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This Month's Astrological Events

Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2018

Written by the נסתר Spiritual Astrologer author ספר כוכבי אור Sefer Kochvei Or

Secrets of Daily Moon Astrology סוד הלבנה , "This Weeks" Planetary Movements

& This Years Major Astrological Events of the Outer Planets for 2018

20th April: Sun enters Taurus

23rd April: Pluto goes retrograde at 21° Capricorn

24th April: Venus enters Gemini

24th April: Mars 20° Capricorn sextiles Jupiter [retrograde] 20° Scorpio

25th April: Mercury 9° Aries squares Saturn [retrograde] 9° Capricorn

26th April: Mars 21° Capricorn conjunct Pluto [retrograde] 21° Capricorn

29th April: Full Moon 9° Scorpio

29th April: Sun 9° Taurus trines Saturn [retrograde] 9° Capricorn


6th May: Sun 16° Taurus sextiles Neptune 16° Pisces

9th May: Sun 18° Taurus opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 18° Scorpio

11th May: Sun 21° Taurus trines Pluto [retrograde] 21° Capricorn

13th May: Mercury 29° Aries conjunct Uranus 29° Aries

13th May: Mercury enters Taurus

15th May: Mars 29° Capricorn squares Uranus 29° Aries


15th May: New Moon at 24° Taurus

15th May: Uranus enters Taurus

16th May: Mars enters Aquarius

19th May: Venus enters Cancer


21st May: Sun enters Gemini

24th May: Sun 2° Gemini trines Mars 2° Aquarius

25th May: Neptune 16° Pisces trines Jupiter [retrograde] 16° Scorpio

26th May: Venus 8° Cancer opposes Saturn [retrograde] 8° Capricorn

29th May: Full Moon in Sagittarius

29th May: Mercury enters Gemini


It's always a Good Sign you're looking ahead !

Believing in Astrology - Being inquisitive and searching about the future is a good sign

People who aren't interested in the "future" - are - dead-boring types of people !

Looking-ahead is a very good sign - as you're desiring and eager for changes


Everyone of you should be able to sense that something is going to change

because deep-down you want a change now - now more than ever before!

The more hungry you are for a positive change - the more you know you're going to get it



Sun in Taurus - 2nd Star Sign of Zodiac

Powerful Changes - New Phase Begins

The Configuration of Planets that will be defining Sun in Taurus - April - May 2018

Complete shift of emphasis from what it has been in the past 3 - 12 years - and - in one aspects for the past 14 Years


Sun in Taurus [Earth Sign] Full Moon in Scorpio [Water Sign] Mercury in Taurus [Earth Sign] Venus in Taurus [Earth Sign]

Mars in Capricorn [Earth Sign] Jupiter in Scorpio [Water Sign] Saturn in Capricorn [Earth Sign]

Uranus enters Taurus [Earth Sign] Neptune in Pisces [Water Sign] Pluto in Capricorn [Earth Sign]


Everyone of you who understands astrology - understands that the astrological energies are defined best by OPPOSITES - because whilst as planets change signs - the energies change - the real results are only created when you see things clearly - and - when life creates NO CHOICE other than whatever is destined.


Jupiter has been in Scorpio since 11th October 2017 - and - will be felt most powerfully during Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2018 - and even though - many of you - have had BIG changes happening - because - you've already had a breakthrough - the BIGGEST changes will be happening from now onwards.


Jupiter in Scorpio defines something that's been a BIG problem - at least in the past 5-6 years of your life - something that's been DEAD and STAGNANT in your life - has been UNBLOCKED and for some of you is in the process of being UNBLOCKED.


You see - Jupiter in Scorpio - defines Scorpio - which says - you need to be REBORN - you need to live your life - your future - your destiny - and therefore anything that's DEAD and anything that's BLOCKING your ability to live your life - has to be UNBLOCKED.


Scorpio defines DEAD-energies needs to be eliminated in order to be transformed into REBIRTH. Let me mention the traditional definition of Scorpio - everyone "knows" Scorpio is sexual in it's essence - because even when a relationship has difficulties and problems - if you get-into-bed and have sex - then you can RESTORE and RESET your relationship. Even couples who logically should not be together - provided the "sexual" energies are right - then couples stay together.


Jupiter in Scorpio is much more than "sexual" - but it follows the same theory. One POWERFUL moment - like having sex - can change everything, can transform your life, can unblock blockages - and - make you feel REBORN.


I should say - that because "sexual" energies aren't something people talk-about - as "sex" should correctly be kept private and hidden - as sex is Scorpio secrecy in it's purity - Jupiter in Scorpio is making most people in the world "turned-on" and desiring "sex" - in a genuine real honest trustworthy relationship.


Readers in relationships - the newfound "sexual" energies - should be healing your relationships - and - single readers - you should know that you've been awakened - as during the next few months - you're being prepared by life to meet someone and have a healthy relationship - Jupiter in Scorpio is natural - however illogical it might seem to you at the moment.



Sun in Taurus is defined by Jupiter in Scorpio

Now is time for Secrecy - especially - as you're having a big breakthrough .....


Every astrological month is defined by the OPPOSITE star sign - that's because - when we say Sun enters Taurus - we actually mean - Earth enters Scorpio as viewed from the Sun - because in truth and reality the Earth is the planet that orbits the Sun - Earth is the planet on-the-move.


Therefore Sun in Taurus is defined by StarSign of Scorpio - and because this year - Jupiter - the biggest planet in our Solar system is in Scorpio - means - Sun in Taurus is going to be BIG.


Now - I must remind you of the rule that applies to Jupiter in Scorpio - and that's SECRECY. The rule for success means the need to obey the starsign of Scorpio. And in the same way that "sex" is a private and secret affair between couples - so too - success must be obeyed by the same rules.


Although, the craziness of internet porn means that "they" have forgotten that intimacy is supposed to be SECRET. But you and me - we know it's wrong - and - hence we comprehend the logical need for SECRECY. That's the rule of Scorpio.


The reason I remind you of this is FINANCIAL SUCCESS - which is typical Taurus energies - means when you'll achieve it - and - when you have your breakthrough - will attract JEALOUSY - so - obey the rule of Jupiter in Scorpio - and keep it SECRET - at least for Sun in Taurus if you can !



Sun in Taurus - you're "turned-on" and ready


This Zodiac Year which began with Sun in Aries - has inexplicably "turned-on" everyone - which many of you couldn't believe what happened to you during March-April 2018 as you got energized to become awakened. Now - you're awakened and ready - Sun in Taurus - with - Jupiter the biggest planet in our solar system - will UNLOCK it's fullness and do it's magic.


The essence of this Zodiac year is "Venus - Love & Money" - that's why I created the login and password as Venus - because - this year - and especially between now and end of August 2018 - everyone is going to be TURNED-ON by "Love & Money".


Venus is the inner planet that talks to your HEART - Venus makes you desire to live-life by turning you on. Which many of you have been feeling ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio - BUT - there are some people who've been damaged, blocked and afflicted for many years - that it's taking a lot of Jupiter in Scorpio energy to get you "turned-on".


During Sun in Taurus 20th April => 20th May 2018 - this will be your time - in fact - it's going to be doing BIG things for everyone. And if you've had a small breakthrough in the past 6 months - then you'll get a bigger breakthrough - to enliven you - even more.


The purpose of Jupiter in Scorpio is to GIVE YOU HOPE for your future - by making something happen in life - to give you something to look-forward to. And because Jupiter is in retrograde in Scorpio - this defines - a CHANGE in your circumstances - because problems from the "past" are solved or eliminated from your life.


Hence, Jupiter in Scorpio - means - something BAD is taken out of your life - something that's been BLOCKING your success is eliminated - something that's DEAD is eliminated from your life - something happens to get your life moving forwards - something BIG TRANSFORMS in your life - to make you feel alive.



Outer Planets opposing the Inner Planets

Magnetism - Cohesion - Luck

Powerful Changes - will begin with Sun in Taurus - A New Phase Begins for Everyone


As I've explained for - all 12 StarSigns for April => August 2018 - that all the inner planets - will be opposing the outer planets of Jupiter - Saturn - Mars - which is going to make Summer of 2018 - feeling like it's a Full Moon most of the time !


Inner planets - opposing - Outer Planets - means MAGNETISM - that all of humanity on Earth will be coming in-between - that's why the Night-time sky will be beautiful and energizing. Even if you don't yet know what you're going to be attracted to - and - who is going to be attracted to you - Sun in Taurus will ensure you feel MAGNETISM of Jupiter in Scorpio.


The essence of MAGNETISM means - that you will only be attracted and connected to the right people - MAGNETISM - means you won't be and you can't be distracted by the wrong people. MAGNETISM means - that you can't fake it - and - others can't fake it either - MAGNETISM means genuine, honest, truthful and sincere connections.


With Saturn [retrograde from 18th April 2018] - Pluto [retrograde from 23rd April 2018] - and - Jupiter [retrograde until 9th July 2018] - ensuring - RECONNECTIONS - to people who are going to be important for your future - will make you feel EXCITED - defined by Sun in Taurus - and the proof that they're very important is that - as you're reconnecting - you feel ALIVE by the energy of your conversations - and the aura of OPTIMISM and SUCCESS it will create.


Unlike the past 3-7 years - the combination of Sun in Taurus - Saturn in Capricorn - Jupiter in Scorpio - means ACTIONS speak louder than words - and - that's because when it's TRUTHFUL - you don't need to "talk" about it - TRUTH is MAGNETISM - you either know it's right or not-right.


The planets simply make it happen quickly and immediately - because during Sun in Taurus it will be defined by human instincts to do whatever destiny needs to happen. Sun in Taurus will make everyone feel - with clarity - that whatever thoughts they get is a good idea to do immediately. That's the word for Sun in Taurus - "IMMEDIATELY".



Magnetism means The Honest Truth

It's impossible to avoid the power of Magnetism with Sun in Taurus .....


Very often you read astrology in order to know - "what to do" - however - this zodiac year - and - most specifically during Sun in Taurus - life will be creating events to happen for everyone - you won't need to ask - other than instinctively do what you feel compelled to do.


In the past 3-7 years - you had to do something in order to get something to happen. Now - that's different - because life is going to "entice" and "force" people to do things. I prefer the word "entice" - as that's more the nature of Taurus-Scorpio - however, for some people FIXED destined events will be "forcing" them to do something.


For example - and - this applies to those of you who've been in legal-battles and litigation - the breakthrough will come for you - because the "others" who've been creating the blockages will be "forced" to become unblocked and "forced" to do something.


The reason is because Sun in Taurus & Jupiter in Scorpio - and - defined by the Scorpio Full Moon on 29th/30th April 2018 - means TRUTH - compelling - enticing - magnetism - unblocking the blockages - as lies and blockages drops-dead and truth wins. Sun in Taurus & Jupiter in Scorpio - has ONE purpose - and that's to unblock the blockages and get your life moving forwards.


Ofcourse - it's going to be a terrible time for all the "liars" of the world - as the TRUTH will be revealed - and - hence - there will be dramatic world-wide changes and "news" - because - let's be honest - there is so much DECEIT and LIES in the world - that it's going to be fascinating how people at the "top" - who have lied their way to the "top" - fall !


MAGNETISM means genuine, honest, truthful and sincere connections - because - when you feel the truth - it creates STABILITY for you - and - just like "sex" - when you're with someone - you feel the magnetism, the power, the truth and the energy of attraction.



Uranus - the Meaning of Freedom

Uranus is the planet that creates shocks and surprises

Uranus works when it is in same StarSign OR the opposite StarSign as your planets


Uranus is the most unusual of planets - Uranus is the planet that always gets the blame and compliments for creating unexpected shocks and surprises. Uranus always creates the MidLifeCrisis when it opposes your natal Uranus - between the age of 38 and 48 - depending on your chart.


Uranus in Aries - since March 2011 => May 2018 - has affected - all SunSign Aries, Sun Sign Libra's - anyone with planets in Aries & Libra - and - everyone born with Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975.


Uranus in Taurus - 15th May 2018 => May 2025 - will affect - all SunSign Taurus, Sun Sign Scorpio's - anyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio - and - everyone born with Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981.


And before some of you start to PANIC - don't - I will tell you the truth - this website was created thanks to my Midlifecrisis - Uranus ensured I did something that not only makes my life exciting - but yours too !


And as each of you who've been through Uranus oppositions - and - as each of you are about to go through it - it will create GREAT and UNEXPECTED GOOD things in your life. Uranus will create GOOD - because - it eliminates and ensures you get set-free from anything BAD.


It's like beginning a NEW life without technically having to die - although - Uranus is the catalyst which makes you feel like you're dead and prevents you from continuing to live a dead-boring life - and - is the reason why you are set-free to live a NEW meaningful life.



Uranus in each of the star signs


Uranus in Cancer - September 1948 => June 1956

Uranus in Leo - August 1955 => August 1962

Uranus in Virgo - November 1961 => September 1968

Uranus in Libra - October 1968 => September 1975

Uranus in Scorpio - September 1975 => November 1981 - affected everyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio

Uranus in Sagittarius - November 1981 => November 1988 - affected everyone with planets in Gemini & Sagittarius

Uranus in Capricorn - February 1988 => January 1996 - affected everyone with planets in Cancer & Capricorn

Uranus in Aquarius - January 1996 => March 2003 - affected everyone with planets in Leo & Aquarius

Uranus in Pisces - March 2003 => March 2011 - affected everyone with planets in Virgo & Pisces

Uranus in Aries - March 2011 => May 2018 - affected everyone with planets in Libra & Aries

Uranus in Taurus - 15th May 2018 => May 2025 - will affect - everyone with planets in Taurus & Scorpio


Let me give you a quick lesson on Uranus - look at your own astrological chart - and - see which transit since 1975 created the UNEXPECTED SHOCK and SURPRISE in your life.


Uranus creates a BIG unexpected surprise and sudden change to what you assumed logically would happen. Uranus puts your life on a new and different pathway. A pathway that defines FREEDOM and being LIBERATED from a dead-end. Compare the above dates - and - see that it works.


Whilst it does define other planets - the biggest Uranus changes comes - when Uranus opposes your natal Uranus - when Uranus opposes your SunSign - when Uranus opposes your MoonSign - or - when Uranus opposes any of your planets.


Oppositions always ensures YOU do something dramatic and YOU do something to change your life pathway in sync with what's right for you - whilst - when Uranus conjunctions to any of your planets - it makes you magnetically attractive to be noticed and recognized by "other" people.


Uranus conjunctions makes you receive from others and receive from life to better improve your life by bringing something unexpected and positively good into your life - in the form of - sudden help - that life wants to help you - as a way of saying THANK YOU.


Uranus creates disconnections to negative people in your life who aren't appreciating you - because they're not grateful for what you do for them. Uranus creates connections to positive people who are enchanted with you and will appreciate you. Hence, the midlifecrisis of Uranus - ensures - divorces from ungrateful partners to ensure you get connected to someone who loves and appreciates you.



Freedom - Uranus enters Taurus

Uranus is the planet that creates Freedom from negativity by liberating you from the source of your pain

Mid-Life-Crisis for some readers - and - Exciting Beginnings of Freedom for everyone else !


Whatever is the reason why you feel "trapped" and "depressed" will vanish and drop-dead - with Uranus in Taurus from 15th May 2018. And it will begin to be felt from 20th April 2018 when Sun enters Taurus as Uranus will be on-the-cusp at 29° Aries.


It's going to be extra-ordinary - and - remarkable - as there will be no more tolerance for "negative" situations anymore - anything that's been hurting you so much - especially any intolerable pain in the past 7 years - will be changed - because life will divorce and detach you from "it".


Uranus in Taurus - says - there is no such thing as COHESION or MAGNETISM to anything you hate, dislike, negative or have complained about. Uranus in Taurus will be setting everyone free from whatever you hate. Hateful words and hateful thoughts merely define you don't want it in your life - so - Uranus sets you free from it.


Let me give you an example - a grumpy man who complains about his wife - Uranus in Taurus means she will leave him; a moaning and nagging wife who complains about her husband - Uranus in Taurus means he will leave her.


Uranus in Taurus - means - the positive person will no longer tolerate nor be connected to someone negative. Whilst many relationships are created by destiny - divorces are creating because people are UNGRATEFUL - divorces are created because of bombardment day-after-day of negativity - that Uranus defines it must END.


Uranus changes star signs every 7 years - so - every negative situation changes every 7 years - Uranus in Taurus will be making things happen very quickly. Because unlike Uranus in Aries - Uranus in Taurus is TRUTHFUL and has the purpose to eliminate INSTABILITY - to create the foundation of STABILITY.



Taurus defines Your Instincts of Desire

You'll never complain about anything you love

The truth is humans like to complain - complaining is another way of saying - you don't want it in your life


When people complain about the "weather" - they're saying they want better "weather". When people complain about any facet of life - they're saying they don't want the life they've got. They're emitting negativity to the world that they want a change. So Uranus listens and prepares to make a change. People who truthfully love the gift of life - never waste energy complaining about anything.


During the past 7 years - you've had something in your life that you don't want anymore - whatever "it" is - you've been thinking about it because Uranus in Aries has made you think about "it" - you've decided - you can't take "it" anymore in your life - the request for change has been sent - Uranus in Taurus will be the answer.


If your request is NEGATIVE - then the manifestation is LOOSING "it". If your request is POSITIVE - then the manifestation is achieving "it". Uranus is simple - Uranus sets people free from negativity - Uranus gets people attached to whatever is your positive desire and definition of FREEDOM for you.


Hence, the moment Sun enters Taurus - Taurus energies are activated. Let me explain - when you instinctively get attracted to something - it doesn't need words to attract you - your INNER feelings make you desire it.


When you go shopping - whilst the background music is putting you in a good mood - and - whilst the glitzy razzle-dazzle of lights are getting you in the right mood - it is the INVISIBLE energies that are attracting you to desire whatever it is you want to buy. [Which sometime gets ruined when as sales-people open their mouths!].


The invisible Taurus energies are POSITIVE DESIRES - Taurus doesn't do negative - Taurus doesn't get attracted or turned-on by anything negative - Taurus is the alluring attraction that gets you to be connected to whoever life wants you to be connected to.


Taurus instincts of magnetic attraction - means - that you FEEL it from within you - because there's a vibrational energy of excitement that is turning-you-on. It might begin as a "thought" that you want to go-out shopping - or - want to go looking for something - but Taurus ensures you get-moving towards "it".


Likewise - people looking at you - people wanting you - are FEELING something about you. That's the power of destiny creating connections and cohesion to everything life wants you to be connected to. In essence it is THOUGHT energy from within you.



Taurus creates thoughts of Cohesion

Cohesion means your thoughts are loving "it"

When you're constantly thinking of how much you love "it" - then - you're thoughts are connecting you to "it"

People who think of how much they hate "it" - are creating disconnections to "it"


It's quite simple - there's an expression - "you are whatever your thinking about" - and - provided your thoughts are energies of DESIRE and LOVE towards whatever you're thinking about - then it will have profound positive results with Sun in Taurus.


You're reading this astrology to be empowered by wisdom - to know how to use the astrological energies wisely - and this is all you need to know - THINK ENERGIES OF DESIRE - of what you WANT in your life - and - it will come to you.


Conversely, you'll notice stupid people who will be moaning and complaining - and self-destructively ruining their lives - as stupid people will be using their minds to emit hate that they don't like this and don't like that - and you'll see them creating their own problems.


All you have to do is be HONEST within yourself and your thoughts - THINK ENERGIES OF DESIRE - of what you WANT in your life and what you LOVE about your life. The more you THINK of what you LOVE - the more it will be part of your life.


For example, in relationships - love the people you want in your life; in business - love the money you'll earn to buy things you want; in career - love the job you do because it makes you feel alive; in home - love where you live; and for ambition - desire and love - whatever you want in your future.



17th April: Venus 20° Taurus opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 20° Scorpio

29th/20th April: Sun 9° Taurus opposes Full Moon at 9° Scorpio

9th May: Sun 18° Taurus opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 18° Scorpio

23rd May: Mercury 16° Taurus opposes Jupiter [retrograde] 16° Scorpio


In fact - the Jupiter in Scorpio with planets in Taurus effect - began 31st March 2018 - and will continue until end of May. These are the dates when you'll feel it STRONG - and - once you feel it - you won't be able to stop feeling it.


As I've explained - due to the inner planets in Taurus - and - outer planet of Jupiter - the Earth coming in-between - means - everyone is going to be - WANTING and DESIRING - something that life wants you to want and wants you to have in your life.


Once - you've got "it" - then it will get stronger and stronger - to become a part of your life. Because with "it" - you feel ALIVE - without "it" you've been dead. And now is the time for being ALIVE.


I use the word "it" - because - Taurus is Earthly - real-life aspects of life - "it" could be relationships - but "it" can be your home - your career - your money - your desire for new clothes - for material things that you desire which will make you feel happier and better about your life.


"It" doesn't have to be expensive - "it" can be simple - but - "it" has to turn-you-on with vitality for life - and - truly make you feel ALIVE. When you DESIRE something - it awakens the part of your aura - that defines your future. Desiring "It" is not something in your life - but something you feel connected to in your thoughts that you want "it" to be in your future.


Now - let me explain something to all who have got a stagnation and problem in your life - the way it gets UNBLOCKED - is via your DESIRE for something. For those of you who have litigation or waiting for money - the way it gets unblocked is because you DESIRE to do something with the money you'll get. Don't think of the negative worry of being blocked - instead - think of the positive thoughts of what you'll do when you get a breakthrough.



Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn

The 1st time in 12 years - 1st time in 29 years

Destiny is talking to everyone - Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - Uranus enters Taurus

Is the 1st time in 12 years - the 1st time in 29 years - the 1st time in 84 years that Sun in Taurus will be powerful


Ever since Jupiter entered Scorpio on 11th October 2018 - life has changed. Ever since Saturn entered Capricorn on 21st December 2018 - life has changed - and - from the moment Uranus enters Taurus on 15th May 2018 [which will be felt from 20th April] as Uranus sitting on the cusp means you'll already feel the changes coming.


Merely, the combination of Sun in Taurus - Jupiter in Scorpio - Saturn in Capricorn - with - Mars in Capricorn & Pluto in Capricorn - is a BIG change - which thanks to Sun in Taurus and the Scorpio Full Moon on 29th/30th April 2018 - will create stability wherever there's been instability - will eliminate anything that's wrong in your life - and - will bring in everything that is the definition of stability for your future.


This means - that there's going to be lots of sudden and surprising changes - especially - when something that's really been a problem - stops being a problem - when something you've been worrying about - stops worrying you - and - when something good happens in your life - especially after a few years when something good hasn't been happening in some specific facet of your life which has been afflicted.




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