The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

אגודל The Thumb

כח הבינה Strength of ones Understanding

When you realize how powerful every segment of your hands is ....

is when you'll know the power to change your own life is within you - JW


The Left Hand יד שמאל
The Right Hand יד ימין


כח הבינה Strength of ones Understanding


אגודל The Thumb

An exceedingly disproportionately large portion of the brain is devoted to the powerful control and energy of the Thumb to emphasize its importance; however, in just the same way most people only use 10% of their brains so too people only use 10% or less of the true spiritual and physical potential of their "thumbs".

כח הנפש Strength of Ones Personality

כח הבינה Strength of Ones Ability to Understand

There are two segments of the thumb, the top is referred to as כח הנפש "Koach HaNefesh" and is the strength of ones personality which is the strength of ones character and individuality.

The segment that connects this to ones hand is the כח הבינה "Koach HaBina" which is the segment of ones hand that reflects the strength of ones ability to understand.

The Meaning of כח הנפש "Koach HaNefesh"

Strength of Ones Personality

If one thinks of a computer, when it is switched off, it has no purpose nor use whatsoever, however as soon as its turned on it becomes a very powerful tool; similarly we all have the abilities within our soul to do many things with our lives, however it is dependant upon us when to "turn on ourselves" to get motivated with a driving force to get things done in our lives. This driving force is the "כח הנפש Strength of Ones Personality".

This is the reason why so many people may have it written in their astrological birthcharts or read the astrological monthly forecasts or have been told by בעלי רוח הקודש Baalei Ruach HaKodesh - Spiritual Psychics, Mediums and "Palm Readers" from what they are able to see in the persons future everything that can potentially happen in ones life but if one chooses to be "switched off" then one will miss these opportunities.

The driving force is the "כח הנפש Strength of Ones Personality" is the "turn-on" switch to make everything happen in ones life, its energy is contained in the top segment of ones thumb.

כח הבינה Strength of ones Ability to Understand

This segment of ones thumb identifies ones ability to "understand", this is different from ones ability to think or to focus as explained in the "head line- the line of intellect", as we all know many seemingly studious and clever people who hold a lot of knowledge are not able to "think" or "understand" common-sense situations.

The "כח הבינה Strength of ones Ability to Understand" is the ability to access ones mind and thoughts quickly, by connecting the experience or situation with the information one has stored in ones mind and then act. This segment of ones brain is like the processor of a computer, some computers work slowly and some work very fast, the ability to access ones memory and work fast is a facet of ones soul and is reflected is this segment of ones hands.

Fast Thinkers and Flexibility

The recipe for people whom think fast is a need to be very flexible and open; a person who thinks rigidly and is a closed person is really a slow-thinker. The more one trains ones mind, thoughts and soul to be flexible and open the quicker on can think.

"Twiddling Ones Thumbs"

The instant sign and reaction for fast thinkers and intelligent people to tell other people they are totally bored is when they instinctively start to twiddle their thumbs. In fact this is a sign of an intelligent fast-thinker who is trying to "wake up" their minds; try twiddling ones thumbs especially whenever one is bored and needs to "wake-up" !

There are many movements which Sefer חכמת יד "Chochmas Yad", the book of Palmistry explains have deep meanings and can actually act to create an energy in ones soul to make life-changing things happen in ones life. Try for yourself different movements with your thumb and see how you feel ?

Here are just a few examples:-

The Thumb movement that means

"If You Really Understand Me "

Traditionally used in Talmudical Colleges by Rebbes, when explaining something deep and spiritual, the habit came from centuries of teachers over the past 3000 years to move ones thumbs in a downwards to horizontal and then thumbs up position to say " do you understand what i am explaining from my soul to your soul"

Thumbs and Fingers "Vertically"

"Just listen to me and Understand what i am trying to explain to you"

Means :- "Just listen to me and Understand what i am trying to explain to you"

There is a difference in strength in all the fingers and thumbs clasped and just the first two

Try and understand for yourselves the difference !

Thumb and Fingers "Horizontally"

Much less aggressive but still a sign of combined determination to explain something clearly

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם