The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

The Mounds and the Segments of the Hand

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW



The Mounds and the Segments of the Hand


The Mound of Mercury
חלק כוכב
The Mound of Mars (on the right hand only)
חלק מאדים
The Mound of Venus (on the left hand only)
חלק נוגה
The Mound of Saturn
חלק שבתאי
The Mound of Sun
חלק שמש
The Mound of Jupiter
חלק צדק
The Mound of Moon
חלק לבנה
The Mound of Creativity
חלק ראיונות
The Mound of Neptune
חלק הדמיון

The Energy of Mounds and the Segments of the Hand

Each mound and each segment of ones hand has its own specific energy; when one learns the power and purpose of each segment one will begin to understand ones weaknesses and strengths of ones character, be able to adapt and change ones life for the better using all the good elements and excellent aspects of ones souls abilities.

For example if one has * stars and x crosses on the "The Mound of Mercury" one should use ones inherently lucky gift of the power of communication and power of speech to be successful in life; whereas if one has a grill # on "The Mound of Mercury" one should be extremely careful with ones power of speech as one will tend to say something that upsets others and causes one to be isolated from others or trapped in a situation.

"Gifts" and Special Marks on the Mounds

In reading and analyzing the energy of each mound on ones palms thereby being able to see ones strengths and weaknesses of ones character and soul, it is important to know that every single line that is formed on ones palms has a very significant meaning. Every line is representing something very significant that has and will happen in a persons life.

Such marks are known as destined gifts in ones life, and their meaning is generally the same but the effects depend on which Mound they are located.

For example a cross on the The Mound of Neptune will mean that one has very good dreams and good imagination, but also will means one is likely to being open to be gullibly deceived, whereas a cross on the The Mound of Jupiter will mean one is always very lucky in life, whatever one does one has an optimistic outlook on life even when something bad happens - a person with a cross on the The Mound of Jupiter will always see the good in everything that happens in life.


* Stars

3 lines converging at the same point
Very intense & very lucky, as energy converges from 3 well balanced directions
X Crosses
2 lines converging at the same point
Lucky but only if one coordinates and balances the 2 separate diverging energies, can be tricky but once overcome the "balancing" one is lucky.

# Grills

2 sets of parallel lines intersecting

A challenging aspect; one will have to be strong to overcome difficulties and restrictions; the grill boxes a person in, feeling of being trapped and blocked; but the grill guarantees that there is a solution provided one follows the vertical set of lines and refuses to be blocked by the horizontal lines.

<> Island

A forked split in a line that reconnects back together
An opportunity to take 2 pathways to the same end destination; this is a gift of freewill to choose either direction in life to reach the same destined destination. The wise will always choose the direction with more energy and excitement !

- Line


Vertical lines means very good flow of life energy; Horizontal lines means a blockage of life energy.

= Lines

2 Parallel Lines

Vertical lines means very good flow of life energy; Horizontal lines means a double blockage of life energy.

We explain each of these symbols on each of the Mounds in the separate webpages

Rollover your mouse on the LIGHT GREEN/OLIVE COLOURED AREA on the palm of these Hands

to see full explanations of the specific energies of each of the Mounds.

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם