off our nails, to help us cleanse our own souls by cutting off any "dead energies" out of our lives.

The procedure of cutting away dead energies from the fingernails - the Kleepos קליפות according to Jewish tradition has the the power to take away all of ones problems and ones worries in life; if done regularly one will never worry again in ones life.

It might seem superstitious - but when you do it because you're respecting PALMISTRY and the spiritual power of your hands - you're elevating your mind to think deeper - and then cutting your nails becomes an act of profound importance.



סימן בדאגה בימין

אבודרהם וספר המוסר

בדאגה means Worry

By cutting ones nails one takes away all negativity, dead-energy and takes away ALL worry.


By cutting ones nails (Klipos) in the correct order one takes away all negativity, dead energy and negativity known as the "Klipos", hence will takes away ALL worry. Spiritually speaking worry is the source of all badness in the world, as worry makes people make BAD decisions - worry creates fear, dead-ends and mistakes - therefore having a life without worry is actually living in SYNC with your destiny.

This Jewish tradition of cutting ones nails protects one from worrying ("בדאגה means Worry"), when a baby is born it has no worries and as the child grows-up it continues to have no worries, it is only when a person starts mature, begins to THINK - that's when people allows-in negative thoughts and bad influences that is when a person starts to worry. All negative emotions do not offer any life-energy, in fact they detract from the quality of ones life and are considered deadly energies.

Accordingly to Jewish Spiritual Palmistry ones hands are the keys to ones soul, therefore if one has any worries or deadly energies they are contained within ones hands. They are in fact contained at the tips of ones fingernails, and therefore need to be cut in order to cut away the dead-energy.

By cutting ones fingernails one is cutting the dead-energy, and likewise one is cutting away any worries, returning ones soul to the purity and worry-free feelings of a new-born baby and innocent child. (this too is the reason why women cut their fingernails after menstruation is complete before immersing in "mikva" bath to cleanse away all "dead-energies").

Although the best time to cut your fingernails is whenever you get the strong feeling to cut them - and if you have just read this webpage and suddenly feel the urgent need to cut your nails now then do this immediately - in fact whenever one has the feeling to cut ones fingernails ones hands will be cleansed of any dead energies. [Similarly to your toenails].


Talking with your hands creates Success

יגיע כפיך כי תאכל אשריך וטוב לך - Psalms 128 תהלים קכח

"Through the energy of the Palms one will eat, be happy with life and it will be good for your"


This verse written by King David 2900 years ago is the source of the Jewish Spiritual teachings that - if you want success - you should coordinate your speech with your hand movements. Although the deeper meaning is if you want SUCCESS - read the lines in the palms of your hands - and you'll know what your destined pathway is - and that is your successful pathway.


When you talk - the "body language" - even the smallest movement of your fingers and hands as you speak - indicates to the listening person, the degree of sincerity and soulful power of emotions and honesty of your words. But it doesn't just work on others - as the movement of your hands - works on YOU the most - as it defines energy in your soul and in your aura.


"Talking with your hands" indicates that you are ALIVE, that you're energized, open, strong, emotional, honest and you want to let the other person "feel" the power of your words - even if you whisper the words you say - but you use your hands and fingers to express yourself - you will have much more power than shouting without using your hands.


Try talking to other people [practice by talking to yourself] whilst making movements with your hands, showing the palms of your hands, turning them sideways, upside down, and even try talking with a clenched fist. You will see for yourself that each movement of your hands coupled with your speech has its own specific meaning.

As you become more spiritually aware of the power within your hands, you will learn that you can communicate ideas, energy and soulful thoughts to others using the movement of ones hands, even without speaking simply by "hand gestures".


A small test for you - how you do you move your hands and fingers - when you are saying ....

"That's what I want to happen"


I guess - you will find a few versions of what you do with your hands - until - you find a version that works for you. Have you noticed how other people use their hands when they're saying - "That's what I want to happen" ... everyone has their own manner - and the hand movements will reflect the energy of the person.


FYI - our answers to the above test-question .... when I'm talking about "destiny" - and defining what I want to happen in other people's lives I tap my middle finnger - that's the Saturn finger on a table or on a book I'm reading. If it's just mundane things I want to happen - I will tap my Jupiter finger on something solid. Whereas Ester, she always holds her Jupiter finger and thumb pinched together - sometimes on both hands simultaneously when she wants something to happen.

I'm sure many of you tap your fingers when you want things to happen - without even realizing you do it - for example when you're stuck in traffic jam - you tap your fingers on the wheel - with an energy that says - you want to get moving forward - don't you?


Imagine that your hands have a recording device inside them that records images and energies of wherever and whatever your hands do? but it only records when you're talking or thinking - What do you think the majority of the images would be like ? useless and ready to throw away images ? or spiritually energizing and powerful hand motions and hand signals ?


Try concentrating for 5 mins on doing your own "Hand Gestures" - learn to express yourself with your hands - practice on "Hand Exercises" and see the difference to the way you feel as you come ALIVE now that you comprehend power of Palmistry.


Your Hands constantly Heal and energize You

What do you instinctively do - when you're sitting at your computer desk and want to wake-up to become alert? You instinctively STRETCH - using both your arms and hands - to STRETCH out wide - and then you feel refreshed. Do you realize how many other instinctive actions you do with your own hands to heal and energize yourself ? You'll be surprised - think and watch what you do by instinct - and then you'll realize many more secrets of Palmistry.


Are you Feeling Depressed and Tired ? Use both your hands and rub them together, slide your whole left hand (fingers and thumbs) over your whole right hand - this will energize your soul instantaneously. You have probably instinctively done this in the cold winter whenever you hands have been extremely cold - you rub them together to make them "feel alive". Wiggle all your fingers and feel a freshness being instilled in them. When you realize that you can create change in your life because you've become aware of the real power that your hands can generate - you will spend more than 5 mins doing "Hand Exercises"!


Your hands can heal your body and heal your headache - as we explained in "Spiritual Rescue Work" very often headaches are indicative signs that your 3rd eye is being attacked - the best way to protect one from being attacked in covering your 3rd eye with the palms of your hand. Instinctively, many people who have a headache always hold their head with their hands - but they shouldn't take their hands off - UNTIL they feel the healing coming through.

This is what everyone does instinctively and subconsciously, using ones hands and hence ones souls energy to bring healing and strength to ones head. Likewise for any hurt, ache or pain - even dizziness to your eyes - the instinctive reaction is to place your hand on that wounded or hurt part of your body.

Indeed, the power is within your hands to heal your body. Everyone's hands radiate a spiritual energy, some peoples energy will be greater than others, but everyone has the potential to radiate good spiritual energy from their hands. GOD created everyone's hands with the same spiritual potential gifts, provided one respects and nurtures these gifts contained in ones hands.


Your Power is in Your own Hands

Everyone has the "Power" - your hands are your hands - your destiny is your destiny - and your own power is in your own hands. What you do with your "power" is your freewill choice - many do nothing - many do everything - many intermittently do things and then go-back to sleep - but as you learn how powerful your hands are - you will learn that YOU have the "power" to get your own life moving - constantly - each and every moment of everyday of your life.

Your life should NOT be stagnating - your life should NOT make you feel like it's a dead-end - and your life should NOT be without LOVE - defined the fact that everyone has a lifeline, headline and heartline.

In the following introductory pages - you'll learn about this "power" - and then you'll use the information to find your own unique way and ensure you find your own destiny - live your own life - and do what you're destined to do with your life - and when you do that's when you'll truly feel alive - and realize the brilliance of the Divine gift of Palmistry.


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם