The Spiritual Writings of ספר סודי סודות

סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם

"All beings are in Me, but I am not in them"

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9


"Don't Waste Your Time Praying" to an External GOD



No-one can CHARGE you for anything you already have unless

you're stupid enough & don't realize you already have it !



The Most Spiritual Souls Living in this World are the Poorest

The Nicest, Best & Most Genuine People Living on Earth are



ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח ביהוה והיה יהוה מבטחו

Trust is an Internal Spiritual Connection that You Create With GOD

כולל ונכלל ... בכל מכל כל

Trust is Recognizng that GOD is EVERYTHING & Everything is GOD


מלה בסלע שתיקותא בתרין - בסוד הידוע ליודעי חן

"Trust in GOD"

ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח ביהוה והיה יהוה מבטחו

"Blessed is a persons life when one trusts in GOD,

Then GOD will become trustworthy and dependable for that person".

Jeremiah 17 verse 7 ירמיהו פרק יז פסוק ז


Living a Life Trusting in GOD

"TRUST is putting your hand out in the dark searching for help and finding it held"

"Every problem has a solution, even & especially when there seems to be no solution"

In this chapter "Trust in GOD" from Sefer Shinuyim - The book of Changes,


We introduce the 3 spiritual aspects explaining the fundamental concepts of "TRUST in GOD".

1. Understanding the concepts and meaning of "Trust", understanding that "Trust" is a non-tangible spiritual bond of 100% committment between two people in their mind, thoughts and souls.

2. Understanding the transformation during ones life where one begins to "trust in GOD" more than "trusting in people". The stages of life, where every child/person matures into an independant free-thinking adult, and stops trusting in "everyone" leading to the spiritual stage of life where one transfers one's thoughts of "trust in people" into the spiritual "trust in GOD".

3. Understanding the levels of "Trust in GOD". Identifying when one can rely on GOD & Spirit world, and when one must make "hishtadlus"-"השתדלות", and take personal responsibilty for one's actions to "get the job done", and understanding the levels of "Trust in GOD" when making any decision where one may need "DIVINE intervention" in one's life.



Introducing the concept of "Trust in GOD", the famous spiritually written poem called "Footprints" explains how we misunderstand, forget and take-for-granted the continuous DIVINE spiritual help that sustains our lives and in WHOM we can always trust and depend upon for DIVINE help :-


"Footprints" - Trusting In GOD

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand; one belonging to him and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."

The Lord replied, "My precious child, I Love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."


1.Understanding The Meaning Of "Trust".

"Trust" is a dependable unwritten and unspoken bond that unites people. The bond of "trust" is not physical or tangible, it is purely a THOUGHT energy in the mind and soul that has the power to unite and connect people together.

The bond of "trust" gives people a sense of identity of their union and creates identity of their unique connection with each other, hence "trust" solidifies a bonding with the greatest energy of all - "the energy of the mind and soul". Indeed the bond of "trust" is a spiritual bond inherent in one's soul.

The bond of "trust" can only be broken between people when the thought energy binding them is not the same, that is one-side has decided to change the thoughts in bond that has united their minds and soul.

When the bond of "trust" is a good connection, then a positive creative transfer of energy is produced to help the each person's soul. Whereas if the bond of "trust" is superficially unreal and one-sided, a sense of "mistrust" ensues, and then one side of the union will feel negative, destroyed and abusively drained by the bond and connection. In order to survive the person must disconnect from such a "mistrusting" and deceptive bond, as it is abusing and draining on a person's physical body, mind and soul.

The need for the bond of "trust" is to ensure that people fulfill their collective purpose in life, for everything and anything great in this world is done by the energy of at least two people; it can be one side does and the other supports but the aspect of two people creating something together is intrinsic in everything good in this world.


"Trust" is a Spiritual Bond Of Unspoken

Committment Between Two People Souls.

Indeed the bond of "trust" is a spiritual bond inherent in everyone's soul, which indicates a bond of committment to help, protect, create energy and assist the people who trust each other, on different levels depending the on the level of "trust". The highest level of "trust" is where one would even risk ones own life to rescue another; the other is between a man and woman as they solidify their sexual union and become one.

The reason for many instantaneous magnetic attractions and "trust" between people is that their souls are already connected in a bond of "trust" which is inate within their souls, possibly from previous lifetimes or from the source of their souls in spiritual realms - it is destined to be.

This bond of "trust" creates a transfer of energy from one persons mind and soul to the other person and vice versa, and the continued connection between two people who "trust" each other acts to strengthen their channel and energy transfer between each others mind and soul.

The bond of "trust" connects people so strongly that there is a constant flow of thought energy between people who trust each other. When people "mistrust" each other, this creates a blockage in the flow of thought energy between the two people and thwarts the ability to live life, especially if one side has secrets to hide, the other feels a blockage of thought energy and "mistrusts" the other.

This continual "transference" of energy between their souls is completely spiritual and non physical, this intangible bond of "trust" causes people to act physically out of a desire to help the other person as the bond of "trust" binds and connects their minds and souls together. So that each becomes part of the other.

The bond of "trust" creates a binding force that if one person needs assistance then the other will act to save them, as they consider the other person an extension and a part of themselves.

The bonds of "trust" create situations whereby other people are living other peoples lives; parents live their children's lives and children live their parent's lives; husbands and wives live each others lives; business partners are living each others lives and lovers live each others lives. This is acceptable provided one side of the bond is not stealing or blocking the other persons life and destiny, otherwise known as a "loss by transference".


The Purpose Of "Trust"

The purpose of "trust" and committment between individuals is to generate a collective good energy whilst living and working together in harmony. Providing safety, security and peace of mind in the knowledge that there is someone somewhere who will solve one's problems, will come to one's rescue and save you in emergencies and giving you the knowledge that you will never be alone. Conversely, you feel a sense of purpose to your life knowing that you can save and rescue someone else's life if they should need help.

The bond of "trust" creates a dependable interaction between people's souls that ensures ALL people that they are never alone. Giving people the reassurance that there is someone in the world who will help even in the most desperate of situations. "Trust" is knowing that there is someone somewhere who has the solution to one's problems; can and will help when and if you need it.


The Pure Spiritual Bond of Real Trust

has NOTHING to do with Money

Indeed a good sign to know if you are in a bond of REAL TRUST is to know that real trust is a spiritual bond and connection between two people and has NOTHING to do with MONEY. Therefore if you are connected with someone who is only connected with you because of financial benefits then that is a FAKE BOND, totally unreliable and untrustworthy; and sooner or later will end up broken completely. Likewise if a so called "spiritual pyschic or kabbalist " is asking you for "money" in return for "help" - then RUN away from them - they are evil - as truly spiritual people NEVER connect with anyone because of financial gain.

We all need to constantly ask ourselves sincerely about all our bonds of trust - "Would you or they be connected with you if you took away all the physical reasons why you are currently connected with each other?" Do you genuinely have a bond that is beyond anything and everything physical - an eternal bond - if so then that is REAL, ETERNAL and should be nurtured, protected and cherished for it is indeed priceless.


Mistrusting People Leads to "Trusting in GOD"

The bond of "trust" that exists between people is used to motivate, guide and bind people the same goals, problems of "mistrust" arise because the common thoughts of people do not remain the same, and each individual developes their own selfish agenda and uses the bond of "trust" to benefit themselves instead of working collectively with common goals, this is perfectly normal amongst people as they "grow up", some friendships remain trustworthy whilst others turn into mistrust and break-up.

During maturity and adulthood many people find that bonds of "trust" turn into mistrust, as selfish people abuse bonds of "trust" for their personal benefit. The inate need for our soul to have bonds and connections forces our mind and soul to ask ourselves the question "WHO CAN I TRUST?"

Which inevitably brings a person to the next stage in life where one realises that there is NO ONE whom can help, save, rescue or find the solutions to ALL of one's problems. This is the stage in life where one accepts that one must "trust in GOD" and trust in a DIVINE spirit world, although most people only begin to think about "trust in GOD" on their death-bed in fear OR when someone they really love is terminally ill and there is nothing anyone can do to help - so they turn to thoughts of "Trusting in GOD".


"Trust in GOD " creates a Powerful Spiritual Bond

Of Committment Between A Person's Soul and GOD


רבונו של עולם

The Divine Creator of the Universe

ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח ביהוה והיה יהוה מבטחו

"Blessed is a persons life when one trusts in GOD,

Then GOD will become trustworthy and dependable for that person".

Jeremiah 17 verse 7 ירמיהו פרק יז פסוק ז


The spiritual bond of "trust" that exists between an individual person and between GOD is unique and different for every person. The strength of the bond varies according to the strength of the person's soul, character, daily thoughts and the length of time one has lived with a "trust in GOD".

"Trust in GOD" is a spiritual committment from a person in their mind and soul to depend upon GOD for help, strength and guidance. When a person "trusts in GOD", this means that a persons mind, thoughts and soul are connected to the DIVINE energy and is always thinking of how to best to do what is right and to please GOD in one's daily actions like asking for guidance and giving genuine appreciative thanks to GOD for the gift of life.

When a person trusts in the DIVINE GOD, the creator of everything in this physical universe and in the Eternal DIVINE Spiritual world, then one's soul becomes bonded and connected to the DIVINE GOD.


"When GOD is for me,Who can be against me?"

When one is "trusting in GOD", one is automatically bonded to GOD with a committment in one's mind and soul, then one feels safe, secure and ensured of constant DIVINE protection as "if GOD is for me, who can be against me?" Would anyone be stupid to wage war against GOD - The Divine creator of the universe ?

This DIVINE connection and "trust in GOD" creates a feeling of personal protection, safety and security, for if anyone thinks of attacking you physically, verbally or mentally then they are attacking GOD. The only reason GOD will not protect ones soul is because a persons mind, thoughts and souls is disconnected from GOD or if one is foolishly thinking that one will constantly get "divine intervention" even if one does something stupid.


2. Understanding the Transformation Period of

Maturity in Everyone's Life When One Begins to

"Trust in GOD" More Than "Trusting in People".

From the moment of our arrival on earth at birth we are relying upon and trusting other people. Constantly throughout our lives we are forming bonds of trust and disconnecting from bonds of mistrust.

When we have situations where bonds of "trust" turn into "mistrust", we feel violated and cheated, we instinctively close our minds and souls to those untrustworthy people.

Such abusive untrustworthy people have stolen a part of our mind, thoughts and soul, hence a process of "Closure", "Protection" and a cancelling out of any "Loss by Transference" needs to be done, to regain our wholesomeness within our soul.

During this transitional time one will become "lonely" as one starts thinking about "trust" and thoughts of "who can i trust?" Which results in a time of isolation whilst one is healing from any trauma of mistrust and then searching for the meaning of "trust".

At this stage of life, where every person matures into an independant free-thinking adult and stops trusting in "everyone", this process leads to the stage of life where one transfers ones thoughts of "trust in people" into the spiritual "trust in GOD" and "trust in ones Guardian Angels".


מַה שֶלא יַעַשֵה הַשֵכֶל .... יַעַשֶה הַזְמָן

For everything that the intellect cannot accomplish .... then time will succeed to accomplish .

Philosophy of "Time" quoted from Sefer Shinuyim

Once a person has had time to reflect, one instinctively starts to become more spiritually minded and learns that only GOD - the DIVINE spiritual world can be trusted. The more one prays and trusts in GOD, the more peace of mind one has, and the more one feels connected to the DIVINE GOD, creator of the universe. Feeling safe, protected and reassured that everything that happens in ones life is happening for the best and everything will be OK.


ארור הגבר אשר יבטח באדם

Cursed is a persons life when one trusts in people

ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח ביהוה והיה יהוה מבטחו

"Blessed is a persons life when one trusts in GOD,

Then GOD will become trustworthy and dependable for that person".


When a person "trusts in GOD" ones life will become blessed, with a sense of inner peace, security and DIVINE protection, the more one puts "Trust in GOD" the more dependable GOD will become for that person, as one mind and soul is attaching itself continuously to GOD. However, when a person trusts misleading untrustworthy people then a persons life will be full of troubles, worries and problems.


"אל תדאג" Dont worry !

"Only through Problems and Difficulties"

It is ONLY through life's up's and down's. difficulties, problems, bad experiences with deceitful, untrustworthy and horrible people that act as a lessons and catalysts for a person to turn to a belief and "TRUST in GOD". The only reason a person has problems in life is to bring one to an awareness of GOD and the Eternal Divine Spiritual world of souls; by learning the lesson to "TRUSTing IN GOD" and stop trusting in untrustworthy selfish non-spiritual people one becomes a much more spiritually enlightened person with a meaningful life.


כל מאן דיעבד רחמנא ... לטב עבד

"Everything that GOD allows to happen in our lives is ONLY for the benefit of our soul

and is always for good - Everything happens for a reason.

אם בא אליך יסורים יפשפש במעשיך


When something painful occurs in ones life, ask oneself "why is this happening to me and what is the lesson i need to learn?" There is always a reason, but if one cannot see it at that moment, dont worry, as with the "gift of hindsight" one will see the reasons for everything to happen in life. "גם זו לטובה" and one will see that everything happens for good.


The "Gift of Hindsight"

Through the passage of time we learn to see that everything that happens in life happens for our goodness. "For everything that the intellect cannot accomplish .... then time will succeed to accomplish".

The gift of hindsight enables us to understand the reasons why seemingly bad things happen in life which actually have happend to save us from even worse situations. The gift of hindsight always makes a person feel unmeasurable eternal gratitude for the DIVINE intervention that has saved from our souls from difficult situations and horrible people.


? הראני נא את כבדך

וראית את אחרי ופני לא יראו...

[שמות פרק לג פסוק יח Exodus Chapter 33 Verse 18 & 23]

Moses asked GOD, "Please GOD show me your ways and reasons why You do things?" GOD answered that "you can see me and my ways in hindsight, but never when confronted with a situation".

Our souls are born into this physical life in order to learn, develope and change. The lessons needed to learn a belief in GOD, trust in GOD and a belief in a DIVINE spiritual world of souls are unique for every person. The lessons need to be learnt through challenges of life, only through intense and emotional challenges do we learn to develope our mind and soul. These lessons cannot be taught from books, they are emotional "life experiences" that we all need to learn and experience within our own unique minds and souls.

The Spiritual guarentee from GOD, is that we will always see the DIVINE intervention in our lives, after the event - in hindsight. The lesson of life is - to TRUST in GOD - especially when we go through difficulties and remain reticent, (reticent means keep "shtum" - quiet, don't use any "complaining" words as the least said in difficult situations the better!) and believe that everything is going to be alright. "Trust in GOD, do good deeds and everything will turn out for the good".


Trusting in GOD Creates A Bond of Trust

The more one really trusts GOD, the stronger the "bond of trust" becomes in one's soul. The more one relies upon DIVINE and spiritual guidance, the more DIVINE guidance a person will feel in one's life. The more thoughts of GOD one creates everyday in one's mind and soul - the stronger the bond of one's soul to DIVINE spirit world, and the greater the flow of spiritual energy in ones life - you're now on your pathway to spiritual enlightenment as you leave behind the selfish materialistic dysfunctional bonds of trust you had and now develope the most powerful bond a person can create in this physical world with the Eternal Divine Creator of the Universe - GOD.


בטח ביהוה ועשה טוב שכן ארץ ורעה אמונה

והתענג על יהוה ויתן לך משאלות לבך

3. Have faith in the Lord, and do good; be at rest in the land, and go after righteousness.

4. So will your delight be in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desires.

גול על יהוה דרכך ובטח עליו והוא יעשה

5. Put your life in the hands of the Lord; have faith in him and he will do it.

טוב מעט לצדיק מהמון רשעים רבים

6. The little which the good man has is better than the wealth of evil-doers.

נער הייתי גם זקנתי

ולא ראיתי צדיק נעזב וזרעו מבקש לחם

25. "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I never seen the righteous forsaken,

nor his seed begging for bread". תהילים פרק לז פסוק כה Psalms Chapter 37 Verse 25

ותשועת צדיקים מיהוה מעוזם בעת צרה

ויעזרם יהוה ויפלטם יפלטם מרשעים ויושיעם כי חסו בו

39. But the Lord is the saviour of the upright: he is their strength in the time of trouble. 40. And the Lord will be their help, and keep them safe: he will take them out of the hands of the evil-doers, and be their saviour, because they had trust in Him. [Psalms Chapter 37 Verses 39 & 40]

Prayer from The Book of Jeremiah

רפאני יהוה וארפא הושיעני ואושעה כי תהלתי אתה

"Please Heal Me, O LORD", as I know that I will be healed by You;

"Please Save Me", as I know I will be saved; for I am always praising YOU.

Jeremiah 17 verse 14 ירמיהו פרק יז פסוק

אומרת יונה לפני הקדוש ברוך הוא רבונו של עולם ... יהיו מזונותי מרורים בידך

ואל יהיו מתוקים כדבש על ידי בשר ודם

"Almighty GOD and creator of the Universe, please provide me with food, livelihood, even if it is bitter, i would prefer to be dependant upon YOU - O LORD, than have a sweet livelihood in the hands of other people" and "Please GOD show me a way forward, where there seems to be no way". From Talmud Eruvin 18b

"Trust in GOD then GOD will Provide"
וכל מי שאינו צריך ליטול, ונוטל אינו מת מן הזקנה, עד שיצטרך לברייות.
וכל מי שהוא צריך ליטול, ואינו נוטל אינו נפטר מן העולם, עד שיפרנס לאחרים משלו;
ועליו הכתוב אומר "ברוך הגבר, אשר יבטח בה'; והיה ה', מבטחו" ירמיהו יז,ז.

"Anyone whom does not need to take and takes, will die a needy person; Anyone that needs to take and does not take, will die a wealthy person where he can enjoy giving to many people; "Blessed is then person who TRUSTS IN GOD, then GOD will be TRUSTED" - (source from מסכת פיאה The Last Mishne in Mesechta Peah).

Remember, however desperate a financial situation, better to TRUST in GOD than give away one's soul by trusting in someone else, always try one's best never to be in a position to take from others for that will create a bond that will be draining and abusive.

The principle is based on the intrinsic identity of ones character which is either a "greedy taker", always wanting to take from others OR one of a "generous kind giver". A person whom is kind always wants to give to others and prays for other people, a kind person has an intrinsic "trust in GOD" and asks for help from GOD in order to provide generously for other people hence acting as a channel, a "flowing river" of charity and kindness. Whereas a "taker" will always be a "taker", relying upon, stealing and taking from other people, until the day they die.


למד לשונך לומר איני יודע

Teach yourself to say "I don't know the answer"

Talmud Bruchos 4a .ברכות דף ד

When a person admits that they "don't know" the answer to their problems in life, then a person becomes humble in their ways and is then much more able to ask GOD for help and guidance. People who "know-it-all" will never admit they need help from anyone and will certainly never pray to GOD in genuine humility.


Acceptance and Trust יקראני ואענהו עמו אנכי בצרה

When a person accepts the fact that they are mortally human, and that there is a DIVINE POWER higher than this physical world, then a person accepts the fact that there is a DIVINE GOD and realms of Spiritual energy that can help and assist one even in this physical world provided one trusts and believes that one can be helped by the DIVINE GOD.

"DIVINE intervention" does exist to the believer and to those who trust in GOD, and even to the non-believers too ! "Divine intervention" occurs daily in millions of peoples lives, helping, guiding, changing the course of their lives, preventing accidents and tragedies and protecting people, are all example of ways that one who truly "trusts in GOD" knows can happen and has had inexplicable personal experiences which have proven beyond doubt that prayers are answered and that "DIVINE intervention" does exist.


3. Understanding the Levels of "Trust in GOD"

Life is about Making Freewill Decisions

Throughout life everyone is constantly making decisions, some good decisions and some bad decisions. Some very important decisions that will affect ones life irreversably and some decisions of no consequential importance. The importance of making good decisions and learning from ones mistakes of the past bad decisions will enhance a persons mind and soul. Until one is in the position to always make good decisions and even guide other people to make good decisions.

There are many times when a person will simply not have the knowledge or experience to make good decisions, nontheless this should not peturb one from trying to make a good decision and with a "Trust in GOD" and DIVINE guidance one will be guided to make the correct decisions.


"Every Problem has a Solution"

In understanding the meaning of life on earth is a journey and experience for our souls, and accepting that this physical "life" is just a piece in the puzzle of the "bigger" picture of eternal spiritual life - one will really come to comprehend the meaning that - "every problem really does have a solution".

There is no reason for any fears, anxiety or worries in this life. Our soul lived before we arrived in this earth and will continue to live after we leave this physical life. Even in this physical life most of our experiences, thoughts and emotions are confined to the protected space of our inner mind and soul. No one can destroy our soul, no one can destroy our individual mind and thoughts. Therefore there is never a reason to fear life or anything that happens but the negative emotions produced in ones mind of fear itself.

The "Secret" to finding solutions is "Trust in GOD" and positive thoughts of "Peace of Mind", Love and Happiness that are contained within ones mind, thoughts and soul, and will always ensure one to survive finding the correct solutions to every problem through a "trust in GOD".


העדתי בכם היום את השמים ואת הארץ החיים והמות נתתי לפניך הברכה והקללה
ובחרת בחיים למען תחיה אתה וזרעך
לאהבה את-יהוה אלהיך
[Deuteronomy Chapter 30 Verse 19]

"Analytically Making a Decision"

All choices in any decision-making process need to be categorised into 2 groups, good decisions and bad decisions. When a person is faced with complex decisions and choices to make, learn to wittle down the options into 2 options.

When one looks at the whole problem in the present situation and then looks at the potential consequences of each different pathway, one can have a feeling at all the possibilities. Always analyse all the multitude of possibilities and then sub-categorise everything into 2 options. Once everything is broken into 2 options, the problem becomes much easier to solve.

Then finalise ones choice at decision making moment into one of two options, and then pray for help, trust in GOD, pray for guidance and allow one to be guided to make the right decision. There is ofcourse the 3rd option which is prayer in the form of "Please GOD make a way for me, where there seems to be no way". This is the power and prayer of "Trusting in GOD".


"The Answer"

כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד בפיך ובלבבך לעשתו

"The Answer is very close to you, in your words and in your hearts to make decisions to do"

[ Deuteronomy Chapter 30 Verse 14 ]

The verse above explains that once a person has thought in ones mind and prayed with the power of speech then one must make an action. There is no point in talking about doing things and then never doing anything !


"השתדלות" Making an Effort

"Hishtadlus"-"השתדלות", the most important thing is to DO, to act, to make changes and to make actions in this physical life. When one has decided to follow a particular pathway, one must get on and start. During the process of taking action one will always be guided and if need be feel instinctively to correct ones pathway. The "key" to receiving DIVINE guidance is to ACT. By making a physical action in this world simultaneously and constantly asking for guidance by praying for help and assitance, then one can be assured of help.

"יקראני ואענהו עמו אנכי בצרה"

Trust that Prayers to GOD are ALL heard and will be answered

All prayers are answered, even if the answer is not the reply what wants to hear ! Nontheless when a person is flexible and listens to the signs in ones life, then answers and spiritual guidance are given to everyone who prays. Even if one has no idea of any sense of purpose or direction in ones life, simply pray.


"Please GOD make a way for me, where there seems to be no way"

The more one prays the more one bonds ones mind, thoughts and soul with the DIVINE GOD and with the Eternal Spiritual world. The more one prays the more trusts in GOD and trust that one will be guided to find the correct pathway in life.

The bond of Trust between a persons soul and between the DIVINE GOD, will ensure a peace of mind and trusting life in this physical life and will enable one to develope, refine and prepare ones soul for the eternal life in Spiritual realms with a pure mind and soul of "Trust in GOD".

"Trusting in GOD" in this physical world where we cannot visibly see GOD, makes the gift of awareness of GOD and TRUSTING in GOD a challenge to our mind and thoughts. Equally rewarding is the peace of mind, happiness and sense of protection from GOD when we do learn to teach our mind, thoughts and soul to TRUST IN GOD.


"TRUST is putting your hand out in the dark searching for help and finding it held"

"Every problem has a solution, even when there seems to be no solution"

"GOD will make a way, even when there seems to be no way"


We will be completing Sefer Shinuyim - The book of Changes soon

Meanwhile we hope you appreciate this important chapter "Life of Trust in GOD"


סוד ה ליראיו ובריתו להודיעם